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Can Nonprofits Really Raise Money With 5Ks?

Connection Cafe

They aren’t fantastic fundraisers, but more than twice as many of them raise money as compared to 5K runners. Your work is important and it takes money to realize your goals.

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Donor Retention: The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Raise

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Getting your donors to renew their gifts is the easiest way to raise money for any nonprofit. That means they know your organization; they like you; they understand your mission; and they once voted with their money that they wanted to join your bandwagon and boost your good work in the world.

DIY Fundraising – Easy Money for Your Nonprofit?

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Anyone can raise money for medical bills, an invention, or their favorite charity. While runs, walks and rides still show nonprofits the money, new fundraising efforts like DIY are limited only by the imagination of the creators behind it.

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Does Responsive Design Really Raise More Money for Nonprofits? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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So many nonprofit websites are moving to responsive, but how does responsive help organizations raise more money? The goal of responsive web design is simple yet heroic:Don’t just design for desktop. Design for handheld, tablet, desktop, and everything in between.

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Raise More Money: Incentive-Based Fundraising 101

NonProfit Hub

Leaderboards show your top fundraising teams or individual fundraisers based on how much money they’ve raised. The post Raise More Money: Incentive-Based Fundraising 101 appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

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Can Nonprofits Raise Money on Social Media?


Does senior leadership at your organization ask “why can’t we raise money on social media? For the organizations that are raising money on Facebook in particular – here’s a breakdown of how money is being raised: 33% raised money via Individual Giving.

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Do Responsive Websites Raise More Money?


Not only is your audience accessing your website from their mobile device or tablet, they''re also giving more money on sites that are responsive. Redesigning and updating your website might be one of your goals for 2015, and it be better be mobile responsive.

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Why Can’t I Raise Any Money Using Social Media?


But can you raise money using social media? Tweets can travel faster than the speed of light and Facebook is word-of-mouth on steroids. Social Media fundraising Social Fundraising

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Kicking off SOCAP16 at the Intersection of Money and Meaning

Connection Cafe

For those of you unfamiliar with SOCAP16, here is a brief overview: SOCAP16 is “a conference at the intersection of money + meaning.” Greetings from San Francisco! I’m here with colleagues from the MicroEdge division of Blackbaud to attend SOCAP16.

From Money to Meaning

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

If you’ve been burning to use your considerable talents to make a difference, rather than make a lot of money, it’s time you considered joining our growing team. Big complex social problems. Your skills and experiences. Benetech. Combining those three potent ingredients is how we change the world. We are looking for more than a dozen motivated individuals to make the leap to positive social impact.

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Using E-commerce to Raise Money for Your Nonprofit

Tech Soup Blog

It's 2017 — it's time to revolutionize the way nonprofits raise money, by taking advantage of e-commerce. No longer are the days when going door to door or holding bake sales are the most effective ways to fundraise.

How To Use Stories To Raise Money On Social Media


Are they just empty buzzwords, or actual tools that can help your nonprofit raise money online? Here are 5 ways that you can use stories to raise money for your nonprofit on social media. Storytelling and social media – these terms have certainly been thrown around a lot this year!

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Grow Your Email List Without Spending Money

Tech Soup Blog

So before you spend money to rent email lists, distribute an email offer through a media platform, or work with a paid co-registration service such as, consider the following.

Are Nonprofits Raising Money Via Social Networks?


Are nonprofits raising any money on social networks? Are Nonprofits Raising Money Via Social Networks? The 2011 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report provides some incredible data on how 11K+ nonprofits are using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

The #1 Way to Raise More Money Through Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events


With so much money at stake, it’s important that your event communications resonate with participants and anticipate their needs. Highlight stories of those who’ve raised money with minimal effort. Raising More Money Online with Independent Fundraising Events.

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To raise money with social media, start with social data

Connection Cafe

I’m sorry to say it, but.your social media presence is not the key to fundraising. However, that being said, data acquired through social media holds the key to dramatically improved fundraising. Fundraising CARE data insights database nonprofit social media

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7 Smart Ways to Raise More Money With Email

John Haydon

The post 7 Smart Ways to Raise More Money With Email appeared first on John Haydon. With year-end fundraising just around the corner, many nonprofits would be wise to focus on their most important digital channel: email.

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Raise More Money by Way of Innovation

NonProfit Hub

Check out Pinney’s tips below on how CEOs and founders who, like you are struggling to raise money to do their work, can grow their organization and raise more money by way of innovation. That made us some real money.

Smart Fundraisers Don’t Raise Money This Way. So Why Are You Doing it With Email?

John Haydon

Like many nonprofits, her organization is trying to raise money by blasting their email list. The post Smart Fundraisers Don’t Raise Money This Way.

AWESOME WEBINAR ALERT: How to Make Money from Social Media


Frustrated with trying to figure out how to make money from all that time and effort you spend on social media? What if you knew 10 influencers to multiply your conversions to one million? .

Infographic: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events Raise the Most Money


In fundraising, did you know that the more you ask people to suffer, the more money you will raise? This is a significant difference and shows just how on target Olivola’s theory is about what motivates people to give more money.

Is Your Nonprofit Spending Enough Money On Digital?


Is your nonprofit investing the right amount of money, resources, and strategy into digital? Probably not. Heck, even the NYT admitted in a leaked report that they are struggling with their digital strategy.

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How to Use Google AdWords to Get Free Money

NonProfit Hub

Free money doesn’t exist, but thanks to Google, free advertising can exist for your nonprofit. You can’t truly fail because, after all, you are playing with house money. The post How to Use Google AdWords to Get Free Money appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

19 Ways to Raise More Money From Your Donation Pages

John Haydon

19 tips to get more money from your donation pages. Reduce steps to donate – You will raise less money if you make people take too many steps in the donation process. And why would you want to raise less money? What makes a kick-ass donation page? Is it the words? Images?

Can Nonprofits Raise More Money with Apple Pay?


Good news for nonprofits. Apple just announced that Apple Pay will now allow nonprofits to use the service for donations. Apple used to ban iOS apps from using Apple Pay to collect funds, meaning that charities needed to use third-party apps or outside services to process donations.

EOY Hacks: 8 Online Fundraising Ideas to Save Money + Time


This time of year, the only thing nonprofit pros need more than fundraising ideas is more time and money to implement them. Last week, I had the ear of a brilliant nonprofit guru and jumped on the chance to ask her for some advice.

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How Do (and Should) Small and Mighty Nonprofits Raise Money?

Tech Soup Blog

What is the fundraising potential for small and mighty nonprofits? How can organizations expand their individual donor programs and see increased success? These questions and more are the focus of the 2015 Individual Donor Benchmark Report.

How SMS Saves Money in Mobile Marketing

Mobile Commons

However, the truth is that the booming needs of consumers are so diverse that companies are making the mistake of trying to fulfill every need with a new mobile app – and in doing so, losing money. The post How SMS Saves Money in Mobile Marketing appeared first on Mobile Commons

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Which Year-End Email Appeals Will Raise The Most Money?

John Haydon

The post Which Year-End Email Appeals Will Raise The Most Money? We all know these last few weeks of the year are when your supporters are the most generous, and email is still one of the best ways to encourage them to support your work.

Raise More Money: Incentive-Based Fundraising 202 — The Advanced Course

NonProfit Hub

The post Raise More Money: Incentive-Based Fundraising 202 — The Advanced Course appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Incentive-based fundraising puts your donors first. When it comes time for them to give, incentives can show supporters that their donations are valued at your organization.

Why More Money for Mobile Should Go to Text Messaging

Mobile Commons

The post Why More Money for Mobile Should Go to Text Messaging appeared first on Mobile Commons. We all know mobile is a hot trend right now in the marketing world.

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Say "No" to Money (to Make Money)


Arnon Shafir, CEO and Co-founder, give2gether Say "no" to money. Believe it or not, sometimes saying 'no' to money helps the money pour in. Set an ambitious but not unachievable target, and vow to your donors that unless you hit that target in the allotted time, you will return all the money raised so far. Either they make the $50k needed to buy the new machine, or they return any money raised by the time the campaign ends. Donating money is scary.

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New Study: 60% of Americans Donate Money to Charity


However, it’s worth noting that that majority of money raised by nonprofits today is still through offline channels like Direct Mail. Even though the U.S.

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Money for your nonprofit: Writing a grant proposal

ASU Lodestar Center

It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager, a parent, a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or a nonprofit organization: money can be difficult to come by these days. Click here to read Sarah Ashlock's post, "Funding your nonprofit: Money’s out there if you know where to look".

Money for Good Study: Sharing Information About Your Org’s Results Can Attract More Donors

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

GuideStar and Hope Consulting have released the results of new study, Money for Good II (MFGII). GuideStar and Hope Consulting have released the results of new study, Money for Good II (MFGII). MFGII summary findings Nov 2011. View more presentations from GuideStar USA, Inc.

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It’s Me, Your Donor. Are You Listening?| Insights from the $FG Report

Connection Cafe

I was lucky enough to get a preview of the Money for Good 2015 report and it’s full of surprising (and not so surprising) data, insights and recommendations for organizations, funders and vendors.

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Getting Your Money’s Worth From a Nonprofit Consultant


Getting Your Money’s Worth From a Nonprofit Consultant. The post Getting Your Money’s Worth From a Nonprofit Consultant appeared first on BoardAssist.

3 Ways Prospect Research Can Help Nonprofits Raise More Money at Events


Do you have events planned as part of your end-of-year fundraising push? If so, you may be missing out on some key pieces of information about your attendees that may make all the difference in your fundraising goals.

10 Ways to Improve Your Donation Page and Raise More Money

Tech Soup Blog

This stark statistic, revealed in the 2016 M+R Benchmarks Study , is a reminder of the challenge of raising money online. Only 15 percent of prospective donors who reach a website's donation page actually make an online gift.

3 Advisory Group Takeaways on Sponsorship and Raising Money

Wild Apricot Blog

In our latest conference call session, the Advisory Group took on the topic of “Sponsorship and Raising Money”. The group focused on finding, approaching and keeping sponsorships. Read the top 3 takeaways. sponsorship