5 Tips for an Ethical Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital and web marketing are excellent tools for promoting your nonprofit and reaching more potential donors. Branding Data Security Social Media Digital marketing Digital marketing strategy

Constant Contact Debuts SMS Marketing

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Constant Contact, a digital marketing platform, announced the launch of SMS Marketing, a new feature that enables organizations to leverage text message campaigns to reach, engage, and retain their customers.


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Is Multichannel Marketing Right for Your Organization?

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A multichannel marketing strategy means consistently interacting with your target donors on a variety of channels. Multichannel Marketing Multichannel marketingThe more channels you can reach them on, the faster you can turn a prospective donor into a first-time donor.

Twitter Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Read on for seven best practices to adopt to market on Twitter successfully. Branding Social Media Marketing Social media Twitter marketing Twitter SpacesTwitter offers countless benefits for nonprofits.

What Makes Donors Respond to Marketing?

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Let’s review what makes donors respond to your marketing and how you can improve the effectiveness of your campaign. E-mail Segmentation Social Media Marketing StrategyYour story is essential, and people want to hear it.

How to Activate Social Proof Marketing for the Year-End

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Accountability Social Media Influencers Marketing Social media Social media influencers Social proof social proof marketing Year-EndIn the digital age, social proof has more importance than ever.

Dissecting George Silverman: Why Word-of-Mouth Marketing Is Important

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This is the last article you’ll ever need to read on word-of-mouth marketing, trust me. Marketing

Start-up Marketing: How To Do It Right

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A start-up is the most challenging and rewarding project for a marketing agency. We were asked to design and develop a website and create a strategic marketing plan. First step was getting a clear understanding of who their competition was and how they were marketing themselves.

3 Ways To Improve Nonprofit Marketing Outreach

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Once again, nonprofits can invest in marketing outreach efforts to raise awareness. Cause Marketing

Digital Marketing Tactics to Combat a Looming Recession and Declining Donations

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E-mail Grants Search Engine Marketing Declining donations Digital marketing Email Recession SeoWhile economic health can be unpredictable, there are tactics you can employ to help ensure your organization operates efficiently and effectively through uncertainty.

How to Achieve Multicultural Marketing at Your Nonprofit

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One of the significant benefits of multicultural marketing is that it’s simply the right thing to do. Cause MarketingHowever, it can also help you increase brand awareness and help your nonprofit better fulfill its mission.

The Importance of DEI in Your Marketing and Communications Strategy

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Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are becoming increasingly important to donors and should be at the forefront of nonprofits’ marketing efforts. Cause Marketing Public Relations

Level Up Your Association’s Marketing with Analytics

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The post Level Up Your Association’s Marketing with Analytics appeared first on Association Analytics. Resources Analytics for Everyone Executive Marketing Member Engagement Member Retention Planning & Strategy Technology

A Roadmap to Multichannel Marketing For Nonprofits

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Multichannel marketing is all about choice. Multichannel Multichannel fundraising Multichannel marketingIt is important for the simple reason that you must be where your donors are to engage with them. .

How to Use Social Media Holidays in Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan

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Branding Public Relations Social Media Marketing Nonprofit marketing social media holidaysSocial media holidays are a great opportunity for nonprofits to engage with their communities and spread awareness about the work they do. But what are social media holidays?

Top Tips for Direct Marketing Creative in Nonprofit Campaigns

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Creative Multichannel direct marketing creativeThe likelihood of success for your campaign can be attributed to the list used, the offer made, and your creative choices. Here are some best practices you can use to expand your creative choices and optimize your chances for success.

Post-Pandemic Considerations for Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Strategy

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Cause Marketing Strategic Planning Marketing plan Nonprofit marketingAs we enter a new, more hopeful era, there’s one question that we’ve begun to hear from clients and organizations in the nonprofit space: What now?

5 Keys to Digital Marketing Success

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Ultimately, a content marketing strategy is the best representation of your organization — donor-facing and what happens behind the scenes. Successful digital marketing strategies never occur without proper planning, but you can make them work in your favor with a bit of effort.

Expert Tips On Branding & Marketing Your Nonprofit

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In this edition, we take on nonprofit branding and marketing, and highlight the critical elements that all nonprofits need to know now. Expensive design, strategy, and marketing are no longer the norm.

Utilize an Email Marketing Strategy to Drive More Donations

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When creating your nonprofit fundraising and donations strategy, email marketing should be on the top of the list of channels to use to support your efforts.

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Maximize the Marriage of Marketing and Technology by Understanding Trends


When marketing got hitched to technology and changed its name to MarTech, their relationship caught fire. The post Maximize the Marriage of Marketing and Technology by Understanding Trends appeared first on.orgSource.

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Budget for Communications and Marketing When Proposing New Initiatives

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When proposing new initiatives, include the marketing and communications plan in the project budget. The post Budget for Communications and Marketing When Proposing New Initiatives appeared first on The MatriX Files. Blog Budgeting and Planning Marketing Strategy

2021 Marketer of the Year: Nicole Williams

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Instead of marketing resources being devoted to an annual golf tournament, Nicole Williams, associate director of foundation relations and communications, pivoted the organization’s strategy and resources. That campaign earned her NonProfit PRO’s Marketer of the Year.

Are You Marketing Your Brand or Your Mission?

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And where does marketing come into the mix? Branding Cause MarketingWhen you think of your brand, it can feel like a nebulous concept sometimes, right?

Authentique Agency Launches ‘Project 1800,’ to Help Local NonProfits with Marketing Services

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Qualified organizations will receive free marketing resources and services from Authentique's team of professionals. Agencies & Consultant News/Stats/Studies Authentique Agency Marketing Project 1800

FREE Marketing Webinar on Nonprofit Branding

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But do you know how to market your brand effectively? Your brand can play a big part in attracting and retaining donors. Get answers to all your questions about branding from a renowned nonprofit design expert, Lidia Varesco Racoma, in our free Ask Me Anything-style workshop.

Measuring Your Marketing Effectiveness: How Mature is Your Marketing?


The post Measuring Your Marketing Effectiveness: How Mature is Your Marketing? appeared first on Bloomerang

Recruiting Fundraising Talent in Today’s Job Market

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The top recruiting challenges for 2022 into 2023 is the shortage of talent. Hiring must be done in a creative fashion. Organizations need to target passive candidates, create a talent pool, look at culture fits for potential hires, and evaluate recruitment costs and recruitment practices.

Job 180

[WEBINAR] Website & Email Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

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This is the first of three webinars in a blog and webinar series called 101 Digital Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits. How to launch and maintain an email marketing strategy that consistently engages donors and supporters. • Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2020.

Does Your Nonprofit Understand How to Market Itself?

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In the state of this current economy, the lack of marketing and advertising messages grows louder. Nonprofits often complain about how they do splendid work in the community, but no one knows what they do.

Earn a Certificate in Digital Marketing & Fundraising from Nonprofit Tech for Good

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101 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits is a blog and webinar series offered by Nonprofit Tech for Good. Those who register and attend all three webinars in the series will earn a Certificate of in Digital Marketing & Fundraising from Nonprofit Tech for Good.

Level Up Your Marketing with Analytics

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Association membership marketing is much different than marketing a product for sale. With membership marketing, the key is to build loyalty. Fortunately, with data, we can better understand members’ behavior and which marketing channel is most effective to reach our members.

Exploring the Role of Data in Global Marketing

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Sylvia Hopkins Hanneman from Make-A-Wish International shares her thoughts on how nonprofits can use high-quality and actionable data to strategically maximize the impact of their global marketing programs and enhance fundraising outcomes.

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The Fundamentals of Email Marketing for Nonprofits

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Summary: Email marketing is an important communication channel for nonprofits. But, how can you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns? The post The Fundamentals of Email Marketing for Nonprofits appeared first on CharityVillage.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things With Your Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns

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A nonprofit marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be about raising funds. Here are five tips to develop innovative nonprofit marketing campaigns. Creative Direct Mail Multichannel direct mail MarketingIt is also essential to raise awareness while ensuring you are standing out.

23 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Reports for Nonprofits Worldwide

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The reports listed below offer much-needed data to help your nonprofit craft its 2022-23 digital marketing and fundraising strategy. Published by Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

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What Is Customer Data and How It Could Transform Your Marketing

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What Is Customer Data and How It Could Transform Your Marketing | Association TV Blog. Digital Transformation Online Platforms Content Strategy MarketingWorkerBee.TV ·. Caution: This Article Contains Big Data Energy.

[FREE WEBINAR] Website & Email Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Packed with practical advice and customized for small nonprofits on a limited budget, this webinar will stress the importance of professional website design and strategic email marketing and fundraising. << View All Upcoming Free Webinars >> Email Marketing Webinar Websites

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Customize Your Nonprofit Marketing to Grow Your Donations


With digital marketing expanding beyond email and into social media, SMS text messaging, events, and more, the answer to that question might be complex. Marketing and CommunicationsWhat are the different messages and methods you use to reach your audience?

Level Up Your Association’s Marketing with Analytics – 7/6/22

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The post Level Up Your Association’s Marketing with Analytics – 7/6/22 appeared first on Association Analytics. Resources Analytics for Everyone Executive Marketing Member Engagement Member Retention Planning & Strategy Technology

Marketing Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication Security Options

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Signing into Marketing Cloud and the corresponding security continues to evolve to provide even more peace of mind amongst Marketing Cloud end users, the IT department, and CIO/CISOs. MFA Options within Marketing Cloud.

End-of-Year Fundraising & Marketing Workbook

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Download this End-of-Year Giving planning workbook to help you organize what you learned from last year’s campaigns, decide what strategies you want to employ for this year, and set your sights on your goals for the coming months

[WEBINAR] Top 10 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Trends To Watch in 2022

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Based on the blog and webinar series called 101 Best Practices for Nonprofits , this webinar will feature the top 10 digital marketing and fundraising trends to watch in 2022. 101 Best Practices Email Marketing Fundraising Social Media WebsitesDate: Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

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