Embracing Your Fearlessness at Nonprofit 2.0 Unconference


Unconference on June 15 th at SEIU's headquarters in Washington, DC from 8:30AM to 4:00PM. The hybrid unconference will begin with Case engaging in a town hall chat about the sector’s need to squash fears and to innovate. Nonprofits fear change.

Disrupting Social Change at Nonprofit 2.0 Unconference


Unconference on June 26 th at SEIU headquarters in Washington, DC. Unconference is aimed at nonprofit practitioners and consultants who work in: Online Advocacy and Outreach. The Unconference is $36 (with the discount) for the entire day and includes continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Their keynotes will be followed by a full-on Unconference in which you will dictate the topics addressed for the rest of the day. Unconference this year

An organizer's unconference


This is all set to happen at this week's New Organizing Institute (NOI)'s RootsCamp National 2012 unconference (Nov 30th and Dec 1st, here in D.C.) -- a mecca of sorts for the organizer faithful.

2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference – Unconference

Amy Sample Ward

Topic : Unconference. Description : The NTC Unconference is a place to continue conversations from, ask questions about, or further explore the various tracks and sessions of the conference. presentation Presentations from 2011 11ntc ntc nten unconferenceDate : March 19, 2011. Location : Washington DC. The physical space will include sections for all 5 tracks, and a main organizing board where you can post a question or topic to discuss.

NonProfit 2.0 UnConference and holiday discount

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Unconference is coming to Washington, D.C., Unconference here. delivers the best of both worlds, offering great keynote sessions led by Amanda Rose, Founder of Twestival, but in an unconference way with no PowerPoint, 15 minute leads, and open questions and dialogue for fantastic conversations. shifts into a full-on Unconference. What is an Unconference? dc event nonprofit nptech openspace training unconference NonProfit 2.0

Personal Democracy Unconference URL list | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Pipes (1) PDF2007 , nptech Personal Democracy Unconference URL list 05.20.07 | 3175 No Comments [link] Personal+Democracy+Unconference+URL+list 2007-05-21+02%3A40%3A15 Allan+Benamer One of the great things about conferences (and unconferences) are all the URLs and media items you never heard about. Paq 1 week ago We're still working on unconference topics, oddly some people seem unfamiliar with unconferences.

Live from NTC: The art of the Unconference

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So when I saw the “unconference” on Open Data and APIs, I was all in. What is an “unconference” anyway, and what place does it have at a conference. Now that I’ve received my education in the Unconference, I’m hooked. At an “unconference,” the agenda is set by the attendees ten minutes. At an “unconference,” the attendees are the experts, leading and following in discussions of their choosing.

Online Community Unconference June 10 in Mountain View, California

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Next week, I'll be attending The Online Community Unconference (OCU) , along with my TechSoup community colleague, Susan Tenby. What's an unconference?"

Unconference: NetSquared Open Space (NOS): APIs and Open Data

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Attend the Unconference: Netsquared Open Space (NOS): APIs and Open Data at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (# 10NTC ) to learn how. List five ways your organization can use APIs and open data to show your impact, coordinate volunteers, and inspire supporters to take action. No clue? No problem. If you easily listed five ideas and are fired up to share your knowledge, demo your website, share your application, or get feedback, then bring your project and join the session! read more.

Green Enterpise Unconference: Timely Gathering, Dec 3rd, Mountain View CA


The “ Green Enterprise Unconference ” we’re hosting on December 3rd is looking extremely timely and interesting. The folks attending the Green Enterprise Unconference are going to be a fascinating group – top executives and environmental/sustainability managers and consultants from a range of organizations: Google. Hope you can join us: The “ Green Enterprise Unconference

Tips to Humanize Your Social Media


Unconference this really resonated with me when Paul Young of charity: water said in his keynote, what if your online communications (website, social media, fundraising appeals) looked like how you talked.

Dear Nonprofits, Be Fearless


Michael Smith, the Director of the White House''s Social Innovation Fund , spoke to the Unconference after lunch. This is our final installment of Nonprofit 2.0 keynotes. In the last couple of weeks, we were able to recap Majora Carter and Craig Newmark.

Where's the Care2 Team in June 2011?


There are conferences, and then there are e-conferences.and unconferences. Unconference Washington, DC. and summits. conventions. forums. expos. banquets. dinners. galas. meetings. daycamp. bootcamp.

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


Read More » Letter from Participation Camp: The Digital Divide Aimee McLaughlin in Influence 5 May 2010 As a relative newbie here at Forum One, I wasnt sure what to expect when as I headed to my very first "unconference."

Summer Conference Roundup (June - August 2012)


Unconference Washington, DC. ? Summer conferencing.happened so fast ? ? Summer conferencing.had me a blast ?.

Three Upcoming Nonprofit Events and Conferences to Check Out


This year marks the 6th anniversary of the Rootscamp “Unconference” where organizers set the agenda, share lessons learned and drive the conversation about best practices in organizing. Advocacy Rising In 2012: What this Means for your Organization? From "Arab Spring" to rallies and movements bubbling up across the US, people around the world are organizing and demanding change.

Basic Facilitation Techniques for Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Open Space and Unconference Facilitation.

Nonprofits Need to Focus on Results


Unconference, and we promised to keep ''em coming. And in the meantime, you can check out the Storify recap of the Unconference. Last week we gave you a recap of Majora Carter''s keynote at the Nonprofit 2.0 This week, we''ll dig into what Craig Newmark had to say during his keynote.

Start 2017 by Building Your Tech Skills and Community

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Wellington, New Zealand: Get a Digital Head Start for 2017 — NetSquared Wellington Unconference.

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Interview with NTEN's Content Manager: Steph Routh


I remember going to an amazing unconference led by Ash Shepherd and Amy Sample Ward a number of years ago in Portland. We''re so excited to welcome our new Content Manager, Steph Routh to the NTEN team!

Meet Your Local NetSquared Organizer at #17NTC

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the Best of the Unconference. NetSquared believes in the power of meeting face to face in physical space. Online learning is awesome (and TechSoup has got you covered ), but a special magic is created when we get together in the same room and start building relationships.

Upcoming Conference Roundup (February - March 2012)


We're also throwing a party at one of our favorite "Unconferences," New Organizing Institute's 2012 RootsCamp. With the new year in full swing, we're looking forward to all the great events that are coming up this year by refreshing our own 2012 Conferences calendar. Here you'll find a list of upcoming events that are sure to be buzzing with cause-minded folks.

Your Local Tech4Good Club Is Ready to Help

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San Francisco, California: Evening Sustainability Unconference. Every month I bring you a roundup of free technology training events that will help nonprofit staffers like you build their skills.

How Do You Celebrate Reaching 10,000 Fans on Facebook?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I attended a local unconference for nonprofits about two years ago with the intention of learning how I, as a blogger, could help local nonprofits… you & your blog were mentioned several times.

NetSquared Volunteers Help Nonprofits Like You Master Technology

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San Francisco, California: Sustainability Unconference (All Day). National Volunteer Week has come and gone, but I ask you to join me every week in celebrating the amazing contributions of TechSoup's NetSquared community.

Aspiring, Thriving, or Struggling Changemaker? Join us for MuseumCamp 2016.

Museum 2.0

Each summer, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History hosts MuseumCamp , a professional development experience that is part retreat, part unconference, part adult summer camp.

Introducing Community Participation Bootcamp at the MAH

Museum 2.0

MuseumCamp is a professional development experience that is part retreat, part unconference, part adult summer camp. For the past five years, each summer, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History has hosted MuseumCamp.

NTEN Leading Change Summit #14lcs: Reflection

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The event also included plenary speakers, including a provocative talk about data methods from Alexandra Samuels and cross-track sessions from traditional panels to unconference. The culmination of these two and half very intense days was an Idea Accelerator Lab. Photo by Trav Williams.

Why aren't we supporting leadership in a way that helps people grow?


Unconference we explored how to disrupt social change in the nonprofit sector. Unconference Storify here. Yesterday at the Nonprofit 2.0 The day began bright and early, bursting with energy. Majora Carter started us off as the first keynote.

Supercharge Your Nonprofit Tech Powers with NetSquared

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Vancouver, British Columbia: NetSquared Camp: Nonprofit Tech Unconference. I bet you made all sorts of grand New Year's resolutions for 2015. If you're like me, then you swore that this year, you're finally going to learn to use technology to make yourself more productive at work.

Six Lessons from #Untech10 – Engage365

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Six Lessons from #Untech10 – Engage365: "By now, you’ve all heard about how the UnTech10 unconference sprung out of the cancelled ASAE Technology Conference (and if not, here’s the scoop).As As one of the organizers of Untech10, I have, of course, been thinking a lot about not only how awesome it all was and how great it felt to be part of it, but also what this means as a case study for the use of

Is There a Community of #Tech4Good Activists Waiting for You?

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Wellington, New Zealand: Get a Digital Head Start for 2017 — NetSquared Wellington Unconference. TechSoup's NetSquared community of Tech4Good meetups is growing! As of January 25, there are 40,000 nonprofit members attending free tech networking events and workshops in 75 cities.

Welcome Julia Smith, NTEN's Community Development Manager!


She loves facilitating unconferences and retreats, volunteering at Chicago farmers markets, and indulging both a longtime penchant for film photography and a newfound one for Instagram. I''m so excited to officially welcome Julia Smith as NTEN''s new Community Development Manager! Julia began working with NTEN on the Communities of Impact (CoI) project earlier this year, and now we''re thrilled to have her on the NTEN staff!

Nonprofit Technology Meetings In Your Community

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Wellington, New Zealand: Engage Your Community unConference. Every month NetSquared volunteers hold free or low cost educational events for people and organizations who want to use technology for social good.

NTEN Members Online Round-Up: We're Back in Action, and So Are You!


unconference. Flickr: gareth1953 As you know, this Spring has seen some new faces at NTEN – including mine! During the transition, one thing has fallen from the blog: the regular member round-up. Well, don't fret! It's back now and here to stay.

Gov 2.0 and the Social Sector


Unconference” at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. This being an unconference, it aimed to self-organized by interest and we started by everyone giving a three words introduction of their background and interest. “Change” may not be coming to Washington as fast as we expected a year ago. Yet at the grass roots level, in the technology realm, something is definitely happening, and its going to help the policy reform process.

Chile 12

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


It is run as an unconference, meaning YOU set the agenda. Thousands of nonprofit pros rely on our annual Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar to discover skill-building, strategy-slaying, network-enhancing nonprofit events. Today, we're excited to announce the all-new list for 2017!

Nonprofit 2.0: The Four I's to Measure Social Media


Allison Fine and Beth Kanter keynoted a thoughtful keynote conversation moderated by Shireen Mitchell during the first annual NonProfit 20 Unconference. Fine and Kanter told attendees that nonprofits need to empower their free agents (volunteers who are passionate about your nonprofit and help raise money for your organization) to help nonprofits further their mission. Nonprofits should embrace free agents to raise money for your organization said Fine and Kanter.

Off to NTC!

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I’m looking forward to the Unconference on Open Data organized by NetSquared, and getting to see lots of old colleagues. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane, to Atlanta, Georgia, for the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference. This will be my 7th NTC since 2001 (or, more accurately, my 5th. I went to two Circuit Rider Roundups.). I’m looking forward to it.

Come to SocialDev Camp East!


"SocialDevCamp East is the Unconference for Thought Leaders of the Future Social Web Following up on the successful premiere of SocialDevCampEastSpring2008, held in Baltimore in May, SocialDevCamp East Fall 2008 once again invites east coast developers and technology business leaders to come together for a thoughtful discussion of the ideas and technologies that will drive the future of the social web. Join Lindy and I at this really fun unconference.