10 Simple Nonprofit Twitter Tips


Twitter is a powerful tool for any nonprofit. It is easy to overlook some small aspects of Twitter, that’s why we’ve compiled this list of simple things you can do to help increase interaction on your nonprofits Twitter account according to Julia Claire Campbell of JC Social Marketing.

Twitter for Nonprofits in 2018: Rebirth or Retire?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The past year, Twitter has been widely criticized for its role in spreading misinformation , being a Petri dish for hate speech , and how it approaches world leaders use of the platform. On the other hand, some say Twitter is ready for a renaissance , a phoenix rising from the ashes.

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50 Best Nonprofit Twitter Accounts to Follow


nonprofit twitter A frequent assumption is that social media runs itself, but the “build it and they will come” model won’t yield the engagement or impact that you’re looking for.

10 Twitter Best Practices for Nonprofits

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It’s impossible to apply Twitter best practices across all segments of the nonprofit sector because of the wide variety of causes and follower counts, but scientific analysis of Twitter clearly indicate that there is right way and a wrong way to use Twitter. Social Media Twitte

Infographic: Nonprofit Twitter Cheat Sheet


Is your nonprofit’s Twitter account lacking? But armed with the right tools, the right knowledge, and a few well written tweets, it won’t take long before your nonprofit’s Twitter account is racking up the engagement numbers.

Twitter Launches Fundraisng Beta for Nonprofits


Twitter rolled out a new. feature. that lets users make donations directly through the platform. Much like. Facebook Fundraising. , the service is relatively new and only available to a limited number of charities.

How to Create a Twitter Moment for Your Nonprofit

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Twitter Moments as defined by Twitter are curated tweets collected into a story. First launched in October 2015 in partnership with a select few media partners, as of September 29 all Twitter users can now create Moments. Fundraising Mobile Media Social Media Twitter

How Nonprofit Pros Use Twitter


————— According to the most recent Nonprofit Communications Trends Report , 76% percent of nonprofits are now using Twitter. Twitter can be used to distribute news about your organization and your stories. I love Twitter for media relations.

How Twitter Donations Work: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

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Twitter is experimenting with allowing certain nonprofits to accept donations directly through tweets. It is unclear if Twitter has plans to provide access to more nonprofits in the near future, but doing so would be a smart move. 1) Donors can now give directly through Twitter.

25 Nonprofit Twitter Tips From The Pros

John Haydon

According to the most recent Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, 76% percent of nonprofits are now using Twitter. Twitter can be used to distribute news about your organization and your stories. The post 25 Nonprofit Twitter Tips From The Pros appeared first on John Haydon.

10 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Twitter


Fret not, however, as the number of nonprofits using Twitter continues to grow. However, many are confused about how Twitter can help advance their organization’s goals. Consider how you can use Twitter to network with other professionals in your line of work.

Using Twitter to Build a Community and Recruit Volunteers

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I’ve presented about Twitter before, as well, so in addition to sharing some notes and resources, and my slides, from the presentation on Friday, I want to also round up other Twitter-related posts and links here. Twitter Resources. Atlanta Councilman chooses Twitter.

20 Tips for Nonprofits Using Twitter


This is a follow-up post to yesterday’s “ 10 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Twitter ,&# in which we talked about some of the many ways nonprofit can use social media networks, such as Twitter , as a communications vehicle to support their organization’s larger goals.

Why Twitter Team Tweeting Works

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Sarah supports other staff members who tweet to support their communications objectives. She provides training and encourages staff members to get into a regular Twitter habit. One techniques she uses for new users that join the team is to create a “Twitter Scavenger Hunt.”

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How to generate Twitter leads using automation


Enter Twitter. That said, Twitter is a huge place, so how are you supposed to find all these opportunities flying around you? That answer is twofold; Twitter search operators and IFTTT ( Zapier will work too) are the key. First, Twitter Queries. IFTTT/Twitter/ClientXYZ).

50 More of the Best Nonprofit Twitter Accounts to Follow Right Now


A while back, we shared a collection of awesome nonprofits that are doing Twitter right and the response was overwhelming. Here's a brand new list of some of the best nonprofit Twitter accounts in the Twitterverse! twitter

25 Must-Follow NGO Resources on Twitter

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Social Media Twitter NGOs

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12 Nonprofit Call-to-Action Twitter Images to Study and Learn From

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It is true that tweets with images receive more engagement , but how much more engagement depends on the quality of the images and if they are properly sized for Twitter ( 1024 x 512 pixels or a 2:1 aspect ratio ). Fundraising Mobile Media Social Media Twitter

Rwanda and Twitter

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The first of the Rwandan Twitter “peeps” that I discovered was the President of Rwanda – Paul Kagame who is very active on Twitter. @ Rubsfido @ jfclearywisc social media ia a great platform for learning. Agnes Binagwaho (@agnesbinagwaho) April 30, 2012.

How You Can Use Twitter As a Visual Marketing Platform


Twitter has gone from being a fun microblogging platform to taking on a life of its own. Allowing gifs to play in feed, Twitter Video, full sized images that take up less space and still allow you to type in characters… these are improvements we can all appreciate.

Eight Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make When They First Join Twitter

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@NonprofitOrgs only follows nonprofit organizations, nonprofit staff, nonprofit service providers, and activists on Twitter. Most of these mistakes can be avoided by simply spending 10 minutes setting up your Twitter Profile or by getting some Twitter training. Twitter

4 Must-Know Features of the New Twitter Profile Design for Nonprofits

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This week Twitter began its roll out of a new Twitter Profile design and at any moment your nonprofit’s Twitter Profile could have a completely different look and functionality. Social Media Twitter

3 Rules for Retweeting on Twitter

John Haydon

Retweeting is an easy way to quickly share useful content with your followers, while also building your Twitter karma. The post 3 Rules for Retweeting on Twitter appeared first on John Haydon. A Retweet is a re-posting of someone else’s Tweet.

5 Attention Grabbing Twitter Marketing Tactics for Non-profits


Twitter is perhaps one of the fastest-moving social platforms. With hundreds of thousands of tweets being shared every day, maintaining visibility and driving engagement become key challenges for most Twitter marketers. Get your team involved in your Twitter campaigns.

50,000 Nonprofits on Twitter!

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It took 2 years, 10 months, and 50,000 clicks of a mouse, but yesterday @ NonprofitOrgs followed its 50,000th nonprofit on Twitter! That said, I’ve been saving up and to commemorate 50,000 nonprofits on Twitter I donated $500 to my Favorite Nonprofits. Twitter

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Five Types of Tweets Nonprofits Should Never Post on Twitter

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If your nonprofit is not getting retweeted on Twitter, then you haven’t yet found your Twitter voice. Retweets ensure than your nonprofit’s avatar get increased exposure on Twitter which ultimately results in more followers and click-through rates. Twitter

How To Find (And Remove) Fake Followers On Twitter


When it comes to Twitter, it’s not uncommon for fake accounts to clog up your social media channel. The post How To Find (And Remove) Fake Followers On Twitter appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. They might be following you or you could even be following them without realizing it. These fake followers clutter your stream, reduce engagement, put you and your real followers at risk for scams and could get your […].

6 Twitter Tactics for Busy Nonprofits

John Haydon

Feeding America uses Twitter to encourage people to act in the fight to end hunger. The post 6 Twitter Tactics for Busy Nonprofits appeared first on John Haydon. In the tweet below, they want you to ask your senator to sponsor the Hunger Free Summer for Kids Act of 2015.

Top Tips: Twitter Lists


Latest SocialFish learning modules: Top Tips for Twitter Lists – This 23 minute intermediate level module covers some top tips to make the most of Twitter Lists, including how to find topical lists, tools for monitoring lists, automation tools, and more.

11 Nonprofits Utilizing the New Twitter Profile Design

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The vast majority of nonprofits have yet to utilize the new Twitter profile design that was launched on September 18. Related Links: Webinar: How Nonprofits Can Successfully Use Twitter and Twitter Apps. HOW TO: Upgrade Your Nonprofit’s Twitter Profile to the New Design.

How to Get 55,000 Followers on Twitter


When I’m not digging through tons of nonprofit data or spending time with … Interactive

How Are Associations Using Twitter?


——— Have you ever thought about all the goals your association has and how Twitter can help you achieve those goals? For many, the association Twitter account is treated like just another promotional channel. Guest post by SocialFish contributor Amanda Kaiser.

Four tools to revamp your marketing efficiency on Twitter


Twitter is possibly the most powerful marketing platform out there, specifically for brands targeting global audiences. Although Twitter’s speedy pace can help you connect faster and respond to your customers faster, staying on top of rapidly moving streams can be a real challenge.

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How To Simplify Content Promotion with the Twitter Leapfrog Method


Here’s the full article reprinted by permission – would love to know if anyone is using this Twitter Leapfrog Method or anything similar. Twitter Leapfrog Pre-Work. Create a Twitter account to promote the article with. The Twitter Leapfrog Process.

50 Nonprofits Every U.S. Politican Should Follow on Twitter

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politicians follow any nonprofits on Twitter. Politicians have a lot to gain by being more connected with nonprofits on Twitter. Social Media TwitterThe 50 nonprofits listed below are tackling some of the most important economic, social and political issues of our time.

40 Twitter-iffic Event Day Ideas

Connection Cafe

Twitter's newsfeed style makes it the perfect cornerstone for your Event Day Social Media Strategy because you can post short, quick, and frequent snippets of information without turning off your audience. Quick Tips for Crafting an Event Day Twitter Strategy. Author: Robyn Mendez.

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Twitter for Nonprofits Program


Twitter has recently announced their Twitter for Nonprofits Program. Hope140.org is the website where we featured unique uses of Twitter in the world of social good. Hope140 is a Twitter account dedicated to highlighting positive uses of Twitter for good in the ecosystem.

How to Use Twitter Better

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Home school your way to a more successful Twitter presence. Twitter in Plain English (YouTube). How to Use Twitter. Twitter 101 for Nonprofits (Slideshare). 20 Tips for Nonprofits Using Twitter. 40 Twitter-iffic Event Day Ideas. Author: Cheryl Black.

Twitter Community Organizing Rules for Non Profits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Robin shared some of her thoughts in the comments of a recent blog post, and I invited to share her community organizing rules for Twitter. As a community organizer, Twitter makes a lot of sense. Twitter does exactly that. Robin’s 10 Twitter Rules for Non Profits.

3 Core Twitter Strategies That Will Never Die

John Haydon

Twitter followers will be more likely to retweet your content if they like, know, and trust you. But how does one do to develop a strong network on Twitter? Search-Building Twitter Strategies […].

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