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Structuring Successful Virtual Meetings: A Counterintuitive Approach

Wild Apricot Blog

Renowned meeting experts Rick Lent and Nancy Settle-Murphy show you how to avoid the lack of focus, poor engagement and indecision that plague most virtual meetings. With the right planning, a few tips and some simple tools, you’ll actually be able to get work done efficiently at your next virtual meeting.

The Art of Facilitating Virtual Meetings with Sticky Notes

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Designing A Participatory Hook for a Virtual Meeting. We used a virtual sticky note app called NoteApp. Design must comes first.

7 Things Nonprofits Should Know About Virtual Desktops


An article on BNews explains what virtual desktops are and how they are being used. Virtual OS systems are shared. Decrease costs.

The One Secret To Better Virtual Meetings: Empathy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How do we ensure that there is equal participation between those who are participating virtually and those in the room together? Meetings

3 Ways Your Nonprofit Could Benefit From Virtual Reality Going Mainstream

NonProfit Hub

It also helps that the cost to produce virtual reality content is dropping, making the prospect more feasible. Make People More Empathetic.

Trends Over Time in Virtual Volunteering


Learn how virtual volunteering has evolved. Virtual volunteering describes a volunteer who completes tasks, in whole or in part, off-site from the organization or person being assisted, using a computer, tablet, smart phone, or other Internet-connected device. Community engaging volunteers virtual community Program Principal.

Using Virtual Reality to Showcase Nonprofit Impact

Tech Soup Blog

Virtual Reality Is the Future of Storytelling. A Highlight at the Recent Clinton Global Initiative Meeting. The screen, you ask? Indeed.

5 Essential Tech Tools for Virtual Teams


There are a lot of benefits to virtual teams—you’re not constrained by geography and staff members have a lot more flexibility. To some degree, technology can compensate for the shortcomings of a virtual environment. Virtual Phone System. Virtual teams have many advantages, but there are also some limitations. Airplane.

10 Ways To Make Your Virtual Meetings More Successful

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Business leaders and employees are holding virtual meetings more than ever. Begin with a quick warm-up. Identify in-person attendees.

Pajama Parties? Three Rules for Running Virtual Meetings

Connection Cafe

Working virtually is a hot topic and one that is near and dear to many people’s hearts. I’m no dummy. Smart, and true, yes? PAJAMA PARTIES?

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Virtual Teams Tweetchat Recap

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup, itself a distributed organization with virtual teams , recently held a tweet chat on Virtual Teams to explore these questions.

Virtual Reality as Empathy Engine in Nonprofit Causes

See What's Out There

The New York Times sent virtual reality goggles (Google Cardboard) to every Sunday, print subscriber, a move that signals a change in the way journalism and nonprofits can tell stories. The post Virtual Reality as Empathy Engine in Nonprofit Causes appeared first on The See3 Blog.

6 Tips from Valencia College Foundation for Virtual Fundraising Success

Connection Cafe

Marino said there was an important balance in virtually keeping people engaged without overwhelming them with email communications.

Virtual Teams TweetChat on July 11

Tech Soup Blog

If you decide to make the switch to remote work, how can you keep your virtual team, and yourself, on the right track over time? For the answer to these and other related questions, join TechSoup on Monday, July 11 for a tweetchat on virtual teams. Is having a distributed work team right for you and your organization?

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4 Tips from the Alzheimer’s Assn for Successful Virtual Fundraising Campaigns

Connection Cafe

The Alzheimer’s Association The Longest DayTM was launched in 2012 and is a … Emerging Events Event Fundraising Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Uncategorized Alzheimer's Association The Longest Day independent fundraising events Peer to Peer Fundraising team fundraising TeamRaiser virtual events

Living in a Virtual World

Connection Cafe

Virtualization is all about maximizing the technology you have to create a whole that is more powerful than its individual parts. Virtualization big data IT infrastructure servers

How To Make Your Virtual Meetings More Successful

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Business leaders and employees are holding virtual meetings more than ever. Begin with a quick warm-up. Identify in-person attendees.

How Virtual Engagement Can Positively Impact Membership Renewal


Even though AAHPERD is not a client, I still related to Eric in regards to fundamental models for successful virtual engagement.

Virtual Work, Real Success

Tech Soup Blog

BetterWorld Telecom provides services that enable and support a virtual work environment, as a donation partner with TechSoup Global. However, BetterWorld itself works as a virtual team, with team members scattered literally across the U.S. Practices Used by BetterWorld for Virtual Work: Weekly sales funnel review.

5 New And Quirky Nonprofit Social Media Tactics


Fundraising Industry News Social Tech content marketing nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech social media supporters technology virtualization

Is your membership forum a virtual ghost town?

Wild Apricot Blog

Is your forum going like gangbusters or a virtual ghost town? Here are some tips to help get your members forum started or refresh an existing forum. forum

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6 Cloud Security Features Your Nonprofit Needs To Know About


Cloud services typically provide an option of secure transmission, either by a virtual private network or secure shell layer. Disaster recovery.

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Infograhpic Friday: 21 Ways For Nonprofits To Get Creative


General infographic mobile nonprofit nonprofits social media storytelling virtualizationDoes your nonprofit have to get creative from time to time? Chances are good, your organization has had to, for some reason or another, put its collective thinking caps on to solve a problem.

Infographic: How Tech Changed The Way We Work


Industry News Tech infographic nonprofit npTech virtualization Americans used to dread the sound of the the a rattling filing cabinet.

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Free Expert Webinar: Leading Great Virtual Board Meetings (Part II)

Wild Apricot Blog

Learn ways you can use structure to create naturally more effective and engaging virtual meetings. These suggestions can be used with any form of virtual meeting technology We will share stories, along with tips and tools.

Are Virtual and Micro-volunteering the New Normal?

Wild Apricot Blog

Here''s a preview of a new article in our Membership Knowledge Hub (by Tobi Johnson) that provides insight into and tips for managing and supporting offsite and virtual volunteers. Volunteers

9 Tech Trends Your Nonprofit’s Need To Know About


Software-defined networking (SDN) offers your network administrators a set of tools to virtualize your network’s infrastructure. Cloud. by 2015.

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Infographic: Create The Perfect Social Media Post


General nonprofit nonprofit technology social media virtualization website Infographic courtesy of Stuart J Davidson.

Knock Your Third Party Fundraiser Out of the Park

Connection Cafe

Baseball season is in full swing this time of year and so are multitudes of fundraising events. Draft Winning Prospects. Who will be on your roster?

Ask Idealware: What is "Mobile Phone Virtualization?"


Got a question to ask Idealware? Send us an email. -->. Trackback URL for this post: [link]. Back Office & Operations

10 Tips For Making Virtual Meetings Successful

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Business leaders and employees are holding virtual meetings more than ever. Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Virtual Meetings

3 Keys To Cloud Computing Vendor Selection For Nonprofits


Security Tech cloud cloud computing data nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npCloud npTech virtualization website Cloud computing is an exciting technology that is projected to become pervasive in not only nonprofits, but in the common person’s daily life. However, there is a sense of discomfort associated with the novel technology.

Cloud Computing Cheat Sheet For Nonprofits


This solution provides a virtual development resource for software. Image courtesy of Data Hive. Software as a Service (SaaS).

30+ Custom GoogleAnalytics Dashboards For Nonprofits


Tech analytics data database email marketing fundraising nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech technology virtualization Period.

Virtual Meetings: Their Flaws, and Hacks to Make Them Better

ASU Lodestar Center

Virtual meetings are part of working in 2016. This isn't possible in a virtual meeting. Building trust virtually isn't easy.

Use Text Messages to Give Michael Sam a Virtual High Five

Mobile Commons

Human Rights Campaign wants you to give Michael Sam a virtual “high five” over text. The bold announcement garnered national news coverage.

3 Fall Blogging Classes (1 Virtual, 2 in Berkeley)

Have Fun - Do Good

Just wanted to let the bloggers among you know that I have three blogging classes coming up this fall (one virtual and two in Berkeley). Tweet

Infographic: The 5 Myths Of Mobile Giving


Fundraising Security Tech analytics fundraising mobile Mobile Fundraising Mobile Technology npTech supporters technology virtualization The Internet is a transitive place. And that’s an understatement. So what’s the latest trend everyone’s talking about? It’s mobile. Mobile everything. Mobile apps, […].

Why Your Nonprofit’s Website Should Be Your Top Priority, But Isn’t


Social Tech mobile Mobile Fundraising Mobile Technology nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTech SEO social media supporters technology virtualization volunteers website Everyone knows your nonprofit needs a website, sure, but when was the last time your nonprofit updated its website? Upgraded its servers?

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3 Alarming Stats About Nonprofit Content Marketing


Image courtesy of The simple truth is, your nonprofit needs to be engaging in content marketing. 92% of nonprofits use content marketing.

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