How Your Attitude Shapes Your Nonprofit

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I make a conscious effort not to get overly pessimistic or have an irritable attitude towards my coworkers because I want to be mindful of the type of work environment I’m creating.

Attitude of Gratitude: our Favorite #UNselfies from #GivingTuesday 2015


Ready or not, it's #GivingTuesday! The single busiest giving day of the year is here, and with it comes one of our favorite social media campaigns, the #UNselfie. social media #givingtuesday

How to Approach a Nonprofit Job Interview with a For-Profit Attitude (and Résumé)


Have the right attitude. Now that you have a better idea of how to tout your for-profit accomplishments, here are some interview attitude tips to help you shake off the nerves and put your best self forward. This guest post originally appeared on Idealist Careers blog.

The Importance of the Thank You: Creating an Attitude of Gratitude

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We need to foster an attitude of gratitude and create a culture of thanking our donors. To create an attitude of gratitude , consider the good ole’ fashioned 5Ws and an H: Who is involved in each step of the thank you process? Sponsored by Network for Good.

The Farmer’s Attitude

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Farmers get up at 3 AM every single day, no matter what. They pull the weeds, fertilize the soil, plant the seed, and do it all over again the next day. Never once do they expect to reap a harvest in a single day.

Finally, A Clear Shift in Attitudes About Measuring Social Media

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I detected a clear shift in attitudes in the audience at the conference based on the audience questions. With shifting attitudes, the skills and will to get past hurdles in measurement follow.

Social Media At Work? Employers Changing Attitudes Toward Emerging Tools


Employers Changing Attitudes Toward Emerging Tools appeared first on Tech Impact. For some companies, social media at work remains a taboo. Facebook, Twitter, these are networks that employers have traditionally classified as distractions. But according to a recent post from Social Media Collective, more employers are realizing that social media often plays a critical role in day to day operations. More and more organizations are … Continued The post Social Media At Work?

Steal My Idea, Please! Why An Open Source Attitude Can Make Apps Go Viral


Last week I got ripped off, but for the first time, I’m happy about it. They didn’t just steal my wallet and phone—they took something that me and a team of people spent months to create. Earlier this week, the world turned 7 billion. Yes, 7 billion people.

The Flickr Hold A Sign Meme: Protesting Wendy's Frosty Attitude Towards Animals

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'm a sucker for black dogs that look like my old dog Sadie. This photo is from the Humane Society's recent "Wendy That's Not Right" campaign.

New Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy | Nonprofit Trends with.

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All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking New Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on November 11th, 2010 The 2010 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy has a lot of information about the attitudes and giving behaviors of wealthy donors.

How To Write An Employee Satisfaction And Engagement Survey

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My manager/supervisor takes responsibility for shaping the attitudes and relationships within our department. skip to main | skip to sidebar Eric Jacobson On Management And Leadership Welcome!

NetCentric Advocacy: Base Buildigng via Technology: 29% Connect Broadband At Home

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» October 03, 2005 Base Buildigng via Technology: 29% Connect Broadband At Home "Missing from most marketers toolboxes is an understanding that consumers attitudes toward technology determine a lot about how they receive marketing messages, get service online, adopt new technologies, and spend their time." NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity.

Report Finds Church Membership Active Technology Users

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A new Pew Research report offers fresh insight into the attitudes and technology use of spiritually active Americans. churches research

Board Meeting Breakouts, Member Feedback and More

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This week''s link round-up offers insight and ideas on: board meeting breakout sessions, tools for capturing and acting on member feedback, reinventing your events, and developing an "attitude of gratitude". membership Apricot Jam

5 Persuasive Posts

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From Mindfully Building Networks to Attitudes of Gratitude, Repelling Attendees and more…. Here are 5 of the posts we've bookmarked on Apricot Jam this week. Fundraising membership events Apricot Jam

How Corporations Can Improve Workplace Giving without Increasing Administration


Changing employee attitudes and an increased emphasis on corporate responsibility has made workplace giving essential to business. Workplace giving initiatives are becoming both more important and more sophisticated.

Top 3 Trends to Fool Proof your Future Fundraisng


3) The Shift in Donor Attitudes. If you look at the shift in fundraising over time from door-to-door to the phone, mail, email, the Web and social media sites, you will also be able to see a fundamental shift in donors’ attitudes. Guest post by David J.

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Let’s revisit the concept of failure-friendliness ? Deborah Elizabeth Finn, Strategist and Consultant

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Let’s revisit the concept of failure-friendliness  Deborah Elizabeth Finn, Strategist and Consultant : Although techies vary greatly in their attitudes about projects that don’t work out, we also tend to make tacit assumptions that everyone concerned understands that we are not engaged in an exact science but in an evolving process.

First-Time Leader

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The term reflects an acronym that stands for behaviors, relationships, attitudes, values and environment. Attitudes – Encompassing strategic, posture, and culture choices around how to win.

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Your Volunteers Are Not ‘Set It And Forget It’


Strong and effective leadership starts with your attitude. Your attitude is reflective of the entire organization. “Set it, and forget it!” said infomercial personality Ron Popeil about the Showtime Rotisserie cooker.

Mind Games: Using Psychology to Increase Email Open Rates

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Cognitive dissonance—a state of conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors—has been shown to increase open rates.

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The Sharing Economy of Nonprofit Organizational Strategies: The Top 10 Nonprofit Blogs

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If attitude reflects leadership , the constant optimism and critical thinking coming from these thought leadership blogs reflects the attitude of the nonprofit industry as a whole.

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Web leaders on economy: Keep calm and carry on | The Social - CNET News

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The underlying attitude at the. Web leaders on economy: Keep calm and carry on | The Social - CNET News: "Standing at his company's booth on Thursday afternoon, one representative of a Web-based nonprofit shook his head with disapproval. Not enough people are talking about it,' he said. We all know what 'it' is.In fairness, it's a stretch to say everyone was Twittering while Wall Street burned.

Make No Mistake. Facebook Will Own You.


Facebook Data & Privacy: So Much Has Changed in Two Years (ReadWriteWeb) Zuckerberg’s changing attitude towards privacy. So Chirp , the Twitter conference, was last week, with their big announcements about the future of the platform. This past week, not to be outdone, Facebook’s F8 conference has been going on. Here’s the latest.

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Recognizing the Importance of Gratitude

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This night is just one of many things we’ve done in the organization to help create an attitude of gratitude. Live the Attitude Everyday. This attitude doesn’t just happen with our volunteers, but we also try to pass it on to the students at our services.

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Is Your Event’s Success Tied to Your Industry’s Performance?


If public companies are doing well and start-ups are introducing new ideas and technologies that have the markets excited, that optimism and high-flying attitude can carry over to your event.

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The term reflects an acronym that stands for behaviors, relationships, attitudes, values and environment. Attitudes – Encompassing strategic, posture, and culture choices around how to win.

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Nonprofit Marketing Research Made Simple, No Matter Your Budget

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Before these assumptions are baked into choices being made or considered, get access to accurate information using market research : who are your constituents and what are their attitudes, preferences, satisfaction levels, and needs?

Find (and Keep) New Staff by Improving Company Culture

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It consists of all of the attitudes, beliefs, values and goals of your organization. The sooner your staff and volunteers are exposed to your nonprofit’s attitudes, goals and values, the better. I am continually amazed by what our Nonprofit Hub team can accomplish as lean as we operate.

10 Ways To Be A Better Listener

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Display a friendly, open attitude and body language. Being a good listener is absolutely essential to being an effective leader. When you really listen, you : Remember names and facts correctly. Hear "between the lines." Show respect. Learn more about what''s going on within your workplace.

The One Thing You Should Know Before Your First Date with Donors

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But this “not-on-the-first-date” attitude actually kills relationships. When we impose the arbitrary 2-step approach that this attitude necessitates, we are acting like the relationship is about us, not about the donor. By Marc A. Pitman : Author of Ask Without Fear!,

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Finding Your Perfect Love: Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

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Heading into the process with a good attitude is half the battle. Try to have a positive attitude throughout the whole process—which is like saying “try and have a positive attitude after getting dumped.”

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How the Workplace is Changing

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To generalize a bit, the prevailing attitude toward work used to be to show up to your job with the sole purpose of putting food on the table and keeping a roof overhead. We’ve seen leaps in technology over the last few decades, shifts in the global economy and industry needs, and a new generation maturing into the workforce and roles of prominence, so it stands to reason that the way people think about and practice our work will begin to change, and it has. .

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Social Media and the Arts: How Strong Is Your Social Net?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

With the digital communications landscape evolving at light speed we wanted to track challenges, leadership attitudes, measurement strategies and 2014 investment plans. Management attitudes.

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Digital disruptor: How Bitcoin is driving innovation in entertainment, media and communications


PwC commissioned an online consumer survey to gather awareness, attitudes and behaviors about Bitcoin. My friend David Neff has written an excellent white paper about Bitcoin for PwC.

Can We At Least Agree on This?

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Put simply, Sherif argues that we make evaluations of new ideas by comparing them to our current attitudes. Moreover, he says that these attitudes are not one single point on a line, but rather they are ranges or as he calls them, “latitudes.”. These ranges of attitudes are then used to evaluate a new idea to help us determine whether we agree or disagree with it. while you may not have known it, but you are effectively looking for the edges of that person’s attitudes.

Flashback To Best New Leadership Book Of 2014

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Van Gorder : Reinvention starts with a positive attitude. I like to hire people with positive attitudes as we can train people for almost everything except attitude. So it’s a combination of personal attitude, proper preparation and a great employer.

25 Ways Your Board May be Failing


Embracing a “not invented here” attitude. We love checklists and we know our readers do too! For a great check list on evaluating your board, we reached out to Chicago governance pro, Tom Okarma, for this week’s guest blog. Hope you find it as useful as we did. Thanks Tom!

Craft the Perfect Tagline for Your Organization

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Nike’s “Just do it” says nothing about shoes or apparel—it simply expresses an attitude. This article is sponsored by Briteweb. Back in the day, Mad Men called them “slogans,” but now they’re more frequently called “taglines.”

4 Easy Ways to Become a Better Volunteer

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Attitude is everything. The more positive your attitude, the more you’ll get out of the experience. Part of being a good volunteer manager is understanding how to be a good volunteer. Below are four things you can start doing right now to become a better volunteer, ultimately creating a bigger impact for organizations that serve your community. Educate yourself. First things first: you should have a firm grasp of your volunteer organization’s mission and goals before you start.

How To Lead With Purpose

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Some of my other favorite observations from the book are these two: We follow leaders not because they bring us down, but because they lift our spirits with their attitude, words, and examples. “Purpose is the why behind everything within an organization,” says author John Baldoni, of the book, Lead With Purpose. Baldoni also believes that it is up to leaders to make certain that organizational purpose is understood and acted upon.

Leadership Gems From John C. Maxwell

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People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. The real gems in John C. Maxwell's book, Everyone Communicates Few Connect , are the abundant leadership and communication quotes , such as these: T o add value to others, one must first value others.

13 Life Factors That Can Fuel Your Everyday Success

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The attitude of expecting to achieve something every day puts the probability of success on your side for whatever you may be trying to accomplish,” explains Llewellyn. 2 – Winners have a positive mental attitude. “In Jack H.