New Email Study Reveals Nonprofit Spam Rates Soared in 2016


Today, EveryAction releases the highly-anticipated 2017 Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study , an exploration into how much spam is impacting online fundraising programs. Spam is still a massive problem for fundraisers.

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The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Is Going into Full Effect – Are You Ready?

Connection Cafe

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) came into effect July 1, 2014 and is applicable to anyone who sends commercial electronic messages. Nonprofit Marketing Canada CASL CASL Compliance email deliverability email performance nonprofit email best practices The Canadian Anti-Spam LegislationThis means that if you have an email address in your email house file belonging to a Canadian, even if your nonprofit is based in the U.

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Do Nonprofits Spam?


NPTech maven Deborah Elizabeth Finn started a blog last week called " No Nonprofit Spam ". Nobody likes spam. Even if nonprofits are guilty of the spamming crime, should they be subject to the same punishments? Spam, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

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2016 Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study: Spam Still Costing Nonprofits Thousands


Today, EveryAction released the 2016 Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study , an exploration into just how much spam is negatively impacting nonprofit online fundraising.

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Is Your Nonprofit Guilty of #Hashtag Spamming?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

That said, I know that opinions and strategies on tweeting vary widely, so I am going to let you vote and share your thoughts on hashtag spamming with the hope that potential hashtags spammers reading your feedback will reconsider their use of hashtags.

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Ready For Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation?

Wild Apricot Blog

Canada''s anti-spam legislation took effect July 1, 2014. Here is some information and a list of resources to help you better understand CASL and the possible impact on your organization.

Lame spams of the day: Your AT&T bill

Robert Weiner

But eventually they figured out how to use their spamming software: Your online bill is ready to be viewed. I see the occasional fake AT&T message all the time, but got 15 variations on this theme today. Looks like a baby spammer playing with a new toy. Senders included: Kristi Leal ( Sally Moser, Jody Grace, Loretta Bragg (all at

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Lame spam of the day: USPS Delivery Confirmation

Robert Weiner

Like the American Airlines spam , this one didn't bother to include any graphics to make it look official. Scam Spam scamFurther, it shows plainly that the link goes to (note that the domain is Some scammers are just lazy. Sender: Subject: Delivery Confirmation. Text: Dear Customer, We attempted to deliver your item at 11:02 am on November 5, 2011 and a notice was left.

Spam of the Day: So and so wants to connect on LinkedIn

Robert Weiner

Phishing Scam Spam scamIt was only a matter of time. I've started receiving phishing messages that look like LinkedIn connection requests. So far the text has been identical.

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Is Your Facebook Page Publishing News Feed Spam?

John Haydon

Facebook recently tweaked the News Feed to reduce spam, including frequently repeated posts : … people tend to find these instances of repeated content less relevant, and are more likely to complain about the Pages that frequently post them. Questions: What frequency is considered spam?

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Lame spams of the day: LinkedIn phishing

Robert Weiner

The recent theft of passwords from LinkedIn prompted me to post these spams masquerading as messages from that firm. Phishing Scam SpamThe first one made no attempt beyond the Sender name to look like it came from LinkedIn. The others made a minimal attempt to look like a LinkedIn message and all look like they came from the same source. Sender: on behalf of LinkedIn ( Subject: Fwd: Wire Transfer (65483QW63).

Let's put an end to nonprofit spam

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

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Facebook friend request or old fashion spam?

John Haydon

Here we have an example of your garden-variety friend request popup: And here we have a variation of that same popup: Facebook knows spam culture. Facebook Tips facebook page spamYou may have noticed a slightly different message on when friending certain people on Facebook.

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Spam of the Day: “McDonalds invites you to The Free Dinner Day”

Robert Weiner

Scam Spam scam; spamSender : I love McDonalds ( Subject : We are fond of you and thus invite you for free helpings. Attachment : Hello. McDonalds invites you to The Free Dinner Day which will take place on 25 June, 2011, in every cafe of ours. Free Day’s menu! Angus Chipotle BBQ Bacon. Chicken McNuggets. Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken. Strawberry Triple Thick Shake. McCafe Iced Mocha.

Lame spams of the day: everyone wants to send me money

Robert Weiner

Here are some of the "loan offers" that have landed in my spam folder. None have attachments, links, or graphics. One used a blue font, the others were plain old black Courier. The subject lines were blank in every case. The senders included: kelly loan offer ( Alreford Ltd ( LOAN OFFER APPLY ( EQUITY LOAN ( Get A Loan Now (

What Does Spam Do to your Email Fundraising? [INFOGRAPHIC]


If you’re sending fundraising emails, then you’re losing money to spam. The question then, is how much + why? email fundraising deliverability infographic

Lame spam of the day: spam mashup

Robert Weiner

This plain-text spam has no sender, subject, formatting, or graphics. After that comes what looks like an email header, then some spam text, then a bunch of blank lines, and finally, to cap the effort, random text from travel guides. Another newbie spammer playing with a toy? Nothing unusual there. The bonus is that it mashes up a variety of spammer techniques, starting with a list of 3-letter words running from "act" to "dry".

Lame spam roundup

Robert Weiner

Here's a random selection of strange and/or lame spams I've received recently. This one may not be spam, but I'm not going to click and find out. Yes, the hyperlink was the first line of the spam, and points where it says it does. 1: I got several of these. Unfortunately, no umbrellas were included. Sender: LinkedIn Connections []. Subject: RE: CELSA - Copies of Policies.

Lame spams of the day: Support Center

Robert Weiner

This batch of spams looks like Facebook messages -- same colors, fonts, and formatting, and they have a "Go To Profile" button. Sample: SpamBut they don't mention Facebook. Does the familiar look and feel dupe people into clicking before they read?

Next phase of anti-spam law targets software - National |

AFP Blog

Next phase of anti-spam law targets software - National | : ''via Blog this

You Kids Stay Outta The Spam Folder


Stay out of the spam folder by employing these techniques. Email Marketing

Lame spam of the day: self-identified spam

Robert Weiner

This message didn't come from my anti-spam software and my ISP says it didn't come from theirs. Subject: **SPAM ** Re: µ¹.§A¤£°µ§@ª½±µ-»ù¨C¤ù¥u­n26¤¸. Text: Spam detection software, running on the system "nas", has. identified this incoming email as possible spam. has been attached to this so you can view it (if it isn't spam) or label. open with some email clients; in particular, it may contain a virus, or confirm that your address can receive spam.

Missing the Mark: Why Legitimate Emails Head Right for the Spam Folder

Byte Technology

Upon further examination the recipient discovers it got automatically dropped into their spam folder. Another type of automatic email sifting is called Bayesian Filtering, which utilizes statistical analysis to “learn” what spam looks like.

Lame spam of the day: do you get a lot of spam?

Robert Weiner

I had to smile at a spammer complaining about spam. one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam responses? This came as a comment on my blog. It included a link to a page that seems to be selling dental implants, but I didn''t explore it. Author: Reno Nevada. Comment: Hi, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar. If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it''s driving me insane so any help is very much appreciated.

Lame spam of the day: Amazon cancelation

Robert Weiner

Previous incarnations of this spam have led to a Canadian online pharmacy, and the hyperlinks in this one lead to a site in Canada. Here's what it looks like: SpamLame lame lame. This doesn't look remotely like an email from Amazon. And of course it's not for a product I ordered.

Update to Algorithm: Reducing Spam | EdgeRank Checker

AFP Blog

Update to Algorithm: Reducing Spam | EdgeRank Checker : This sounds a lot like a strong call-to-action, doesn’t it? Over the past year or so, we’ve been suggesting that brands develop more intelligent call-to-actions. Meaning: stop asking directly for Likes, Comments, Shares. The key here is to get a conversation going, without begging for it

Lame spam of the day: Raw spam merge text

Robert Weiner

Some newbie spammer posted a message on my site that shows the contents of their spam merge database. I recognize so many snippets that have appeared in my spam folder over the years. { {I have|I’ve} been {surfing|browsing} online more than {three|3|2|4} hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. {It’s|It It goes on and on, but you''ll get the idea pretty quickly. I found it fascinating.

Lame spam of the day: Intuit GoPayment

Robert Weiner

These spams aren't 100% lame -- at least they included a logo and some design elements. Here's a screenshot: Malware SpamHey, spammers: how about deduping your mailing lists? I got 22 of these on Monday. This article says they're malware delivery devices.


Lame spams of the day: FedEx invoices

Robert Weiner

Here's a screenshot: SpamI got a dozen of these yesterday. Most of them showed the sender as "Milton Ballard" so hopefully they won't fool anyone. But the last one came from so it was slightly more convincing.

Lame spam of the day: Prize Winning.

Robert Weiner

Is someone testing their new spam toy? This one should win a prize for lameness. No graphics, no links, no attachment, no signature, nothing. Sender: WorldWide Lottery ( Subject: Prize Winning. Text: Did you receive our email ??

Lame spam of the day: IRS notices

Robert Weiner

I got two spams this week claiming to come from the IRS. Here's what it looked like: Scam SpamThey look like different schemes -- one is trying to get me to call a 900 number at $4.79/minute, the other includes a link. But they look similar so I'm posting them together.

Lame spam of the day: HELLO

Robert Weiner

So much lame spam, so little time to blog about it. Here's today's example. No graphics, all caps, the From address doesn't match the "write me at" address. Does it get any lamer? Sender: Tesfaye, Fanuel ( Subject: HELLO. Text: BUSINESS FOR YOU, CONTACT ME THROUGH MY PRIVATE EMAIL:

What’s the best way to post as a Facebook Page?

John Haydon

Now that you can post as a Page, how can you comment on another Pages without coming across as spam? Up until last week, you’ve only been able to comment on other Pages as a person, so spamming was rarely a concern. What other ways can Pages comment on (and not spam) other Pages?

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Lame spam as blog comments

Robert Weiner

I wrote recently about spam in the form of blog comments. Fortunately, my anti-spam filters (Akismet and Bad Behavior) caught them. This last one is for Ugg boots -- up there with "performance aids" as a source of spam. There's been a deluge recently, and I want to call out some that look like they could be legit. I assume that most of these are planted for search engine optimization rather than to get people to click a link.

Lame spams of the day: ADP Notifications

Robert Weiner

Since I don't use ADP it's obvious that they're spam, but others may fall for them. Here's what this one looked like: Spam UncategorizedI've been seeing a variety of these recently. The first one below had no logo or other graphics, and used only plain, unformatted text.

Lame spam of the day: disappointed spammer

Robert Weiner

Most of the spam that reaches me comes as emails, but my blog also attracts a fair share of spammy comments. Some are particularly lame (and some are pretty amusing). Here''s one of the former, from a spammer I presume is trying to increase the search engine ranking for a site selling shoes. I searched for the first sentence and found over 2 million examples, so it may be working. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this 1.

Lame spam of the day: Google Doc

Robert Weiner

Please tell me no one would ever click on something like this (I only wish it were true). Plain text, bad English, the document isn''t actually attached, and the CLICK HERE link doesn''t point to Sender: Laila Brenner []. Subject: Fwd: Attached Document. Text: I have an important document that i would like to share with you i uploaded it with Google document, CLICK HERE. for immediate access, please sign on with your email Respectfully. Laila Brenner.

Lame spams of the day: fortunemart

Robert Weiner

I've been getting hit with lots of spam from Each spam has been one line of gibberish, plain text, no graphics, no formatting. These guys aren't even trying. I can't find any analysis of what happens if you click the links, and I'm not going to experiment. The subjects have included: new site. your friends. Re: Longer. plus several without subjects. The text follows. Each message was one line. I've deleted the links.). link] Hi Mon, 19 Nov 2012 12:41:46.

Lame spam of the day: Smoking device

Robert Weiner

This is as lame as it gets. Plain text, no graphics, the sender name looks suspicious, the recipient name isn't me, there's no subject, and the text is lame. I ran the link in the "click here" line through some online virus scanners and it seems clean, so maybe they're just trying to sell something. In any case, I hope no one would click on something like this. Sender: To: Subject: Re: Text: Smoking device thats clean. Click here to see.

Lame spam of the day: You pig!

Robert Weiner

Malware Spam MalwI got a kick out of this one. It's short and sweet -- and, I hope, ineffective. Sophos says it's a malware delivery device. Sender: Subject: You pig! Text: You should be stoping ignoring me or i will send this photos to your spouse!!! Attachment: