Instead of Selling Objects, Build Public Trust

Museum 2.0

It's sparked public uproar, legal battles, and nationwide press coverage. It's cracked the crumbling, outdated rules around deaccessioning--and unearthed more serious issues of public trust. Cue public uproar and legal action to block the auction. You run a regional museum.

Can Public Art Increase Civic Participation?

Connection Cafe

NSD) aimed to improve the voting experience and increase civic engagement using public art. As Project Director of NSD, I have the privilege of presenting about our project during the Public Service segment at MCON 2016.

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Community Engagement and Social Media for Public Media

Amy Sample Ward

I recently had the opportunity to present a webinar for the National Center for Media Engagement , focused on community-driven engagement, and present a session at the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference , talking about building a social media strategy.

Humanize Public Workshop, DC Tuesday 10/16


We are VERY excited to invite you to our very first public workshop. Join us on Tuesday!!

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Why Can’t We Define Public Relations?


” In Gini’s view, “what [Cody] is describing is publicity – or media relations. The traditional definition of PR is “ the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its publics. [LONG POST ALERT!].

The Private Cloud, The Public Cloud, Or The Hybrid Cloud


If you have ever given any thought to moving your nonprofit to the cloud, one of the most important things to understand is the difference between the private, public, and hybrid cloud. What is a public cloud. Image courtesy of US News.

Learning In Public On Wikis

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Wikis can be terrific platforms for supporting professional learning in real time, but it requires a comfort level with “ learning in public.&# Learning in private is what most of us did in school. How do create an environment where it is okay to learn in public?

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The Tension Between Publicness and Privacy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

While I found it annoying and looked for a way to turn it off , I’m hearing from that their networks are confusing – thinking that those updates are public – and asking their friends to “unsubscribe” them.

What Volkswagen Got Wrong With Its Video Public Statement

See What's Out There

German automaker Volkswagen is embroiled in an emissions scandal that resulted in its CEO Martin Winterkorn resigning and giving a public statement. Here's what we can learn about video public statements.

Public Allies Arizona: Getting Things Done for America

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Annie Bello Graduate Public Allies Arizona I quickly realized that Public Allies was no cop out when we were sworn in as AmeriCorps members. We have chosen to do something about the challenges our world faces, by joining Public Allies and serving those experiencing homelessness, who have a severe mental illness, who are on a limited income or who have physical disabilities. This blog post is an excerpt from Annie Bellow’s 2014 Public Allies graduation speech.

Facebook Goes Public. What now?


Facebook Goes Public. This is an amazing slide deck by the always creative Publicis Modem UK with a glimpse into what’s coming, possibly, with regards to Facebook and the role of brands.

Public Good's Unique Platform for Attracting New Donors

Tech Soup Blog

Public Good is a new donation platform from the people who revolutionized grassroots online giving for the 2012 Obama presidential campaign. Public Good is a new online donor management platform that was designed from the ground up to reflect how people organize around causes.

How Can We Learn in Public?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How Can We Learn in Public? Yesterday I attended the GEO session Learning in Public. Speaking of learning in public, with Beth at the helm, I knew I would learn something about engaging audiences, and I am always on the hunt for better ways of connecting to the audience.

Public Allies Arizona: Burning You With the 5 Core Values

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Chrisal Valencia Member Events & Volunteer Coordinator Local First Arizona Public Allies has played a very definitive role in my life. As I prepped for what I wanted to say to the next graduating class of Public Allies Arizona, I took a queue from my own days as an ally and reflected. My daughter Noelle turned 1 when I started my first year of Public Allies. So how does this relate to Public Allies? Chrisal Valencia Public Allies

Public speaking for change

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Speaking publicly is an important part of our work. We invest in public speaking coaching (thanks, Melinda Henning!) to become better speakers, both for old hands like me and Benetechers getting ready for their first public speech. I originally started this blog as a way to keep more of our Benetech team aware of what was going on with me and other team members (through guest blogs) while on our travels.

Learning in Public: To What End?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Learning in Public – Guest post by Victoria Dunning. Learning in Public. And in this networked world where social change and social movements can be seeded overnight with a viral video on YouTube, such public collaboration on complex social issues can have multiple benefits.

Learning in Public Challenges and Actions

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Learning in Public Challenges and Actions – guest post by Annie Hernandez. I went to the Learning in Public session expecting to hear that the process the Packard Foundation used to evaluate their capacity building work was wildly successful. Flickr Photo by Andy Beal.

5 Options for Low-cost Event Publicity

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are some ideas for low-cost event publicity - as requested in our blog reader survey. Associations event management event registration events membership nonprofit non-profit nptech public relations publicityBy focusing on media relations, event calendars, your website, email and social media, even organizations with limited resources can promote events with little or no cost.( read more ).

George Hara: Public Interest Venture Capitalist

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Public Interest Capitalism is his personal brand of social change. BRAC can use its tax-exempt dividends to fund public service projects related to bracNet’s wireless internet connectivity (or for other public purposes, as it decides). DEFTA BRAC bracNet social enterprise public interest capitalism socent Bangladesh hybrid George Hara

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Public Service, Advocacy, and Institutional Transformation

Museum 2.0

Our conversation made me reflect on the museums that most inspire me from a public service perspective--institutions with missions that stretch far beyond their walls. Yesterday, I had lunch with Monica Martinez, the ED of Homeless Services for Santa Cruz county.

What is the scaffolding for learning in public?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The TCC Group is facilitating a “learn in public&# process by sharing early research findings related to 1300 capacity building grants. There has been an interesting discussion on the wiki and blogs about strategy for public learning.

What Nonprofits Can Learn from Public Radio about Storytelling


If nonprofits want to learn how to create content that both engages audiences and creates devoted supporters, we need look no further than the gold standard offered each day by public radio. Will Coley. Producer/Founder. Aquifer Media. We're in the middle of a renaissance of digital audio online and via mobile technology. To take advantage of this is an exciting and pivotal moment, nonprofits should consider adding audio storytelling to your digital communications toolkit.

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Ushahidi Develops Innovative Tools for Nonprofits and Others Working to Benefit the Public

Tech Soup Blog

And nonprofits and lots of others working to benefit the public can use its tools to be able to do their work better. One of TechSoup's less-known areas of work has been to support and promote the work of other tech-for-good organizations, like Ushahidi in Kenya.

From Owning the Publication to Owning the Idea


Ever since Johannes Gutenberg used moveable print to create splendid, reproducible publications there has been almost as much attention and importance placed on the printed page as on the ideas it contains.

Interview with Rob Wu & Public Launch of CauseVox

Amy Sample Ward

I’m not sure if you caught the news today but CauseVox has launched their public beta!

What Nonprofits Can Learn from Public Radio about Storytelling


If nonprofits want to learn how to create content that both engages audiences and creates devoted supporters, we need look no further than the gold standard offered each day by public radio. Will Coley. Producer/Founder. Aquifer Media. We're in the middle of a renaissance of digital audio online and via mobile technology. To take advantage of this is an exciting and pivotal moment, nonprofits should consider adding audio storytelling to your digital communications toolkit.

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New Microsoft Cloud Offerings for Nonprofits to Serve the Public Good

Tech Soup Blog

Today Microsoft Philanthropies announced it will donate $1 billion of Microsoft Cloud services to nonprofits and university researchers over the next three years to serve the public good. Microsoft has just announced the following. Expanding Nonprofit Donations to Microsoft Cloud Services.

Prospect Research for Public Radio Stations

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… Annual Giving Conducting Prospect Research Implementing Prospect Research Public Radio Stations UncategorizedRadio is a cultural stalwart. It has outlasted its naysayers. When television came along people thought radio would disappear. It survived.

Bridge Building or Trust Busting: A Warts-and-All Reflection on “Learning in Public”?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This is a terrific write up of the session I presented on “ Learning in Public “ Bridge Building or Trust Busting – a Warts-and-All Reflection on “Learning in Public”? All evaluation data was posted on a public wiki. Flickr Photo by AnEye4Pictures.

3 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Next Fundraising Campaign (and free ebook!)

Amy Sample Ward

It’s your chance to have direct conversations with supporters, fans, and donors – conversations that happen in public so many more people can learn about and engage with you. Share the spotlight: Social media is an easy tool to use to say thank you to supporters and donors in public.

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Ask a Nonprofit Specialist: Legal protection of control within public charities

ASU Lodestar Center

Question: I am the interested in starting a public charity, and I want to legally protect my influence and ability to control the affairs of the organization. Long answer: Public charities are an IRS designation of organizations that are organized and operated for exempt purposes.

How to Be a Better Presenter, Even on the Fly

Connection Cafe

I can never understand how or why that became the prevailing advice for giving public speeches. Preparation is 90% of the battle with public speaking. Nonprofit Marketing nonprofit design presentations professional development public speaking

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Is a Culture of Learning Required To Learn in Public?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

At the “Learning in Public” breakout session, Beth Kanter, Jared Raynor (TCC Group) and Kathy Reich (David and Lucile Packard Foundation) sharing the Packard Foundation’s experience with learning in public. Flickr Photo by Zen.

Introducing Abbott Square: A Multi-Part Series on the MAH's Expansion into Creative Public Space

Museum 2.0

We're gutting an adjacent office building to host a new public market with five mini-restaurants and two bars. I love the sound of jackhammers in the morning. My organization, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH), is in the home stretch of a major expansion project.

2015 publications

AFP Blog

2015 publications : "Giving a Bit(coin) - Cryptocurrency and philanthropy New online currencies such as Bitcoin could be the answer to charities becoming more transparent over how they spend donations." 'via via Blog this

Big Data and Big Benefits for YOU!

Connection Cafe

Wealth screening individuals through public data sources to uncover information on income, career, biographies, interests, achievements, philanthropic and political affiliations, etc. Nonprofit Fundraising #bigdata American Public Gardens Association Analytics big data trends

San Francisco Public Radio Maps Listeners’ Earthquake Readiness

Mobile Commons

Public radio station KALW is using Mobile Commons technology to find out more about how prepared its listeners are. It’s been many years since an earthquake of devastating proportions hit the Bay Area, but that doesn’t stop people thinking about what to do if (when?) another one strikes. They’re asking listeners to text in what’s in their earthquake kit and then showing the results on a map. You can also hear samples of the responses on the air.

Adventures in Artist-Driven Public Engagement: Machine Project at the Hammer Museum

Museum 2.0

Security staff are so rarely involved in the creative development of public engagement projects, but in many museums--especially art museums--they are the staff members who end up negotiating them.

Nominations open for the 2014 Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest


About The Pizzigati Prize The Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest annually awards a $10,000 cash grant to one individual who has created or led an effort to create an open source software product of significant value to the nonprofit sector and movements for social change. The Pizzigati Prize seeks to honor software developers who create, for free public distribution, open source applications and tools that nonprofit and advocacy groups can put to good use.

NTEN Announces Launch of New Publication for Nonprofit Leaders (and It's Free!)


You already know that technology can help you and your organization create the change you want to see in the world. NTEN's mission is to help you do that. As part of that effort, we’re excited to introduce NTEN:Change , a quarterly journal for nonprofit leaders.