WordPress vs. Drupal … fight!

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As a user and developer of WordPress since 1.x If you want a really detailed look, please read the very exhaustive, recently released, updated Idealware report on OpenSource CMS , which includes Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and Plone. A caveat: I have more experience, especially with larger sites, in Drupal than in WordPress, so there are things that I may be missing. WordPress still has only two content types: Blog Posts and Pages.

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Wordpress for Nonprofits: Everything Your Organization Needs to Know

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If your nonprofit needs a website, Wordpress might be a great option. This guide will cover everything you need to know and help you make a decision about using Wordpress

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Why WordPress is the Best Choice for your Website CMS

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Not so with the behemoth of the Internet, WordPress. Today nearly 75 million sites are constructed and managed on the WordPress platform—which first debuted in 2011—and there are some very good reasons why. Here are the top five reasons while WordPress is a no-brainer choice no matter the vision you have for your website. While many CMSs come and go, for more than five years WordPress has shown itself to be a reliable—and therefore lasting—platform for web design.

Useful Hacks, Tricks & Tips for WordPress Users: Part 1

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It’s no great secret that one of the elements that makes WordPress so incredibly popular is the fact that it thrives on a sense of community. Indeed, message boards teem with useful information that WordPress users, designers and administrators at every level of knowledge and skill share and disseminate. Lots of WordPress users aren’t aware that, by default, the program shows your latest posts and added content on the homepage of your site. Web Design WordPress

WordPress 2.7

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I upgraded C3’s site to WordPress 2.7 For starters, the “at a glance&# view in WordPress 2.6.x WordPress 2.7’s Related posts: Debating WordPress 2.1 WordPress 2.5 WordPress 2.3 Although WordPress 2.3 Tags: WordPress Blogging Once again, I waited a while before leaping into the upgrade. This was the day for it. this morning. The C3 upgrade didn’t quite go as smoothly as hoped.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Host for Your Needs

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When it comes to designing, launching and running a WordPress site, there are so many critical elements to consider for achieving success, from stellar content to an easy-to-navigate theme and templates to keeping track of updates to plugins. That said, one component of a great WordPress site—and one that far too many users ignore—is whether or not they’ve chosen a solid, fast and reliable hosting service. Free WordPress Hosting. Shared WordPress Hosting. WordPress

Plugging In: Must-Have WordPress Extras for Business Websites

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As a business owner operating via a WordPress-based website, it’s important to leverage all the tools the amazing platform has to offer in order to maintain a competitive edge and keep your products and services relevant and noticed in the burgeoning world of online commerce. Fortunately, keeping track of and investigating the latest add-ons for your WordPress site is a snap as there are literally thousands in existence and more coming every day. Industry News Web Design WordPress

Plugging In: Updating Your WordPress Utilities Safely and Securely

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Want to know the number one reason WordPress sites get hacked as well as the number one reason users experience compatibility issues? Indeed, with an open-source platform like WordPress—and not to mention the thousands of plug-ins and themes available to users—it should come as no great surprise that bugs, security holes and the like are constantly being discovered and, unfortunately, exploited by nefarious hackers. WordPress

WordPress 2017: A Taste of What’s New and Exciting

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The good folks at WordPress are constantly making fixes and improvements to the platform’s core program, and just this last December they rolled out the latest version, WordPress 4.7. A major release from the designers, the update includes lots of great new features that all WordPress users will want to investigate thoroughly. Don’t forget: unless a site operates on a managed WordPress hosting service, users will have to manually initiate the update.

The Starting Line: Great Tips for Beginning a WordPress Blog

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And although that number includes a lot of fly-by-nights sites and those who don’t have staying power, blogging—especially via a WordPress site, an innovator and leader in the technology—is still a force to be reckoned with on the Internet. Utilizing WordPress plugins and widgets, be sure to plant social share buttons on your pages. Keep your WordPress site simple to navigate and explore. Lastly, be sure you keep your WordPress blog backed up and secure.

Cleaning Up: One-Click WordPress Site Optimization

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Whereas seasoned WordPress pros know all about database optimization, newbies to the platform may be a little in the dark as to the why, when and how of the process. Essentially, optimizing your WordPress database gets rid of unwanted data and greatly improves efficiency and, therefore, performance. To begin—and this is vitally important—be sure to create a complete WordPress back up before moving on to optimization.

Wordpress Extras: My Favorites

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There are my three most-used Wordpress plugins : Postalicious ( Get this plugin ). Postalicious is a WordPress plugin that automatically posts your delicious, ma.gnolia, Google Reader, Reddit or Yahoo Pipes bookmarks to your blog. Tags: blogging howto plugins twitter wordpress A recent comment from Ichi (working on social media for good in Japan w/ SocialCompany.org ) asked after the tools I was using on this blog to bring in comments via Twitter.

Wondering About Widgets? How to Use Them in Your WordPress Site

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It may be a funny sounding word to many beginning WordPress users, but widgets can be—and should be—a vital component to any WordPress design. In simple terms to the uninitiated, widgets are small blocks that provide very specific functions on your WordPress page. For those ready to start experimenting with Widgets, you should first visit the “Appearance, Widgets” page within your WordPress admin area. Web Design WordPress

Don’t Panic: Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them (Part One)

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The vast majority of WordPress users managing and administering their own sites have most likely, at one time or another, received an error message or code that got their hearts racing and induced a bit of panic. Thankfully, due to the overwhelming popularity of WordPress, there are forums galore teeming with questions and answers on relatively easy fixes to some of the most common errors that can plague sites using the platform. Web Design WordPress

It Takes A Village: Joining and Participating in the WordPress Community

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For anyone who designs, owns, manages or administers a WordPress site, the importance of the “community” that surrounds the wildly popular content management system cannot be understated. Here are some good tips for tapping into this information-rich resource and becoming an active player in WordPress world. The discussions that take place on the various WordPress forums can yield invaluable help for the both the newbie user and the seasoned professional.

Under Attack: Why WordPress Sites Are So Popular with Hackers

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However, most people don’t consider an equally startling fact: WordPress sites are some of those most commonly attacked. Why are WordPress sites so attractive to the malicious individuals lurking in the virtual world? However, there are other reasons why WordPress sites are constantly under attack, and most of the reasoning draws from the motivation hackers have to aim their efforts here. 30,000.

Don’t Panic: Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them (Part Two)

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In part one of this series we looked at some of the most common errors that occur with sites using the WordPress-based Content Management System (CMS). Of course that isn’t to say that the WordPress program isn’t safe, secure, easy to manage and very intuitive: it’s all those things and more, which is no doubt why it captures market share—in a big way—among CMSs available today. Sometimes the WordPress admin dashboard can appear incorrectly, with all the links not arranged properly.

Cutting the Cord: Converting Your WordPress Site Into a Mobile App

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Hence, WordPress site owners who are truly serious about the success of their site need to be thinking about taking an important step: converting their pages into a mobile app that their visitors can view from anywhere. Now, WordPressers can take their site to a mobile app version via some great plugins. In a few minutes you can turn your WordPress content into a beautiful mobile app that displays posts, pages, products and social media connections. WordPress

Getting Feedback: How to Add a Reviews Page to Your WordPress Site

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When it comes to running an e-tail or e-commerce site via the WordPress platform, there are a host of elements that can help boost the chances for success and, ideally, increased profit. Thankfully, like with so many things WordPress, it’s relatively easy and painless to add a customer review section to your site. First create a new page on your WordPress site where you’ll want the reviews to appear, then click on the button “new testimonials” at the top of the post editor.

Save the Day: Knowing Which WordPress Files to Always Back Up

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Ask any WordPress designer or seasoned administrator what is one of the most important aspects of keeping a website safe and secure and you’ll no doubt get a vehement answer: back up! And the sad reality is that too many WordPress users—especially beginners—believe that having a backup system in place is of no importance. That said, those same WordPress experts often preach that it’s not completely necessary to do regular backups of everything your site needs to run.

7 best Job Board WordPress Themes for Job Portals

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Are you Search For a WordPress theme for Jobs & Posting Jobs? We compared hundreds of Job WordPress themes and picked the 7 best WP themes for job board for you! The post 7 best Job Board WordPress Themes for Job Portals appeared first on PhreeSite.com. WordpressNow you’re getting the right place! Businesses face a competitive online recruitment market. They must fend off other businesses using a plethora of job.

Running on Autopilot: How to Set Up Seamless Updating for your WordPress Plugins

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Running a unique and stand-out WordPress site often requires some crucial elements in the form of multiple plugins. However, dedicated and seasoned WordPress site owners may often find that, after updating a specific plugin, there is an issue between the newest version of said plugin and some other element of their site, such as the theme. Web Design WordPress

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Safe by Design: How to Boost Your WordPress Site’s Security

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And while a hack is rarely fatal—WordPress thrives on the fact that it’s easy to backup your data and information, so getting up and running after an attack isn’t too painful—it is a gigantic hassle that costs you time and, occasionally, money. Thanks to the popularity of the WordPress platform, the associated community of designers and supporters are always coming up with new ways to beef up the security of the content management system for all users. Web Design WordPress

Dollars and Sense: When to Whip Out Your Wallet for a Premium WordPress Theme

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And seeing as though the WordPress platform dominates the site-building industry with a more than 26 percent market share, there’s a good chance that’s the platform you’ll be using. And nearly all web-design experts agree that, with a new startup site, going with a free theme is the logical choice—you can always upgrade to a paid theme after you get your proverbial feet wet on the WordPress program. WordPress

Pipe Up: How to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Posts

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One of the hallmarks of the WordPress content management system is the ability to engage a user audience and create a back-and-forth conversation of sorts in the virtual world. And while WordPress has some terrific plugins available that can help you create and manage a comment section on your site, too often unforeseen problems and lapses exist that stymie the commenting process. Web Design WordPress

Taking Care of Business: Some Great WordPress Themes for E-Commerce Sites

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It’s amazing to think that, when it was first launched, WordPress was a fairly simple and intuitive content management system designed to help the beginning blogger get their feet wet in the virtual world. However, the e-commerce tools now available to WordPress users can certainly be a bit mind-boggling. The post Taking Care of Business: Some Great WordPress Themes for E-Commerce Sites appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. WordPress

Know Your Audience: How to Use Google Analytics With Your WordPress Site

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Write down this code as you’ll need to enter it on your WordPress site. The post Know Your Audience: How to Use Google Analytics With Your WordPress Site appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. WordPressSuccessful website owners and administrators all have one thing in common: they know their audience. They know what products and services they want. They know what sorts of content they want to read and explore.

Quick Fixes to Common WordPress Problems: Part 2

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In Part I of “Quick Fixes to Common WordPress Problems” we looked into five of the most frequently encountered hiccups that occur for both beginning users and well-versed pros. But when it comes to “common” and “problems” in regards to the WordPress platform, there are unfortunately a great deal more than just five. Indeed, what way seem like a time-consuming repair to the novice or intermediate user is often a veritable snap for seasoned gurus of all things WordPress.

Picture This: Automatically Add Instagram Photos to Your WordPress Site

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And for those owning, operating or administering a WordPress site, having a tie-in between Instagram and their pages can really boost hits and visits and add serious curb appeal that helps drive traffic to a website. Therefore, sharing Instagram photos on a WordPress site is, essentially, a two-way exchange: it helps those interested in your site find you on Instagram, and it guides those who have discovered you on Instagram to your site.

New and Notable: What’s Coming With WordPress 4.9

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Back in May, we took a look at what was coming down the line with the WordPress update 4.8. Now, the intrepid and ever-forward-thinking folks at WordPress are prepping the next update, WordPress 4.9, you can take the beta version for a test drive using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. In keeping with that trend WordPress 4.9 For those WordPress users who are proficient in writing code, 4.9 The post New and Notable: What’s Coming With WordPress 4.9

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Nonprofit’s WordPress Security

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By Chuck Spidell , founder of ILLUSIO and a WordPress Strategist committed to helping nonprofits get their websites unstuck and moving forward. Dealing with a hacked WordPress website can be time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining. In this article, you’ll learn six ways to strengthen your nonprofit’s WordPress website to keep attacks like this from happening in the first place. Security and maintenance fixes are released by WordPress every month.

Join the Trend: Six Ways to Discover Hot Topics for Your WordPress Blog

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One of the biggest obstacles bloggers encounter—whether they’re on the WordPress platform or not—is how to create content that is based on currently trending topics. The post Join the Trend: Six Ways to Discover Hot Topics for Your WordPress Blog appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. WordPress

Fact versus Fiction: A Q & A on WordPress Plugins

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When it comes to WordPress sites, designers and admins—when asked what is one of the most confusing aspects of the platform—will most likely put “plugins” somewhere on their list. Indeed, plugins are fantastic and, in many cases, a must-have when working on a WordPress site. For instance, did you know that certain plugins are redundant, in that the core operating program of WordPress or the theme you’ve chosen already has a built-in version?

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The Latest and Greatest: What to Expect With WordPress 4.8

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There’s little doubt that one thing dedicated WordPress users look forward to year after year are those always-exciting updates. And with WordPress 4.8 Thankfully, the good folks on the editorial staff at WPBeginner.com have done the research and offered a few tantalizing details about the first major WordPress update of 2017. now via their computer or by using the WordPress Beta Tester Plugin. For those frustrated with this limitation, WordPress 4.8

The Buddy System: Going Social with Your WordPress Site

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The best WordPress bloggers, site owners and administrators know that one of the keys to having a fantastic and wildly successful web page is to integrate everything you post and promote with some sort of social media component. But before you run out and grab a social media plugin, first check out BuddyPress, a sister program to WordPress. So be sure to check into a WordPress hosting company before you make any decisions: Bluehost is a popular option with many WordPress users.

Paired Up: Must Have Smartphone Apps for WordPress Bloggers

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The best and most noticed bloggers working on the WordPress platform no doubt attribute much of their success to being able to post, update and edit on the go. And even for those WordPress users who aren’t bloggers but rather do online marketing, manage a cause-related site or administer an e-commerce concern, having the ability to remotely work on their pages is of vital importance.

Quick Fixes to Common WordPress Problems: Part 1

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No matter whether you’re a WordPress newbie or a seasoned pro who has been building and managing sites on the platform for years, it’s absolutely inevitable that, at some point, you’ll hit a snag and need some help. But take heart when it happens: the very fact that you’ve encountered a problem speaks to the estimable beauty of the WordPress program and the myriad options it has for everything from customized design to sleek, no-fuss themes and so much more.

Useful Hacks, Tricks & Tips for WordPress Users: Part 2

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In Part 1 of this column we learned that, thanks to the vast and incredibly helpful community of WordPress users, there are countless hacks, tricks and tips to make designing, building, editing and administering a WordPress site a lot easier and, often, a lot more fun. And keep in mind that this list is far from comprehensive or complete: there are hundreds of more tips and tricks you can investigate via the WordPress community board or by visiting WPBeginner.com.

Version 5.4 Released: Includes WordPress Integration

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includes WordPress integration and enhancements to our API and text formatting options. We’re glad to announce our latest release! Version 5.4 Plus a brand new mobile-friendly theme! Wild Apricot

On Alert: Signs that Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked

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Many WordPress site owners and administrators have no doubt experienced an unease or wariness at one point or another when it seems that something just isn’t right with their site. If you notice any of them contact your WordPress website consultant immediately or visit the WP forum board for help. Known as “data injection,” often a hacker will build a backdoor into your WordPress site which allows them to modify your files and database.

Screen Play: Creating A Full-Width Page in WordPress

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When it comes to many WordPress sites, visual page appearance is extremely important for the user experience. And of course WordPress themes come with tons of options to customize and create exactly the look you want for your blog, e-commerce store, company website etc. There are two ways to go about making a full-width page, both of which are quick and easier and suitable even for those who are beginners to WordPress.

The Picture Show: The Best WordPress Themes for Video Ventures

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Whether you’re a simple weekly WordPress blogger or a seasoned webpage administrator who updates and edits every day, having a video component on your site is a stellar way to draw readers and keep them coming back again and again. Thankfully, the dedicated designers of all things WordPress have developed some fantastic video-specific themes that are easy to install and use, beautifully crafted and intuitive for users.

Current Affair: The Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated

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When it comes to WordPress, the Holy Grail of do-it-yourself Content Management Systems (CMS), updating isn’t just a good idea: it’s a critical component of using the site in the most efficient and secure way. Tech professionals and Internet security specialists call out four main reasons why keeping WordPress updated at all times is important: security, performance, bug fixes and compatibility.