New Facebook Groups

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This week Facebook rolled out a revised Groups feature. Groups allows you to communicate with people and friends you designate in a group – such as work, home, church, classmates, etc. I wrote about Facebook groups previously. Facebook Groups Logo.

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LinkedIn Groups: What you Need to Know Now


But with regard to LinkedIn–specifically, LinkedIn groups–I’ve been chronicling them being stripped of features and utility for years now and it seems like their eventual demise that I and others have been predicting may actually be about to happen.

Focus Group of One : Target Marketing

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Focus Group of One : Target Marketing : "If you''re sending your marketing campaigns without benefit of A/B or multi-variant testing—most companies admit to fewer than five tests per month—you are effectively acting as a focus group of one. You are assuming all of your constituents feel the same way about your campaign as you do. Big mistake." ''via Blog this

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Technology, philanthropy team up for religious groups

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Technology, philanthropy team up for religious groups : "Through the expansion of eligibility rules, U.S. churches and nonprofit organizations are able to apply for donated desktop equipment and office software. Dan Webb, vice president of technology solutions and services at TechSoup Global, explains how it works." ''via Blog this

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The Two Most Important Groups for College and University Fundraising

Connection Cafe

But when it comes to fundraising, two groups stand head and shoulders above the rest: major donors and your school’s alumni. Your school does great work, and has lots of potential donors.

AIRS Conference: VisionLink Users Group Reception


The 2012 AIRS Conference kicks off today, and all VisionLink customers are invited to join several VisionLink staffers (including yours truly), this evening from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Click here for more information. You can find us in the Gallier A/B Suite on the 4th floor.

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How Greenpeace & Other Environmental Groups Are Using Technology to Build a Better World


There are thousands of nonprofits changing the world in big and small ways every single day. The best of these nonprofits know that one of the major keys to success is using top-notch nonprofit tools to run smart, creative, and impactful campaigns. We’re incredibly fortunate to power many of these organizations, helping raise more money and maximize their impact along the way.

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LinkedIn Changes Could Impact Nonprofit Groups - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly

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LinkedIn Changes Could Impact Nonprofit Groups - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly :LinkedIn has implemented some new changes into their social network, which may affect how nonprofits use the website, and specifically how groups will function. These changes also aim to reduce the amount of spam and promotional content that appears in groups, a problem which has increased in the past few years.

Group to aid nonprofits -

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Group to aid nonprofits - "Calling all nonprofits: There’s a new group in town that wants to help charities that promote entrepreneurship and innovation programs for young people.It’s s called TUGG, which stands for Technology Underwriting Greater Good, and it’s made up of professionals who already understand the worlds of finance and technology.Now they’re looking to lay the.

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Nonprofit groups look to Google Glass - Yahoo!7

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Nonprofit groups look to Google Glass - Yahoo!7 Google will give each group a $25,000 grant along with a pair of yet-to-be publicly released Glass eyewear and guidance from the technology firm''s engineers 7 : Giving through Glass" program winners were selected from 1,300 proposals from US charities with ideas of how to use the eyewear to achieve their goals.

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The First Global Martus Users Group Meeting

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Guest Beneblog by Vijaya Tripathi The first ever Martus users group meeting took place earlier this month in Chiang Mai, the capital of Northern Thailand. Martus is Benetech's free and open source software package designed for human rights activists to collect stories and data about human rights abuses. For me personally, the meeting was a rare experience.

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Russia rights groups get help from Microsoft

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Patrick Ball and I have often discussed the risks to social justice groups from using unlicensed proprietary software. A government could suppress a group using "piracy" as a reason, rather than criticism of the government. That's why it's heartening to read an article like this in the Christian Science Monitor, Russia rights groups get help from unlikely champion: Microsoft.

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LinkedIn Groups Have Changed. Do They Still Make Sense for your Org?


A few weeks ago, LinkedIn announced that they were going to be rolling out some pretty big changes to their Groups feature. When a member requests to join a Standard Group, their connections in the group can approve the request. All Groups Are Now Members-Only Groups.

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Tornado Facebook Group Reunites Oklahoma Victims With Belongings

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Tornado Facebook Group Reunites Oklahoma Victims With Belongings : "Hagelberg logged into Facebook and found that many of her neighbors had reported finding items, so she decided to start a Facebook group to reunite victims of the tornado with their missing belongings. The Facebook group was expanded Monday, to help people who were affected by the devastating tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla.,

BBC News - Copyright group Creative Commons targets web users

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BBC News - Copyright group Creative Commons targets web users

BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups


IMPORTANT: I submitted a ticket to LinkedIn last week, because despite all my best efforts, I was unable to set an organization’s group settings to allow the Jobs tab. We’re continually developing product features to enhance your LinkedIn groups experience.

Group Texting: Useful or Hype?


This year the buzz is about group texting , which allows users to text up to about 25 people at a time via a mobile phone. TextPlus , a group texting vendor says they ha ve 7.7 GroupMe , another group texting company says that 200,000 texts go through its system every day. Can Nonprofits Benefit From Using Group Texting ? Group texting could make nonprofit campaigners lives a lot easier in communicating quickly and more efficiently with key staff.

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Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) Group News | LinkedIn

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Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) Group News | LinkedIn: "New applications and technologies are being developed at a rapid pace. This brave new world of touchscreens, aggregated data, and pastel AJAX-based social networking sites, is partly fueled by consumers' desires for faster, lighter, and often cheaper (if not free) technologies

Facebook assembles group to plan for disasters -

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Facebook assembles group to plan for disasters - NPFacebook NPDisasterRelief NPtech

New Nonprofit Tech Community Groups!


Groups are developed and supported by volunteer community organizers. Have an idea for a group? We just had a flurry of exciting new Communities of Practice (CoPs) emerge since the 14NTC. Check them out!

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Microsoft alumni group giving $175k to former employees' nonprofit ventures - GeekWire

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Microsoft alumni group giving $175k to former employees'' nonprofit ventures - GeekWire : "The Microsoft Alumni Foundation has announced new grants and matching funds totaling $175,000 for former employees whose philanthropy and nonprofit work has been recognized by the group for improving the lives of others." ''via Blog this

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Thousands RSVP for Global Group Run on Meetup

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Thousands RSVP for Global Group Run on Meetup : "itness app developer RunKeeper, which released its Health Graph API to the public earlier this month, has partnered with Meetup to organize a worldwide group run on July 9.". NPAthon NPRun NPtech

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Facebook's New Groups, Dashboards, and Downloads Explained [Video] | Fast Company

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Facebook's New Groups, Dashboards, and Downloads Explained [Video] | Fast Company

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Wanted: Industry Advisory Group Members

Wild Apricot Blog

We’re looking for participants for a grassroots industry advisory group. Advisory-Group-membership If you''ve been involved in a small association, club or non-profit and want to be an advocate for your industry – check out this post for details!

Hachette Book Group Partners with Bookshare

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

It's very exciting that we can announce that one of the largest book groups in the United States has just made the commitment: Hachette Book Group Partners with Bookshare To Make Thousands of Books Available to People with Print Disabilities. Hachette Book Group publishes under quite a number of famous imprints, such as Little Brown and Company and Grand Central. Bookshare looks for publishers to partner with us to make books more available to people with disabilities.

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Trainer’s Notebook: Group Polling Techniques and Tools and Incorporating Movement

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Help the participants narrow down topics to discuss or work in small group exercises (replaces sticky dot voting and visualize the vote technique). June facilitated a discussion about the network leadership qualities of the group. It was great fodder for a reflective discussion.

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Five Recent LinkedIn Group Updates Nonprofits Need to Know About

Nonprofit Tech for Good

With the launch of new a LinkedIn Groups design , the company resolved one of its most pressing problems – LinkedIn Group spam. Group management had become cumbersome and time-consuming for many admins of medium and large groups. New Group Information Pop-down.

The 5 LinkedIn Groups Every Nonprofit Pro Should Join

NonProfit Hub

The groups worth joining on LinkedIn are seemingly endless, and that’s why we’ve identified five groups any nonprofit LinkedIn user should join. Mojalink is a specialist when it comes to connecting nonprofit professionals, and they are the creator of the group.

LinkedIn Confusion: Group or Company Page?


Does it link to the group you’ve been working so hard to build, or does it link to your organization’s company page? Let’s compare: NTEN group on LinkedIn. Group members can also show the logo on their profile, if you enable that setting.

How to Turn Your Staff from a Group into a Team

NonProfit Hub

After all, it says team and group are synonyms. Maybe you can be successful in your organization by just being a group,” Garry said. Instead of group versus team, she focuses on the difference between a leader and manager.

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Environmental Working Group: Building Online Community


When I purchased my first smart phone a couple of years ago, I wanted to find out how much radiation was going into my head so I went to the Environmental Working Group’s cell phone guide and actually printed the thing off and took it with me to the store. Cell Phone Database.

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Why is Twitter a crucial channel for trade associations and advocacy groups?


This dynamic makes the platform a prime marketing channel for trade associations and advocacy groups seeking to shape the national dialogue. Why is Twitter a crucial channel for trade associations and advocacy groups?

S.F. 'HACKtivation' Matches Tech Talent With Nonprofit Groups | San Francisco Public Press

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HACKtivation'' Matches Tech Talent With Nonprofit Groups | San Francisco Public Press : While the tech community continues to be demonized across San Francisco, nearly 100 mostly tech workers acted as angels last weekend by donating their expertise to a dozen nonprofit organizations that help the homeless

Aid groups using cellphones to reach the world's poor

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Aid groups using cellphones to reach the world's poor: "The Grameen Foundation, a Washington-based group known for helping women with the smallest of business loans, has two dozen people in a technology lab here developing mobile Internet applications to help spread its microfinance model.

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3 Consumer Groups Drive Nearly 70,000 Calls and Defeat the DARK Act

Mobile Commons

Food & Water Watch , the Organic Consumers Association , and the Environmental Working Group faced this very question. Consumer groups have been fighting for years to make labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMOs) mandatory for manufacturers.

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Group fundraising primer

Rebooting Charity

Anyway, this SlideShare version of Peter Deitz’s powerpoint presentation from yesterday’s webinar, Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories does a pretty excellent job of reviewing the current (and rapidly evolving) “Group fundraising&# landscape. Too much going on at the moment to blog consistently, which is a pity given that I’ve lots of things to say, regarding Facebook et al.

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Table: Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups (vs. LinkedIn Groups)


Are you buffudled by the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups? Are you often confused about the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups? And how they compare to LinkedIn Groups? I often am. It's the most common question I receive when presenting on social media. This post helps end the befuddlement. read more. Influence Social Media

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Frapper Groups

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

One immediate use that came to mind is that if you had a distributed work group (based in US) that was working together, you could have people add photos and brief intro to the map. People could reference the page to visually see the group and get a reminder of time zones. My colleague Michelle Murrain discovered Frappr which allows anyone to put themselves on a map using Google APIs. She challenged her Nptech friends to think about how this might be used.

Group 50

Facebook - Pages Vs Groups


The value lies in getting your content on your members' (or potential members) INDIVIDUAL profiles - where they are sharing that they went to your event, or posted a discussion in your group, or whatever. To do that - GROUPS work better. Groups, though, are, well, groups. You can communicate with the members of your group directly (into their inboxes). I have been meaning to write about this for a while, but oh look!

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Changeblogger Facebook Group

Have Fun - Do Good

After I posted the list of Changebloggers on Friday, Tim Zimmermann of Change/Wire wrote and suggested, "What about creating a Facebook Changeblogger group which would be open to Changebloggers?

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