5 Features of Effective Email Newsletters

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Imagine a world where every email newsletter you sent out directly impacted the results of your organization. The post 5 Features of Effective Email Newsletters appeared first on John Haydon. Email Marketing email newsletter

10 (Totally Awesome) Email Newsletters for Nonprofit Professionals


You know that person in the office who seems to hear about everything first? The one who’s always reading something interesting, always has the best links to send, and knows about all the new trends before you’ve even made sense of the old ones?

Your Nonprofit’s 10 Point Checklist For Effective Newsletter Writing


Writing, and sending, your nonprofit’s email newsletter takes creativity, precision strategy, and even a little finesse. Not only that, but once its been sent, your newsletter is out of your control. The post Your Nonprofit’s 10 Point Checklist For Effective Newsletter Writing appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. There’s no re-do.

Your 10 Point Checklist For Nonprofit Newsletter Writing


Writing, and sending, your nonprofit’s email newsletter takes creativity, precision strategy, and even a little finesse. Not only that, but once its been sent, your newsletter is out of your control. Start with the newsletter’s purpose and let ideas come from there.

6 Tips for Creating Engaging Email Newsletters

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Regardless of whether you work in the nonprofit sector or run a small business, an email newsletter is one of the most important communication channels you have with your customers and supporters. Use these six tips to become a newsletter pro. Sponsored by iContact.

Why Nobody Subscribes To Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter

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A critical piece of any successful nonprofit email newsletter is acquisition. Why Should People Join Your Email Newsletter? The post Why Nobody Subscribes To Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter appeared first on John Haydon.

How to Write a Newsletter Your Members Will Actually Want to Read

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Does your digital newsletter have low engagement? Here's how to write a newsletter your members actually want to read

5 Ways to Create an Email Newsletter that Pops on Mobile

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More and more of your subscribers view your email newsletter on a mobile device. Is your newsletter readable on mobile? And according to one study, they’ll delete your newsletter if it can’t be easily read.

7 Ways to Increase the Open Rate of Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter


Distributing a regular newsletter requires a lot: curation, content creation, and then there’s capturing the attention of your audience despite inbox overcrowding. marketing open rates newsletter

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Three Nonprofit e-Newsletters to Subscribe To and Learn From

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My e-newsletter is by far the driving force behind Nonprofit Tech 2.0. Most e-newsletters today seem to be stuck in the design best practices of 2006 and take little account for the rapid rise of social media and the fact that the number one activity on smartphones today is reading email.

3 Email Newsletters "Dos" and 1 Big "Don't"

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Does your nonprofit have a newsletter? An effective email newsletter can help you promote events, fundraising campaigns, and your content. TechSoup sends out a few newsletters, including two written by me ( By the Cup and TechSoup for Libraries ).

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We at the ASU Lodestar Center have been wanting to do a major overhaul of our newsletter for quite a while. As many of you are undoubtedly aware, the Lodestar Center Nonprofit News is a hugely useful newsletter with gobs and gobs of valuable information. posted by.

Three Reasons to Require Verified Opt-In for your Email Newsletter

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But to get the best result from your email newsletter, list quality is essential. The post Three Reasons to Require Verified Opt-In for your Email Newsletter appeared first on John Haydon. Email Marketing email acquisition email newsletter verified opt-in

How to Optimize Your Nonprofit Newsletter for Success

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Your email newsletter is crucial for the success of your organization. In this post, you'll see how you can make the most of each element, from the subject line, through the body text, and to your call to action at the end of each newsletter.

Can I Use That Image for My Website or Newsletter?

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With the rise of visual social media (like Pinterest and Instagram), a clear trend in digital communications is more images and fewer words — even if you are communicating through your website or an email newsletter.

3 Mobile Compatible Nonprofit e-Newsletters to Subscribe To and Learn From

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With 51% of email now being opened on a tablet or smartphone, nonprofits would be wise to redesign their e-newsletter as soon as possible. Fundraising Mobile Media e-Newsletters

No One Wants to Sign Up for Your Damn E-Newsletter

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While reading about the best practices for denim patching, you notice a little box to the right of the article that says “sign up for our e-newsletter.” No wants your damn e-newsletter. E-newsletters are an awesome way to keep in touch with your constituents, prospective clients and advocates of your causes. No one cares about your damn e-newsletter. E-newsletter email captures are no different.

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3 Key Insights On E-newsletters

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In past conversations, we''ve learned that many associations, clubs and non-profits use e-newsletters to communicate with their members with varying degrees of success. newsletter Communications So we revisited the subject in a recent Advisory session. Here are 3 key insights.

Refreshing Your E-newsletter

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It's spring cleaning season - a good time to review and refresh your e-newsletter. Associations E-mail marketing member communication newsletters nonprofit non-profit Non-profit Communications nptechHere are some tips to get you started.( read more ).

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Will Newsletters Help Increase Your School’s Fundraising?

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Does your school currently use snail mail or e-mail newsletters to stay in touch with donors, alumni and parents? Did you know that using newsletters can dramatically increase your fundraising revenue and make it easier to find new prospects?

April Newsletter: What Rhymes with April

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newsletter april 9000Maple? Bagel? Playful? A plate full of staples? A drill? Does anything really truly rhyme with April? Anyways, one exciting piece of news is that we reached 9,000 paying customers this week (not including free accounts)!

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October 9 Webinar: Online Fundraising and e-Newsletters for Nonprofits

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Although social media has revolutionized how nonprofits communicate online with their supporters and donors, online fundraising tools like “Donate Now” buttons and e-newsletters are essential building blocks to a successful social media strategy. Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2012.

What NOT To Do On Your Nonprofit’s Next Email Newsletter


If your nonprofit has not edited its email newsletter in the last 6 months, it’s probably time. Your newsletter should be short, to the point, and have the capacity to quickly communicate an important message or update to the reader. Your subject line is the hook for your newsletter.

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Transforming Your E-Newsletter

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Here's a review of a Network for Good e-book on making the transition from a print newsletter to an email version. And for those wanting tips on refreshing an existing email newsletter, here's an article that might help. newsletter member communications

Your Nonprofit’s Newsletter: You Are Not the Target Audience


Your nonprofit’s newsletter is probably a key element in your nonprofit’s communications arsenal. For advice on how board members can make sure their nonprofit’s newsletter is designed as well as it should be, we turned to nonprofit communications maven Kivi Leroux Miller.

Connections, The Airs Newsletter November/December 2014


The Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) has released the latest issue of Connections, the AIRS newsletter. This issue covers such topics as 2015 AIRS Conference, choosing the right tools for I&R texting communications, and more. Read Connections by clicking the link

E-newsletters (Or, yet another way in which the electronic.

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How to Make Nonprofit Newsletters that Engage


Online newsletters. We're constantly fiddling with our own newsletter , so we're excited that Alec Stern from Constant Contact will be offering tips and real examples from other nonprofits at our upcoming Product Spotlight webinar, " Nonprofit Newsletters That Engage ". > In this webinar, you will: Discover the keys to an engaging newsletter and why online is essential. Discover lessons you can learn inside of your reports to continually improve your newsletter.

Mobile Commons Spring 2013 Highlights – Newsletter

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In this newsletter, we wanted to share some of our biggest news and most innovative partnerships from the first third of the year. All Posts Blog Company News Newsletter It’s been an active couple months for us at Mobile Commons. We launched Mobile Commons Advocacy; we got generous praise from some notable figures; and we worked on a wide variety of exciting mobile campaigns.

Five Ways Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Build Their e-Newsletter List

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People are often surprised when I say that if given the choice, I would choose 10,000 e-Newsletter subscribers over 10,000 Followers on Twitter, 10,000 Fans on Facebook, or 10,000 Friends on Foursquare… combined. Thanks to blogging, my e-newsletter list tripled in size in half the time.

Nonprofit Newsletter vs. Nonprofit Blog: Which Will Bring More Success

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Here's a full look at the pros and cons of publishing a nonprofit newsletter versus a blogs to help you figure out the best content marketing strategy for your nonprofit. blog newsletter

Call for Submissions: Contribute to the NTEN Blog, e-Newsletter, and Journal


One set of resources we'd like to invite you, the NTEN community, to contribute to, in an on-going way, is our publications: NTEN:Connect : our blog/monthly e-newsletter, organized around monthly themes.

The State of the Nonprofit Newsletter

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If you missed the Nonprofit Blog Carnival's Nonprofit Newsletter Trends and Tips, here's a recap and some additional posts and resources. nonprofit newsletters

Four Creative (and Smart) Uses of Social Media Icons in Nonprofit e-Newsletters

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The vast majority of online donations come from a click in an e-newsletter, as do most new Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, and text alert subscribers. That said, optimizing your e-newsletter design for the Social Web is smart. e-Newsletters Social MediaEmail is still queen.

10 Nonprofit E-newsletter Resources

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"Blogs are great because you can re-purpose some of the content from your posts in your e-newsletter," I told a large group at a recent social media training. How many of you have an e-newsletter?". It is amazing to me how many organizations and entrepreneurs don't have an e-newsletter, or if they do, it is deathly boring. newsletter.

Google+ Icons For Your Website, Blog, and e-Newsletter

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Many of you have to tools to extract and crop the icons for your website, blog, and e-newsletter, but for those of you that don’t, simply right-click on the Google+ icon in the right-hand column of this blog for an icon that is 64 pixels x 64 pixels. A “Google+ icons&# search in Google Images reveals numerous free Google+ icons available for download, however most are embedded in images files.

5 Proven Tips for Building Your Nonprofits Email List


Join Our Newsletter is displayed first, followed by links to social media accounts on the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum website. Portland Museum of Art groups their E-newsletter with links to their social media accounts.

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Pro Tip: More Visuals in Newsletters Can Increase Click Rates by 60 Percent

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In a recent test of a direct email for Adobe software donation program at TechSoup, we discovered that image-based emails showed a significantly improved click rates over the more traditional, text-based emails most TechSoup members are used to receiving from us. The Test.

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July Update: AWS Migration Complete

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newsletter July-UpdateRead all about how our migration to Amazon Web Services went, plus a new feature, updates to our mobile app, a free webinar, and more.

5 Questions to Ask Before Sending That Email Blast

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Email newsletters, emails about upcoming events, and emails about fundraising and volunteer opportunities. Email Marketing email marketing email newsletter According to the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for 2015, nonprofits spend a lot of time and resources sending email.