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Philanthropy during COVID-19 in India


The following case study from India reveals how the social sector responded and adapted to the challenges and opportunities created by COVID-19. . Despite this rise in funding, several hurdles remain for philanthropy to achieve its potential and meet the growing needs of nonprofit organizations across India. .

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Mastercard commits $10 million for COVID relief efforts in India


Mastercard has announced a $10 million commitment to address COVID-related needs in India, where the numbers of virus-related diagnoses and deaths have skyrocketed in recent weeks, overwhelming the healthcare system in many areas.

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GivingTuesday India Kicks Off the Global Giving Season

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Source: GivingTuesday India. In India, GivingTuesday is celebrated on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and is part of a week-long celebration of giving called Daan-Utsav. GivingTuesday India is powered by GuideStar India, India’s most reliable NGO information repository with over 8700 NGOs.

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How to Support NGOs Working to Fight the COVID-19 Crisis in India

Tech Soup

India is currently experiencing a dramatic spike in COVID-19 deaths and cases, and the situation there remains dire. Earlier this month, it was reported that one in three new cases reported globally were occurring in the country. As of Thursday, June 10, more than 363,000 people have died. billion people.

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Must-Read Digital Marketing & Fundraising Reports for Nonprofits Worldwide

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Published by the Nasscom Foundation (India). Everyday Giving in India Report 2019 :: Download. Published by Australian Communities. Tech for Good Report 2021 :: Download. Digital Technology in the Non-for-Profit Sector 2020 :: Download. Published by Infoxchange (Australia & New Zealand). Published by Sattva.

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A Journey to India: Opportunities to Connect Networks

Amy Sample Ward

India Social Entrepreneurship Journey, February 2010 Contest - Please support me! Journeys for Change is offering the chance to win a fully-paid nine-day tour of leading Social Entrepreneurs in India. Tags: challenge socialchange competition entrepreneurship india justmeans social entrepreneurs.

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19 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Research Reports for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Everyday Giving in India Report 2019 :: Download Published by Sattva Our Certificate in Social Media Marketing & Fundraising program covers the fundamentals of social media marketing and fundraising for your nonprofit. Global NGO Technology Report 2019 :: Download [Worldwide] Published by Nonprofit Tech for Good & Funraise 18.

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