Understanding B2B Online Reviews


Obtaining online reviews as a B2B industry or organization is not quite as easy or common as it is for your typical B2C business. Especially for those businesses who engage their audience or consumers through social media, online reviews can be fairly easy to acquire.

Book Review: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

Amy Sample Ward

bookreview resources beth kanter book review measurement netnonI recently got my copy of Measuring the Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Katie Delahaye Paine. In the foreward, Beth and Katie say that “measurement is the secret sauce; we provide the recipe.”

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Book Review: “Charity Case”

Connection Cafe

Pallotta’s latest book, Charity Case: How the Nonprofit Community Can Stand Up For Itself and Really Change the World , was released in late 2012 to very positive reviews. Nonprofit Management book review fundraising Non-Profit nonprofit

Book Review: Nonprofit Storytelling in a Digital Age

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My colleague, Julia Campbell, has just published a book, “ Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits ” and was kind enough to share an advanced copy.

Book Review: The Imagination Gap

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My colleague Brian Reich has just published a new book, The Imagination Gap. I’ve known Brian for over ten years and he is a brilliant strategist for executive leaders and global brands – nonprofits, startups, and political organizations.

Book Review and Giveaway: The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising

Amy Sample Ward

resources book fundraising giveaway review tipsIn our work, regardless of the the cause we are passionate about it or the job title we have, we have to recognize that it isn’t all about the “function” of our work. Do you work in a communications department?

Book Review: When Millennials Take Over and the Fluid Workplace

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

They’ve based their writing on an ongoing survey of Millennials in the workplace as well as an extensive research literature review. Click to purchase Kindle Version for 99 cents this week!

[Cool Infographic Friday] How Online Reviews Can Either Make or Break Your Business


Help your peers by adding a review of your technology for the former or the latter ! . Tip o’ the hat to Megan Arevalo for this good one ! By the way since were on the topic – Are you using an association management system or online community platform?

Book Review: The Nonprofit Business Plan

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

After the presentation, we worked in small groups to review a couple of scenarios of nonprofit funding requests and whether or not a business plan should be requested and what to look for. Kathy Reich, Packard Foundation and Author David La Piana.

Book Review: Cause for Change

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’m getting a jump on my summer reading! Colleagues Kari Dunn Saratovsky and Derrick Feldmann have published a new book called Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement.

Clarity, Control, and Performance Reviews


Surprisingly enough, you can start with performance reviews. Performance reviews are a great place to start. Social media has thrived under the mantra “Clarity over control.”

How After Action Reviews Can Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

An After Action Review can produce insights, but participants need to embrace with an open attitude, not blame game. What makes it useful as this detailed description of the method points out. Source: nwlink.com via Beth on Pinterest.

The Happy Healthy Nonprofit Book: Upcoming Activities and Early Reviews

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Book Reviews. Nonprofit Blogger Marion Conway, known for her nonprofit book roundups and reviews, wrote this review after reading an early galley. Credit: Rob Cottingham.

Have you written your Humanize review yet?


There are many good reviews on Amazon already, but here are some of our favorite blog reviews: Danny Brown, Director of Retention and Social Media at Jugnoo, Inc. Want more reviews? And please write us a review on Amazon.

Book Review: The Crowdfunding Revolution


Book review Social, In Theory This is a guest post from Dan Marom, co-author of The Crowdfunding Revolution.

2012 Nonprofit Technology Year in Review

Tech Soup Blog

Finally, have a look at our Jayne Craven's TechSoup Community Forum 2012: Year in Review and Predictions for 2013 to see what our online community has been talking about. This is my inaugural post highlighting nonprofit technology news from around the world.

2011 Q4 Review: SocialFish Clients and Work


So here’s the review of what we got up to in the fourth quarter of 2011. It’s time for our quarterly recap of what we’ve been working on. Well, it’s February, so I guess I’m running a little behind, but who’s keeping track, right?

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2013: NTEN Year in Review


Here''s this year''s full review! 2013 Community data Leadership nten numbers Year in Review Amy Sample Ward. What a year! From new programs to new members, 2013 was a great year. Catch some of the highlights, numbers, and links to be sure you didn't miss anything this year. A few weeks ago, 35 board members and community leaders helped us launch the 2013 NTEN Challenge with the goal of raising $50,000 to celebrate reaching 50,000 NTEN community members.

It Might Just Be My Favorite Year: 2014 in review


Amy Sample Ward. It's time to take a moment to marvel at the wonders that the nonprofit technology has made possible this year (thanks, team!). I know you''re not supposed to have favorites, but 2014 has truly been an incredible year. The successes and challenges punctuating the past year have demonstrated the importance and growing strength of the nonprofit technology sector.

6 Questions To Ask During Project Reviews

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Those authors, Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge, recommend you ask the following six essential questions whenever you do a project review : What did we set out to do? Continually planning and executing without the value of a review can blindside you.

December 2015 Update: A Year in Review

Wild Apricot Blog

If you’re like us, you’re using this time between the holidays to reflect on everything you’ve done this last year. At Wild Apricot, there’s so much that’s happened, it’s hard to pick what to talk about

2012 In Review: 3 Key CRM Trends

Connection Cafe

What a year! Mars rovers, Olympics, Hurricanes and Elections—oh my! As 2012 comes … CRM Emerging Trends Analytics big data Mobile social

2011 Q2 Review: SocialFish Clients and Work


Here’s a review of what we’ve been up to in the second quarter of 2011. It’s time for our quarterly recap of what we’ve been working on. Progress!

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NYC Book Events: Oct. 11 and Oct 12 and A Few Reviews

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Reviews Are Starting to Come In! We’re thrilled with the initial reviews coming via Twitter, blogs, and Facebook (and even on the SF BART (thanks Jill Finalyson)! Here’s what Simon Mainwaring and Geri Stengel had to say.

Book Review: Stand Out Social Marketing


This is a guest post from Mike Lewis, VP of Marketing for Awareness and author of Stand Out Social Marketing: How to Rise Above the Noise, Differentiate Your Brand, and Build an Outstanding Online Presence.

Time to Review Your Membership Database?

Wild Apricot Blog

Wild Apricot has created a Guide to help small organizations identify your membership database needs; understand your options as well as offering tips and tools to help you make an informed software or system choice. membership records membership database management

2011 Q3 Review: SocialFish Clients and Work


Here’s a review of what we’ve been up to in the third quarter of 2011. It’s time for our quarterly recap of what we’ve been working on. This year’s flying by.

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Coming soon!!! When Millennials Take Over – Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business


Book review Featured Humanize Open Community SocialFish News We’re in the home stretch… the book will be out in early 2015!! Find out more here and ask us about bulk pre-orders for your organization’s next conference.

Book Review & Highlights: Leadership Conversations

Eric Jacobsen Blog

When I read business books, I turn the corner of every page that has something I really like, want to remember and easily reference in the future. Halfway into the 300-page book, Leadership Conversations , I had turned the corners of nearly every fifth pages.

Security and Control: Early thoughts on Google+

Amy Sample Ward

Google+ Review on TechCrunch. community networking socialmedia google review toolsGoogle+ , the latest iteration on social networking from Google, is here.

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Book Review: The Future of Nonprofits

Tech Soup Blog

The Future of Nonprofits by my friends and colleagues (the very smart, charming, and innovative, David J. Neff and Randal C. Moss ) is a must-read for any leader or staff member who has ambitions of being a leader at a nonprofit.

Groups: A Review of Five Platforms to Build Community


If your organization is focused on building community among your activists and donors you’ve probably had to choose an online group tool. But which platform is best for your group? Some nonprofits like the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation are using platforms like the new Facebook Groups to foster ongoing discussions with their members.

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Book Review: Les McKeown's The Synergist

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Why do so many teams and groups fail to perform --achieving compromise at best and gridlock at worst? According to best-selling author Les McKeown , the problem lays in conflicting personality types: the Visionary with big ideas and little execution.

An invisible economy in Latin America and the Caribbean?


Book Review: The Crowdfunding Revolution Latest global social, digital, mobile data for ya Get Open Community on Audible Relevancy on Social Media: How Current Events Improve Support Mobile – from Strategy to Implementation. Book review

Apricot Chat: The Benefits of Posting Online Reviews

Wild Apricot Blog

case studies Facebook LinkedIn Membership management website builder Wild Apricot ReviewsIn a recent post, we discussed how to leverage online word-of-mouth marketing. Here's a case study that demonstrates both the power of WOM and the importance of utilizing effective web tools for non-profit and association membership management! read more ).

Social Media 101 TweetChats in Review

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup's Social Media Mondays in May tweetchats offered an interactive learning component to its recently developed Nonprofit Social Media 101 wiki. The four chats provided nonprofits the opportunity to learn about a different social media topic each week from TechSoup and other nonprofit social media experts. The tweetchats covered the basics and best practices, geared specifically for nonprofits, on using Facebook, Twitter, video, and tagging.

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Vegan Christmas Cookies and Cookbook Review

Have Fun - Do Good

I've also been cooking up some healthier items from my review copy of Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Happy Holidays Have Fun, Do Gooders!

5 Questions Your Employees Would Love To Hear During Their Performance Reviews

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Here are five important questions you , as a manager and leader, should ask during employee performance reviews: What have I done to help - or hinder - your job performance? What can I do in the next review period to help you achieve/improve?

Nonprofit Technology News: 2013 Year in Review

Tech Soup Blog

MIT Technology Review declared 2013 the year of the Internet of Things. 2013 was the year of an ever-widening NSA spying scandal with its revelations of how little digital privacy we really have – even heads of state.

EVOLVE: Technology will Mandate Marketers to Keep Up with the Times


Access proliferation puts the customer in an active role that allows them to take control over what they buy through search, friend recommendations, site reviews, text/chat communication. Book review Social CRM and ROI marketing social media

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