Red Light, Green Light for Peer to Peer Fundraising in 2015

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Here is Shana’s complete list of things to green light (start doing) and red light (stop doing) this year! Green Light: Embrace Your Complainers! Green Light: Bring IRL Back! Hello blogosphere! I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me.

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Green Biz Challenge


The Eastside Green Business Challenge , organized by the Eastside Sustainable Business Alliance, is a friendly competition in the Puget Sound region. Commercial and industrial facilities are responsible for nearly half of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Cities all across the nation are creating resource-reducing challenges for local businesses and organizations to participate in.

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5 Ways “Green Thumbs” Can Text for the Environment

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Here are five organizations whose green thumbs are doing double time by texting to care for planet Earth. The post 5 Ways “Green Thumbs” Can Text for the Environment appeared first on Mobile Commons.

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Interview with Carol Baroudi, Author of Green IT For Dummies

Tech Soup Blog

This piece is part of an occasional series we do at GreenTech to profile leaders in the Green IT field. publication, Green IT For Dummies. Indeed, one Amazon review is titled “ Green IT Not Just For Dummies.” Writing Green IT For Dummies was more a labor of love.

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eWeek Green IT News

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I spend time each week combing through the latest technology news to discover green technology items that are hopefully of interest to nonprofits, NGOs, libraries, and (by extension) people in small- and medium-sized offices. There are a lot of green news blogging services, but surprisingly few devoted to green IT. One of them is eWeek's Green IT News. I saw him speak at the Green IT Summit last month. GreenTech Green IT

Nonprofits Live: Green Tech on April 17

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For the month of April and Earth Day we are focusing on green tech solutions for organizations of all sizes: efficiencies, resource use, reducing travel fuel use, and encouraging energy conservation across teams and campaigns. TechSoup's GreenTech Initiative conducted a survey of nonprofits to ask them about their green technology use and aspirations. Green IT equipment purchasing.

Meatless Monday: Quinoa, Guacamame and Spring Greens Soup

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Purée of Spring Greens from Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons by Nava Atlas After having a string of vegetable-less dinners, I knew I needed to have some GREENS. It's been crazy cold in California, so a green smoothie didn't sound very appealing, but a soup did.

Should E-Waste Be the Primary Focus of Green IT?

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This month, David Moschella of Computer Sciences Corporation touched off the latest flap in a recurrent debate on what the most important part of green IT is. In an opinion piece published by ComputerWorld called The Green IT Movement has Lost the Plot he makes the case that improving the energy efficiency of IT equipment is the wrong primary emphasis for green IT. GreenTech Recycled and Refurbished Computers Green IT

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Why TechSoup Product Donations and Donors Are Green

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This isn't a comprehensive list of all our donor partners' environmental activities, but this time I'd like to talk about Cisco and Symantec and also about our Green Technology Product Donations. The company is also greening its supply chain.

Cool Apps Roundup: Green Apps

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This inaugural post will cover a variety of green or environmental apps that are already out there. In my companion blog post on Why Apps Are Green , I talked about how apps permit the use of lighter IT infrastructure like mobile phones to accomplish things we previously used to do just on PCs. Another way that apps can be green is because some of them do environmental things. Planet Green's 7 Best Green Apps for Mobile Phones.

Go Green with Video, Audio, and Web Conferencing

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GreenTech Microsoft Green IT online community online collaboration webinars teleconfering virtual conferencing Web conferencing, voice and video conferencing, and other types of remote collaboration have become a mainstay in the modern workplace.

Nonprofits Live: Green Tools and Technology Decisions Recap

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April was Earth Month but extending green habits all year-round not only benefits the planet - it helps your organization too. Meeting the triple bottom line does require adopting green tech solutions. Adopting green tech tools, like online conferencing or using online collaboration tools , can also improve an organization’s efficiency. However, not all green solutions are high tech – going green can be as simple as printing less or allowing staff to telecommute.

A Nonprofit Staffer's Guide to Green Investing

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Fortunately, by using a green investing approach, you can find ways to save for retirement and also save the planet. is involved in green or socially responsible investing. Is it possible to save for retirement AND do the right thing for the planet?

The Impact of a Decade of Refurbished Computing

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RCI has also enabled nonprofits and libraries to save some green and make a green choice by spending less money on hardware that doesn't require new material resources and energy. Green IT greentech hardware Recycled and Refurbished Computers Green Office GreenTips greentechnology

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Happy Earth Day! 7 Ways to Green Your Technology


Here are just a few of the ways you can green your IT, or use IT to green your organization this Earth Day: Conduct a green office audit. Print green. Join the Green IT Consortium on LinkedIn. Buy green electronics. Tags: earth environment green greenpeace NPTech techsoup virtualization IT Staff Flickr Photo: peppy sis Most people probably wouldn't put Earth Day and technology together, but you and I know that's just silly.

Do Good Graduation Gift Giveaway: Work on Purpose from Echoing Green

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I wish I'd had a book like Work on Purpose by Echoing Green's Senior Vice President, Lara Galinsky , with Kelly Nuxoll. Full disclosure: I was the host of Echoing Green's Be Bold Podcast , and contributed to the Work on Purpose Instructor's Guide (coming soon).

Why Apps Are Green

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They are not only fun, cheap, and useful, but they're also a green technology. Why Apps Are Green. Apps are green in much the same way as cloud computing is regarded as green. Green though they may be, they don't seem to help that much with information overload. Is Greening the Planet with Lean, Green IT

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In a time when climate change and developing the green economy are somewhat passé, nonprofits have not given up on the mission. Find out how they're greening the planet and using the leanest greenest IT possible.

EPA Webinar: The Biggest Green IT Opportunities for Nonprofits and Libraries

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I recently attended the Green IT Summit in Washington, D.C. EPA Energy Star Program are teaming up to bring you a free webinar called " The Biggest Green IT Opportunities for Nonprofits and Libraries " on Tuesday, June 28, at 1 p.m. Sign up for the free webinar here , choose your time zone, then find The Biggest Green IT Opportunities for Nonprofits and Libraries on the EPA's list of webinars. GreenTech Green IT EPA power management

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Meet the People we work with – Green Valley

Vertex Systems

We’ve completed a new case study of one of our clients – Green Valley Enterprises in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. And we’ve also got a new Customer Spotlight up, featuring the executive director of Green Valley. His name is Jack Hankes … Continue reading →

Share Your Green Tech Story and Win a Laptop or Tablet!

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Using TechSoup products or educational resources to stay GREEN ? Not sure which products from TechSoup qualify as "green tech"? Check out our Green Technology Page. Using a TechSoup product not mentioned above for green tech? Are you … A U.S.

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Nonprofit Technology News for April 2014 - The Green Issue

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There’s lots of intriguing green NPTech news this month. If like me you’re interested in this, check out the Greener IT Challenge , an informational website that gets to the heart of the matter and allows you to get a certificate in knowing what green IT is all about.

Powerful Recertified Dell Computers Now Available

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Green IT greentech hardware Recycled and Refurbished Computers Green Office RCI greentechnologyThe Refurbished Computer Initiative (RCI) at TechSoup now offers three premium recertified Dell computers from our refurbisher partner CDI. Dell has recertified these computers by cleaning and inspecting them to ensure that they perform according to their high standards.

What’s your nonprofit doing to go green?

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As flag bearers in the march for a greater good, it seems almost requisite that nonprofits should make an effort to go green - insomuch as what’s under our control. Incentivize green behavior at every level of the organization. Allison Finney environmentally friendly green


Green Technologies I'd Spend End-of-Year Donations On

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If by chance GreenTech happened to get a windfall of end-of-year financial donations, here are some green IT items that we'd be very tempted to get or try out. Grants for Technology Green Office GreenTech Hardware Recycled & Refurbished Computers Recycled & Refurbished Computers Running Your Organization Tech Planning Using the Web and Internet

New Tutorial: How to Go Green with Electronic Software Donations

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Check out our video, How to Go Green With Electronic Software Donations , to learn more. Want more information on going green with TechSoup? Check out our Go Green product section of the TechSoup website as well as our GreenTech portion of the site. GreenTech Green ITWondering about the benefits of electronic software downloads? This video presents the major reasons to consider downloading your software electronically.

Go Green with Software Downloads: Updated TechSoup Resource Page

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TechSoup has created a new short video: How To Go Green with Electronic Software Downloads. Green Office GreenTech cloud Microsoft Adobe Green IT QuickBooks cloud computing TechSoup software download electronic software Sage ACT SAP Business Objects Norton Antivirus ESDBack in April 2011, TechSoup ran an Earth Week campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of downloading a TechSoup software donation rather than having it shipped as a traditional boxed product.

What Is Green IT? Take the Greener IT Challenge

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Green technology, particularly green IT has been one of TechSoup’s missions for many years. Green IT Defined. It’s more helpful I think to list what all green IT covers: Greening offices. Green webhosting.

I'm a Little Bit Green, I'm a Little Bit Chemical

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I'm not a totally green cleaner. I'm asking those of you who are green cleaning machines: What do you use to clean your home in an environmentally friendly way? Flickr photo credit: My Green Cleaning Kit by go_greener_oz TweetI have a confession to make. If you look under my kitchen sink, you'll see that I have Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets next to Comet, Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner next to Windex, Planet Dish Soap next to Soft Scrub.

Cool Apps Roundup: Green Apps

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Cool Apps Roundup: Green Apps : This is the first in a series of blog posts that we'll be doing as part of our new App It Up project called Cool Apps Roundup. This inaugural post will cover a variety of green or environmental apps that are already out there

Comcast Internet Essentials - A Green Program to Bridge the Digital Divide

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Acquiring Technology Community Tech Centers Connecting to the Internet Digital Divide GreenTech Hardware Training Using the Web and Internet cloud Green IT library libraries cloud computing nonprofits broadbandOne of the big pieces of digital divide news in the U.S. this summer is the Comcast Internet Essentials Program.

Wild Apricot Goes Green: A Live Demo for USGBC Chapters

Wild Apricot Blog

On Thursday December 4th, 2014, we held an exclusive live demo for US Green Building Council Chapters. Below is the recording and transcript of this demo to show you how easy it can be to set up a website, create a directory and so much more.

Office Greening for the Holidays: Closing Up Shop

Tech Soup Blog

Look for those machines around your office that have a little green light glowing on them. According to Green Home Huddle "Your cell phone charger, iPod charger, laptop charger, etc. Happy green holidays from all of us at TechSoup's GreenTech Initiative. Green Office GreenTech GreenTipsIf your organization is like many others in the U.S., your office may be closed for several days during the upcoming weeks.

How I Recycle Nearly Everything in Our Office

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It's not so much that I've been a writer on green technology at TechSoup over the years. greentech Green Office greentechnologyFor a very long time, I've been the recycling guy in our office. I set up special bins and boxes where our employees can drop off hard-to-recycle things either from home or work. Here are some tips and tricks I use to recycle pretty much everything in our office.

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Announcing the 2015 DoGooder Video Awards!

See What's Out There

video DoGooder dogooder national awards dogooder video awards hannah hart john and hank green nonprofit technology network nonprofit video nonprofit video awards NTEN tyler oakley video awards YouTube youtube creators It’s that time of year again- the DoGooder Video Awards are back! If you made a video in 2014 that had an impact in your community or around the world, we want to see it. Compelling video can advance social change and create real impact.

Meatless Monday: Tortilla Soup, Vegan Mac n' Cheese, and Supergreen Bowl with Green Goddess Garlic Dressing

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I used a green pepper, rather than a poblano pepper, and omitted the 2 jalapeños. The Supergreen Bowl with Green Goddess Garlic Dressing from Appetite for Reduction was also tasty. Also, the Green Goddess Garlic Dressing is very garlicky so this is not a good dish for a first date!

Green Geekery

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

a project of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Green Electronics Council ??? I wrote about this tool and an excellent how to purchase a green computer back on Earth Day in April). This gives me a good opportunity to do a green geekery dump of some links I've collected.

Virtual Teams TweetChat on July 11

Tech Soup Blog

Green Office GreenTech Running Your Organization Green IT TweetChat telework virtual team distributed teamTechnology has made it easier than ever to work remotely outside the confines of the traditional office setting. Giving your staff the opportunity to work remotely, even a few days a week, can reduce office rental costs, electrical usage, and commuting times - a financial and environmental win for everyone involved.

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Announcing 2 Free Options for Donating Your Used Hardware

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Green IT greentech Recycled and Refurbished Computers Green Office Want to dispose of your old technology AND do some good for the world? We are proud to announce two free charitable equipment donation services. One is for consumers interested in donating laptops and phones.

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Community Science Workshops and Shared Authorship of Space: Interview with Emilyn Green

Museum 2.0

I sat down with Emilyn Green, Executive Director of the Community Science Workshop Network , to learn more about their history, design, and engagement strategy. Big thanks to Emilyn Green and the Community Science Workshop Network for sharing insights in this post.