2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns


With Giving Tuesday behind us, it's time to highlight just a few of the organizations who ran stellar campaigns, activated supporters, and beat their fundraising goals. Their header clearly states and quantifies the impact that Giving Tuesday donations will have, and a goal thermometer displayed underneath allows donors to see how their participation will bolster the campaign’s progress. giving tuesday #givingtuesday

Giving Beyond Giving Tuesday

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Generosity is magnified and celebrated by millions of people across the world on Giving Tuesday (December 1 st this year). But why limit the attention on giving to just one day each year? Think Giving Tuesday every day – and now you’re talking about something spectacular.”.


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10 Simple Strategies for a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign

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With Giving Tuesday in the rear view, it’s tempting to forgo a year-end giving campaign and coast to the end of the year, catching up on work and enjoying the holidays. A year-end giving campaign is your chance to win over donors when they are in a giving frame of mind.

Why Give Black?

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A recent survey reports that 25 percent of donors say they’ll give even more this year. Black history Black History Month Black-founded nonprofits civil rights civil rights movement George Floyd give black Give Blck human rights Philanthropy

Nonprofit Technology Adoption: Why It Matters and How to Be Successful

Discover how this high-level overview report can help get your organization in shape for technology adoption and read helpful best practices for facilitating this critical process.

Giving Circles: A new and easy way to discover and join global communities of giving

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There are over 2,000 giving circles and growing around the world that have engaged at least 150,000 people and given away as much as $1.29 Never heard of a giving circle ? However, until now, there wasn’t one place for people to search and discover these giving communities.

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Giving Tuesday Resources For Nonprofits


If you work for a nonprofit organization, you’ve likely heard that Giving Tuesday is one of the most important days of the year. Giving Tuesday Campaigns & Ideas. There are several ways you can participate in Giving Tuesday. 4 Giving Tuesday Campaign Ideas For Your Nonprofit.

2022 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar for Nonprofits

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Cause awareness and giving days are powerful themes upon which to launch online fundraising and social media awareness campaigns. 30: Giving Tuesday — #GivingTuesday.

Giving Tuesday 2021: Predictions, Stats & Facts

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Prediction: Giving will surpass $3 Billion on November 30th, 2021. This year is less predictable due to a number of factors that we see impacting this day-of-giving. Giving Tuesday Facts and Statistics. Who Knows About Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday 2020 stats.

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How to Make an Online Giving Page that Generates Donations

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Online giving is the future of fundraising, but not all nonprofits are prepared for it. Shouldn’t you be capitalizing on the potential of e-giving, too? So how do nonprofits harness all that untapped giving power? If it’s easy to give, then donors give!

Nonprofits Should Make Donating Easier Amid Cost of Giving Crisis

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And, as fundraisers, we should be concerned about the impact on giving. Monthly GivingJust like you and I are experiencing with food prices, gas prices and other prices going up, we’re not alone in that trend.

Giving Madness: Millie Launches Gamified Giving Tool for Companies

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Millie is launching Giving Madness, a first-of-its-kind gamified giving platform that brings teams together and closes a pressing nonprofit funding gap. Inspired by elements of March Madness, Giving Madness allows corporate teams to build their own 'giving brackets' where employees play to give. Gamification News/Stats/Studies Software/Technology Giving Madness Millie

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15+ Giving Tuesday Campaign Ideas (and Expert Tips) for 2021


Despite increasing commercialism, the holidays traditionally get people thinking about ways they can give—whether they’re wrapping gifts for loved ones or donating time and money to a cause they care about. When is Giving Tuesday 2021? Giving Tuesday FAQs. What is Giving Tuesday?

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2021 Charitable Giving Report Reveals Record Year for Generosity with 9% Growth in Giving

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The Blackbaud Institute has released its 2021 Charitable Giving Report, one of the most credible resources on fundraising performance in the social good community. The report finds online giving has grown a substantial 42% since 2019.

How Small Nonprofit Organizations Can Optimize Online Giving

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In particular, online giving is on the rise, with fundraising statistics showing that between 54% to 55% of Millienial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer donors prefer to give online. Options to configure recurring giving.

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3 Giving Tuesday Campaign Ideas That Will Stand Out


With tens of thousands of nonprofits participating in Giving Tuesday, it’s understandable that you might feel like your emails and social media posts will just get lost in the shuffle. Giving Tuesday can be a great way to kick off your year-end fundraising efforts. Giving Tuesday

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Supercharge Your Monthly Giving: 3 Keys to Success 

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Monthly giving is the holy grail of fundraising, but many nonprofit leaders are frustrated when their programs are stagnant and not growing faster. So, how do you elevate your monthly giving program to its full potential? Monthly Giving

BBB Wise Giving Alliance Partners with The Giving Block to Enable Cryptocurrency Donations

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Charities that are accredited by BBB Wise Giving Alliance will now be able to accept 50+ cryptocurrencies as charitable donations powered by The Giving Block. Collections/Payment Processing Software/Technology BBB Wise Giving Alliance Cryptocurrency Donations The Giving Block

Giving Tuesday!


Make a difference and give today. Yes, during a pandemic it's hard to take the time. But perhaps now is the best time. And if you're reading this after Tuesday--so what? To whom?

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What Happens When Planned Giving Results in Lawsuits?

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When a nonprofit implements a planned giving program, there may be unexpected implications when receiving a gift. With planned giving rising in importance, ethically executing responsibilities is a critical question that any sized nonprofit should prioritize addressing. Planned Giving Tax, Legal & Compliance Planned-giving

Is There Room for Monthly Giving in Your Fundraising Appeals?

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Copywriting Direct Mail Monthly GivingEarlier this week, a copywriter friend of mine asked a great question. And I’m sure many of you are struggling with this same predicament.

3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Are Overlooking Planned Giving Opportunities

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Planned giving is traditionally based on two data points: the donor’s age (55 and older) and capacity (more than $1 million). However, Giving DNA’s Dawn Galasso cited those as the “most terrible predictors of planned giving” from a data perspective.

TREND SPOTLIGHT: Small Donors Are Giving Big

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This surprising data suggests average households responded to the crisis by giving what they could to causes they care about, even if they could only afford to do it in small amounts. Who’s Giving and What it Means for Nonprofits.

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8 Reasons You Need Text-to-Give in your Fundraising Strategy


The Red Cross had great success with its text-to-give campaigns during crisis situations. Back in 2010, their Haiti earthquake relief text-to-give campaign managed to raise more than $43 million. Nonprofit Tips Resources Text-to-Give Fundraising

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When and How to Follow Up With Giving Tuesday Donors

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Did you know that 63% of Giving Tuesday donors only give on Giving Tuesday ? What if you could convert those one-time donors into engaged supporters that give again? That process begins on Welcome Wednesday, the day after Giving Tuesday.

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Charity Navigator to Provide Access to its Global Giving Circle Directory

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Cause Marketing/Corporate Partnerships Charity Navigator Giving circles Global Giving Circle Directory global giving directory Grapevine Philanthropy Together

2021 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar for Nonprofits

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Cause awareness and giving days can be very powerful themes upon which to launch online fundraising and social media awareness campaigns. 30: Giving Tuesday — #GivingTuesday.

4 Reasons Why Donors Don’t Give

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If a donor doesn't give, your organization can't adequately serve its mission. One of the most crucial parts of nonprofit fundraising is finding donors. But creating a potential donor portfolio isn't always easy. Donor Relationship Management

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Text-to-Give Explained

The Modern Nonprofit

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Text-to-Give explained. There’s no doubt that mobile fundraising has increased in popularity over the last few years, primarily due to Text-to-Give ( also referred to as Text-to-Donate ).

Text-to-Give Explained

The Modern Nonprofit

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Text-to-Give explained. There’s no doubt that mobile fundraising has increased in popularity over the last few years, primarily due to Text-to-Give ( also referred to as Text-to-Donate ).

25 Must-Know Global Trends in Giving

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Based upon the survey results of 4,084 donors worldwide, the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report is an annual research project that examines how donors prefer to give and engage with their favorite causes and charitable organizations. Sponsored by the Public Interest Registry and researched by Nonprofit Tech for Good, the report summarizes donor data across six continents about how online and mobile technology effects giving. 57% of religious giving in Asia is online.

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Crypto Giving: 4 Things Nonprofits Should Know About This Fast-Growing Digital Currency

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Collections/Payment Processing Fundraiser Education crypto currency Crypto GivingAccepting crypto donations is another way to reach your donors where they are. Here are four things every nonprofit should know about this digital currency.

Don’t Ever Give Up on Monthly Giving Programs!

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But those are also oh so true when it comes to monthly giving. Monthly Giving Recurring DonationsThe theme of the exhibits at the Wright Brothers National Memorial visitor center focused on several wonderful motivational messages, which helped to motivate the Wright brothers.

10 Reasons Donors Give Up on Giving

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Next look at their history of giving prior to that point and then ask what events connect those dates. The top ten reasons donors stop giving to nonprofits really fall into just two categories. The post 10 Reasons Donors Give Up on Giving appeared first on Greater Giving Blog.

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Giving Tuesday 2021: Your Top Questions, Answered


Giving Tuesday 2021 is right around the corner. To help you capitalize on the biggest donation day of the year, we’re answering top questions from nonprofits that are zeroing in on the year-end giving season. billion on Giving Tuesday 2020 in the U.S

Analyzing MacKenzie Scott's Giving: Observations and Hopes

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From what we could glean from Scott’s posts about her giving, these were unrestricted funds — a surprise for some considering the affinity many funders and grantors have historically had toward restricted funding prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mackenzie’s Scott giving wasn’t random.

Giving Trends in Mexico: Millennials and Gen Z Drive Rise in Online Giving

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An Interview with Fanny Villiers , Directora General of Donadora – an official partner of the Global Trends in Giving Report ( en español ). How has this impacted individual giving to NGOs in Mexico? Is online giving growing rapidly as well? Online giving is growing as fast as e-commerce. Since Millennials and Gen Z are a growing proportion of the giving population, mistrust in online payments is decreasing. 33% are enrolled in a monthly giving program. ?

Mexico 161

What Are Donors’ Reasons for Giving?

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I seek to generate a basis for giving from each donor’s perspective. Through those stories, you can learn a great deal. You must listen to gain a strategy for a solicitation approach over time. . Analytics Donor Relationship Management

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$1.1B Raised on Nonprofit Giving Platform, Classy, in 2021

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Classy, a giving platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about, announced that its nonprofit customers collectively raised more than $1.1 Collections/Payment Processing Software/Technology Classy Crypto Giving Fund fundraising Fundraising insights

Should a Giving Day Be Part of Your Nonprofit’s 2022 Fundraising Strategy?

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For some organizations, Giving Days, annual fundraising events that aim to create a sense of urgency to drive donations, awareness, and engagement, have been a huge success.

Giving Trends in Kenya: How the Growth of Mobile Payments Are Transforming Community Giving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

An Interview with Matt Roberts-Davies , General Manager of M-Changa – an official partner of the 2018 Global Trends in Giving Report. In the local context, Kenyan’s give an extremely high proportion of their earnings as donations (cc. However, this type of community giving (known as Harambee in Kiswahili) usually goes towards individuals rather than organisations, common examples include medical bills, funeral costs & weddings. Research Giving Report

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Why Monthly Giving is Easy

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Why Monthly Giving is Easy! By Erica Waasdorp, President, A Direct Solution and author of Monthly Giving. The Sleeping Giant and NEW: Monthly Giving Made Easy. Mind you, she had only heard me speak once before with a different monthly giving focus.

The Giving Block Releases 2021 Annual Report; Finds Tremendous Increases in Crypto Giving

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The Giving Block, a crypto philanthropy platform for nonprofit organizations and individual donors, released its annual report for 2021. News/Stats/Studies Bitcoin Crypto crypto donations Crypto Giving The Giving Block