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Five Critical Steps for Successful User Adoption

Association Analytics

And the biggest differentiator between success and failure is a user adoption plan. User adoption is the experience employees go through when using new technology or following new processes with existing technology. Flexibility and organization go hand in hand when working on user adoption.

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Threads for Nonprofits: 5 Tips for the Early Adoption Phase

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Nonprofit Tech for Good launched in 2005 as a Myspace page and in the 18 years since we’ve been through multiple early adoption phases of new social media — first Facebook and Twitter and then on to LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The people using Threads are early adopters and they have seen it many times before.

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How to Drive Analytics Adoption through Culture and Practice – 10/13/21

Association Analytics

The post How to Drive Analytics Adoption through Culture and Practice – 10/13/21 appeared first on Association Analytics.

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Canadian employees show uncertainty over AI adoption, new survey from Technation

Charity Village

Technation released a new study, which saw 2000 respondents surveyed on their thoughts pertaining to AI adoption in the workplace. Conflicting stances became apparent, with 57% of respondents perceiving AI as beneficial, whilst 61% believe it could be a threat.

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Nonprofit Technology Adoption: Why It Matters and How to Be Successful

Organizations like yours are increasingly realizing that technology adoption is only as good as the technology you choose. Statistics from a 2014 NTEN study show that seriously investing resources in training for your staff corresponds to higher adoption and ultimately technology effectiveness.

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Six steps for your association to adopt new technology

Nimble AMS

And encouraging your staff to adopt new association management software can prove to be even more challenging. However, if it’s time for your association to adopt new technology, it will become crucial to get your employees on board with the change. Change can be a challenge.

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Beyond efficiency: A human-first AI adoption strategy


No longer an abstract concept, many nonprofit staff are experiencing the “dividend of time” as they adopt tools such as Copilot and ChatGPT for scheduling and managing meetings, processing email, writing drafts, summarizing long reports, analyzing data, and creating efficiencies in other common workflows. Investing in “soft skills.”

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