Fundraising & Public Relations: What’s the Connection?

The Fundraising Authority

All that can and does happen every day for nonprofits, both large and small, thanks to smart public relations efforts. What Is “Public Relations”? Simply put, “public relations,” or “PR,” encompasses all the activities your organization does to get press coverage for your work. The post Fundraising & Public Relations: What’s the Connection? Donor Cultivation public relations

Emerson College Students Create a Diverse Book Campaign for Boston Public Schools While Studying Charity Navigator's DEI Goals

Charity Navigator

Through the campaign, they have spearheaded an effort to provide diverse literature to Boston Public schools. books bookstore Boston Emerson College High school minority-owned bookstore nonprofit public schools students


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Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

One of the most recent examples of this is with the failed publicity manoeuvre by none other than Dr. Pepper, who’s over the top idea had the ability to create buzz, but instead has left a bad taste (non pun intended) in many a mouth. This publicity stunt was right up there with some of the best stunts of all time. To make matters worse the front man for GNR has threatened legal proceedings due to the way the publicity stunt was handled.

COVID-19 Response Guide for Public Health Officials


The COVID-19 Frontline Guide is intended to provide these leaders and public officials with a web-based decision support tool and progress indicators to assist in informed decision-making on how to combat COVID-19 in their jurisdictions.

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Top tips for keeping your public cloud cost in check.

CEO Tech Tips

Over the years public cloud has given a way to curb data center expenditures for organizations of all sizes. Following are few tips for a CEO to be aware when reviewing organization’s public cloud budget with his/her tech leadership: Ensure clear business outcomes and KPIs are defined by the tech leadership using value-to-spend analysis. Cost of services that best meet organization’s needs and budget are calculated using the cost calculator offered by the public cloud provider.

Public Relations for Nonprofits: Everything You Need to Know

Wild Apricot

Looking to dive into the world of public relations for your nonprofit? We cover everything you need to know about how to develop a PR strategy, pitch to the media, broaden your reach and much more

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[ASK AN EXPERT] Should I Publicize the Amount of a Major Gift?


Are they okay with you publicizing the gift? Not everyone wants public recognition, but it’s worth remembering giving isn’t always its own reward. Ask yourself: “What will be accomplished by publicizing the amount?”

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George Hara: Public Interest Venture Capitalist

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Public Interest Capitalism is his personal brand of social change. BRAC can use its tax-exempt dividends to fund public service projects related to bracNet’s wireless internet connectivity (or for other public purposes, as it decides). DEFTA BRAC bracNet social enterprise public interest capitalism socent Bangladesh hybrid George Hara

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[ASK AN EXPERT] What is the Purpose of Publicizing Legacy Gifts?


Today’s question comes from a fundraiser who needs advice on how to shine a light on their legacy giving program by publicizing bequests. . Twitter | LinkedIn | The post [ASK AN EXPERT] What is the Purpose of Publicizing Legacy Gifts?

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Community Engagement and Social Media for Public Media

Amy Sample Ward

I recently had the opportunity to present a webinar for the National Center for Media Engagement , focused on community-driven engagement, and present a session at the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference , talking about building a social media strategy. Both of these presentations had participants primarily from the public media sector. Many public media organizations are looking to use social media as a way to have conversations directly with community members.

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CERIC publishes new career management guide for the public sector

Charity Village

CERIC has published a new edition of its popular Retain and Gain Playbook to support public sector employers in developing an inclusive, agile and equipped workforce. The bilingual publication comes at a time when all levels of the public sector are focused on career development as a means of putting the full capacity of their talent pools […]. The post CERIC publishes new career management guide for the public sector appeared first on CharityVillage.

5 Options for Low-cost Event Publicity

Wild Apricot

Here are some ideas for low-cost event publicity - as requested in our blog reader survey. Associations event management event registration events membership nonprofit non-profit nptech public relations publicityBy focusing on media relations, event calendars, your website, email and social media, even organizations with limited resources can promote events with little or no cost.( read more ).

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Nonprofit Public Relations For Beginners: How To Gain More Attention In Less Time


Huge organizations have huge teams and designated employees just for nonprofit public relations and outreach, media connections, and communications. When thinking about how to approach your nonprofit public relations angle, consider the following: P itch + Spokes- P erson + P latform.

Public Media Development and Marketing Conference

Amy Sample Ward

Presentations from 2011 conference presntation public media social media strategyDate : July 15, 2011. Location : Pittsburgh, PA. Topic : Building a Social Media Strategy. Description : Sure, social media is evolving at the speed of light and experimentation is important. But you still need a clear strategy, a sound plan of attack, and a method of evaluating your results.

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5 Ways To Teach Public Speaking While Homeschooling 

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Want to teach your kids proper public speaking skills and lessons in communication while homeschooling? Here are 5 key ways to teach public speaking while homeschooling. The post 5 Ways To Teach Public Speaking While Homeschooling appeared first on

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Public Media At Risk

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Public Media At Risk, Guest Post by Vincent Stehle. At the time, there was no continuing threat to cut funds for public broadcasting. It seems that every day there is a new attack on public broadcasting; the most recent coming from conservative provocateur, James O’Keefe, in an Ambush video of NPR fund raiser Ron Schiller, who quickly resigned for making inappropriate comments. This effort seeks to channel the political power of the enormous audience for public media.

Looking into the Crystal Ball: Public Policy and Foundations in 2021

Connection Cafe

As we look forward to a world with less COVID-19, more vaccinations, and just maybe a return to a more normal day to day, I wanted to take a few moments to jot down some thoughts on what 2021 means for foundations in terms of public policy.

Nonprofit Transparency Best Practices: Building Donor & Public Trust

Whole Whale

Whole Whale does not publicly offer or claim to offer financial and/or legal advice to nonprofits or any organization. Communicating accountability, responsibility, and impact with the general public should be a priority for any organization. Publicly List Board Members & Key Staff.

Prospect Research for Public Radio Stations

Donor Search

… Annual Giving Conducting Prospect Research Implementing Prospect Research Public Radio Stations UncategorizedRadio is a cultural stalwart. It has outlasted its naysayers. When television came along people thought radio would disappear. It survived. As the internet rose to prominence, people tried to knock radio once again. It survived. Listeners can now find their favorite radio stations in the car, on the computer, and even on their phones.…

Emergency management training software for public safety


Emergency management training software for Public Safety provides a centralized system for training, managing, accessing, refreshing and sharing real-time need

Convio goes public!

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Convio (CNVO) went public yesterday! Tags: Convio going public IPO The IPO did quite well considering the circumstances. When assessing the two tech IPOs of the day, the second being a hardware manufacturer, an industry analyst said: “You can keep selling the same (software) code over and over again. On the hardware side, that stuff is obsolete. By the time it is released, there is already something better in development,&# said founder Ben Holmes.

Convio goes public!

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Convio (CNVO) went public yesterday! Tags: Convio going public IPO The IPO did quite well considering the circumstances. When assessing the two tech IPOs of the day, the second being a hardware manufacturer, an industry analyst said: “You can keep selling the same (software) code over and over again. On the hardware side, that stuff is obsolete. By the time it is released, there is already something better in development,&# said founder Ben Holmes.

New Public Search Module


Public users searching for resources, services and other community assets are about to enjoy a powerfully effective search algorithm, and a new interface as well. Released to our customers for review, each of our customers can now review their own online resource directory with these new tools and provide feedback before we release this into production. The search algorithm uses a linguistically aware solution, reducing words to their core roots.

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2015 publications

AFP Blog

2015 publications : "Giving a Bit(coin) - Cryptocurrency and philanthropy New online currencies such as Bitcoin could be the answer to charities becoming more transparent over how they spend donations." 'via via Blog this

Interview with Rob Wu & Public Launch of CauseVox

Amy Sample Ward

I’m not sure if you caught the news today but CauseVox has launched their public beta! I’ve been following the work of Rob and his team closely as they have shown not just interest, but passion and intent for engaging with the community at large to create a tool that meets the needs of nonprofit organizations and keeps us involved in making the tool better and better. In spite of having a busy launch day, I got ahold of him to ask a few questions.

Learning In Public On Wikis

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Wikis can be terrific platforms for supporting professional learning in real time, but it requires a comfort level with “ learning in public.&# Learning in private is what most of us did in school. Social media has unleashed a fabulous opportunity for professional learning about practice in public. Creating an environment for learning in public means that it is okay to say “I don’t know” about an issue or problem and to ask others what they think.

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The Private Cloud, The Public Cloud, Or The Hybrid Cloud


If you have ever given any thought to moving your nonprofit to the cloud, one of the most important things to understand is the difference between the private, public, and hybrid cloud. What is a public cloud. Often a free service, or a pay for what you use model, public clouds make software and applications available for use through the use of share computing power. As a result, public clouds are managed through external providers as opposed to in-house.

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How can nonprofits implement a strategic public policy agenda to achieve greater impact?

ASU Lodestar Center

Public policy and the nonprofit sector. Public policy at all levels of government has the ability to threaten the work of all nonprofits (National Council of Nonprofits, 2019). Many nonprofits see public policy engagement as a peripheral activity not central to their mission.

What Volkswagen Got Wrong With Its Video Public Statement


German automaker Volkswagen is embroiled in an emissions scandal that resulted in its CEO Martin Winterkorn resigning and giving a public statement. Here's what we can learn about video public statements. The post What Volkswagen Got Wrong With Its Video Public Statement appeared first on The See3 Blog. So why does Winterkorn's apology seem unbelievable. video crisis communications nonprofit communications nonprofit video teleprompter Volkswagen

Enhanced Searching for Public Access


We have released a completely redesigned interface for public access to community resources, assets, and services. The interface offers a greatly simplified initial display for the public, with quick links to details and maps, and to an advanced searching module as well. For our system administrators, the new solution offers integrated resource editing directly from the search results.

What are the difference between Public, Shared and Private proxies?

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You have heard about some private proxies, some shared and some public proxies, but. The post What are the difference between Public, Shared and Private proxies? You decided to use a proxy in order to protect yourself on the internet and you found out that there are several different types of proxies, so which one is for you? What type of proxy is best for your needs? appeared first on Proxy Server

Public Good's Unique Platform for Attracting New Donors

Tech Soup Blog

Public Good is a new donation platform from the people who revolutionized grassroots online giving for the 2012 Obama presidential campaign. Public Good is a new online donor management platform that was designed from the ground up to reflect how people organize around causes. According to Public Good Director of Partnership Development Josh Culley-Foster, the service is designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible by both charities and donors. Video: Public Good.

An Open (Online) Book: What SB 272 Means for California Public Records

Byte Technology

Johnson signed into law the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a sweeping measure that suddenly allowed all American citizens access to public records that where previously out of reach to anyone but government employees. But unfortunately, despite how technologically advanced our state in particular is in the larger scheme of things, the public sector hasn’t quite kept up with the times and has been frustratingly slow in making public data available online.

Best VPN for iPhone: Encrypt Public Wi-Fi wireless Network!

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The post Best VPN for iPhone: Encrypt Public Wi-Fi wireless Network! Need a VPN to set up on your iPhone 8/iPhoneX for data security? What is the best vpn app for iphone? In this post I would like share my experience with iOS VPN apps to give you some advice on which services are good for use. Which vpn is best for iPhone? There are a. appeared first on Private VPN Service

The Best Android VPN Apps: Encrypt Public Wi-Fi Network!

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The post The Best Android VPN Apps: Encrypt Public Wi-Fi Network! Getting a VPN for Android is very important and will keep you private and secure when you’re browsing the internet. Which vpn app is best for Android? Find the Best VPNs for Android now. Technology has advanced massively and we can now access the entire internet from our mobile devices. This has opened up many. appeared first on Apps Private VPN Service

Ten Tips for More Powerful Public Speaking

Museum 2.0

Public speaking is a learned skill, even for those with natural talent. Consider using Marshall Ganz's Public Narrative technique. What tips have helped you most as a public speaker? I love presenting. Standing in front of an audience fills me with adrenaline and calm at the same time. The adrenaline comes from fear and excitement. The calm comes from a sense of mastery. Here's how to get that calm. Get a ton of practice.

The Tension Between Publicness and Privacy

Beth Kanter

While I found it annoying and looked for a way to turn it off , I’m hearing from that their networks are confusing – thinking that those updates are public – and asking their friends to “unsubscribe” them. There is a larger issue here -the tension between privacy and publicness as Jeff Jarvis calls it. What are your thoughts about the tension between privacy and publicness?

Route 66 Goes Public

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

It has information about the Route 66 concept and includes a pointer to a public demo site with free sample content. We just launched the Route 66 Literacy web site. I really appreciate the funding we have had for Route 66 from the Severns and Special Hope Foundations: it's made it possible for us to go this far. We also just received news of some additional funding and are continuing to develop the technology further.

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Public Allies Arizona: Getting Things Done for America

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Annie Bello Graduate Public Allies Arizona I quickly realized that Public Allies was no cop out when we were sworn in as AmeriCorps members. We have chosen to do something about the challenges our world faces, by joining Public Allies and serving those experiencing homelessness, who have a severe mental illness, who are on a limited income or who have physical disabilities. This blog post is an excerpt from Annie Bellow’s 2014 Public Allies graduation speech.

Public Allies Arizona: Burning You With the 5 Core Values

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Chrisal Valencia Member Events & Volunteer Coordinator Local First Arizona Public Allies has played a very definitive role in my life. As I prepped for what I wanted to say to the next graduating class of Public Allies Arizona, I took a queue from my own days as an ally and reflected. My daughter Noelle turned 1 when I started my first year of Public Allies. So how does this relate to Public Allies? Chrisal Valencia Public Allies

LocalFreeWeb Combines Digital Inclusion with Public Transportation

Tech Soup Blog

Collaborating with Public Libraries. I was happy to hear from Joseph that he and his team members have started working directly with public libraries on cleaning up the data about the various locations. Q: What happens when you bring app developers together with nonprofits and libraries along with some coffee thrown in? A: Mobile apps with a conscience! Last October, I wrote about a breakfast co-hosted by Caravan Studios and Twilio for nonprofits and app developers.

Instead of Selling Objects, Build Public Trust

Museum 2.0

It's sparked public uproar, legal battles, and nationwide press coverage. It's cracked the crumbling, outdated rules around deaccessioning--and unearthed more serious issues of public trust. Cue public uproar and legal action to block the auction. I once consulted with a museum that had no museum--no building, no public programs, no exhibitions. Their objects were locked in a private prison, protected far from the public in whose trust they purported to be held.

Public Ally Describes Program as 'Life Changing'

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Pamela Timmons Class 12 Public Ally. That is when I discovered Public Allies Arizona. Coming into Public Allies, I was just a stay-at-home mom; entering back into the workforce was another challenge of its own. What Public Allies means to me in a couple words…LIFE CHANGING! Pamela Timmons was part of Public Allies' Class 12. Public Allies Arizona is a 10-month apprenticeship program designed to develop the next generation of civic leaders