Volunteering as part of everyday life.


How can we, as coordinators, commit ourselves to making volunteering a part of everyday life for our communities? What systems do you have in place for getting to know your volunteers? How do you tailor volunteer opportunities to match the professional background of your volunteers?

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Cultivating Good in Your Life

Connection Cafe

So, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch the whole talk here, and use one or more of the three habits I explain to increase the levels of positivity in your own life. Cultivate good in your life.

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The Life Time Magic of Tidying Up Your Professional Life and LinkedIn Connections

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

An easier place to start to “Kondo” your professional life is your online professional network.

Using Social Media to Bring Museum Exhibits to Life


How the San Diego Zoo uses social media to bring their exhibits to life. Video might just be the most effective way of bringing your exhibits to life for those who can’t be there in person. There are roughly 2 million paid staff and 1.9

How to Keep Your Donors for Life

Connection Cafe

Three out of four first time donors will never make a second gift. In the nonprofit world, most donors are a one night stand.

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Work-Life Balance Tool: Intentional Airplane Mode


As I turned my phone back on after a recent trip, I asked myself, what would life be like with my phone in airplane mode? cell phone Strategy work-life balance Sharon Price. Senior Fellowship Manager. Rockwood Leadership Institute.

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Performing Arts Fundraising: How to Target Life-Long Supporters

Connection Cafe

And they are willing to do this with the hope that these new ticket buyers will become life-long supporters. Almost every arts organization would say that audience development is vital to their long term viability.

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4 Tips for Creating Harmony Between Work and Personal Life

NonProfit Hub

Here are a few ways you can create and maintain a healthy ratio of work and personal life. Not only has multitasking been proven to be ineffective, but if you’re trying to both excel at work and have a personal life at the same time, you’re not giving each side due attention. A beneficial work-life balance can only be achieved if you care for yourself first. These three things are a part of both work and personal aspects of your life.

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How data visualization brings numbers to life


Plotting life expectancy against income for every country since 1810, Hans shows how the world we live in is radically different from the world most of us imagine.&#.

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Life after Common Ground: Part 1 – Nonprofit Starter Pack

Judi Sohn

Tagged: Common Ground , Life after Common Ground , Nonprofits , Salesforce. Uncategorized Common Ground Life after Common Ground Nonprofits SalesforceMost of my time over the past few months at KELL Partners has been spent getting to know all the wonderful tools and technologies in the Salesforce world that have come along while I was too busy focusing on Common Ground. I’ve spoken to so many organizations who are now in the process of deciding their next steps.

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Mission in Action, in Life and in Work| The Storytelling Power of A Camera Lens

Connection Cafe

I love when my life and my work collide. As a corporate social responsibility professional working in philanthropy and volunteerism every day, nonprofits, their leaders and the work they do are a huge part of my life.

Forget Coffee Spoons: I Can Now Measure Out My Life With Facebook Status Updates

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Alfred Prufrock : “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” For I have known them all already, known them all: Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons, I have measured out my life with coffee spoons; New Feature: The Timeline.

My Life Below the Fold


Sometimes I get so excited about new technology trends on the web, whether through new ways of interacting with a site or a new visual style, that when a question is asked that seems to belong in another age of design I get totally thrown off guard for a moment.

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Three Keys To Energizing Your Work And Life

Eric Jacobsen Blog

The actions you take throughout every single day accumulate to shape your years, decades and overall life," adds Rath. Are You Fully Charged Leadership Leadership Books Tom Roth Work Life BalanceToday, Tom Rath , author of the incredibly popular, Strengthsfinder 2.0

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Life after Common Ground: Part 4 – Soapbox Engage

Judi Sohn

This post is part 4 in a series of articles pointing out what’s cool about some of my favorite Salesforce apps for nonprofits.

Why you should banish excel from your life.(and other security tips)


Excel is a symptom of a much larger problem at our non-profits: our general disregard for cyber security. Basically, this means we are violating our sacred trust with volunteers, donors, and our community that says we will protect the information they give us. Don''t want to become another story of an organization that has had information stolen from it? Then you need to read on

Life Lessons Applied to Website Redesigns


As with life, when we start out our efforts with ill-defined goals and lack of clarity the end result is putting up with a lot of “good enough” – which just means we just sell ourselves (and our work) short.

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Improving Student Life with Text Messaging

Mobile Commons

Student life offices at colleges have a difficult time getting through to students. Text messaging is a great way for student life offices to promote events to the student body. So how can student life organizations capitalize upon a student’s relationship to their phone?

Google+, QR Codes and Second Life?


Memories came flooding back from January 2007 RootsCamp where a cadre of attendees were chanting “Second Life!” ” and holding up their open hands to replicate the Second Life logo.

Life after Common Ground: Part 6 – Apsona

Judi Sohn

This post is part 6 in a series of articles pointing out what’s cool about some of my favorite Salesforce apps for nonprofits. Previously, I highlighted favorite features in Nonprofit Starter Pack , Click & Pledge , Causeview , Soapbox Engage and Conga Composer.

9 Secretly Awesome Websites to Boost Productivity and Nonprofit Work Life

NonProfit Hub

The post 9 Secretly Awesome Websites to Boost Productivity and Nonprofit Work Life appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Studies show it takes an average of 11 minutes to get back on track after being distracted by the ding of an incoming email or text message. That accumulates on average to 2.1

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The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Fundraising Results You Really Want, Building Emerging Leaders, and Life After Websites.

Connection Cafe

As Mitch Joel says in his post Life After Websites , ‘Facebook doesnt want to be one website or singular destination. You may have noticed, but npENGAGE got a makeover. Big time.

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When work is a matter of life or death.


is it a matter of life and death? This is a guest post from Steven Worth of Plexus Consulting. You may have heard of Steven’s great book The Power of Partnership , about association alliance-building, and also his latest book The Association Guide to Going Global.

35 Leadership, Movitational And Life Quotes

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Text Messaging: Life in the Fast Lane

Mobile Commons

Shailesh Nayak, Secretary of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, notes that improvements in cyclone warning systems have already resulted “in significant reduction in loss of life and property.” The post Text Messaging: Life in the Fast Lane appeared first on Mobile Commons

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IFTTT (If This Then That) where have you been my entire connected life?

Judi Sohn

I used to try everything just for the sake of checking it out. Now, with soooo many tools, apps and startups out there I’m more cautious. I’m tired of apps and technologies that sure, solve a problem, but in order to do it you have to completely change the way you think or work.

Engaging Young Donors

Connection Cafe

This combination of data will allow you to build cohorts of constituents and test various strategies to convert them to the next life stage. Data Mining & Modeling Analytics Life Stage

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The New York State LGBT Health & Human Services Network Is Using Text Messages to Connect Vulnerable Populations with a Life-Saving Drug

Mobile Commons

Problem: How do you provide a vulnerable population with access to a life-saving drug? The post The New York State LGBT Health & Human Services Network Is Using Text Messages to Connect Vulnerable Populations with a Life-Saving Drug appeared first on Mobile Commons.

Read with Me: The Ocean of Life

Have Fun - Do Good

Their Online Ocean Activists Goodreads Group (that I'm facilitating) is reading its first book, The Ocean of Life: The Fate of Man and the Sea by Callum Roberts We'll have a tweetchat about it on February 21st at 11 AM PT using the hashtag #oceanoflife.

Choose To Live A Life That Matters

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Living a life that matters doesn''t happen by accident. Choose to live a life that matters. I recommend that all leaders every so often read the What Will Matter poem by Michael Josephson.

Walking the Tight Rope: Finding Work-Life Balance in the Nonprofit Sector

ASU Lodestar Center

There are people who think of work-life balance in a Utopian way — where work and life responsibilities are lines in the Zen garden of life. I asked nonprofit professionals about their views on work-life balance and how it effects their day-to-day lives. posted by.

MechonHadar.org: Open Source Judaism in a Modern Design

See What's Out There

web jewish life mechon hadar responsive design web design website The Jewish learning institution Mechon Hadar came to See3 with a challenge.

The Social Side of the Internet | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project

AFP Blog

The Social Side of the Internet | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project: "The internet is now deeply embedded in group and organizational life in America. A new national survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has found that 75% of all American adults are active in some kind of voluntary group or organization and internet users are more likely than

Life after Common Ground: Not-so-final thoughts

Judi Sohn

6 weeks ago, I began a series of blog posts highlighting different Salesforce apps I’ve been working with at KELL Partners since leaving Blackbaud/Common Ground behind six months ago. Here’s a summary of those posts and the features I highlighted, in case you missed any: Part 1: Nonprofit Starter Pack – Opportunity payments. Part 2: Click & Pledge – Contact matching. Part 3: Causeview – Campaign hierarchy. Part 4: Soapbox Engage – Easy form creation.

Shine Can Help You Change Your Life Over Text Message Through On-Demand Life Coaching

Mobile Commons

The startup has launched a new on-demand life coaching service , offering subscribers individualized, full-time access to a certified coach who can help them map out a personal plan to success. Shine is helping people become their best possible selves – all over text message.

5 Video Editing Shortcuts I Wish I Could Use in Real Life

See What's Out There

The post 5 Video Editing Shortcuts I Wish I Could Use in Real Life appeared first on See3 Advice for Do-Gooders. As an editor, I’m all about shortcuts. I use them so much I forget it’s not possible to use them in the real world. Video buzzfeed editing shortcuts

How to Bring Integrated Marketing to Life for Your Nonprofit

Connection Cafe

While many nonprofits are getting the why of integrated marketing, they are struggling with the how. When teams and programs have been siloed for so long, how do you start working as a more cohesive team?

What is the Secret to Extending the Life of your Content?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

about the shelf life or how long a link stays alive before people stop engaging with it. It offers an estimate as follows: 2.8 According to the post, it suggests that what’s most important for content shelf life is the quality of the content shared, not where it is shared.

Leadership, Life And Business Quotes From Brian Solis' Book, What's The Future Of Business

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Daniel Ben-Horin Visits the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life

Tech Soup Blog

On July 8, 2011, founder and co-CEO of TechSoup Global Daniel Ben-Horin paid a special visit to the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life. Nonprofit Commons is an archipelago in the virtual world of Second Life, housing social benefit organizations from around the globe.