Capital Campaigns Are Not Always the Solution

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A capital campaign is the easy answer, but there are other ways of accomplishing the goals you seek to achieve. Agencies & Consultant Capital Campaigns Campaign feasibility study Capital campaign Capital campaigns

To Build or Not to Build? Is a Capital Campaign Right for Your Nonprofit?

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One of the strongest indicators of whether a capital campaign to fund a large project will be successful is the nonprofit organization’s history of successful annual fundraising. Capital Campaigns Capital campaign Capital campaigns


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3 Steps for Launching Successful Giving Tuesday and Year-End Giving Campaigns

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Here are three ways you can ensure a successful year-end campaign. Annual Campaigns Donor Segments Social Media Campaigns Donors Giving Tuesday Year-End Giving

How to Improve Fundraising Results with Omnichannel Campaigns

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While multichannel is reaching an audience through multiple channels, an omnichannel campaign takes it a step further and connects all of those channels to create a singular experience. Data Mining List Management Multichannel Omnichannel Omnichannel Campaigns

Top SMS Campaigns for Donor Engagement

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Fundraising Mobile Fundraising campaign Text messagingSMS communications are an extraordinary tool for nonprofits to use for donor engagement, volunteer and board coordination, etc.

5 Consultant-Approved Strategies for Capital Campaigns in 2021

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Are you planning or considering a capital campaign for your nonprofit? Use these consultant-approved strategies to maximize your campaign’s chances of success. Agency/Consultant Relationships Capital Campaigns Capital campaigns Consultants

How To Make Your Capital Campaign Less Risky

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Capital campaigns have some inherent risk, but there are plenty of ways to reduce risk and boost your chances for success. Capital CampaignsHere are two top strategies.

How We Closed Our Capital Campaign More Than 200% Ahead of Goal

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As I reflect on the successes of our campaign — my first as Healing Transitions’ executive director and the organization’s third in its history — I’d like to share several lessons I learned that may help you as you consider leading your organization into a major fundraising campaign.

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Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign? 5 Questions to Consider as You Plan for the Future

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Capital campaigns are one of the most effective ways to galvanize transformational support for a nonprofit’s community. Capital Campaigns

Bloomerang Payments — July Campaign


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Get These FREE GivingTuesday Campaign Resources

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To help you prepare for your next GivingTuesday campaign, we’ve compiled this list of free campaign templates, tips, and resources. GivingTuesday is the biggest day in nonprofit fundraising. Are you ready for it?

2022-03-Brand Campaign-Mission


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Top Tips for Direct Marketing Creative in Nonprofit Campaigns

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The likelihood of success for your campaign can be attributed to the list used, the offer made, and your creative choices. Here are some best practices you can use to expand your creative choices and optimize your chances for success. Creative Multichannel direct marketing creative

[ASK AN EXPERT] How To Pay For Capital Campaign Fundraising Expenses


Today’s question come from a nonprofit employee who want advice on how to budget and pay for capital campaign fundraising expenses: . We hired a Campaign Consultant. ” And, for a capital campaign, you’ve likely been charged to raise quite a LOT.

Best Practices for Your Next Text Fundraising Campaign

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However, text messaging has emerged as an effective way to make a big impact for your next fundraising campaign. Fundraising Mobile Fundraising campaign Text messagingEmails, social media posts, direct mail, phone calls — there are so many ways to reach donors.

Introducing Cloud for Good Campaign Services

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I am excited to announce our newest line of business: Campaign Services. Campaign Services helps our clients lighten complex data loads and assist in ongoing integrations for vital fundraising operations through direct marketing campaigns. What Are Campaign Services?

Shift4 and The Giving Block Announce $20M Cryptocurrency Philanthropy Campaign

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Shift4, a provider of integrated payment and commerce technology, announced the launch of the “Caring with Crypto” campaign to raise more than $20 million for nonprofit organizations on The Giving Block. Shift4 aims to create the largest cryptocurrency fundraising campaign in history. Collections/Payment Processing News/Stats/Studies Software/Technology Caring with Crypto campaign Cryptocurrency Shift4 The Giving Block

5 Tips to Craft Your Nonprofit’s Year-End Fundraising Campaigns

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Your year-end fundraising campaigns should show your donors what you’ve accomplished together over the past year, and invite them to give toward an even brighter future. Your nonprofit does incredible, life-changing work.

Micro-Campaigns Can Lead to Huge Fundraising Results

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It’s no secret that Facebook and other ad platforms don’t perform as they did in the past. An overwhelming demand for data privacy has resulted in new personal information safeguards, giving these ad platforms a more limited understanding of our behaviors. Social Media

Are your online campaigns raising or losing money?

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Nonprofit budgets are often tight, and each of your campaigns should aim to hit as high a return on investment (ROI) as possible. For each of your online campaigns, your revenue goal should tie into your overall fundraising strategy. Focus your campaigns on specific donor journeys.

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2022-03-Brand Campaign-Inspire-World-Of-Giving


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How to Engage More Volunteers With Text Messaging Campaigns

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Volunteers are one of the many important lifelines for nonprofit organizations. To achieve goals with volunteers, requires planning, organization and effective communication since engaging with volunteers is just as important to fundraising as it is to engage with donors. . Mobile Volunteers

Are your online campaigns raising or losing money?

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Nonprofit budgets are often tight, and each of your campaigns should aim to hit as high a return on investment (ROI) as possible. For each of your online campaigns, your revenue goal should tie into your overall fundraising strategy. Focus your campaigns on specific donor journeys.

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[FREE WEBINAR] 6 Weeks to a Successful #GivingTuesday Campaign

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We’ve created a 6-week plan to help you run a powerhouse campaign that increases reach and giving. You’ll learn: – A 6-week plan for before, during and after your #GivingTuesday campaign. Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2021. Time: 1pm EDT / 10am PDT.

How to Build Your Capital Campaign Plan


Picture this: you’ve read our post on running a capital campaign , you’re wildly psyched, and you’re ready to get started! Only problem…you’re not totally sure how to plan a capital campaign. In general, capital campaigns last about 3-5 years. Fundraising capital campaign

Bloomerang is the ideal Salsa CRM alternative — Ads Campaign Version


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3 Modern Ways To Improve Your DRTV Campaign

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Direct response TV campaigns are a tried-and-true fundraising avenue, particularly for nonprofits, but have evolved since their inception in the '60s.

Online Fundraising Tools — April Campaign


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CDR Fundraising Group Wins Gold With Toys for Tots’ Year-End Campaign

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Annual Campaigns Direct MailHistorically, due to a mandatory quiet period after Christmas, Toys for Tots did not resume development efforts until the spring. As a result, retention rates have been declining over the past three years, which makes end-of-year mailings critical to the organization.

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Propellar Launches Crowdfunding Campaign and Ethical Investment Opportunity Via Wefunder

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Propeller, the digital platform that brings social activism, charitable efforts, and impactful marketing campaigns together in an unprecedented and profitable way, is on track to have a successful 2022. The company is now offering the opportunity to support its continued growth via Wefunder. Crowdfunding Software/Technology Propellar Wefunder

SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Campaign for St. Jude Surpasses $200M Fundraising Goal

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Though the campaign goal was met, it will continue raising money through February 2022. Inspiration4 returned from orbit Saturday, raising millions for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the process. Health Major Gifts

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Book Review: ‘The Essence of Campaigning Fundraising’

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This new book, “The Essence of Campaigning Fundraising” includes a cool-looking USB drive that includes the 52 exhibits and 199 web links to which the book refers and proceeds going to charity.

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Tips to Craft Your Year-End Campaign


Excellent year-end campaigns strike a balance between hitting uplifting emotional beats that are relevant to your mission and delivering a compelling case for why people should support your nonprofit.

Planning the Perfect Annual Fund Campaign

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A watertight annual fund campaign helps you strengthen donor relationships, bring in new supporters and secure your operational expenses If you’re looking to bring in secure funding for your nonprofit organization, annual fundraising is a must-do!

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Awareness Campaigns: What You Need to Know

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Spread your message with impact and engage new audiences with an awareness campaign. Online Fundraising

How to Plan a Giving Tuesday Campaign

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As nonprofit fundraisers, we’re constantly planning out different campaigns throughout the year. However, Giving Tuesday is now a common campaign across many non-profits thanks to it becoming a global movement that encourages people to show their generosity. Define your campaign goal.

2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns


With Giving Tuesday behind us, it's time to highlight just a few of the organizations who ran stellar campaigns, activated supporters, and beat their fundraising goals. Successful fundraising campaigns come in many shapes and sizes, and not every tactic works for every organization's audience. Best Social Media Campaign: Woodstock Sanctuary. Check out the whole page to see a great example of a microsite that can be used for multiple fundraising campaigns.

Crowdfunding for the 50-Plus Crowd: 4 Tips for Your Campaign

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Here are four tips on how to target the 50-plus audience so you don’t miss out on their valuable donations. Baby Boomers Crowdfunding Generational Marketing

The Unsung Hero in Fundraising Campaigns Isn’t Raffles—It’s Sweepstakes!

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Official Rules: Your sweepstakes must have official rules that detail the terms of the campaign. Our all-in-one fundraising and events platform and ready-made campaign templates make setting up your sweepstakes fundraiser a snap.

[ASK AN EXPERT] Who Are The Best Endowment Campaign Prospects For A Local Historic Charity?


This is where it’s helpful to search for foundations that fund capital (bricks and mortar) and/or endowment campaigns. The post [ASK AN EXPERT] Who Are The Best Endowment Campaign Prospects For A Local Historic Charity? Ask An Expert Capital Campaigns Prospect Research

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Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things With Your Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns

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Here are five tips to develop innovative nonprofit marketing campaigns. A nonprofit marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be about raising funds. It is also essential to raise awareness while ensuring you are standing out. Creative Direct Mail Multichannel direct mail Marketing

Case Study: Diocese of Madison’s One-Stop Shop for Fundraising Campaigns

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See how the Diocese of Madison partnered with Suttle-Straus for a large multi-year campaign, and learn how the ability to consolidate multiple services into one vendor led to a more streamlined, successful campaign.

10 Simple Strategies for a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign

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With Giving Tuesday in the rear view, it’s tempting to forgo a year-end giving campaign and coast to the end of the year, catching up on work and enjoying the holidays. A year-end giving campaign is your chance to win over donors when they are in a giving frame of mind.