Things you Need to Know about CCTV IP Camera

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

When you are looking for a camera system, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by a large number of products or services available and the confusing technical terminologies that come with them. Consumer-grade versus Commercial-grade security camera.

Lights, Camera, Action! How to Create a Video Gallery in WordPress

Byte Technology

The post Lights, Camera, Action! It’s no great secret that WordPress is a pretty amazing program, and open-source jewel that allows users such great latitude of design possibilities. And among those possibilities is the opportunity to create a video library that can really increase the profile of a site and help engage visitors on different levels.

Camera 100

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How to Choose the Best of the Many Security Cameras on the Market?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

This gives a clear idea of why everyone needs a security camera. Make sure you install cameras that are visible and the burglars will know that you’re equipped with state of the art security system. Having a camera that’s clearly saying that they’ll be seen during this time is more likely to stop them instead of installing something that’ll be small enough to be harder to be seen. Everything that the camera sees at the moment will be available on your smartphone.

$100 Digital Video Camera

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Remember when those disposable video cameras came out last year? This would be a cool thing to do: Get 20 of these cameras and put them in the hands of the Sharing Foundation college scholarship students, have them learn some video, and set up something like this. Via post by Jay Dedman on video bloggers community list. Someone in MAKE even shows how to hack into it so you coould use it over and over again. here's the next version. Watch the totally cheesy video!

The 2012 Lights. Camera. Help. Nonprofit Film Festival

Tech Soup Blog

Camera. Camera. Camera. Camera. Camera. Camera. Camera. Aaron Bramley is the co-founder and director of communications and education of Lights. Help., a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to encouraging other nonprofit. and cause-driven organizations to use film and video to tell their. stories. The Lights. Nonprofit Film Festival is set to focus on good for its fourth consecutive year in Austin, Texas.

Lights, Camera, Nonprofit Social Media Engagement!

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Isaac Kiehl , ICAN , Positive Programs for Youth, Communications Coordinator. One of the primary gauges we use for digital communications is post reach and engagement, including number of views and amount of individuals who have interacted with a “like” or comment. As a nonprofit, your message is most likely tailored toward a specific cause, whether it’s through news, links, or photos. Your ultimate breadwinner for social media engagement is photos.

Lights, Camera, VOLUNTEER!


If you have a video camera and some know how, YouTube and the administration want you to become a Video Volunteer : Video Volunteers is YouTube's version of a new platform that Google has launched called All for Good, which helps match citizens with volunteer opportunities in their local communities. I'm in sunny San Francisco for the National Conference on Volunteering and Service this week.

Lights, Camera, SUMMIT!!

Connection Cafe

Author: Blair Naylor. Raise your hand if you're having Summit withdrawals. So, yea, I'm having some serious Summit withdrawals. All those months of planning that lead up to the epic 3 day fun-tastic event and then *sob* it's all over. So what to do with your post-Summit blues? Besides the obvious bed-time reading of the conference guide and browsing through the photos on Flickr simultaneously laughing and crying, you should watch the Oscar-worthy, official 2011 Summit video!

What's a Watt Stopper? My First FLIP Camera Experiment

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'm playing, err, testing a FLIP HD Camera- the ULTRA HD. And, all I can say is WOW. I've been away from making media for a little bit and so it is nice to come back to it with a little perspective on how cameras and video editing have gotten so much easier. Now back to the FLIP camera. The only minor glitch I had with the camera was when I wanted to get the videos off the camera using the USB port for the first time. FLIP Camera.

Cameras for Cambodia

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I posted her notice on several other channels (adoptive parents of Cambodian kids, flickr Cambodian group, etc) and she is getting inquiries and offers of more cameras. Cameras for Cambodia (C4C) is a grassroots project that will take place in the town of Siem Reap, Cambodia. C4C will put cameras in the hands of children aged 10-16. Elizabeth is seeking donations of cameras and photo books before she departs for Cambodia in mid-June.

TSDigs Webinar Recap: Capturing Your Story on Camera

Tech Soup Blog

The webinar, Capturing Your Story on Camera , featured David J. Camera. Video direction and production will involve tasks such as asking difficult questions, asking your subject to change their outfit because the color does not look good on camera, and so on. A microphone is a great tool and it’s helpful to either use a camera with a built-in microphone or purchase an external one that can be plugged into the camera you do have.

Change to Win A Flip Video Camera. interested?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Go read it and find out how you can win a FLIP camera and more R U a social citizen?

David Neff Wants You To Submit Your Films To Lights. Camera. Help.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Camera. Camera. That's my colleague David Neff who co-founded an organization called Lights. Help., a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to encouraging other nonprofit and cause-driven organizations to use film and video to tell their stories. David wants to know if your organization has a film that promotes a cause and a winner. If so, he wants you to submit your cause-driven films to the. 2010 Lights. Festival now open to submissions. All entries are free.

Beth's on the Move: Packing With A Flip Camera

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The kids were curious about the FLIP camera - and thought it would be fun for them to make movies of the house to say good bye and perhaps a little theraputic. So, I got Harry and Sara one of the smaller FLIP cameras. Harry pointed out the camera shake issue. On the previous video I created about our car leaving for California , I asked for some tips about how to avoid camera shake.

HOW TO: Create Videos for Your Nonprofit Without a Video Camera, a Budget of $0, and Little-to-No Tech Skills

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Animoto is a service that allows you to create videos about your nonprofit using a selection of your organization’s best photos. Within a few minutes and a couple of clicks, your nonprofit could have a new promotional video that you can use on your Web site, your Blog, in your e-mail newsletters, and on social networking sites.

Camera 159

Mission in Action, in Life and in Work| The Storytelling Power of A Camera Lens

Connection Cafe

This exhibit highlights the work of Sean Sheridan , a world-renowned photojournalist who works to tell organizations’ stories through the lens of his camera. I love when my life and my work collide. As a corporate social responsibility professional working in philanthropy and volunteerism every day, nonprofits, their leaders and the work they do are a huge part of my life. It’s not unusual, especially in the community where I live, for these very same people to be friends and colleagues.

Is That A Camera in Your Pocket? Tips and Tools for MobilePhonetography As Part of Your Content Strategy

Beth Kanter

The new generation of smart phones come equipped with excellent cameras and for many it means that they can easily shoot from the hip and capture moments in your organization’s work that make for great, socially share able content. Carry your camera phone around and snap impromptu photos of your #nonprofit. Mobile phone cameras that have touch screen allow you focus with your fingers.

Blame the Crowd, Not the Camera: Challenges to a New Open Photo Policy at the National Gallery

Museum 2.0

A swarm of cameras everywhere. Reading Michael''s posts carefully, it seems that the cameras are not the ultimate culprits. Cameras weaponize an already unwieldy mob of people. A scene like the one shown above is not just a mess because of the bevy of phones and cameras. Suddenly, a visual distraction like a camera--innocuous in an uncrowded space--becomes as bad as someone talking in the movie theater. You can''t not see their camera.

My Camera has a Macro Lens!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I was happy to discover that my new camera, a Canon PowerShot SD300, has a macro option. So, I spent some time on vacation learning how to do close up shots

Lights Camera Action – Major Gift Fundraising for the Arts

Connection Cafe

One of the great things about fundraising for cultural organizations is that there … Donor Strategy Fundraising Success & Performance Identifying Prospects

Using Gmail Voice and Video Chat: Is My Camera On?

Tech Soup Blog

In April, TechSoup will be kicking off a TeleGreening Your Workplace campaign to help social benefit organizations discover ways to save money, reduce travel, and still be effective in your work. One way nonprofits and libraries can reduce their carbon footprint from travel is to try out new tools for virtual meetings.

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Filmmakers and Nonprofits Unite in Austin


Camera. video austin lights camera help nonprofit video Nonprofits reel change film frenzy texas Are you in Austin? Check out the Reel Change Film Frenzy screening on April 19th, produced by our friends at Lights. The post Filmmakers and Nonprofits Unite in Austin appeared first on The See3 Blog.

I've upgraded my camera. OMG, where's the off button?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Since I started video blogging, I have used the mpeg setting of a cheap digital camera - a Cannon SD800. It's a wonderful camera, don't get me wrong. I'm terrified of getting a big professional level camera - and can't afford it anyway. So, what I thought might be the next incremental step: A small, portable camera that could fit in the palm in of my hand and was easy to whip out and capture something. How do you go about learning a new camera. Click To Play.

Steve Bridger Interviews Camera Rwanda about NGOS and Flickr

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Pearl Children Care Center I discovered Camera Rwanda's beautiful photo stream when I wrote about it on blogher last January. just posted an interview with her entitled " Camera Rwands: Storytelling using Flickr." Steve Bridger from NFP 2.0 " She talks about how flickr has impacted her, building communities around the images, and the benefits of using flickr for storyelling, communicating with stakeholders about a project. Go right over there and read it

Upcoming Webinar on February 9: Digital Storytelling - Capturing Your Story on Camera

Tech Soup Blog

The objective of this webinar is to get you comfortable behind a camera with your director's hat on. Camera. In conjunction with the third annual TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge , we are offering three free webinars to ensure you know the nuts and bolts of all the stages of production — and get your questions answered by the experts. The second part of this three-part webinar series on Thursday, February 9, at 11:00 a.m.

Oh Yeah, and I shoved a camera in his face

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If you want to get acceptable audio for video blogging on an inexpensive camera you need to control the noise/environment or get really close to your subject. He offered to send it to me and I got him on camera giving me permission to use it. The title of this post was inspired by this quote from JD Lasica in an article about personal broadcasting: A camera, firewire and the ability to Webcast are all you need. Photo by Kino-Eye in Flickr.

Social Media Usage Guidelines: Don't moon people with cameras (or at least hide your face when you do)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

B) Don't moon people with cameras (or at least hide your face when you do). This is particularly important for "off-duty" actions that are grayer than "don't moon people with cameras." I've been doing some research over the past few months and wrote a comprehensive post about social media policy and nonprofits that I've been updating. Source:

Lights. Camera. Help. Nonprofit Film Festival Kicks Off


Camera. One of our 2009 class of NTENnies, who also happens to be an Austin 501 Tech Club organizer, is at it again: David Neff is organizing another event for media-savvy do-gooders. Introducing the Lights. Film Festival. From their site: A Film festival for non-profit and grass roots organizations. . Through this annual event, films and videos with a cause directly related to a non-profit or grass roots organization will be subject to a rigorous criteria by a panel of judges.

Congrats to the First Annual Lights. Camera. Help! Film Festival Winner!


Camera. We mentioned this event earlier on this blog , so we figured we should update everyone on the outcome. NTEN rockstar member David Neff , along with his co-organizers, launched the first ever Nonprofit Film Festival this year. Their project, Lights. Help! , had an open call for submissions of films made by nonprofit and advocacy organizations that demonstrated their missions.

5 QUESTIONS with Ed Messman, founder and CEO of Giveo - Boulder Daily Camera

AFP Blog

5 QUESTIONS with Ed Messman, founder and CEO of Giveo - Boulder Daily Camera: "Ed Messman has worked with venture-backed, early-stage technology companies for more than 13 years.As a former executive at Boulder's HiveLive, an enterprise social software company, Messman noticed the convergence of several market and demographic trends, particularly around philanthropic engagement and giving.

[Guide] Creating Video for Nonprofits


You don't even have to go to a store to buy a camera, you can just shoot film on your phone. How do you help your clients be authentic on camera? Helping subjects be authentic on camera is really challenging. She was saying the same words over and over again, but they weren’t hitting the right mark, just because she's not used to being on camera. Instead, I like to turn on the camera, put my headphones on, and say, “Hey!

Guide 105

Virtually New Orleans : CU News : Boulder Daily Camera

AFP Blog

Virtually New Orleans : CU News : Boulder Daily Camera: "High school students enrolled in the camp are spending this week intensively exploring what led up to the 2005 storm that ravaged the Gulf Coast and went down in history books as one of the costliest and deadliest hurricanes.

Jay Dedman Will Teach A Video Blogging Workshop in New Orleans and My Old Video Camera Will Find A New Home!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Participants are asked to bring their laptop computer and video camera so that they can learn on their own equipment. I decided to donate my Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2 digital video camera because I wasn't using it as much as I thought. If you're a New Orleans-based nonprofit and you want to attend and try to win the camera, send an email (150 words or less) on how your organization would benefit from the camera and plans for using it to before 5:00 PM tomorrow.

Amnesty International Launches Eyes On Darfur: Satellite Cameras Allows Public to Monitor Villages

Have Fun - Do Good

No one likes to feel like they are being watched, especially if they are doing something wrong. Amnesty International is asking its supporters to monitor 12 villages in Darfur via satellite that they have deemed "vulnerable" to attack on its new site, Eyes on Darfur. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) provided expertise on satellite imagery and other geospatial technologies.

Lights. Camera. Help. Opens Submissions for Nonprofit Film Festival with Pre-screening in Austin, Texas

Connection Cafe

Camera. Camera. Camera. Camera. Camera. Camera. Camera. Last Thursday night I attended the Lights. opening night pre-screening here in Austin and was blown away by the powerful videos shared by the four nonprofit organizations screening their video entries. David Neff shared with me info about the organization's event and I thought this was something all Connection Cafe readers should hear about.

Texas 20

Harnessing the Power of Video in Your Nonprofit's Strategy — Jan. 10 Webinar

Tech Soup Blog

Camera. This guest post was authored by Declan Murphy, GiftWorks marketing and social media coordinator. Visit the GiftWorks donation page to learn more about their offering for eligible organizations. You can also try GiftWorks free for 30 days. Join Aaron Bramley from Lights.Camera.Help. and GiftWorks for a free webinar on Harnessing the Power of Video in Your Nonprofit's Strategy on Thursday, January 10 at 2 p.m. Eastern time.

Video 48

Enter the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards by March 19


Nonprofits nten youtube social media nptech video camera web 2.0We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with YouTube to present the 4th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards ! The contest will award a total of $10,000 in grants, funded by the Case Foundation , to the best videos of the year found in the YouTube Nonprofit Program —a special program that YouTube designed to help nonprofits achieve their missions. ?

Award 54

Flip Mino HD vs. Kodak Zi6


The Flip camera that we love, that revolutionized low-cost video cameras with the web in mind, has competition. The form factor has been copied and if you go to the store you can find other camera that look a lot like it. The Kodak Zi6 is one such camera. It’s a little larger, but it seems to shoot better video than the new Flip MinoHD. The Kodak Zi6 is selling for $179.99 on Amazon and it’s HD. The Flip MinoHD is $229 on Amazon.

Ready for Another Video Contest?


The deadline is May 15, 2010, so get your camera out and act fast! Tags: Video youtube contest video camera We recently announced the winners of the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards, but the contests don’t end there. Our friends at the American Constitution Society have just announced a contest of their own. They’re looking for short videos that highlight the important role that courts play in shaping the laws that shape our lives.

5 DIY Video Tips


Choose the Right Camera for Your Needs. There are so many great cameras on the market today, but they’re not all going to be right for your organization. If you’re just shooting for the web, we recommend the Flip video camera. Of course, making a video doesn’t end with the camera. If someone noteworthy visits your office, get the camera out and shoot a quick testimonial. If you’re on your way to a local rally, grab a still camera and take some pictures.

Video 40

Midwest Progressive Communicators Gather in Chicago


What kind of camera should I get? Canon VIXIA HV30 is the best value for a consumer camera of its kind and is easy to use. Tags: conference video camera Nonprofits Video nptech community media This past weekend, a group of progressive communicators from around the Midwest gathered in Chicago to kick-off PCN Midwest. The event was organized with the help of the national PCN organization and Chicago-based Community Media Workshop.

Why Every Nonprofit Should Be On YouTube


You can use existing video assets, repurposed video assets and make simple videos using a Flip Video camera or other low-cost consumer product. Tags: Video Nonprofits youtube social media video camera new media I recently put together a webinar about how nonprofits can use YouTube effectively. This issue has become much more important than it once was.

2009 Member Appreciation: Free Stuff for Members, Plus the Daily Member Prize Winner for 11/9


Tags: flip camera member appreciation NPTech nten members seth godin video

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