The Impact of ESG on Compliance Management

360 Factors

The most likely outcome is that most climate related legislation and regulations will focus on immediate and trackable collateral damage caused by businesses instead of focusing on the global impact of businesses. The post The Impact of ESG on Compliance Management first appeared on.

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How to Create Excellence Through Your High-Impact Board

NonProfit PRO

Board Boards and Volunteers Board development High Impact Board Nonprofit boardAs a nonprofit pro, if you are serious about taking your board to a higher level, start by looking at best-of-class boards. Find out what elements separate the operations of best boards from your board.


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In Challenging Times, Channeling Negative Emotions into Impactful Giving

Charity Navigator

It’s these emotions that deeply impact us and sometimes propels us to act. civil rights coronavirus covid COVID-19 elections impactful giving impactful philanthropy Philanthropy presidential elections racial justice voting voting rightsWhat drives someone to give?

How to Create Excellence Through Your High-Impact Board: A Further Examination

NonProfit PRO

All nonprofit professionals should aspire to work with a high-quality, high-impact board of directors. Board Boards and Volunteers Board development High Impact Board Nonprofit board

Optimize Your Website’s Impact

Forum One

When a complete website redesign is not an option, there are small tweaks and improvements that can help you quickly optimize your website’s impact today. Start by selecting areas where you can execute impact and story-driven design refreshes that better tell your story.

Earth Day 2021: Climate Impacts Everything

Media Cause

Climate change is real—and continues to impact everything around us, from our food to our health to our community. As we celebrate Earth Day 2021, we are recognizing all the ways climate change impacts everything around us—highlighting a new issue each day.

How Micro-Donations Can Make a Big Impact for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Tech for Good

While big donors can have a significant impact on your organization, you should also focus your efforts on small donors. These suggested amounts allow donors to visualize what kind of impact their donations can have and ultimately encourage more donations.

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Exploring Data for Impact

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Social enterprises are collecting more and more data: data about social problems; data about intervention outcomes; data for collective impact; data for learning; data for dashboards to better operate their enterprises; data for funders; and the list goes on. They desperately need to use data better and multiply its impact, but they rarely have the skills or infrastructure to do so effectively. The world is undergoing a data revolution, and the social sector is no exception.

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How to Show Visual Impact on Your Online Donation Forms


Add impactful images or videos and text to your donation form and landing page! What is an impact statement? How can I show visual impact? An impact statement is your organization’s story about your influence on the community.

The impact of COVID-19 on civil society, part two


These surveys—more than 75 to date—all help tell the story of the pandemic’s continued impact on the sector, including how needs and responses have changed and what funders and nonprofits expect moving forward. Organizations across the globe continue to feel negative impacts of COVID-19.

What the Research Says About the Pandemic’s Impact on Associations

WBT Systems

What the Research Says About the Pandemic’s Impact on Associations. Read more about What the Research Says About the Pandemic’s Impact on Associations

Contemplating Boulder and Social Impact

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Boulder and seeing the winter beauty of the place right after a big snowfall as well as of connecting with many people excited about social impact. Chuck and Jerry Colonna hosted a reception at Boulder’s Impact Hub (such a cool organization, I am a founding member of the San Francisco Impact Hub) to connect me with the tech community in Boulder. Social enterprise. Technology. Contemplation.

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50 Years of Environmental Impact: NRDC Nominated for a Webby Award

Forum One

Telling the story of 50 years of impact. The anniversary site allows visitors to explore NRDC’s impact stories in multiple ways, from experiencing the full chronological storyline with a smooth scrolling experience to using the menu to jump from particular areas of the timeline to another.

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Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate companies’ impact is high because […]. The post Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility appeared first on VolunteerMark Blog. The social responsibility program by million dollar companies is one of the effective ways to reach more audiences.

Establishing Recurring Donors: 7 Ways to Create Long-Lasting Impact

NonProfit PRO

Download your free copy below. Recurring Donations

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Reel Impact

NCE Social Media

Are you using video and movies to share your story? Is it on YouTube or Vimeo ? Are you combining still photos together with music or a voice over on MS Movie Maker ? Are you using Miro or Ustream or any other of the multitude of sites that allow you to share videos online? This video from FilmAid briefly explains how you can use film (and video) to educate and move people to action. You can learn more here and here.

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To create real social impact, stellar creative alone isn’t always enough.

Media Cause

However, I also believe its potential for impact beyond conversation-starting is hampered by the strategy behind its CTA (call-to-action). . This gap between intent and impact in the traditional advertising world is something we’ve been wrestling with for years. .

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Targeted Impact: Episode 3 Recap with Sean Kosofsky

Wild Apricot

We sat down with nonprofit expert Sean Kosofsky to answer your most pressing questions about engaging members, growing membership and fundraising. Here are the answers to the most common questions we received

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Nonprofit Impact Report: How to Visually Communicate Your Impact

NonProfit Hub

This is why nonprofit impact reporting is so important. Whether you’re keeping donors updated, presenting a case to internal stakeholders or creating an annual report design that speaks to stakeholders, demonstrating impact plays a key role in nonprofit communications. .

Elevating Community Impact Through Healthcare Philanthropy

Connection Cafe

For years, the fear has been donors will not support non-traditional community impact initiatives. When a prospective donor is presented with a capital project during a feasibility study, the overwhelming comments are not about the square footage but are more focused on the impact.

4 Characteristics of High Impact Philanthropy

Connection Cafe

High impact philanthropy. High impact may mean more reach and scale with your giving, having a more lasting and sustainable effect on your mission, preventing something from happening altogether, etc. So how do you prepare yourself and organization for higher impact philanthropy? What areas are you trying to impact? This is a necessary component for achieving high impact, but it’s often overlooked.

New data reveals stark picture of COVID-19 impacts on Canadian nonprofit and charity staff

Charity Village

This article is an excerpt from Human Resources Impact of COVID-19 on Canadian Charities and Nonprofits, a report published by CharityVillage and The Portage Group.

Targeted Impact: Episode 2 Recap With Nancy Settle-Murphy

Wild Apricot

We sat down with Nancy Settle-Murphy, virtual meeting expert, to answer your most pressing questions about virtual meetings and events. Here are the answers to the most common questions we received

Targeted Impact: Episode 5 Recap with Rich Vallaster

Wild Apricot

We sat down with events expert Rich Vallaster to answer your most pressing questions about virtual events and trade shows. Here are the answers to the most common questions we received

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Community-Driven Social Impact: Presentation & Game

Amy Sample Ward

Presentation: Community-Driven Social Impact. Tags: presentation socialbysocial community building community driven social impact conference event game ncvs social by social social media strategy Today I had the great pleasure and honor of presenting at the National Conference on Service and Volunteering. I had a 90-minute workshop which was broken into two parts: a bit of presentation, and a bit of game time.

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The Positive Social and Business Impacts of Employee Relief Grants During COVID-19


As we know all too well, the global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has impacted far more than our health; COVID-19 has hindered personal, professional and economic vitality for many people as well. The purpose of this research was to understand and quantify the impact of the relief grants over the past year. The E4E Relief 2020 COVID-19 Grants Impact Study collected responses from 8,710 individuals who received employee relief grants between March and October of 2020.

Classy Raises $118M in Series D Funding to Help Nonprofits Increase Their Impact

NonProfit PRO

Classy has closed a $118 million Series D funding round led by Norwest Venture Partners, a mission-driven venture capital firm, which has previously partnered with other powerhouse technology companies like Udemy, Talkspace, Plaid, Gong and OpenDoor. Software/Technology Classy Series D Funding

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Help Members Cope with the Economic Impact of COVID-19

WBT Systems

Help Members Cope with the Economic Impact of COVID-19. Read more about Help Members Cope with the Economic Impact of COVID-19

Targeted Impact: Episode 6 Recap with Katie Appold

Wild Apricot

We sat down with nonprofit expert Katie Appold to answer your most pressing questions about nonprofit branding and marketing. Here are the answers to the most common questions we received

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VolunteerHub’s integration with Salesforce Dramatically Impacts Miriam’s Kitchen Bottom-Line

Volunteer Hub

Miriam’s Kitchen is using VolunteerHub to recruit volunteers, engage corporate partners, and positively impact its bottom-line while increasing impact through the software’s integration with Salesforce.

Community Impact: Using Patient Data to Measure Program Success

Connection Cafe

As I am sure we all have heard over the past few years (or maybe much longer), we need to demonstrate the results of our programs and tell our organization’s impact story in order to update our board, grow our donor base and develop new programs.

Reflections on 2020 as we move forward into 2021: A message from Michael Thatcher, President & CEO, Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator

2021 goals encompass rating system impact impact and results Impact Philanthropy impactful philanthropy new year new year 2021 Philanthropy Star Rating System

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Jed Emerson: Steady Returns With Social Impact

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Jed's just published a new article in entitled Steady Returns With Social Impact. It's called impact investing. Tags: impact investing blended value Jed Emerson REDF Last week I was in New York City and had the opportunity to meet with many interesting people (and got lots of ideas). One key connection was with Jed Emerson. Ten years ago, Jed was the head of REDF, the famous social enterprise foundation in San Francisco.

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Leveraging Impact through Technology (LIT)

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This last September, Benetech won a 3 million dollar award over one year from OSEP for a project we call Leveraging Impact through Technology, or, very appropriately, LIT. The annual observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) is today, December 3rd.

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Tech Impact Announces Strategic Partnership With OneNFP


Tech Impact is thrilled to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with OneNFP Dedicated to providing nonprofits of all sizes with the most up to date technologies and services, Tech Impact is pleased to incorporate OneNFP’s financial and fundraising software into our family of services we support. Tech Impact’s overarching mission continues […].

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Can the collective impact methodology accelerate the church’s mission?

ASU Lodestar Center

Their potential to impact significantly the social challenges that plague our cities is extraordinary. Collective Impact is a methodology designed to facilitate cross-sector collaborations in order to move the needle on important issues. Illustration by Jocelyn Ruiz.

What are the best strategies to create high learning impact modules


Here are ways to create effective strategies for high learning impact modules Carefully planned training programs are a must if organizations want to maximize their returns on learning technology.

Making a Millennial Impact

Wild Apricot

The 2012 Millennial Impact Report offers some insight into engaging this generation. Is your organization enabling Millennials to connect, get involved and give? Millennials engagement

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Use Case: The Community-Driven Social Impact game for Community Media Centers

Amy Sample Ward

Last month, at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference , I had the opportunity to run the Community-Driven Social Impact game in a session workshop. To modify the steps of the game to help tell the story, here’s how Ericha used the Community-Driven Social Impact game with her network of Community Media Center participants. case studies 11ntc case study cdsi community community driven social impact interview workshop

UC Santa Cruz Students Volunteering for Impact with Bookshare

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Moreover, the students’ feedback on this pilot project will be instrumental in helping us make an even bigger impact with future volunteers. I’m delighted to share with you today a wonderful success story from our Volunteer Program. UC Santa Cruz students who participated in our volunteer pilot project— proofreading textbooks for our Bookshare collection—have done a fantastic job proofreading over a short period of time three entire textbooks!

Tech Impact Helps Nonprofits Open a Door to the Cloud

Tech Soup Blog

To understand if moving some of the organization's core systems to the cloud would be a feasible alternative, he attended a free consultation with Tech Impact's Linda Widdop at the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). Using Tech Impact's Office 365 DIY Migration Workshop. " Samuels found the entire Tech Impact Office 365 DIY Migration workshop entirely suitable for an accidental techie like himself.

How can nonprofits use technology to increase their impact?

ASU Lodestar Center

Technology can be used for a variety of tasks across organizations to help them increase their impact in the sector and the communities that they serve. Nonprofits should be highly encouraged to facilitate the use of new platforms of service delivery to increase their impact.”.

Introducing the 2013 Communities of Impact


The 2013 Communities of Impact (CoI) pilot program consists of two groups, both focusing on the ways that nonprofits measure, learn from, and share their data. The first group is looking at ways to improve organization-to-organization data sharing (supporting impact measurement, real-time reporting, and more) and the second is examining internal organization measurement and reporting (supporting cross-department collaboration, program data evaluation, and so on).