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Have an Attitude of Gratitude. Why is an Attitude of Gratitude Important? What’s an Attitude of Gratitude? Want your donors to give again and again? When you sincerely and regularly thank your donors for their gifts, they feel appreciated and connected to your cause beyond the single gift. And they’ll continue to give indefinitely. Smart…

Attitude of Gratitude: our Favorite #UNselfies from #GivingTuesday 2015


Ready or not, it's #GivingTuesday! The single busiest giving day of the year is here, and with it comes one of our favorite social media campaigns, the #UNselfie. social media #givingtuesday


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Consumer Attitudes Toward Mobile Giving


Despite the continued growth of the medium and tens of millions of dollars raised for North American nonprofit organizations, very little research has been performed on consumer attitudes toward mobile giving. By David Farnes, Executive Director, Mobile Giving Foundation Canada , and Vice President, Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Associatio n and Jim Manis, Chairman and CEO, Mobile Giving Foundation.

Social Media At Work? Employers Changing Attitudes Toward Emerging Tools


Employers Changing Attitudes Toward Emerging Tools appeared first on Tech Impact. For some companies, social media at work remains a taboo. Facebook, Twitter, these are networks that employers have traditionally classified as distractions. But according to a recent post from Social Media Collective, more employers are realizing that social media often plays a critical role in day to day operations. More and more organizations are … Continued The post Social Media At Work?

How to Approach a Nonprofit Job Interview with a For-Profit Attitude (and Résumé)


Have the right attitude. Now that you have a better idea of how to tout your for-profit accomplishments, here are some interview attitude tips to help you shake off the nerves and put your best self forward. But with the right attitude, more highly-skilled, capable, and passionate professionals can enter the nonprofit world and find both satisfaction and purpose in doing good. This guest post originally appeared on Idealist Careers blog.

What will your attitude help you see?

Get Fully Funded

I believe that our attitudes about our work have a direct impact on the bottom line of our fundraising. Your positive attitude can help you see things in new and different ways. And that willingness stems from a positive attitude about your work. . Tags: General Fundraising Inspiration attitude fundraising When you view work as a necessary evil or something you ‘have’ to do, it comes through in the quality of your work.

How Your Attitude Shapes Your Nonprofit

Connection Cafe

I make a conscious effort not to get overly pessimistic or have an irritable attitude towards my coworkers because I want to be mindful of the type of work environment I’m creating. Keeping that in mind, I’ve put together a few thoughts on how to keep a positive attitude at the workplace, even when things seem dire. Every morning, I get to the office, switch my phone to silent, and grab a glass of water while my laptop’s starting up.

The top 3 attitudes of wildly successful Fundraisers

Get Fully Funded

Adopt these three attitudes and watch things start to change. . . . . Many people are being wildly successful in fundraising these days. After working with several, I’ve noticed that share a few things in common. The are passionate about their cause. They believe deeply in the work their nonprofit does and they love seeing loves changed. They are willing to do whatever it takes to see their nonprofit organization succeed. If that means working long hours, they’ll do it.

The top 3 attitudes of wildly successful Fundraisers

Get Fully Funded

Adopt these three attitudes and watch things start to change. . . . . Many people are being wildly successful in fundraising these days. After working with several, I’ve noticed that share a few things in common. The are passionate about their cause. They believe deeply in the work their nonprofit does and they love seeing loves changed. They are willing to do whatever it takes to see their nonprofit organization succeed. If that means working long hours, they’ll do it.

Finally, A Clear Shift in Attitudes About Measuring Social Media

Beth Kanter

I detected a clear shift in attitudes in the audience at the conference based on the audience questions. With shifting attitudes, the skills and will to get past hurdles in measurement follow.

Steal My Idea, Please! Why An Open Source Attitude Can Make Apps Go Viral


Last week I got ripped off, but for the first time, I’m happy about it. They didn’t just steal my wallet and phone—they took something that me and a team of people spent months to create. Earlier this week, the world turned 7 billion. Yes, 7 billion people. It’s a strangely large number that can freak people out and put them to sleep at the same time. We knew the event would get a lot of public attention so a few months ago, my organization had a brainstorm about it.

The Flickr Hold A Sign Meme: Protesting Wendy's Frosty Attitude Towards Animals

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'm a sucker for black dogs that look like my old dog Sadie. This photo is from the Humane Society's recent "Wendy That's Not Right" campaign. This technique is the " hold a sign meme " where you ask your community to send photos to flickr of you (or your animal) holding a protest sign. The flickr pool of photos is here. I saw a campaign email (I'm on their list so I saw the email a fews ago, but I was too overwhelmed with email to do anything).

What Anti-Maskers Can Teach Nonprofits

NonProfit PRO

Last week, I saw an interesting example of how identity influences attitudes. For the last two years, I’ve been studying the impact of identity on prosocial behavior; it’s the topic of my doctoral dissertation. This idea informs the fundraising copy that I write for our clients at Turnkey.

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DonorPerfect CommUNITY Conference recap: The Future of Community Fundraising


Community usually centers around shared attitudes, interests, and goals. A fresh look at community fundraising for 2022 I don’t know about you, but I think the language we use in our personal and professional lives is very powerful.

A Shift from Fundraising to Philanthropy

NonProfit PRO

It is not a bad approach but it has the potential to shift many attitudes for varied reasons.

Digital Leaders Enjoy the Thrills


The job demands a strong stomach, a resilient attitude, and the ability to take risks as well as hard knocks. Are you an association professional with your eye on the corner office? If you also like roller coasters, bumper cars, and Whack-a-Mole, you have what it takes.

What the Vietnam War and the Stockdale Paradox Can Teach Us About How to Face 2022

The MatrixFiles

Keeping my team and my family focused on what we CAN control : our work, our attitudes, our routines. It’s 2022 and it feels like 2021 again. We’ve got another COVID wave, more lockdowns, more virtual schooling, more work from home, canceled trips, and a country more polarized than ever.

How To Write An Employee Satisfaction And Engagement Survey

Eric Jacobson

Friday, November 19, 2010 How To Write An Employee Satisfaction And Engagement Survey According to Polaris , a company that specializes in employee research, “a company’s employees are often the face and frontline of an organization and their opinion of that organization affects their attitude, thus affecting customers’ attitudes, behavior and ultimately, the bottom line.&# skip to main | skip to sidebar Eric Jacobson On Management And Leadership Welcome!

Report Finds Church Membership Active Technology Users

Wild Apricot

A new Pew Research report offers fresh insight into the attitudes and technology use of spiritually active Americans. churches research

New Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy | Nonprofit Trends with.


All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking New Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on November 11th, 2010 The 2010 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy has a lot of information about the attitudes and giving behaviors of wealthy donors.

Board Meeting Breakouts, Member Feedback and More

Wild Apricot

This week''s link round-up offers insight and ideas on: board meeting breakout sessions, tools for capturing and acting on member feedback, reinventing your events, and developing an "attitude of gratitude". membership Apricot Jam

Ongoing hybrid working adds pressure on both workers and leaders

Charity Village

The Adecco Group has unveiled the results of its latest and most comprehensive global study, Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work, which examines how attitudes to work have changed over 12 months.

Canadians rely on employee benefits to take better control of their health and wellness in 2022

Charity Village

According to the second annual Canadian Attitudes on Health and Virtual Care Report, 82% of Canadians are committing to taking better care of themselves, and 39% plan on using their employee benefits to […]. New research revealed that Canadians are planning to leverage their employee benefits to take back control of their physical and mental health in 2022.

NetCentric Advocacy: Base Buildigng via Technology: 29% Connect Broadband At Home

Network-Centric Advocacy

» October 03, 2005 Base Buildigng via Technology: 29% Connect Broadband At Home "Missing from most marketers toolboxes is an understanding that consumers attitudes toward technology determine a lot about how they receive marketing messages, get service online, adopt new technologies, and spend their time." NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity.

5 Persuasive Posts

Wild Apricot

From Mindfully Building Networks to Attitudes of Gratitude, Repelling Attendees and more…. Here are 5 of the posts we've bookmarked on Apricot Jam this week. Fundraising membership events Apricot Jam

You Can Turn Any Challenge into Opportunity

Social Velocity

I’m not suggesting you adopt a Pollyanna attitude to every challenge that befalls your organization. Did you know that when you choose to focus on the positive aspects of a difficult situation you can transform it? Like when you are trying to re-engage an errant board member.

How To Be Indispensable At Work

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Bruce Tulgan ’s book, The Art of Being Indispensable at Work is all about how to win influence, beat overcommitment, and get the right things done in your workplace.

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Guest Post: Transcending the middle with a metrics mindset

Twenty Hats

Your attitude predicts your outcome. Be humbled by the sheer volume you see there and then shift your attitude to match it. It’s to prove your worth to yourself in order to transform your attitude! Measuring volunteer impact benefits more that your program: it empowers YOU.

7 Ways To Stay Motivated

Eric Jacobsen Blog

These might be people in the office and friends who have bad attitudes. To learn how to stay motivated, read High-Profit Prospecting , by Mark Hunter. It's a powerful read that includes counterintuitive advice and cutting-edge best practices for sales prospecting in today's business world.

How to Interview Strong for a Fundraising Job

Top Nonprofits

How attitude and body language will affect your success. As you probably know from having spent any time on this site, we are big proponents of professional development. So, it was very exciting to have Claire Axelrad, J.D.,

Job 83

First-Time Leader

Eric Jacobsen Blog

The term reflects an acronym that stands for behaviors, relationships, attitudes, values and environment. Attitudes – Encompassing strategic, posture, and culture choices around how to win.

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Feeling Thankful at Forum One

Forum One

Once expressed, it changes attitude, brightens outlook, and broadens our perspective.” ~ Germany Kent , American print and broadcast journalist, HR guru, author, speaker, visionary. As we enter Thanksgiving week, I reminisce on what I’m thankful for at Forum One.

Why is Person First Language Important and 7 Ways You Can Start Using It Right Now

Whole Whale

Historically, people with disabilities were considered to be burdens and were treated with contempt as a result of this attitude. We’re usually not taught to speak with person-first language. But a person with a disability is a person first.

Engagement Manager, Campaign Services in the US or Canada

Cloud 4 Good

The Engagement Manager will serve as the face of Cloud for Good for all managed service engagements – Campaign, CRM and/or Digital – for a designated portfolio of clients. The Engagement Manager will be responsible for assignment of tasks to campaign and technical teams and follow through to ensure completion and ensuring the work requested matches the existing statement of work.

Measuring and Reporting Nonprofit Outcomes


They are specific changes or benefits that include a transformation in knowledge, attitudes, values, skills, behaviors or conditions. Gina Edwards. VP, Marketing & Communications. Heart of Illinois United Way. Outcomes are not just visions or goals. Outcome information and measurement are the not-for-profit equivalents of the for-profit industry's return on investment.

Stop nonchalantly using the language of war

Whole Whale

Language like this immediately puts you on the defensive with a war-like attitude. Though the world has its focus on Ukraine and two-tone flags are blooming everywhere out of solidarity and resistance, wars have been ongoing across the world for the past hundred years.

Surviving a Post-Cookie (No, Not THOSE Kind) World


Values-based statements like this example from WWF tap into shared beliefs and attitudes, resulting in a concept that feels very personal and specific to the person who sees it (and the very pointed eye contact from some of the critters in the ad can’t hurt either). Read time: 3 minutes.

Digital Storytelling to Access, Attract and Activate U.S. Donors

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Shifting attitudes in the U.S. By Elizabeth Ngonzi , Adjunct Faculty at New York University Center for Global Affairs and Former CEO of Afrika Tikkun USA. Please follow Ms.

Daily DoGooder: The World had Changed. You Can Too


| 1:01 World Wildlife Foundation Canada Set to a hokey feel-good tune, this clip from WWF Canada riffs on Western cultural attitudes and commonplaces of times gone by. Change the world, one video at a time.The World had Changed. You Can Too. | This video posits the power of change in the small, daily actions of [.]. Daily DoGooder

Breakthrough Trends & Strategies for Online Peer-to-Peer Campaigns


The non-profit sector has a much more pragmatic attitude towards social fundraising now than we did when popular networks like Facebook or Twitter were new. Claire Kerr. Director of Digital Philanthropy. Artez Interactive. If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the suggestion that Facebook is a significant channel for online fundraising, you are not alone!

Why Fundraisers Should Offer People An Opportunity To Give


People’s attitudes about fundraising can completely change based on how you frame the task and approach the ask. . Don’t think of yourself as a “fundraiser.” That sounds like it’s all about money. And money is one of the top taboo topics in our society.

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3 Key Takeaways from Gearset’s DevOps Dreamin’

Cloud 4 Good

Most everyone in attendance arrived with the same knowledge base and eager attitude to learn together as these tools mature. Gearset’s DevOps Dreamin’ Chicago 2022 was a brand-new opportunity for the Salesforce DevOps community to connect and share expertise at a designated conference.

Top 3 Trends to Fool Proof your Future Fundraisng


3) The Shift in Donor Attitudes. If you look at the shift in fundraising over time from door-to-door to the phone, mail, email, the Web and social media sites, you will also be able to see a fundamental shift in donors’ attitudes. Guest post by David J. Neff – Author of The Future of Nonprofits: Thrive and Innovate in the Digital Age. Hey online fundraisers! Time flies when you are having fun right?

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