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6 Surefire Tips for Asking for Donations Over the Phone


Making donation appeals over the phone is an interesting middle ground between asking for donations in person and making appeals through more anonymous methods like email or on your website. This makes asking for donations over the phone somewhat tricky. Make a genuine appeal during your phone call. Let’s get started!

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[ASK AN EXPERT] What is the Best Way to Acquire Donor Phone Numbers?


Dear Charity Clairity, Do you have any tips for acquiring phone numbers? Dear Call Me Maybe, You’re certainly on the right track wanting to make phone calls to donors. A tried-and-true way to acquire phone numbers is to ask repeatedly, every place you can think of. We do ask on the remit, but often it’s left blank.

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See How Non-Profits Now Engage Supporters On Their Phones

NonProfit PRO

Smartphones are how we communicate – in fact, a recent study shows that we look at them over a 100x each day. Now any nonprofit can communicate instantly by sending push notifications to the specific groups they work with and serve: volunteers, families, staff, and others. Geo-communication even enables messaging based on real-time location.

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11 Nonprofits Pioneering the Windows Phone

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Launching a third version of a smartphone app is extremely rare, but with the release of Windows 8 Pro on October 26 for desktop and tablets compatible with the design and functionality of the Windows Phone , nonprofits could very soon be adding a third option to their suite of smartphone apps. World Wildlife Fund Species Album App.

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How to Run Successful Phone-A-Thons [+ Sample Script]


Although it might seem old-fashioned, a phone-a-thon or phonathon is a well-vetted practice for organizations looking to connect with donors. We’ll also provide 7 steps to planning and running your own […] The post How to Run Successful Phone-A-Thons [+ Sample Script] appeared first on Nonprofit Blog.

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Example Phone Scripts to Use When Asking for End-of-Year Gifts for Your Nonprofit


But wait—a couple of days later, your phone rings. Then, around the beginning of the end-of-year giving season, steward them with a card, phone call, email, or video to thank them. Here are example phone scripts a staff member can use to ask for a gift: . Here are example phone scripts a board member can use to ask for a gift:

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What Is Phone Number Appending? How the Process Works

Double the Donation

These days, people are glued to their phones, and most would probably consider either texting or calling as their primary form of communication with others. Therefore, making sure the phone numbers you have for your supporters are up to date is essential for smooth and effective communication with them.

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