What Gmail’s New Settings Mean for Your Nonprofit Email Strategy

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A few years ago nonprofit email marketers were thrown for a loop when Gmail implemented a tabbed in-box for various kinds of messages (primary, email and social). However, within the last few months, Gmail has put in additional settings and rules that are having a significant impact on how, or whether, a nonprofit’s email message is making it to a constituent’s in-box at all. Nonprofit Marketing eMail marketing engagement gmail gmail tabs nonprofit email strategy open rates

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How to deal with Gmail’s new Promotions Tab


Early this week, Gmail announced they were trialing a new functionality for their promotions tab for desktop. We were lucky enough to get early access to do some testing so we can allow you to implement this efficiently and effectively, should Gmail decide they want to roll this out widely.

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New Gmail Tabs and Nonprofits: Don’t Panic, Don’t Assume the Worst and Keep an Eye On It

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— As most e-mail marketers are very much aware of by now, on July 22 Gmail released a new tab structure to its inbox. A Gmail user has the option to create more tabs, and to move e-mails into different tabs, including permanently for e-mail from a specific sender.).

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GMail Superstars

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This is especially likely to happen with GMail users, perhaps because the large storage space, efficient search function and color-coded labels make it easy and practical. Superstars can help you to manage your GMail even more effectively. Hidden away in the experimental Labs section of Google’s GMail is this handy little add-on that gives you just one.( Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Gmail

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Spaceless in Gmail

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Heads up if you produce email newsletters…there’s a new bug in Gmail that is stripping out paragraph margins in HTML email. In Gmail: In Mail.app (and I assume other desktop email clients): A quick look using Firebug reveals the source of the problem: Use Firebug to disable that style property and the problem is gone. Thank you to a post on the NTEN Discuss email list for pointing out a thread on the Google Gmail support forums about this.

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Spaceless in Gmail

Judi Sohn

Heads up if you produce email newsletters…there’s a new bug in Gmail that is stripping out paragraph margins in HTML email. In Gmail: In Mail.app (and I assume other desktop email clients): A quick look using Firebug reveals the source of the problem: Use Firebug to disable that style property and the problem is gone. Thank you to a post on the NTEN Discuss email list for pointing out a thread on the Google Gmail support forums about this.

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How to deal with Gmail’s new Promotions Tab


———– Early this week, Gmail announced they were trialing a new functionality for their promotions tab for desktop. You could just allow the Gmail algorithm to decide on the best image but again, it could pick something that could get cropped.

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Google Labs Introduces Gmail Offline

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Many organizations use Gmail to manage their email, because its generous storage space, ability to use your own domain , and system of tags and filters make it easy to organize email communications. One drawback of Gmail, however — as with any web-based email — is the need for an internet connection to be able to use it. Tags: Gmail General non-profit interest Google Non-profit technology Web 2.0

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How Nonprofits Can Navigate Gmail Tabs

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Several weeks ago Google announced that a change would soon be coming to Gmail users’ inboxes, this time in the form of tabs which segments emails by categories. If a large segment is Gmail addresses there is a possibility that your deliverability and open rates may see a decrease.

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Google Gmail down across the world, massive outage (updated) - Computerworld Blogs

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Google Gmail down across the world, massive outage (updated) - Computerworld Blogs: "users in Europe and Asia that are also out. I've also tried to log onto Gmail from servers in London, Spain and France without any luck

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GMail asks, "Got the Wrong Bob?"

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GMail Labs to the rescue! Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Non-profit Communications Gmail Auto-complete is a convenient and time-saving email feature, but click too carelessly and auto-complete can be a quick route to email embarrassment. Who among us has not accidentally sent an email to the wrong recipient, at least once? read more ).

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GMail Tasks are Integrated with Google Calendar

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You may have noticed a new link in the left sidebar of your Gmail account recently. Tasks is a relatively new-from-GMail-Labs feature that pulls together Gmail and Google Calendar to help you create and manage “to do” lists. Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Google Gmail This isn’t a tool for the true productivity wonk, but it does offer a quick and convenient way to get a task into your calendar from email.

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Gmail Motion: April Fools Joke, But Great Idea

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This is a very funny April Fools Day joke from Google called Gmail Motion. This is a very funny April Fools Day joke from Google called Gmail Motion. The new feature allows users to move in front of their computers to open email, send replies, etc.

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Gmail’s New Layout Hurts Email Open Rates. Text Open Rate Is Still at 99%.

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Gmail’s new layout has email marketers worried about open rates. A recent blog post from the email marketing gurus at MailChimp outlines a potential problem for companies stemming from Gmail’s new tabbed inbox feature. The reason: Gmail’s tabbed browsing automatically filters promotional emails into its own tab. Gmail published their blog post about the tabbed inbox on May 29, which was the 22nd week of 2013.

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HOW TO: Use Gmail and iGoogle To Create a Social Media Dashboard for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Once I started clicking around and adding Gadgets and experimenting with Buzz, Reader, Themes, Maps, Gmail, Google News and hopefully soon Google Voice , it was immediately clear that I was going to start using iGoogle and Gmail much more often. iGoogle Home > Gmail.

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Don't take GMail or other blessings for granted


I admit that I have a lot going on in both Firefox and Gmail. This morning, trying out a combination of new Google lab s settings for Gmail plus the Getting Things Done Firefox add-in, I suddenly and abruptly got logged out of Gmail. Quite possibly the installation of both together into Gmail clashed and triggered the lock-out out. And sometimes, not seeing my Gmail or Google Calendar tab, I end up opening another. Gmail Beta, Documents Beta, Calendar Beta.

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A few gmail hacks

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

In an earlier post, I mentioned that a drawback of gmail was that it did not support the sending of html emails, although it can display html or RTF content. What is doing is just displaying a currently concealed capability already in the gmail compose page. But be forewarned - as 3rd party add-ons to a beta program, both of these tools may quit working without warning as Google makes changes to gmail

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Chasing the Squirrels Out of Your Email Box: Gmail Priority Inbox

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’ve been using Gmail for many years. Over time, you train gmail to automatically put the important emails at the top.

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What the Google Inbox App Means for Email Marketing

John Haydon

Remember when Gmail added tabbed inboxes to Gmail ? Note: Inbox is currently invite-only for gmail users (send an email to inbox@google.com for an invite). This will give you an easy way to measure the impact of Inbox, and also tweak your content specifically for gmail users.

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OutLook Addict Seeks Gmail Rehab Program.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

When Gmail came out a few years ago, I read the raves from other NpTechers. But why can't shift from Outlook to gmail? Exported my contacts from Outlook into Gmail. I had been using Plaxo and am now need to figure out if there is a browser toolbar that works with gmail. Since I use my own domain name, I set up gmail to grab bethkanter.org email from pop server. I switched my treo to grab my gmail email -- and also have Outlook configured to grab gmail email.

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Wild Apricot Blog : How to Use Gmail Filters to Organize and Manage your Email Accounts

Wild Apricot

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Using Gmail Voice and Video Chat: Is My Camera On?

Tech Soup Blog

One free video conferencing service is Gmail voice and video chat that has been evaluated below by Monica Skinner , who is a San Francisco-based LEED architect , environmental designer, and GreenTech volunteer. My Gmail Voice and Video Chat Experience. Recently, though, a friend who works at Google informed me about Gmail voice and video chat as a user-friendly application.

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Outlook Free for One Year! But Will I Survive Gmail Outages?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I have not gone back to Outlook and I've become completely accustomed or perhaps dependent on using gmail for GTD because all of the reasons in the video above. So, today's Gmail outage created a horribly unproductive day. while keeping your gmail account unchanged.

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Tools I use: basic workflow

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I’ve used a variety of email clients of one sort or another over time, and I have recently just decided to ditch them, and use gmail exclusively. I use Canned Responses to provide HTML signatures when needed, and also forward all of my mail to gmail, then send out mail as other identities. (I’ve I’ve learned how to circumvent that annoying thing of “Sent on behalf of&# in gmail – use the SMTP of the email alias you’re using.).

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The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

For easy access you can download all these incredible conferences to your Gmail, ICal or outlook click. It's finally here! If you loved our 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2019 calendar!

Don’t Let Tabs Get You Down

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Since Gmail released their new inbox structure, there’s been a mix of panic and glee. The Gmail tabs panic reminded me that while I’m a huge fan of change – most folks struggle with change. There’s a lot to learn from Gmail’s tabs. Since Gmail launched the tabs, a number of companies have sent emails with subject line like, Don’t let tabs get between us or Don’t miss a deal. In my mind the launch of Gmail tabs is very telling about our culture.

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The Buzz Factor


And, despite my disappointment in Google's last big thing ( Wave ), I am so appreciative of other work of theirs -- GMail , Android , Picasa -- that I couldn't pass up a go with their answer to Facebook and Twitter , Buzz. The Gmail integration also feeds into your network on Buzz.

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Keep Better Contact Records with the Personal Email to Notes Feature

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Instead of copying and pasting email text into contact records, the ‘Personal Email to Notes’ feature will allow you to push the text of your Outlook, Gmail or other email communications with your supporter automatically into the supporter's EveryAction contact record.

Help! Google Cut off my ability to send out email via gmail!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

One of things I did as a last ditch strategy was to email out a group message to various contacts and it seemed to have brought in some last minute contributions. I did the bcc of group emails. However, Google thinks I'm a spammer now and has disabled my email account. I'm not sure how long this will last - I read 24-72 hours. No good deed goes unpunished. I need to figure out a way answer email. In the meantime, I have written on a blackboard 100 times: I will not spam for good.

GOOGbye, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers | Re/code

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was just one of many strong reactions to the news that Google was opting Gmail users in to a confusing new feature. Here’s how it works: Google users that you have added to a G circle (its version of following) will be able to message you in Gmail without needing your email address. Within Gmail, you can disable this feature completely or open it to all G users, depending on whether you’re an Inbox Zero or Inbox Million type of person

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Is Google Wave a Tidal Wave?


The early version of Google Wave I saw looked a lot like Gmail , with a folder list on the left and "wave" list next to it. Unlike Gmail, a third pane to the right included an area where you can compose waves, so Wave is three-columner to Gmail's two.

Wave Impressions


Tags: data GMail software data management Google Web 2.0

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Colossus vs. Cloud - an Email System Showdown


A quick comparison to Google's GMail offering might look a bit like " Bambi vs. Godzilla ". And, as Michelle pointed out the other day, GMail might be a risky proposition, despite it being more affordable, because it puts your entire mail store "in the cloud". But Gmail's approach is so radically different from Microsoft's that I think it deserves a more detailed pro/con comparison. GMail , on the other hand, is only available as a hosted solution. Win - GMail.

The Road to Inbox:0


In the last week or two, Google's GMail app added a bunch of new features, at least three of which are, to my mind, insanely significant. As you probably know, GMail is about three years old, still in beta, and from it's release, the most innovative approach to email that we've seen since the whole folder metaphor was first thought up. Here's how I use Gmail: Using pop forwarding, I feed three separate email accounts into my primary GMail account.

Swept Up in a Google Wave


Tags: data Social Networking GMail software security Google Web 2.0

Useful Tools and Tips


Google Voice is on the Horizon Google revolutionized email with GMail, the first email platform in decades to question the basic assumptions about how email should work (by filing important email into folders). A few months ago, they opened the revamped Google Voice to existing Grandcentral customers, and, surprise, it looks a bit like GMail. Tags: data Social Networking GMail software content management data management Google Web 2.0

Both Sides Now


My recent posts have advocated cloud computing, be it using web-based services like Gmail, or looking for infrastructure outsourcers who will provide you with virtualized desktops. Gmail now supports an Offline mode that stores your mail on the computer you access it from. Tags: data GMail data management Web 2.0 Say you sign up for some great Web 2.0 service that allows you to bookmark web sites, annotate them, categorize them and share them.

3 Simple Tips for Nonprofits to Win at Email in 2020 [Guest Post]


Over the last few years we've seen a handful of new mobile email apps emerge, not to mention changes in functionality such as Gmail’s Promotions tab. The future is unpredictable.

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Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Gmail integration coming to Salesforce? Gmail integration coming to Salesforce? The button doesn’t show on the UI when checked, but appears to indicate a way to compose a Gmail to the Contact in question.

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Exact Target’s 50 Emailing Tips and Stats for 2014 Reduced to Three Key Takeaways

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For example, panicking over the changes to Gmail Tabs is a moot point if your organization’s emails aren’t optimized for mobile. A whopping 66% of Gmail opens occur on mobile devices, with only 19% opened in a web browser ( Litmus ). The #1 email client for Gmail users is the iPhone’s built-in mail program, with 34% of all Gmail opens. According to Google, there were more than 425 million active Gmail users as of June 2012.

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Getting on Top of Your Task List


I get a lot of help form using the GTDInbox for Firefox + Gmail. GTDInbox adds a life-saving layer of task buttons built on top of Gmail’s labeling. For most purposes, will do the trick, and if you have mobile Gmail, you can see them there as well. Tags: personal productivity GMail email collaboration Project Management task management I’ve been thinking about task management lately. Seemed like a good thing to reflect on over the long weekend.

6 Reasons to Rethink Your Email Newsletter


And between Outlook, Gmail and the dozens of other email providers available, there is a big chance that your email is bound to have formatting errors, which means that users can’t easily read what you’ve put together.

10 Ways Nonprofits Can Send Mobile-Friendlier Email


Gmail only displays the first 102KB of your message. Does your nonprofit send mobile-friendly email? You’ve likely heard about the importance of being mobile-friendly to engage constituents. Maybe even that: Mobile email opens are predicted to surpass desktop opens this year.

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