Uncomplicate Your Communications Strategy

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This brings us to perhaps the second greatest threat to communications — the belief that a communication strategy is complicated. As I see it, we have two options: we can continue to operate by the seat-of-our-pants, or we can learn to develop an uncomplicated communication strategy. Yet, if we’re able to separate our audiences and build mini-strategies tailored to each group of stakeholders individually, suddenly it all comes together.

How Benchmarking and Analytics Can Inform Fundraising Strategies

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bbcon 2020 is just around the corner, and I’m excited to be presenting on the critical role of benchmarking and analytics in shaping your fundraising strategy.


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Higher Education Content Strategy 101: The Fundamentals

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requires a solid content strategy. Learn more about higher ed marketing strategy in the free white paper: Your Online Marketing Plan for Higher Education. So, how do you define your content strategy? What is Content Strategy? Content strategy is a guide. Content strategy is an aggregate of a few best practices—equal parts planning, delivery, and consistency. There are a few accepted models for content strategy. Content strategy matters. .

This is what's wrong with your nonprofit digital strategy


I’ve read and written hundreds of nonprofit digital strategy documents. As a former consultant for the nonprofit space, “I need to create a digital strategy” was something that I heard almost daily. The problem is that you don’t need a digital strategy. You need a strategy. nonprofit strategy

5 Online Strategies to Encourage Recurring Giving

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To address this, our team studied the campaigns of our top recurring giving customers within the MobileCause platform to identify some best practices and strategies. Take a look at some of the examples and strategies below for ideas for your own recurring giving campaigns.

7 Emerging Trends That Could Impact Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Strategies in 2021

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The post 7 Emerging Trends That Could Impact Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Strategies in 2021 first appeared on npENGAGE. Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Marketing Digital Fundraising Strategies nonprofit fundraising strategy peer-to-peer fundraising

The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategies

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The post The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategies appeared first on PhreeSite.com. Trading or investing in Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) seems to be the new buzzword these days. But, ask any battle-hardened investor, and they will tell you that Bitcoin trading is no joke.

5 Ways to Keep Your Fundraising Strategy Fresh

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If you’re looking at your organization’s fundraising strategy and trying to find areas where you can improve it before the year-end rush, you’re in luck! Whether you’re planning to launch more campaigns or looking for the right software, you should try to sustain your fundraising strategy and successfully engage new and old donors alike. Are you ready to take a closer look at the ways in which you can keep your fundraising strategy up to par?

8 Strategy Basics for Nonprofit Organizations

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What comes to mind when you think of nonprofit strategy? Every nonprofit needs strategy: it’s essential to making mindful choices. Strategy is a set of unified actions undertaken to advance a nonprofit’s mission by leveraging its competitive advantage. [1]. Here are a few tips to help your nonprofit think about strategy: 1. Strategy is not planning. Strategy is knowing your organization’s business model. This is the foundation for any good strategy.

Detailed Accurate Data = Strategy

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Most CRM databases have the ability to track and store an enormous amount of data but unless you can link it to helping you in being strategic in segmenting out your database or implementing strategies then it is only taking up space. Analytics Data Mining & Modeling Donor Strategy data data mining Donor Relations fundraising Non-Profit nonprofit research Strategy

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Is your Digital Strategy Conservative or Revolutionary?

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Digital Strategy is my passion, but less from the perspective of technology implementation and more from the perspective of embedding digital knowledge and literacy throughout an organization. As he picked up the perfect stones on his way into battle, David had a strategy. What is a digital strategy? To some, digital strategy is simply social media and a website. As a digital strategy consultant, I work with cultural institutions on defining their digital strategies.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Participants will acquire a foundational understanding of this increasingly important component of fundraising strategy and will be able to identify and distinguish between the most common planned giving vehicles. Digital Strategy Innovation Summit. Digital Strategy Innovation Summit. This summit will gather the world’s most dynamic and high level executives operating in digital strategy. It's finally here!

EveryAction Acquires DonorTrends


The acquisition empowers EveryAction’s clients to raise more money and furthers EveryAction’s strategy of bringing innovation in revenue generation to its SaaS products. “We Predictive Analytics Fundraising Product Fuels EveryAction’s Rise in Nonprofit Market. Washington, D.C., June 6, 2019 – EveryAction, a leading software provider for nonprofit fundraisers, announced today that it has acquired DonorTrends.

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 164: Board Strategy During a Crisis

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During a crisis, you need strategies that will help your organization cope with the situation effectively and come through on the other side. Knowing how to work with your board in these situations can help you continue to fulfill your mission.

Content Strategy for Associations


deck on content strategy for associations from the awesome Hilary Marsh. Creating a great content strategy from Content Company. Content Strategy Featured Industry Insider Another MUST READ (must view??) ————-. photo credit ).

The 5 Laws of Successful IT Strategy and Planning

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Yet many organizations still lack a clear vision and strategy when it comes to technology. The five laws of successful IT strategy and planning are designed to encourage and inspire you to not only invest in technology services for your organization, but to also provide a thought-map for the inevitable challenges. IT is techno-centric cost center IT is part of our organization’s growth strategy.

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2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns


Heifer International 's unique email strategy broke through the noise of crowded inboxes on Giving Tuesday by getting a head start with Cyber Monday focused emails. With Giving Tuesday behind us, it's time to highlight just a few of the organizations who ran stellar campaigns, activated supporters, and beat their fundraising goals. Successful fundraising campaigns come in many shapes and sizes, and not every tactic works for every organization's audience.

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4 Step by Step Engagement Strategies for Nonprofit Websites

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They seek advice from experts who tell them that they need to “engage” more, or have more “engaging” content, or build more “engagement” strategies. I know I’m in danger of committing the crime that makes me cringe, but my goal for this blog post is for you to take away some actionable tips to start implementing in your web and content strategy. If you follow all these tips, you should have a good strategy for “building engagement” on your nonprofit website.

GUIDE: Growing and Sustaining your Volunteer Program


Keep them informed about the organization's’ strategy and focus. If you work at a nonprofit, you know what it feels like to have too much on your plate. You are eager to be as effective as possible, but you can’t do it all by yourself. A thriving volunteer program can help maximize your organization’s impact.

Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP


Your mid-level donor program is part of a long-term cultivation strategy. By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers. Successful mid-level donor programs are all about providing donors with a personal touch while maintaining the analytic discipline that allows you to scale your programming. When you’re managing an understaffed development team, you’re always rearranging your to-do list.

5 Strategies for Successful Online Charity Auctions

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Shifting strategies on short notice is never easy, as organizations of all shapes and sizes are learning. The first pain point that most nonprofits have experienced over recent weeks and months has been event cancellations or other major strategy adjustments. For especially complex fundraising events like auctions, this can be a real challenge if your organization has never shifted its strategies to the virtual realm before.

What We Learned About Digital Engagement from the 2019 M+R Benchmarks Report


The donor category with the highest retention rates from last year were mid-level donors who gave between $250-499, so it is particularly important for nonprofits to develop strong, multi-channel strategies for retaining this group of supporters. Invest in professional marketing and advertising as part of digital strategy. This is a growing area of digital strategy for fundraising and acquisition, and it’s becoming more important for nonprofits to develop in-house expertise.

Thought About Your Advocacy Strategy Lately?

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Having worked in advocacy for the Association for nearly 8 years, Chris has seen a lot of what the nonprofit sector has to offer as far as technology, opportunity, and strategy. When it comes to advocacy, it feels silly to say that the most important thing is reaching the right folks with the right message at the right time, but it’s the truth. The key lies in the nuances of doing so effectively.

2020 Election: How to Change Your Digital Media Strategy

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As the competition heats up, here are some strategies to consider: 1. The post 2020 Election: How to Change Your Digital Media Strategy appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. When 2020 began, we knew we were in for a wild ride with a presidential election cycle.

EveryAction Acquires ActionKit


The acquisition follows EveryAction’s strategy of collecting the best people who create the best SaaS products, that provide the most value to nonprofits. Innovative Talent and Digital Product Add to EveryAction’s Rapid Growth. Washington, D.C., May 8, 2019 – EveryAction, a leading provider of software serving over 15,000 nonprofits, announced today that it has acquired We Also Walk Dogs Inc., more commonly known by their product’s name, ActionKit.

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#GivingTuesday Strategies For Event Fundraising

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In case you haven’t heard yet, Thanksgiving is earlier than normal this year, … Emerging Events Event Fundraising Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Social / Mobile #GivingTuesday #nptech event fundraising fundraising Non-Profit nonprofit social media Peer to Peer Fundraising Strategy

TikTok Marketing Strategies for 2021

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The post TikTok Marketing Strategies for 2021 appeared first on PhreeSite.com. TikTok is currently one of the fastest-growing social networks and is becoming more popular among the younger generations.

YouTube Subscriber Strategies for Nonprofits


The strategy is for them to share their audiences. Taking this concept and applying it to your nonprofit’s Youtube subscriber strategy may just be the next step in video marketing amongst the industry. Content Strategy Featured From the Trenches Implementation By Matthew Yeoman. ———— It doesn’t matter if you’re a for-profit globe spanning corporation, a humble non-profit, or a geek with a camera who wants to talk tech.

Virtual Engagement Strategies to Keep Employees Connected

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It’s been roughly two months since most of us have last been in an office, but thanks to video meeting platforms, messaging services, and modern-day technology, we can still have some sort of face-to-face interaction and continue to work alongside our teams. While most day-to-day responsibilities and projects are moving along, there are aspects of not being able to go into a workplace that are hard to replicate.

The State of Nonprofit Donor Retention (And What To Do About It)


As such, for most nonprofit organizations, pursuing strategies to reducing donor losses is the most affordable strategy for increasing net fundraising gains. For complete instructions on how to implement these changes download our full guide to Next-Level Donor Retention and Renewal Strategies! As a general rule, retaining existing donors costs less than acquiring new ones.

Fundraising Trends: 7 Modern Strategies to Consider for 2021

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For many nonprofits, 2020 was a challenging year. Now it’s coming to a close, and we enter a new year that is hopefully one of recovery (though it hasn't looked up yet.). The lessons of 2020 are definitely influencing plans for 2021. From fundraising. fundraising

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Top Event Strategies for Major Donor Cultivation

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Attaining donors is complex and requires a diverse set of strategies, so you shouldn’t expect to attract philanthropists with the same tactics you employ for lower-level donors. Read on to find out: 10 Strategies to Create a Successful Cultivation Event : Identify a current donor or volunteer who is a strong advocate and ask them to host an intimate, invite-only gathering in their home. Research each attendee to customize the cultivation strategy.

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4 Steps to Creating Your Nonprofit’s Storytelling Strategy

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Nonprofit Marketing fundraising ideas Nonprofit Storytelling storytelling storytelling strategies The Storytelling Non-ProfitDoes your nonprofit have a plan for storytelling this year ? If you’re like most organizations, the answer is most likely no. The truth is that nonprofits are still not using storytelling as strategically as they could be. I hear from many of my clients and students that it “happens when it happens.”

Strategies for Successful Patient Engagement

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iii] So where does the truth lie for hospitals and health systems who are seeking to understand how much to invest in patient engagement strategies? All of the strategies noted above build trust in processes, in staff members, and in your institution. Building equally meaningful strategies for engaging and involving your physicians and staff. Cultivating grateful patients for your foundation requires many of the same strategies that engaging patients requires.

3 Annual Giving Strategies for 2019 

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But how do you home in on the correct strategies during a time when donor behavior changes just as fast as the latest technology does? . Why a strong annual giving strategy ma tters. . on specific strategies, you can make targeted changes that will drastically impact?your When it comes to resources, most annual giving teams have limited time and money for annual?giving?appeals. giving?appeals. appeals. Little wins add up—a?donor

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Digital Strategy 101


This deck is a great primer by Bud Caddell on Digital Strategy and what a digital strategist (like me!) Digital Strategy 101 from Bud Caddell. Content Strategy Debunking the Hype From the Trenches Check it out. ——— This post includes a slide deck – click through to see it because it’s awesome.

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


Marketing automation - through things like email series - should be a part of any nonprofit's marketing strategy. Thousands of nonprofits use EveryAction every day to raise money, manage offline fundraising through pledges and grants, send emails, run nonprofit digital advocacy campaigns, and so much more. If you're not already an EveryAction user, here's 50 reasons to make the switch today. #1. Higher Conversion Rates = Raising More Money.

11 Hispanic and Latino Organizations Everyone Should Know


Founded in 1981, NALEO Educational Fund achieves its mission through integrated strategies that include increasing the effectiveness of Latino policymakers, mobilizing the Latino community to engage in civic life and promoting policies that advance Latino political engagement. Hispanic Heritage Month, officially founded in 1968 , occurs each year from September 15 to October 15, a period which includes the anniversary of independence of eight Latin American countries.

Mapping an Engagement Strategy for Successful Year-End Appeals

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After organizational buy-in, segmentation, and testing, it’s time to map out your engagement strategy. Framework for Mapping Your Engagement Strategy: Mine the Data — Who has usually given by this time of year but hasn’t yet? The strategy for this group can be a personal letter or handwritten note—depending on your staff and donor pool size—requesting their support.

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Mobile Content Strategy

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I recently attended an excellent webinar with Karen McGrane about Mobile Content Strategy. Author: Lacey Kruger. The funny thing is that there is actually no such thing! Karen’s talk encouraged us to think about content in a more holistic way. So, instead of content for desktop computers, mobile devices or iPads, what about creating a single content structure that will allow you to show the SAME content on any device?! C.O.P.E. Create Once, Publish Everywhere.

The Ultimate Nonprofit Video Marketing Strategy + 5 of the Best Nonprofit Videos We’ve Seen

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Learn how to create the ultimate nonprofit video marketing strategy with our guide, as well as getting inspired with the five best nonprofit videos we've seen. video-marketing-strategy video-marketing nonprofit-video-marketing-strategy nonprofit-video-marketing nonprofit-video

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More on Content Strategy


Content strategy workshop for LACONI, an association of 150 Chicago-area libraries, given September 20, 2013. Comprehensive look at content strategy goals, opportunities, challenges, definitions, processes, elements for libraries today and in the future. Content strategy for library websites from Content Company. Case Study Content Strategy Featured From the Trenches I love decks related to libraries. I feel like they are totally relevant to associations.

Burn your social media strategy


Burn It Down, Start From Scratch And Build a Social Media Strategy That Works. The key to success is to stop most of what today passes for social media strategy and rebuild social plans from the ground up: First, create and measure a new definition of WOM. Discard the fake WOM strategies created with brand-to-consumer content broadcasted in social channels and focus on the real WOM forged peer-to-peer with customer stories, recommendations and advocacy.