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4 Text Marketing Lessons Nonprofits Can Take from Big Brands

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Many of the text messages we get are personal messages between friends and loved ones, but there are also many major brands that capitalize on this communication medium to help reach their customers. There’s a lot to learn from them about text marketing.

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Lessons Learned from a Black Swan—Solutions Day Presenters Explore Pandemic Insights


The post Lessons Learned from a Black Swan—Solutions Day Presenters Explore Pandemic Insights appeared first on.orgSource. Even online, the participants could sense the excitement. Presenter, Dean West, called the pandemic a black swan. The term comes from finance and is used to describe […].

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Leadership Lessons From Movies

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Toward the beginning of Joseph Lalonde ’s book, Reel Leadership , he shares, “We’re going to delve into the leaderships lessons we can find in movies. Question: What is the most inspiring leadership lesson you've learned from a movie? What leadership lessons have you learned from running? So, sit back; get ready.

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5 Social Fundraising Lessons That Can Influence Your Overall Development Strategy

NonProfit PRO

If major gift fundraising is Morton’s, social fundraising is McDonald’s. We’re not talking about the food; we’re talking about scale. The great thing about the scale of social fundraising is that you get a lot of data. So, here’s what the fast food of fundraising has to offer other income channels.

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7 Key Lessons Learned from Virtual Fundraising Events in 2020

Nonprofit Tech for Good

With a solid year of virtual fundraising under our collective belt, let’s take a look at seven key lessons learned in 2020 to help your nonprofit continue reaching those goals and fighting for its mission. That’s due in large part to the ability to pivot fundraising efforts from in-person to virtual.

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The Southwest Airlines Flight Fiasco: Lessons For Your Nonprofit


While you may never find yourself in a crisis of this magnitude at your nonprofit, you can learn from Southwest’s mistakes and use those lessons to prepare for a potential disaster. Let’s look at the following lessons. Lesson One: You need the right software and processes in place. Lesson Three: You need a contingency plan.

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Fundraising lessons we can use from Ukraine

Hands on Fundraising

But as […] The post Fundraising lessons we can use from Ukraine appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. It was an important moment, as he needs to constantly seek support for the attacks his country is experiencing from Russia. He knows the U.S. has the greatest means of support. This is definitely emergency fundraising.

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