Nonprofit Fundraising Videos Inspire More Giving

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Nonprofit fundraising videos bring your organization’s work to life in a way that written stories just can’t. Nonprofit fundraising videos help you raise more money. People who are new to your nonprofit will learn a lot from this type of video.

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The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


If you loved our 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2019 calendar! We've searched far and wide for the best and brightest nonprofit conferences from all around the country! Nonprofit Management. Nonprofit Technology, and more! Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar 2019. Nonprofit Leadership Alliance / Orlando, FL/ $625. Nonprofit Management / #AMI2019 / @NPL_Alliance. Nonprofit Management.


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20+ Nonprofit Tools You Need to Get Your New Nonprofit Up and Running

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Building an organization from the ground up is a challenge, but with the right nonprofit tools, the heavy lifting gets easier. There are SO MANY nonprofit tools out there, all promising to make your work easier as you grow your new nonprofit.

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10 Instagram Best Practices for Nonprofits

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This is the seventh post in a blog and webinar series called 101 Digital Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits , written and presented by Heather Mansfield. Please sign up for Nonprofit Tech for Good’s email newsletter to be alerted of new posts.

The 6 Scariest Monsters Nonprofit Fundraisers Are Facing This Halloween


This October 31 st , it’s not ghosts and ghouls that most nonprofit fundraisers are worried about. As the End-of-Year fundraising season approaches and strategic planning for 2019 looms, technological advances, donor demographic shifts and nonprofit workloads all pose challenges for nonprofit fundraising professionals. Rising email spam rates Many nonprofits depend on email as the backbone of their digital fundraising programs. fundraising nonprofit tools

What Can Salesforce Do For Nonprofits?

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In this blog, I’m going back to the basics to illustrate what exactly Salesforce’s many clouds can do for customers in the nonprofit space. To understand the depth and breadth of Salesforce’s offerings for nonprofits, we must first understand the Salesforce Customer 360 approach.

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


Thousands of nonprofits use EveryAction every day to raise money, manage offline fundraising through pledges and grants, send emails, run nonprofit digital advocacy campaigns, and so much more. It's trusted by some of the largest nonprofits. EveryAction is built to scale and is now trusted by some of the nation's largest nonprofits - from the United Nations Foundation, to Planned Parenthood, Comic Relief, the Audubon Society and Greenpeace.

25 Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas for Your Nonprofit


We surveyed hundreds of nonprofits who successfully shifted their events online and they shared lots of donor-engaging, money-raising ideas to inspire and encourage you and your team. Thinking about hosting a virtual fundraising event but not sure what to do?

Embracing Change: A Post-Pandemic Nonprofit Sector


It is almost unfathomable that just a little over a year ago nonprofits were operating in a “world-as-we-knew it” mentality. As we begin to consider what a post-pandemic world will look like for the nonprofit sector, the concept of turning towards new measures of success is daunting.

10 Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofits

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This is the sixth post in a blog and webinar series called 101 Digital Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits , written and presented by Heather Mansfield. Please sign up for Nonprofit Tech for Good’s email newsletter to be alerted of new posts.

Recapping the First Salesforce Nonprofit Summit Sessions

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On April 21, 2021, brought together an international Nonprofit Community for the very first Nonprofit Summit. Thank you to our speakers, clients, and partners that made Cloud for Good’s Nonprofit Summit experience so impactful.

5 Steps to Improve Your Nonprofit Website

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Your website is your nonprofit’s digital home. Nonprofit websites must be engaging, effective, and purposeful. 54% of donors worldwide prefer to give online, and up to 20% of donors are most inspired to give by a nonprofit’s website. Search for your nonprofit name.

3 Smart Branding Strategies for Nonprofits

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By Beth Singer , Principal at Beth Singer Design, LLC – a design and communications firm specializing in nonprofit organizations to help them fundraise, educate, and promote membership and events through design solutions.

Nonprofit Strategic Communication: Internal Branding and Messaging


But really, good nonprofit strategic communication begins within an organization before ever setting out to share with everyone else. . Before mass nonprofit strategic communication communication, get…. Donor Communications Nonprofit Brand

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Nonprofit's Email Program Stand Out Today [With Free Templates]


For most nonprofits, email is the backbone of their digital fundraising program. Use a welcome email series Marketing automation is more than just a buzzword for nonprofits today, it is a necessary tool, saving valuable staff time that can then be spent on more valuable tasks. However, as all digital fundraisers know, effective email fundraising consists of far more than sending out an ask for donations.

The State of Nonprofit Donor Retention (And What To Do About It)


As such, for most nonprofit organizations, pursuing strategies to reducing donor losses is the most affordable strategy for increasing net fundraising gains. Unfortunately, across the nonprofit sector, donor retention rates are low and getting worse. Less than half of all donors return to nonprofits each year, leaving organizations in a perpetual scramble to attract dwindling numbers of new donors. What should nonprofits do to rise above the retention slump?

Free & Easy Design Resources for Your Nonprofit

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Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Free Design Resources for Nonprofits. So how do you make your nonprofit’s message stand out amongst the crowd? If Your Nonprofit Needs: Free Online Image EdIToRS. If Your Nonprofit Needs: FREE (And not cheeSy!)

8 Practical SEO Tips & Best Practices for Nonprofits | Donorbox


While it might seem like just another digital marketing buzzword, SEO is a must for almost any organization operating in the modern world, including for nonprofits. The post 8 Practical SEO Tips & Best Practices for Nonprofits | Donorbox appeared first on Nonprofit Blog.

5 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Use Testing to Increase Digital Engagement


There’s no secret trick to instantly improving digital engagement for nonprofits. While it’s important to follow standard best practices, engagement rates depend highly on the preferences of one’s audience, which can vary greatly between nonprofits who serve a diverse array of communities and issues. For nonprofits, an effective call to action is paramount.

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How to Send a Nonprofit Appeal and Get Results

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Direct mail is a valuable fundraising strategy, but figuring out how to send a nonprofit appeal can be confusing. Work with your post office to send your appeal with a nonprofit discount? Your organization needs money, as all nonprofits do.

7 Nonprofits Fighting for Immigrant Rights


campaigns Nonprofit SeriesThere are nearly 800,000 people protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA paved the way for these children of immigrants to obtain work authorization and relief from deportation, enabling them to go on to universities and build careers and families. With the announcement of DACA’s repeal, the program has stopped accepting new applications.

Must-Read Digital Marketing & Fundraising Reports for Nonprofits Worldwide

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The reports listed below offer much-needed data to help your nonprofit, NGO, or charity craft your 2021-22 digital marketing and fundraising strategy. For Nonprofits Worldwide: 1. Published by Nonprofit Tech for Good. 2021 Nonprofit Trends Report :: Download.

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[DATA] 11 Must-Know Stats About Nonprofit Websites

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The 2021 Open Data Project [ español , français ] seeks to gain a better understanding of how nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide use technology for digital marketing and fundraising. 1) 60% of nonprofits worldwide use WordPress as their website’s content management system.

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GUIDE: Voter Registration Campaigns for Nonprofits


For nonprofits which engage in advocacy around civic engagement or political issues, voter registration drives are a great tool for activating your volunteer base, deepening relationships within your community, and increasing local democratic participation. To maintain 501c3 status, nonprofits must carefully avoid any partisan activity, actions that endorse a candidate or party.

[Guide] Creating Video for Nonprofits


Fortunately, nonprofits of all sizes can afford to incorporate video into their digital and communications operations. We chatted with digital strategist Yash Mori for insights on creating video for nonprofits, campaigns, and advocacy organizations. So that being said, a lot of these smaller nonprofits won't have distribution channels from local outlets. When you're building a movement, video is an indispensable storytelling tool.

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GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


It’s no secret that storytelling in the digital age is essential for nonprofits , but the efficacy of stories depends largely on how clearly and strategically they’re communicated to each unique segment of your audience, also sometimes known as a persona. Read ahead for a detailed explanation of 9 common personas in the nonprofit development world, and download this excel template to start building your own!

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When There’s Beef On Your Nonprofit Board


So much is going on in the world outside of the realm of nonprofit board service. Now more than ever, it is time to check ourselves, and even nonprofit boards. The Board of Directors is the governing body of a nonprofit. Soooo… having a nonprofit board with beef is good thing!

What Anti-Maskers Can Teach Nonprofits

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Fundraiser Education Social Media Communications Facebook Messaging Nonprofit LessonsFor the last two years, I’ve been studying the impact of identity on prosocial behavior; it’s the topic of my doctoral dissertation.

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30 Volunteer Appreciation Ideas to Grow Your Nonprofit| Donorbox


Your volunteers are helpful, dedicated, and demonstrate a strong commitment to your nonprofit. The post 30 Volunteer Appreciation Ideas to Grow Your Nonprofit| Donorbox appeared first on Nonprofit Blog. Nonprofit Tips Resources

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Plain language for nonprofits

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The post Plain language for nonprofits appeared first on Big Duck

10 Blogging Best Practices for Nonprofits

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This is the third post in a blog and webinar series called 101 Digital Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits , written and presented by Heather Mansfield. Please sign up for Nonprofit Tech for Good’s email newsletter to be alerted of new posts.

Five 2018 Political Campaign Trends that Nonprofits Should Use Too


Although the election-year onslaught of political marketing can sometimes seem excessive, in many ways it is extremely effective and offers a unique example for nonprofits to follow. As the campaign season kicks into high gear, here are a few trends we’re seeing in 2018 campaigns that nonprofits could benefit from as well! For our full recommendations on campaign strategies that nonprofits should start using, download the complete guide: 1.

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Top Nonprofit Blogs to Bookmark Today

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Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Top Nonprofit Blogs to Bookmark Today. It’s no surprise: thought leaders in the nonprofit sector, many with decades of experience, still take the time to give back to others. THE STORYTELLING NONPROFIT.

Common Reasons Why New Nonprofits Fail and How to Avoid It: Part Two


The nonprofit sector does just that, applying itself to make things better with a can-do spirit and that tangible sense of optimism. In reality we need the counterbalance of realism and an understanding as to why new nonprofits might actually fail.

2021 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar for Nonprofits

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101 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits is a year-long blog and webinar series on website design, email marketing, online fundraising, and social media best practices for nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide.

How to Find and Work with a Nonprofit Virtual Assistant

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What you need is a nonprofit virtual assistant or VA. Don’t assume a nonprofit virtual assistant is limited to basic clerical work like data entry and responding to emails. Do You Need a Nonprofit Virtual Assistant?

Top 10 Donation Software That Help Nonprofits – Online Donation Tools


Is your nonprofit using versatile fundraising channels? As donation software continues to evolve, your nonprofit can fall behind if you don’t take advantage of them. The post Top 10 Donation Software That Help Nonprofits – Online Donation Tools appeared first on Nonprofit Blog.

14 Top Conferences that Nonprofit Professionals Should Attend in 2021


For nonprofit professionals, the chance to learn from global contemporaries, compare experiences, and develop relationships with future partners should not be passed up, especially after this unprecedented year. […]. Nonprofit Tips Trending

10 Donation Page Best Practices for Nonprofits

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This is the third post in a year-long blog and webinar series called 101 Best Practices for Nonprofits , written and presented by Heather Mansfield. Please sign up for Nonprofit Tech for Good’s email newsletter to be alerted of new posts.

501 C3 Vs 501C4 : Key Differences and Insights for Nonprofits


The post 501 C3 Vs 501C4 : Key Differences and Insights for Nonprofits appeared first on Nonprofit Blog. Nonprofit Tips TrendingYou have an issue you feel passionately about. You’ve identified an unmet need and determined an organizational solution.

[FREE WEBINAR] How to Create Highly Engaging Nonprofit Videos

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Engagement is the key to effective nonprofit videos. In this webinar you’ll learn the science behind creating highly engaging videos, review key findings from the largest study of nonprofit videos ever, and receive practical tips to make your nonprofit’s video more engaging.

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The Nonprofit Email Newsletter How To

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What are the basics of a good nonprofit e-newsletter? I’ve signed up for hundreds of emails from nonprofit organizations. What’s in my Inbox | A nonprofit email newsletter that keeps it simple. Related Posts: Nonprofit Donor Newsletters | Print or Enews?

Post-Pandemic Considerations for Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Strategy

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As we enter a new, more hopeful era, there’s one question that we’ve begun to hear from clients and organizations in the nonprofit space: What now? Cause Marketing Strategic Planning Marketing plan Nonprofit marketing