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Learn How to Market Your Events in 2022

NonProfit PRO

You'll learn tools and strategies to guarantee the success of your next fundraising event. This fundraising event marketing guide is filled with tips, tricks, and ideas on how to use social media to promote your next event and convert followers to engaged attendees. Download Your Copy.

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The Association 4.0 Podcast Series—Build Skills to Succeed in the Digital Marketplace


Podcasts are the perfect learning tool for multitaskers. You can walk the dog, workout, or pick up a Starbucks and be educated and entertained at the same time. That’s why.orgSource,orgCommunity’s partner consultancy, is excited to launch the Association 4.0

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New legal platform for nonprofits in BC

Charity Village

Law For Non-Profits is an expansion of the organization’s legacy project, the Legal Self-Assessment and Learning Tool (LSALT). PLEO announced the launch of a new legal platform for nonprofits in British Columbia.

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Why Do The Benefits Of Lms Outweigh Its Costs?


The learning management systems offer many benefits that surely outweigh costs. Investing in this learning tool proves to be the best decision for competent learners. Get all the relevant insights.

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How To Make E-learning Accessible To All Employees


Learn how you can make e-learning tools, programs, and resources more accessible for all your employees to ensure that they get adequate and equal access to training and learning programs in an easy and efficient manner with Gyrus.

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Unlocking the Power of APIs: The SKY is the Limit!


Integrations Partnerships Add-ons Connectors Extensions Learning tools API endpoints Each of these serves a different purpose and it is essential that your school software has some of these that are rock solid and can seamlessly become part your experience. What am I talking about?

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Introducing Candid Learning for Funders


Today marks the launch of Candid Learning for Funders , your new destination for field guides, blogs, training, and tools designed to improve the practice of grantmaking. . The new site is designed to become an easy-to-find destination for all of our learning experiences for funders.