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Facebook recently added a feature called Places. Tags: Facebook facebook gps geolocation places gps pen It is a geo-location application similar to Gowalla and Foursquare in that it allows you to share where you are with your friends via social media.

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NTEN + Planet = Better Place


Together, the NTEN community puts technology to work so members can further their mission and make the world a better place.&#. Just heard that my favorite association of all time, the Nonprofit Technology Network ( NTEN ), is having a SUMMER SALE on their membership dues.

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The Myth of the Best Place To Work


Okay, I know some of you reading this probably won a “best place to work” award, and are quite proud of it. If it weren’t aligned, they wouldn’t be so happy, and you wouldn’t be a “best place to work.”. They want to be a best place to work too, and why would we blame them?

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3 New Places To Recruit Volunteers


Here are a few places you might not have thought to check: Encourage current volunteers to recruit. The post 3 New Places To Recruit Volunteers appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology.

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The Three Places To Interview Job Candidates

Eric Jacobsen Blog

One of the reasons you want to interview people in three different places is that candidates will usually be at their very best in the first interview (likely in your office ).

10 Best Places to download Free iphone wallpaper

Find the free stuff

The post 10 Best Places to download Free iphone wallpaper appeared first on The default images you get for your telephone might do the trick for some time, but it is obvious that you may get bored pretty easily with the similar pictures over and over again.

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How to Create a Pinterest Place Board for An Event


So when they announced Place Pins at the end of November, of course the first thing I thought was “this could be cool for an association’s annual conference.” It’s super easy to create a place board; adding the places, a little less so.

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Starting a Nonprofit: Have a Volunteer Plan in Place

NonProfit Hub

In other words, get a somewhat solid volunteer plan in place right away. The post Starting a Nonprofit: Have a Volunteer Plan in Place appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

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Prospecting 101 – There’s No Place Like Home

Connection Cafe

Prospecting starts by analyzing data within your own fundraising system. Here is a way to get started by pulling lists with certain criteria. Analytics Data Mining & Modeling Identifying Prospects CRM data mining prospecting

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HOW TO: Add Your Nonprofit to Facebook Places and Claim Your New Places Page

Nonprofit Tech for Good

UPDATE :: After you verify your business/nonprofit, you are asked to merge your Official Page with your Places Page. At this point, most nonprofits will only be able to “Add&# themselves to Facebook Places. If you want to add your nonprofit to Facebook Places, you have to Allow.

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The Six Universal Drivers At "Best Places To Work" Companies

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Overland Park, Kansas-based author Leigh Branham, along with Mark Hirschfeld, awhile back completed a survey of 10,000 employees in 43 states to better understand what separates a "best places to work" company from other companies.

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How will your nonprofit use Facebook Places?

John Haydon

It’s called “Places&# and as you’ll see in the video below, Facebook seeks to encourage serendipitous meetings between Facebook friends at the places they hang out. How can my nonprofit use Places? Places is a location-based check-in app for mobile devices.

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The Great Good Place Book Discussion Part 1: Can Cultural Institutions Be Third Places?

Museum 2.0

This is the first installment of a book discussion about Ray Oldenburg’s book The Great Good Place. But now, after a careful read of Ray Oldenburg’s book in which he defines and describes third places, I am uncertain of whether it is possible for museums and libraries to be such venues.

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Relaunching: A place for conversations, content, and more!

Amy Sample Ward

His initial draft was very close to what we ultimately have in place now and that was due to his critical listening, lots of conversations and questions, and both of us engaging in the public input phase to really understand the users’ side of the experience. I’m so excited to say that the redesign for the website is ready to be unveiled!

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New site rallies volunteer troops to help make Dallas a better place - CultureMap Dallas

AFP Blog

New site rallies volunteer troops to help make Dallas a better place - CultureMap Dallas : Imagine a website that helps both nonprofits and volunteers equally, one that allows people to explore opportunities by cause, agency or date and gives organizations a place to submit information, find volunteers passionate about their particular cause and, perhaps most important, track the effectiveness of their postings.

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7 Places To Watch Videos On Vine, Even If You Don't Have The App | Fast Company

AFP Blog

7 Places To Watch Videos On Vine, Even If You Don't Have The App | Fast Company : 7 Places To Watch Videos On Vine, Even If You Don't Have The App By Christina Chaey | February 1, 2013 Thanks to Vine, there are more websites than ever that let you watch videos of strangers

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Make The Web a Better Place with Better Content | FeedBlitz - Email Marketing and RSS

AFP Blog

Make The Web a Better Place with Better Content | FeedBlitz - Email Marketing and RSS : n our quest to consume more and more content, we’ve developed quite an appetite. Perhaps now more than ever, it’s actually more difficult to carve out a little corner of the social web and plant a flag because there’s simply so much stuff being produced en masse each and every day. Facebook. Twitter. Medium. Instagram. Every status update and blog post adds to the p

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Safe Place: Someplace to Go…Someone to Help

ASU Lodestar Center

In discovering her identity, independence and values, she struggles to fully grow within the restrictions put in place by her father. This is a real story from a young woman who came into Safe Place. I had the pleasure and honor to serve my second Public Allies term at UMOM New Day Centers as the Safe Place outreach and education assistant. Tumbleweed programs, including Safe Place, luckily transitioned under UMOM once Tumbleweed filed for bankruptcy.

NetSquared: The Place for Free Nonprofit Tech Help

Tech Soup Blog

What if there was a place for your nonprofit to get free technology support from local experts? What if there were regular gatherings where nonprofit techies could come together to drink, laugh, and network with their peers? Well, there are!

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Facebook Places for Complete Idiots – Free download

John Haydon

As part of the webinar, I created nine slides designed to walk attendees step-by-step through the basics of how Facebook Places might be used during a fundraising event. Facebook Places for Complete Idiots. Tags: Facebook Tips Facebook Places foursquare free download

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Download the Facebook Places Guide for Businesses And Nonprofits

John Haydon

If you haven’t downloaded it already, grab a copy of the “Facebook Places Guide for Businesses&# [and Nonprofits] from Facebook. It’s perfect if you’re trying to get a basic grasp on how to use Facebook Places for your organization.

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Use the Mobile Commons Polling Place Locator to Find Your Correct Polling Place – Whether You’re Voting Early or on Election Day

Mobile Commons

If your state allows for early voting, you can find the proper place to cast your ballot by texting EarlyMC to 97779. Once you reply, you will receive both the location and the hours of operation for your polling place.

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The Great Good Place Book Discussion Part 4: Viewing the Internet as a Third Place

Museum 2.0

This is the fourth installment of a book discussion about Ray Oldenburg’s book The Great Good Place. Even from the beginnings of the Internet, one of the largely unacknowledged uses very much resembled the type of third place interactions Oldenberg talks about in The Great Good Place.

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There's No Place Like Working From Home

Eric Jacobsen Blog

If you are a leader of work-from-home employees, share the book, There''s No Place Like Working From Home , with them. About 42 million people -- roughly one-third of the U.S. workforce -- work from home at least one or two days a week.

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Bye, Bye FourSquare. Hello Facebook Places?


Facebook who now has over 500 million users, launched Facebook Places a geo-location service that will now compete with location apps like FourSquare. In a nutshell, Facebook Places uses check-ins and allows you to see where your friends are and share your location.

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How can your nonprofit benefit from Facebook Places?

John Haydon

——————————– You’re probably aware that Facebook released a location-based tagging feature a couple of weeks ago called “Places&# that works similarly to FourSquare or Gowalla. What makes Facebook Places different.

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The Great Good Place Book Discussion Part 2: Small Rural Museums as Third Places

Museum 2.0

This is the second installment of a book discussion about Ray Oldenburg’s book The Great Good Place. As I was reading The Great Good Place I identified with Oldenburg’s description of Main Street USA, small town America, and rural life.

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"Great Places To Work" Employee Perks

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Thursday, January 20, 2011 "Great Places To Work" Employee Perks StLouis magazine is featuring in its January issue 60 companies that they deemed "great places to work". "Great Places To Work" Employee Perks New Book Shows You How To Set A Goal And Then Reac.

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Facebook Place: Time To Check Into Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Disable “friends can check me into places.&#. Source: Facebook Blog Post. Earlier this week, Facebook added “where&# to the list of personal information members share with the world.

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Is Your Crisis Management Program In Place?

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Thursday, September 9, 2010 Is Your Crisis Management Program In Place? One way will be to ensure our crisis management plans are in place. Most important, be sure you have a plan in place for a crisis that negatively impacts the general public.

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The Power of Place: The @home Campaign


Danny Alpert. Executive Director, Executive Producer. Kindling Group and See3 Communications. Mark’s work -- crisscrossing the country to tell the stories of homeless men and women -- relies on mobile technology.

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Don’t Merge Your Nonprofit Facebook Page With Places Page

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last week, we heard from Ivan Boothe about a concern with merging Facebook pages with Facebook Places. He agreed to write a guest post. Guest Post: Don’t Merge Your Nonprofit Facebook Page With Places Page by Ivan Boothe.

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Help Voters Get to the Polls with the Mobile Commons Polling Place Locator

Mobile Commons

To help make that task easier, Mobile Commons is excited to offer our text message polling place locator. With this simple tool, hundreds and thousands of Americans can find their polling place instantly, making it easier than ever for them to cast their ballots.

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The Great Good Place Book Discussion Part 3: Pockets of Third Places

Museum 2.0

This is the third installment of a book discussion about Ray Oldenburg’s book The Great Good Place. I was excited to read The Great Good Place and see how we could do more of this. Then, as I read further, I realized that we might have some of this third place stuff already going on.

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Place Your Donation Requests Before June 30

Tech Soup Blog

Most of TechSoup’s donation programs limit the number of requests an organization can place per fiscal year – our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Make sure your organization gets all the hardware or software it needs from TechSoup before our fiscal year ends on June 30, 2012. Why the rush? Don’t worry, you can request products again on July 1, but you don’t want to miss out on getting your fiscal year 2012 allotment.

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501 Mission Place Relaunches With New Benefits for Nonprofit Leaders

John Haydon

501 Mission Place, an online community for nonprofit leaders, was born as a conversation between close friends. Seeking to answer these questions, we have revamped what 501 Mission Place provides (and added a fresh coat of paint in the process). Success Stories 501 mission place

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Exclusive: Foursquare's New Partnership With PepsiCo Takes Focus Off of Places | Fast Company

AFP Blog

Exclusive: Foursquare's New Partnership With PepsiCo Takes Focus Off of Places | Fast Company: "Foursquare has also designed a unique vehicle for check-in rewards that is far less linear and ephemeral than traditional location-based reward programs.

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Get Your Supporters to the Polls with our Polling Place Locator

Mobile Commons

Planned Parenthood, the Communication Workers of America, and the League of Conservation Voters are all using our Polling Place Locator to guide their supporters to the polls this primary season. The polling place locator is more than just an information lookup.

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Museum 2.0 Book Club: The Great Good Place

Museum 2.0

book club will be starting in two weeks to read and discuss The Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg. Oldenburg is the individual to whom the term "third place" is attributed, and this well-researched 1989 book put him on the map. Tags: Book Discussion: The Great Good Place

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Five Places to Capture Emails on Your Website

John Haydon

Here are five places to consider: In the sidebar - Add a capture form to the sidebar of every single page inside the site (don’t worry about the homepage). Did you know what on average, email lists for nonprofits are shrinking ?

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Facebook Places vs. Facebook Pages – Which is best for your nonprofit?

John Haydon

Back in December, some folks were recommending that you think twice before you merge your Facebook Place and your Facebook Page. You couldn’t “unmerge&# your Place and Page. For example, museums are physical places people visit. Facebook Tips Facebook Places LBS

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Remember Why You Joined in the First Place


When I asked around the office “Why did you join Facebook?” Idealware staff shared the following reasons: • To announce that I was pregnant and then to share pictures of my daughter with friends and family easily. Kicking and screaming. My agent forced me to. • I was in college when it first came out, and it was the "new" thing. It was a big deal when my university was "turned on". • To see what it was about and to keep in touch with work colleagues. •

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Our Museum: Extraordinary Resources on How Museums and Galleries Become Participatory Places

Museum 2.0

Six years ago, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation set out on an ambitious quest. They wanted to help museums and galleries across the UK make significant, sustained changes in the ways they engage community partners and visitors as participants in their work.