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2012 SXSW Interactive – #nptech Highlights

Amy Sample Ward

Last week I was down in Austin, TX, for the 2012 South by Southwest Interactive Festival. SXSW Recap and Highlights. At SXSW, there…. Each….

The Evolution of NPTech: Keynote and slides

Amy Sample Ward

Yesterday, I had the huge honor and pleasure to present the keynote at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits ‘ NPTech Conference, eStrategy in an iWorld. The Evolution of NPTech: Where we came from, and [maybe] where we’re going. The Evolution of NPTech. If you have other questions, or other ideas, please share them!

RIP: Rob Stuart, Godfather of the NpTech Movement

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I got hear the legends in the nptech sector in the early days talk about their work and was inspired. Rob Stuart shared my birthday, Jan.

Spring Is Here! Get Outside and Meet Your NPTech Community

Tech Soup Blog

The weather is getting better now that we're firmly into spring. Just search at and start leveraging tech to do more good. Join us!

The NPTech Response to Japan


Google Mobile network for good NPTech NTEN Social Media ProgramThe photos and video coming out of the region are awe inspiring and scary.

Japan 23

How Nonprofits Should Define Success


Online Fundraising Online Advocacy nptech

Your #NPtech Community Calendar for July

Tech Soup Blog

Have you ever thought about hosting nonprofit technology events in your community? You should, because it's awesome fun. Upcoming Events. Africa.

A Guide to the 2012 NTC for Nptech Experts & Drupal Dorks


The NTC must always be a welcoming place for newbies who are taking their first taste of nptech kool-aid. Like all good nptech experiments, I expect we will make mistakes that we can learn from for 2013. She works with other experts in the field to help nonprofits build websites, use technology thoughtfully and communicate clearly.


Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology NPTECH Punk June 19, 2008 Beth, of course, suggested this , and I’m jumping on her bandwagon. I realized, in being introduced to Edupunk , that I have been doing it for, oh, almost 20 years now.

#NPTech, Digital Inclusion, and the Web we are cocreating

Amy Sample Ward

And, is it really so different in the #nptech sector? issues socialchange change harassment nptech onlineharassment petercampbell

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Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Fundraising


It’s 2013.

Is Your Nonprofit Website Ready for 2017?

Connection Cafe

Nonprofit Marketing #nptech Donor Relations nonprofit Strategy trends web design websitesAnd every pixel counts. Is your website responsive?

NPTech Conversations in SXSW Panels

Amy Sample Ward

NPTech Panels Want Your Votes! What’s SXSWi ? Learn more at: [link]. There are many exciting proposals available for your vote.

Designing Your Nonprofit Culture for Successful Technology Implementations

Connection Cafe

Nonprofit Management #nptech Barker & Scott Consulting communication CRM culture nonprofit Strategy technology implementation Tips

One Email Tactic Nonprofits Need to Steal From Brand Marketers


Sending the right email message to the right constituent at the right time can be almost impossible to organize manually.

email 101

4 ways nonprofits are using Pokémon GO


Technology nptech Trends NonprofitIt’s being called the single biggest mobile game in U.S. History.

Infographic Friday: 2015 Nonprofit & Association Technology Trends


General cloud cloud computing cloud technology data database fundraising nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTechCloud computing continues to intrigue the nonprofit community. We’ve all have, or hopefully had, one of those servers in the back closet of the office. […].

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How the Global Mobile Revolution is Transforming Philanthropy

Connection Cafe

In the late 1990s, I worked as a communications director for a small international development organization in San Francisco. billion by 2021.

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Infographic Friday: 2015 Cloud Computing Facts And Predictions


General Security Tech cloud cloud computing cloud technology nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npCloud npTech website As if changing the way the entire world shares information, and defining the computational generation wasn’t enough, the cloud is up to some pretty big things in 2015.

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Technology and the Shift to Donor-Centric Fundraising

Connection Cafe

At bbcon 2015, some of the top minds in the nonprofit industry came together to present Big Idea sessions. First, let’s talk about data. Automation.

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It’s Results that Matter in Fundraising

Connection Cafe

If you remember nothing else from reading this post, remember this: It’s the … Annual Fund Direct Mail Fundraising #nptech end of year fundraising fundraising Online Fundraising writing for fundraising

Infographic: 2013 Nonprofit Communication Trends


Industry News Mobile Tech infographic nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech technology No matter how you look at it, communication is key.

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3 Nonprofit Fundraising Lessons Learned from Political Campaigns

Connection Cafe

Because of their scope and scale, US presidential campaigns are unique entities. But their efforts can leave a lasting mark.

Lesson 121

8 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Website Unwelcoming to Potential Donors

Connection Cafe

Acquisition #nptech donor retention fundraising nonprofit web design websites Form an emotional reaction. Decide credibility. Choose to engage.

Engaging in the Moment: Leveraging Technology for Good

Connection Cafe

Nonprofit Technology #GoodTakeOver #nptech Mobile Social MediaWhen was the last time you were unexpectedly and unreservedly inspired?

4 Tech Trend Predictions for Nonprofits for 2016

Connection Cafe

Nonprofit Technology #nptech #nptech2016 Analytics donor retention Mobile nonprofit technology online giving tech trends

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Infographic: When To Post To Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Feeds


Industry News Social Tech nonprofit technology npTech social media technology Social media, to many, is a total mystery. When do I post?

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10 Ways to Sabotage Your Year-End Emails


Content Marketing Email Marketing Online Fundraising #nptech email end of year fundraising fundraising Non-Profit online giving

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7 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs To Go Mobile


Mobile Tech database donation donors fundraising infographic mobile Mobile Fundraising Mobile Technology nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTechWhether you like it or not, the world is getting smaller. Not literally, of course. We would feel that pretty quickly.

NpTech FriendFeed Room: NpTech Punk Experiment

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

So, I've cooked up a little experiment that combines NpTech Punk with FriendFeed conversation and resource sharing between peers. Ready to play?

4 Strategies To Help Assess Your Nonprofit’s Technology


Industry News Leadership Tech cloud nonprofit nonprofit technology npTechWith the amount of new and innovative technology that is surfacing every day, assessing your nonprofit’s technology should be a daily process. While every nonprofit wants to cause change in some way, every nonprofit is different. As a result […].

How Will We Harness the Potential of the 4th Industrial Revolution for Good?  

Connection Cafe

Social Good #nptech 4th Industrial Revolution Davos Social Economy Sustainable Development Goals WEF17 World Economic ForumEven your mission?

How Online Trends in 2016 Will Impact Your Nonprofit


nptech Trends NonprofitThe study is comprised of a diverse mix of 105 nonprofits of various sizes and sectors. The study analyzed 2.8

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Is Facebook’s One-Click Donate Button a Game Changer?


Social Networking Online Fundraising nptech Trends NonprofitFacebook recently rolled out its one-click donate button for nonprofits.

The Changing Landscape of Nonprofit Technology (and What It Means for Your Org)

Connection Cafe

Nonprofit Technology #nptech cloud technology Financial Edge NXT financial management fundraising NXT Raiser's Edge NXTOn Premise vs. the Cloud.

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Infographic: 5 Things To Check Before Posting To Your Blog


Social Tech blog content marketing nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech technology “Does your nonprofit have a blog?”

5 Content Marketing Tips That Yield Donors


General content marketing data database donation donations donors nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTech social media technology Content marketing is constantly transforming the information we produce and consume. Now more than ever it is being utilized to extend reach, bring in more traffic and produce leads for organizations.

5 Social Media Analytics Your Nonprofit Should Care About


Social Tech analytics data database nonprofit technology npTech Here at Tech Impact, we love numbers, analytics, and anything else that shows us exactly how effective our online content is. And why wouldn’t we? Being able to prove how much all of you love our content gives us a great feeling!

Infographic: Women Working For Nonprofit Orgs


Industry News Leadership Social nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech supporters Did you know that over 2/3 of nonprofit employees are women?

Org 95

Infographic: Optimizing Your Nonprofit Donation Page


With online donations to nonprofit organizations on the rise, the onus is on the nonprofit to make the donation process as simple as possible.