How to Get Long Life Out of Laptop and Cell Phone Batteries

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I got to talking last week with Kiera Butler of Mother Jones magazine about the best ways to keep the rechargeable batteries in laptops and mobile phones healthy and long-lived. Dell says that a full life span for a garden-variety lithium-ion laptop battery is 18 to 24 months. A cell phone battery can last the same length of time, and is good for approximately 400 recharges. However, it's best to unplug a laptop or phone if you're just storing it for some days.

How Cell Phones and Tablets Enable Telework

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To be able to telework, people usually need five things: a computer or tablet, broadband Internet, access to work email, access to work documents, and a phone. The processing power of our mobile phones roughly doubles every 18 months as does storage capacity, as do Internet speeds with the advent of faster 4G and 4G LTE mobile networks. As smartphones mature, we’re doing more on them and less on our laptops. Often our best contact lists are now on our phones.

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Share Your Green Tech Story and Win a Laptop or Tablet!

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Interested in winning a free refurbished laptop or tablet? Dell Core Windows 7 Laptop from InterConnection. HP EliteBook 8440p Core i5 Windows 7 Laptop from PCRR. Both laptops come preloaded with Microsoft Office 2010, a Windows operating system, and Microsoft Security Essentials. Are you … A U.S. organization doing innovative and inspiring work in the social sector? Using TechSoup products or educational resources to stay GREEN ?

How a Virtual Phone System Gives an Edge to the Business?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

If you run a business, you will be familiar with the virtual phone system. If you do not know anything about these phone systems, you will find it difficult to survive in the market. Of course, if you want to ensure the efficient working of your business, you need to have the virtual phone system. No matter small or large business, both need to have the virtual phone system with them. But the virtual phone systems do not need the internet or web for being operable.

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What Will Happen When PCs and Mobile Phones Converge?

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The robust smartphones of the near future will likely use a combination of mobile apps and cloud apps and because we'll dock them so much with our laptops, we'll begin using those types of applications much more on our computers as well. Most African and Latin American countries are on a completely different mobile phone infrastructure track. I recently ran across an interesting Jason Hiner piece that imagines how PCs and smartphones will converge in the near future.

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iFixit’s Basic Phone Repairs that Most of Us Can Do

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Our goal is to teach everyone how to repair the stuff they own—whether it’s laptops , snowboards , toys , or clothes. A single cell phone, for example, is composed of between 500 to 1,000 different components — many sourced from countries that aren’t well-known for safe mining practices, human rights, or environmental practices. Although we’ve been told otherwise, there is no such thing as a “green” cell phone or computer.

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Can the 50-Minute Phone Rule Change Your Life? - Vogue

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Can the 50-Minute Phone Rule Change Your Life? Vogue : "Instead of laughing in my face for speaking in clichés, Simon shared that he’d taken motivational speaker and author Brendon Burchard’s advice on giving up “screens”—not just phones, but laptops and TV as well—for the first and last 50 minutes of his day. “It’s

Share Your Green Tech Story and Win a Laptop or Tablet!

Tech Soup Blog

Interested in winning a free refurbished laptop or tablet? Dell Core Windows 7 Laptop from InterConnection. HP EliteBook 8440p Core i5 Windows 7 Laptop from PCRR. Both laptops come preloaded with Microsoft Office 2010, a Windows operating system, and Microsoft Security Essentials. Are you … A U.S. organization doing innovative and inspiring work in the social sector? Using TechSoup products or educational resources to stay GREEN ?

Used Laptops Needed for Earthquake Victims in Haiti: You Can Help!

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In a time of crisis, there's so much need for food, water, shelter, medical care, and whatnot, but the communications infrastructure has made securing those things much harder, since phone, computer, and Internet systems have been damaged as well. Two organizations are working to see that aid workers, government officials, and the many organizations with damaged infrastructure throughout the country can start getting back on track by helping get quality refurbished laptops to them.

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Nonprofit Technology News for May 2013: Free WiFi in Forbes Magazine and Braille Phones

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Mashable reports that the world's first mobile phone specifically designed for sight-impaired people is under development. It will be a Braille phone and it is due to come out the end of this year at an affordable price ($185). The phone is a project of Sumit Dagar and the Indian Institute of Technology. They will be powered by the same operating systems used on desktops and laptop PCs – mostly Windows and Mac OS. Of course mobile phone payments are not new.

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NTC Reflections: How many Smart Phones does it Take to Make a Dinner Reservation?

Allegiance Group

A few people had Smart Phones back then. I had a phone that made phone calls. For me, not much has changed (although my phone does text). But now that I saw the ubiquity of Smart Phones at NTC, I’m ready for a change. Poor little old me – I had to do all my note-taking and email-checking on my big, bulky laptop! I attended my first NTC conference four years ago. They mostly used Blackberries and Palms.

Asset Management: Why and How to Track Your Organization's Technology


You've got laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, and phones. How do you keep track of all the technology tools your organization uses? As an exercise, just try to list them. Maybe you've got servers and a Wi-Fi router.

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Refurbished Computers for Nonprofit Serving Homeless

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Keli gets to talk to many people on the phone who use TechSoup’s Refurbished Computer Initiative (RCI) to get low-cost refurbished computers. GreenTech Hardware Green IT laptops computer recycling refurbished computersRefurbished computers are not for every organization, so we thought it’d be interesting to talk to someone who is using refurbished equipment in their nonprofit to find out how it’s going.

Learnings and Reflections from BlogHer about Mobile Phones for Video Blogging and Beyond

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

However, in one of the discussion threads on the Summit wiki, there has been mention about using cameraphones or smart phones for this in addition to. Our questions were: What do you need to know about web/blog design so that your blog can be read by people on a mobile phone? How to best encourage people to engage in an online project/group that is discussing a physical location in the location itself using a mobile phone? What video hosting platforms support cell phones?

The Disposable Computer

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Tablet computers: So maybe your iPad isn't a replacement for your desktop or laptop, but the Surface Pro is getting awfully close. Netbooks and ultra light laptops: Sure, they aren't good for serious gamers (at least not yet, although gaming is moving online too), but they are good for most things you do. These laptops are priced between $200 and $500. Instead of buying new computers for your employees, give them a check for $400 toward their own personal laptop.

Gaming in Education: Pros & Cons

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In the United States alone, 46% of children between the ages of 13 and 18 play video games on their mobile phones. Statista records that 27% have a gaming console at home while 17% use laptops.

How to Set Up an Instagram Printer for Your Next Event

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Instagram is a photo-sharing app (for Android phones and the iPhone) that has a built-in social network. Andreas decided to build his own using a basic photo printer (he used the Canon Selphy CP800, which retails between $75 and 90) and a script that can download photos from your phone to a computer. He also set up a script that triggered the print function from his phone to his laptop.

Developers and Nonprofits Come Together to Make Apps for Change

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The user can go to any bus stop and simply text the stop ID number (listed on every bus stop) to a local phone number (415-528-3226). The reality is that not everybody has a device, such as a phone or laptop, which connects to Wi-Fi. mobile apps nonprofit Causes mobile phone tech for good netsquared Caravan Studios TechSoup Event nonprofits library mobile phones libraries developers digital divide community One hour. Eight apps. Infinite inspiration.

Seniors Learn to Use Tablets in Georgia — TechSoup Local Impact Map Profile

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The nonprofit provides laptops, tablet computers, training, and other technology resources to elderly people. techsoup online community seniors email social media Local impact map ipad mobile phone e-reader microsoft tablet museumorhistoricalorg senior citizens mobile phones digital inclusion trainingandeducation instructionorg elderly technology resources facebook digital divide kindleIs back to school just for kids? Apparently not.

TechSoup’s 5 Basic Things to Protect Privacy

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Now that we can use our phones to make credit card purchases, do online banking, email our doctors, and store lots of personal information, it’s probably time to take few precautions. Set up a strong screen-lock passcode to secure a phone, preferably one that is longer than just four numbers. Well over half of smartphone owners don’t password protect their phones at all. Smartphone and tablet users are far more likely to use unsecured WiFi than laptop users.

Mobile for Good: Earth Month Edition

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Fairphone wanted to do something more so they decided to make their dream earth-friendly phone a reality. Owners of a Fairphone will also be able to easily order new parts in case their phone is damaged. By encouraging do-it-yourself phone repairs, Fairphone and iFixit hope to cut down on e-waste. American Mobile Phone Recycling on the Rise. 11,000 were laptops. I don't have an Android phone, unfortunately, so I haven't been able to test it out.

Using Smartphones and Portable Wi-Fi Hotspots to Tell Your Story

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Here's an idea for using smartphones with good cameras and video capability like the Dell Venue Pro touch screen phones for digital story telling: Send someone out to video compelling work that your nonprofit or library is doing out in the field for your holiday message. It's reasonably easy to upload videos to Facebook or YouTube even without the phone being on a data plan. The Samsung Galaxy Note series of phones are the best know phablets as yet.

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Seniors Learn to Use Tablets in Georgia — TechSoup Local Impact Map Profile

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The nonprofit provides laptops, tablet computers, training, and other technology resources to elderly people. Digital Divide Email Microsoft Facebook social media online community mobile phone mobile phones TechSoup iPad tablet e-reader Local impact map senior citizens seniors Kindle elderly technology resources digital inclusionIs back to school just for kids? Apparently not.

Why Celebrity iCloud Hacking Should Matter to Your Nonprofit

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If you pay attention to the news, you may have recently heard about a major Internet hacking of celebrity phones and devices , in which hundreds of photos were leaked to the wider Internet. Their iCloud online storage was targeted, and hackers stole personal data and photos from their mobile phones and iPads. That's great for finding a lost phone, but not always the best choice for securing the data on your devices.

Recycle Your Rechargeable Batteries!

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Most mobile phones and laptop computers use lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Find out where to recycle them at read more.

Upcoming Webinar January 15: Symantec's Norton Security for Nonprofits and Libraries

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Their newest products combine features of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, and Norton 360 for Windows and Mac all in one, easy-to-implement package, making it simpler than ever to get your PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices the protection they need for 2015. Cloud security nonprofits mobile phones privacy Norton symantec Is your organization concerned about securing your devices and data for the new year? Join us this Thursday, January 15 at 11 a.m.

Cool App Roundup: Office Apps for Smartphones

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It renders documents well on the screen, nearly as well as on a laptop, and allows users to do a surprising amount of formatting, particularly within Word docs. Are you using an office app on your phone or tablet computer? GreenTech Green IT cloud computing cell phones mobile phones apps App It UpOne of the great things about smartphones is that they are so easy to carry around. They’re especially convenient for email.

Making Sense of Windows 8 Hardware

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Probably the most intriguing new devices are the convertibles, which are hybrid tablet and laptop devices. Microsoft slates are designed to be as functional as a laptop, in a small touch screen form that weigh only a pound and a half. There's good evidence in the education market that many people are trying to replace laptops with tablets. The new touch screen ultrabook computers are more on the laptop side. Windows Phone 8 Smartphones.

6 Ways to Engage Millennial Donors


Millennials, like most people, love putting stickers on their water bottles, laptops, bike helmets and it’s always nice to receive something for making a contribution. Like most everyone these days, millennials are on their phone quite a bit, so make it easier for them to view your content, sign up forms, and donation pages. Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation's largest living generation.

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Community Tools Based on Community Listening

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At the event we talked to some very smart and committed ham radio experts to understand new technologies useful for converting ham radio signals to readable messages on a laptop. mobile apps nonprofit mobile phone Caravan Studios nonprofits data A big part of our work with Caravan Studios is understanding a particular community's needs. What this means broadly is the tools we develop are informed by someone outside our team. What this means in practice is we listen. A lot.

Mobile for Good: May Edition

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June is generally a very busy month for mobile with Google I/O, Apple's WWDC, and lots of summer phone/tablet releases. A kill switch would allow consumers to remotely lock and wipe their phone so thieves can't get a hold of their data. Microsoft released its Surface Pro 3 this week, a tablet poised to "replace your laptop." apps mobile phone tsmobiletechnology

Capture and Share Events with Mobile Apps

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You can give real-time updates from fundraisers or liveblog featured speakers at events from your laptop or mobile device. If your organization uses Flickr (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) to manage photos, the mobile app is a must-have companion. The app allows you record 6-second stop-motion videos with your phone's camera and then share them with Facebook or Twitter. Some phones even let you upload to YouTube directly from your video gallery.

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Why Apps Are Green

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Apps are only a few years old, but have taken the mobile phone and tablet worlds by storm. Apps are software widgets that you usually download onto a phone or PC. They are add-ons that extend the functionality of your mobile phone, tablet computer, or PC beyond its basic repertoire. Microsoft also has an apps Marketplace , where users of Windows Phones and PCs can get their favorite apps, though with a smaller number of apps currently available.

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New Release: FluidSurveys 5.0 at TechSoup! Improving How Questions Get Answered

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Your survey resizes automatically to adjust to desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone screen dimensions. Donors Email Marketing Running Your Organization Services Social Networking Software cloud Facebook social media blog data cloud computing mobile phone nonprofits fluidsurveys TechSoup nonprofit tsmobiletechnology tsfluidsurveys surveys Release of FluidSurveys 5.0. Change can be good—really good. The release of FluidSurveys 5.0

3 Easy Ways to Get New Email Subscribers and Drive Donor Growth

Nonprofit Tech for Good

You might be thinking this is unnecessary, but it only takes a few minutes to test both – on your laptop and your phone – and it could save you huge headaches in the long run. Test your email subscribe and donation forms on both your computer and phone (5 minutes or less).

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Deadline Approaching for $10,000 Pizzigati Prize

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Now in its sixth year, previous winners of the Pizzigati Prize include: Ken Banks (2011), who developed FrontlineSMS (which was also the top winner of our $25,000 NetSquared Mobile Challenge in 2009), which together with a laptop and a USB cable allows standard mobile phones to become information access devices in places where Internet access is scarce. Open Source development mobile phones NTEN nonprofit tech conferences SMS short message service

4 Considerations for Your Virtual Event

Blue Sky eLearn

While most laptops have built in microphones and cameras, they may not always produce the best quality. For speakers only recording audio and slides and no video, an HD phone or USB Headset is ideal. .

Nonprofit Tech Forecasts for 2013

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Another big trend in the IT press forecasts is the much heralded decline of the traditional PC – laptops and desktop computers. Of course we’ll use mobiles more and more, but for heads-down work on longer documents, spreadsheets, presentations, serious data base projects, graphic design, and anything else that involves looking at a screen for hours at a time and using a proper keyboard – I’ll be keeping my laptop and will be glad to have it.

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Announcing 2 Free Options for Donating Your Used Hardware

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One is for consumers interested in donating laptops and phones. How Individuals Can Donate Laptops and Phones. InterConnection now offers a free mail-in donation program allowing anyone, anywhere in the country to donate a working laptop, smartphone, or tablet by simply mailing it in to Interconnection. The desktop computers will be distributed among three houses for clients to use, while the laptops will be used as mobile workstations for staff.

5 Reasons Why VOIP Is The Future Of Nonprofit Communication


Dollar for dollar, VOIP phone services are the cheapest options available for nonprofit organizations seeking a versatile communication platform. By calling long distance over the internet you are avoiding the use of the traditional phone infrastructure that make calling long-distance so costly. Additionally, the majority of providers offer mobile apps and software platforms that can be downloaded to smart phones and laptops to be taken anywhere by your employees.

The Year in Review: The Best Tech Stories of 2015

Byte Technology

The newest version of your favorite phone may go up a little, but you’ll recoup any up front loss in the long run. The Internet behemoth unveiled the Now on Tap feature that cuts down on the amount of time you need to find something on your phone from minutes to mere seconds. From any website or app on your Android phone you can hold down the home button and get immediate cues as to what’s currently on your screen. Microsoft Takes Over the Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Scene.

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Better manage volunteers through software tools


Let’s face it, with the constant advancements in cell phone, laptop and tablet technology, people are spending more and more time online than off. Welcome to a new era of volunteerism, whether you like it or not. That’s not news to you, me or even the mailman. We’ve all known that our world is becoming increasingly digital for quite some time, and that’s because we’re all guilty of it

The Secret To Successful Work/Life Balance When You Work From Home

Beth Kanter

I write up a list of what I need to do the next day and then shut down my laptop and put it away, out of site. I’ve also turned off all alerts on my phone and put in the charging station.

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