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Gamers are Givers: Using Charitable Games to Fundraise for Your Nonprofit

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Given their omnipresence, it's exciting to consider how game companies can harness their immense reach and power to create community and social good, and how nonprofits can utilize games as platforms to fundraise and connect with small donors.

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What Are Gaming Fundraisers and How Can They Raise Donations for Your Nonprofit?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The rise of the livestream, combined with the growing popularity and widespread appeal of video games, has created an attractive new opportunity for charities — gaming fundraisers. These events are an exciting new kind of fundraiser in which gamers raise money for charity by livestreaming themselves playing video games.


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Make It or Break It in This Exciting Auction Game

Greater Giving

Look no further than the “Make It or Break It” Auction Game! This interactive game is a fantastic way to give your live auction a little energy boost! by offering bidders the chance to play the game and possibly upgrade their auction item to something even more exciting and extravagant. Play the game.

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Layne, The Auctionista’s five tips to up your fundraising game

Charity Village

Those who are being bold, creative and […] The post Layne, The Auctionista’s five tips to up your fundraising game appeared first on CharityVillage. As someone who has worked side-by-side with hundreds of nonprofits over my 14+ year career, I’m currently seeing something incredible happen.

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Up Your Game with Skills-based Volunteering

Blue Avocado

The post Up Your Game with Skills-based Volunteering appeared first on Blue Avocado. It might be a new accounting system, a website upgrade, a fundraising strategy, or a complete strategic plan. That project is always on the to-do list but there is never the time or knowledge to begin working on it. […].

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Games Games Games

Museum 2.0

Museums have used games to engage visitors for decades. From full on role playing games to scavenger hunts, games can be digital or analog. Barry Joseph and I chatted games this week. SR: I came to games before I came to museums. We have scores of games at work and we were a big part of the hastag # museumgames.

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What Do Beauty Pageants, ‘The Hunger Games’ and Competitive Grants Have in Common?

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Fundraising to support the missions of nonprofit organizations is a complex proposition. It takes discernment — the ability to determine what types of fundraising are most appropriate for and can be undertaken by your nonprofit with the resources at your disposal.

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