11 Stats on the Nonprofit Sector

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Here are 11 nonprofit sector stats. News/Stats/Studies Nonprofit sector Statistics StatsBecause of the importance of the nonprofit sector in this changing society, updated nonprofit facts and statistics are important to know and understand.

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10 Must-Know Stats About COVID-19 Donors

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The 2020 Global Trends in Giving Survey closed June 1 and the full results will be released September 14 in the third edition of the Global Trends in Giving Report.

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[DATA] 11 Must-Know Stats About Nonprofit Websites

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The 2021 Open Data Project [ español , français ] seeks to gain a better understanding of how nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide use technology for digital marketing and fundraising. At the core of the project is the 2021 Global NGO Technology Survey.

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[DATA] 11 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising

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See Also: [DATA] 11 Must-Know Stats About Nonprofit Websites. DATA] 11 Must-Know Stats About How Nonprofits Use Email.

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10 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising

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Stats FundraisingThe first “Donate Now” button was released in 1999 by Groundspring, a nonprofit founded by San Francisco-based Tides Foundation , and throughout the early 2000’s young Gen-Xer nonprofit professionals pioneered the use of “Donate Now” buttons. They experimented with placement and color, SEO, and new email marketing services, such as ConstantContact and MailChimp.

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Giving Tuesday 2021: Predictions, Stats & Facts

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Here is our breakdown of relevant stats and facts by year for Giving Tuesday, along with general giving trends and Giving Tuesday’s place in the larger Thanksgiving shopping headspace. Giving Tuesday 2020 stats. Giving Tuesday 2019 stats. Giving Tuesday 2018 stats.

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[DATA] 14 Must-Know Stats About How Nonprofits Use Social Media

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The Open Data Project [ español , français ] seeks to gain a better understanding of how nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide use technology for digital marketing and fundraising.

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82 Fundraising and Social Media Stats for Nonprofits

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Fundraising Stats. Social Media Stats. Have a stat to add? The average online gift in 2018 was $96.40 USD ( Blackbaud Luminate Online Report ). of overall fundraising in 2018 came from online giving ( Charitable Giving Report ). 54% of donors worldwide prefer to give via credit or debit card. 11% via direct mail/post. 10% via bank/wire transfer. 9% via PayPal. 4% via mobile app/wallet. 1% via text message ( Global Trends in Giving Report ).

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[DATA] 11 Must-Know Stats About How Nonprofits Use Email for Digital Marketing and Fundraising

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The 2021 Open Data Project [ español , français ] seeks to gain a better understanding of how nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide use technology for digital marketing and fundraising.

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New Monthly Donor Stats From M+R Benchmarks

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The importance of converting those one-time donors to give monthly in 2021 is crucial for your overall retention. That will really help you grow your fundraising revenue. . Monthly Giving M+R Benchmarks Monthly giving Monthly Giving Data

5 Must-Know Recurring Giving Stats for Nonprofit Fundraisers

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While there’s a ton of insightful data I could share, there are 5 must-know recurring giving stats I want you to know. This is a really scary stat to me. By Nathan Hill , Optimization Evangelist at NextAfter , works every day to share how testing and optimization can lead to fundraising growth that can transform organizations and causes. At the start of 2018, we (the NextAfter team) set out to understand exactly what recurring giving looks like from the donor’s perspective.

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3 Must-Know Stats about Gen Z Donors

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Check out our full report of stats about connecting with Gen Z supporters. By Gary Wohlfeill , Director of Marketing at CrowdRise , who works with partners to develop highly engaging fundraising campaigns and leads the marketing team in developing the CrowdRise brand. Often, nonprofits are spend time focused on cultivating Millennial support due to the immense impact this powerful generation has on the world.

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Stats, stewardship, and the modern donor

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The post Stats, stewardship, and the modern donor appeared first on CharityVillage. Want to learn more about donor stewardship? We’ve partnered with the author to present a free webinar on September 23, Small Shop Stewardship: Tools for nonprofit staff, leaders, and board members.

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10 Random, but Interesting Stats About Online Donors Worldwide

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That said, below are 10 random, but interesting stats gleaned from the data thus far. The inaugural edition of the Global Trends in Giving Report will be released on September 4,2017. The report is groundbreaking in that it is the only annual research project dedicated to studying how and why donors worldwide give to their favorite causes and charitable organizations.

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20 Must-Know Fundraising and Social Media Stats

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Thus, in time for the year-end fundraising season, below are 20 stats about fundraising and social media that every nonprofit needs to know. Overall, the stats indicate a continued upward trend in philanthropy worldwide, a steady increase in online fundraising, and mounting evidence that as the use of social media grows, so does online giving. Google research has revealed a 30% uptick in searches from August to September related to charitable giving.

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Nonprofit Survey Unveils Gen Z Insights Into Advocating for Top Issues

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News/Stats/Studies Activism American Student Assistance Gen ZAmerican Student Assistance conducted a quantitative study of more than 2,000 13-18-year-olds from across the nation to gain insights into Gen Z's attitudes and behaviors around activism.

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My Browser Stats

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Here are my stats: Here are the stats from Statcounter: It’s a bit hard to see, but my stats have IE as third, where as the Statcounter stats have IE as out front, by a fair bit. Also, my stats have Chrome in 2nd place, and they have Chrome in 3rd, even with Safari, and a fair bit below Firefox. For instance, my personal site, that gets much less traffic, and is likely a less techy crowd, has stats much more similar to Statcounter than this blog.).

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Meta to Match Recurring Donations Through Facebook for Giving Tuesday

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Corporate Relations & Engagement News/Stats/Studies Recurring Donations Social Media Facebook Giving Tuesday Meta Recurring donationsMeta announced a new promotion that will encourage users to donate monthly to nonprofits after unveiling new Facebook tools for recurring gifts. .

More Than 2000 Museums Across the Globe to Participate in Museum Store Sunday

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Merchandising News/Stats/Studies museum store sundayOn Sunday, November 27, 2022, Museum Store Sunday will commence with the current count at 2,033 museum stores and cultural institutions across the globe participating in this annual event.

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15 Must-Know Fundraising and Social Media Stats

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LinkedIn launched in 2003, Facebook launched in 2004, and Twitter launched in 2006. Now more than a decade into the Social Web, the use of social networks still continues to grow worldwide and will continue to do so for years to come. It’s no coincidence that online giving is growing rapidly as well. A decade ago most individuals still consumed print news and donated by writing and mailing checks.

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13 Volunteer Time-Off (VTO) Stats Your Company Needs to Know

The Volunteer Hub

If you are a nonprofit, make sure to share these VTO stats with prospective corporate partners. The post 13 Volunteer Time-Off (VTO) Stats Your Company Needs to Know appeared first on VolunteerHub.

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Charity Navigator Looks to Future After 20 Years of Guiding Intelligent Giving

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Accountability Fundraiser Education News/Stats/Studies Charity evaluator Charity Navigator hybrid eventCharity Navigator, the largest independent charity evaluator, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a hybrid event that will raise money for highly rated charities.

Planet Launches Nonprofit Program to Empower Mission-Driven Organizations

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News/Stats/Studies Software/Technology Nonprofit Program PlanetPlanet Labs announced the launch of its Nonprofit Program, an offering that provides access to Planet imagery and support services specifically for nonprofits and non-governmental organizations.

Venmo Introduces New Features to Help Customers Spend Smarter this Holiday Season

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Collections/Payment Processing News/Stats/Studies Venmo venmo app Venmo DonationsThis holiday season, Americans are experiencing the highest inflation in four decades.

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Classy Report Reveals Giving Remains Strong Despite Economic Uncertainty

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News/Stats/Studies Classy Economic uncertainty Giving Report

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35 Membership Stats You Must Know in 2020

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In this post, we go over some key membership stats that came out of our own Membership Growth Report, as well as other research When it comes to growing your membership, it can help to see what tactics other organizations are using.

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16 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising and Social Media

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It’s true that social media is in transition. Facebook Reach is at an all time low. Instagram has a new algorithm. Twitter is in flux. And the next Big Thing in social media Snapchat is baffling to many seasoned social media managers. But digital and mobile app payments are coming. The global internet population is set to triple in the next four years. The Internet of Things will transform our world. And email ROI and online giving is up, up, up!

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Survey: Nearly 1 in 4 American Donors Increased Giving Due to Rising Inflation

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News/Stats/Studies Charitable-giving Donors Inflation SurveyDonors with charitable giving budgets gave almost four times more money, on average, in the past 12 months and are two times more likely to give more money over the next 12 months due to rising inflation.

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Report Reveals Just 12% Of Nonprofits Are “Digitally Mature”

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News/Stats/Studies digitally mature Report SalesforceSalesforce’s new Nonprofit Trends report uncovers how nonprofits are performing in the face of economic headwinds, an emerging employee retention crisis, and a transition to digitally-driven fundraising and operations.

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5 Years of Nonprofit Fundraising Stats: [2015 to 2020] And 6 Trends to Know

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2015 Stats. Mail stats. 2016 Stats. Mail stats. 2017 Stats. Mail stats. 2018 Stats. Mail stats. 2019 Stats. Mail stats. 2020 Stats. Mail stats.

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Pledge Launches World’s First Initiative to Eliminate Credit Card Fees

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News/Stats/Studies Credit card Donations Fees Initiative PledgePledge becomes the first charitable platform to cover credit card fees for donations up to $1,000 per donation through its "Free the Fees' initiative.

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What’s Love Got to Do With Fundraising?

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Donor Relationship Management News/Stats/Studies Retention Donor-relationship Donor-relationship management fundraising Love Philanthropy Relationship FundraisingTurns out love has everything to do with fundraising. Relationship Fundraising 3.0

12 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising, Social Media, and Mobile Technology

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That said, below are 12 stats to consider and research further about online fundraising, social media, and mobile technology. Now into the second quarter of 2017, three themes are taking shape that the nonprofit sector should be aware of. First, online fundraising revenue is growing worldwide and it will continue to increase for years to come. The arc of success for digital fundraising has just begun.

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Biden-Harris Administration Launches $50M Program for Nonprofits to Make Critical Energy Upgrades

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Government & Regulation Grants News/Stats/Studies Biden-Harris Administration Energy Government NonprofitsThe Biden-Harris Administration, through the U.S.

Daffy.org Transforms the Donor-Advised Fund Into the LinkedIn for Giving

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News/Stats/Studies Online Fundraising Software/Technology Daffy Daffy.org Online fundraising Social network

Endaoment Launches New Platform Update

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Collections/Payment Processing News/Stats/Studies Software/Technology cryptocurrency donors Endaoment Platform UpdateEndaoment announced the launch of the second iteration of its fundraising protocol, introducing a variety of new features and systemic changes.

Book Review: Generosity Crisis

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Fundraiser Education News/Stats/Studies“The Generosity Crisis” identifies how the nonprofit world is in a battle for survival against many competitive, deep-pocketed and unsuspecting forces.

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Giveffect Launches Software Grant Program to Help Nonprofits Accelerate

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Grants News/Stats/Studies Giveffect Grant program Software Grant ProgramGiveffect announced the Giveffect Software Grant Program to help selected nonprofits accelerate digital transformation and realize significant gains in fundraising and community building. .

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Walmart Launches Spark Good Round Up and Registry for Nonprofits

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Cause Marketing News/Stats/Studies Cause marketing Spark Good WalmartToday, just in time for the holiday season, we’re launching a new way of giving designed to spark collective action — and big impact— in support of communities nationwide.

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2022 Donor-Advised Fund Report: Grants to Charities Increase 28%, Surpassing $45B for First Time

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News/Stats/Studies 2022 Donor-Advised Fund Report Donor-Advised Fund Report GrantsThe 2022 Donor-Advised Fund Report details growth in all key DAF metrics for the 12th consecutive year.

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Submittable’s New Give Platform Helps Companies Meet Employee Demand for Corporate Giving

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Corporate Relations & Engagement News/Stats/Studies Staffing & Human Resources give platform SubmittableSubmittable launched its new corporate giving product, allowing companies to quickly meet employee demand for sponsored donation opportunities.

Walmart Teams Up with Customers to Give Away $5M in Local Communities

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Corporate Relations & Engagement News/Stats/Studies Initiative local communities Spark Good Walmart

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The Philanthropy of Queen Elizabeth II

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News/Stats/Studies Philanthropy Queen Elizabeth IIWe all heard about the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch in British history. She devoted her life in service to her people.