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Building Strong Families + Powerful Communities with Illinois Action for Children + Salesforce

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Illinois Action for Children (IAFC) is committed to building strong families and powerful communities through the administration of programs and advocacy efforts focusing on children. For more information on Illinois Action for Children, including how to support its mission, visit Written by Blake Becker.

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How to Start a Nonprofit in Illinois | 11-Step Guide


Chicago is the first place that comes to mind for most people when you mention Illinois. There is more to Illinois than Chicago. The state of Illinois has the sixth largest population in the United States, and that population is highly varied. Hence, if you are thinking of how to start a nonprofit in Illinois, […].


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Building a Tech-Driven Legal Aid Network for the 21st Century

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In Illinois, even during “normal” times, there is a shortage of legal help, with only around 450 Legal Aid attorneys for 13 million Illinoisans, of whom 31.6% Through Salesforce, we began to build our vision of one legal aid network to help all of Illinois. By: Al Schwartz, Executive Director, CARPLS Legal Aid. live in near poverty.

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Celebrate Women’s History Month with these innovative leaders

Nimble AMS

Becky Anderson LMS Administrator at the Illinois ASBO Becky Anderson recently innovated at Illinois ASBO by leveraging Nimble AMS to modernize the event registration and membership renewal processes. Laurin is a leader in event promotion and member engagement strategy at her organization.

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Nonprofit Profile: First Christian Church of Beardstown Illinois

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The First Christian Church of Beardstown is a non-sectarian Christian church in rural west-central Illinois. Beardstown Illinois is an agricultural market town where farm products are loaded onto barges for transport on the Illinois River. It has 300 members. Charity Technology in the Heartland.

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Mosque Crowdfunding: Proven Steps & Tips for Success


Muslims populate all US states, but most reside in New York, California, and Illinois. Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world, with 1.9 Billion Muslims worldwide. American Muslims are among the most racially diverse faiths in the US, with 25% black, 24% white, 18% Asian, 18% Arab, 7% mixed race, and 5% Hispanic.

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Bright Idea: Northern IL Food Bank Gives Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers Tools They Need


Who they are: Northern Illinois Food Bank is a Feeding America Food Bank Member whose mission is to ensure everyone in Northern Illinois has the nutritious food they need. What they did: Northern Illinois Food Bank organized a peer-to-peer event that encouraged participants not only to fundraise but also collect food.