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Get Teams Back to their Happy Place


If your staff was singing kumbaya around the metaphorical campfire before the pandemic; Don’t assume they are still in that happy place. The post Get Teams Back to their Happy Place appeared first on.orgSource. The abrupt switch from in-person to home office took a toll. Associations thrive on plans, procedures, and processes.

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Place Matters: How Collective Impact and Place-Based Investment Can Empower Communities to Lead

NonProfit PRO

The place-based approach gives communities and funders the authority to identify their own greatest assets and needs, and to articulate their own priorities. In philanthropy, a top-down approach and lack of lived experience has often led to funder-driven decision-making that lacks authentic community expertise and inclusion.

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7 Places to Use Fundraising QR Codes


Fundraisers can easily simplify their campaign and event Read More » The post 7 Places to Use Fundraising QR Codes appeared first on Nonprofit Technology & Fundraising Blogs. Do you want to reach different groups of supporters through different messages, but worry about keeping track of them all?

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5 Places to Find Grants for Your Nonprofit for FREE!

Get Fully Funded

Conducting research to find grants and funding opportunities is definitely the place to start if you want to be successful at getting grants and separating yourself from the strugglers. The post 5 Places to Find Grants for Your Nonprofit for FREE! appeared first on Get Fully Funded.

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5 Places Nonprofits Can Look for Grants

Volunteer Hub

If you’re a nonprofit looking for funding, grants are a great place to start. Here are 5 places to look for grants. There are many places that organizations can find, apply and access grant money, here are 5 places nonprofits can look. But where do you find them? The Federal Government.

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Afraid of the Office? Top 3 Keys To Make Your Association a Kick-ass Place to Work According to History

Association TV

But today, many people think of a great workplace as not even one specific place at all, with many employers opting for a permanent remote work setup after a trial proved prosperous during the pandemic. The idea of an office, or a physical place in which a person sits down to work, isn’t new. After all, if it’s not broke, why fix it?

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The Best Place to Find New Donor Prospects for Your Non-Profit

The Fundraising Authority

The single best place to find new donor prospects is inside your current donors’ rolodexes. The post The Best Place to Find New Donor Prospects for Your Non-Profit first appeared on The Fundraising Authority. Simply put, your organization needs to be constantly finding new prospects and putting them into your cultivation system.

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