ADA Compliance and Your Website

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In 2003, ADA compliance was extended to also include websites and mobile apps. No matter how long your website has been up and running, it’s never too late to be sure you are reaching everyone and maintaining a well accessible website.

Ways to Improve Your Website’s Performance

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In this age of high customer service expectations, same-day delivery, and instant updates, website visitors are less patient to wait for your site to download. To help you achieve all of these, we have highlighted four key tactics to enhance your website. .


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5 Steps to Improve Your Nonprofit Website

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Elliot Olson , Lead Web Strategist at Studio Anansi — website designs and digital strategies to empower mission-driven organizations and drive real results. Your website is your nonprofit’s digital home. Nonprofit websites must be engaging, effective, and purposeful.

Reasons to put Cloudflare in Front of Your Website

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Cloudflare is a service that provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN), a performance layer, and a firewall for your website. But what are the reasons to put Cloudflare in front of your website? Our article highlights the rationale for placing your website behind Cloudflare.

[DATA] 11 Must-Know Stats About Nonprofit Websites

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Once submitted, you will be provided instant access all the data covering website and email communications, online fundraising tools, social media, and productivity and security software. 1) 60% of nonprofits worldwide use WordPress as their website’s content management system.

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The Value of Knowing Your Website’s Conversion Rate

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Website Conversions. One of those crucial metrics is your website’s conversions. At Byte Technology , we have experts who are professionals at providing strategies that can increase your website conversions. What is Website Conversion? Examples of Website Conversion.

10 Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Your website is the foundation upon which your digital communications and fundraising campaigns are built. How well your nonprofit’s email and social media campaigns perform depend upon how well your website is designed. Maximize your website’s sidebar.

Should You Use Autoplay for Videos on Your Website?

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Hold on, when did websites start using video anyway? The first time a website hosted a video was way back in 1997 on a site called (now defunct, so you might end up in a risky site if you try to find it), which was similar to present-day YouTube.

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Top 10 Job Websites for Nonprofit Professionals Worldwide

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The website is available in English , Portuguese, and Spanish. WebsitesThe COVID-19 pandemic transformed the nonprofit sector.

[FREE WEBINAR] Website & Email Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Packed with practical advice and customized for small nonprofits on a limited budget, this webinar will stress the importance of professional website design and strategic email marketing and fundraising. How to integrate social media into your website and email communications.

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[FREE WEBINAR] How to Prevent Your Nonprofit’s WordPress Website from Getting Hacked in 2022

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If you’re part of a small nonprofit communications team, your WordPress website updates probably aren’t high on the priority list – but they should be because it’s just a matter of time before your website gets hacked. Webinar WebsitesDate: Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

Top 5: Things to Do When Your Website Isn't Loading

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404 Error, 500 Internal Error, that dreaded buffering wheel or gray sad emoji. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Education Online Platforms Technology Top 5

5 Design Techniques That Will Increase the Lifespan of Your Nonprofit’s Website

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She draws on years of experience as a UX designer and front-end developer to guide the creation of the perfect website for your organization from start to finish. This article is for those who had to shoehorn COVID banners and announcements on an inflexible website template.

Designing Your Virtual Event Website for Sponsor Success

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Your event website, of course! So your website should be eye-catching and designed to capture their attention. Cadmium’s eventScribe conference website is highly customizable and includes many options to help you make the event worth it for your sponsors.

5 Tips to Boost Your Nonprofit Website’s SEO

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SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the process that makes it easier to help users find your website with a quick internet search. The better your SEO, the higher your website will appear in, say, Google’s search results, which means more visibility and more traffic to your website.

8 Ways to Utilize Your Nonprofit's Website


If you are a nonprofit trying to compete in an increasingly saturated market, optimizing your website is one of the most impactful ways to stand apart, spread your mission, and drive donations.

What is Information Architecture? The Un-Flashy Key to Nonprofit Website Success


Website design has changed a lot over the last decade, largely due to the vast availability of low-cost, templated designs that look quite stunning. Information Architecture (IA) is the structural design of a website. But it’s the key to what makes a good website, well, good!

The Ultimate Guide to Donation Website Builders for Your Nonprofit

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So your nonprofit has been taking off, and you realize you’ve gotten big enough that it’s time to build a donation website. But the idea of building a website can seem daunting depending on your experience. website-and-technology

The 10 Best Membership Website Builders in 2021

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If you’re planning on building a membership website, there are many membership website builders that are easy to use and have lots of features to suit your organization. website-and-technology

How to Create a Membership Website Free with Wild Apricot

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Thousands of organizations use Wild Apricot's software to manage their membership websites ( we're also the most popular provider ). That’s because Wild Apricot is one of the few membership website creators who offer a completely free account. website-and-technology

Upgrade Your Nonprofit Website With This Member Directory Template

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It may seem like a simple list of members, but the benefits of having a member directory make it one of the most important sections you can add to your website. website-and-technologyDoes your organization have a member directory?

9 Things Every Nonprofit Website Should Have


As a nonprofit organization aiming to reach a wider audience and soliciting support, a functional website is one of the most valuable communication tools at your disposal. There are important things that every nonprofit website should have […].

[WEBINAR] Website & Email Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Packed with practical advice and customized for small nonprofits on a limited budget, this webinar will stress the importance of professional website design and strategic email marketing and fundraising. How to integrate social media into your website and email communications.

Government Websites on Drupal 9

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As Drupal 8 heads towards its end-of-life this November, we are starting to see more government websites on Drupal 9. This means that many government websites have already made the switch to Drupal 9, or are in process.

Top 20 Best WordPress Plugins for Nonprofit Websites

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Please join Chuck on October 29 for a webinar on how to prevent your WordPress website from getting hacked. The platform has grown into a powerful publishing tool where organizations of all sizes can extend their website’s capability. Google XML Sitemaps – automatically generates a sitemap and lets Google know when your website pages and posts have been updated. Lock down WordPress to keep your website safe from attacks. Guest Post Websites

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How to Convert Your Nonprofit Website Visitor into a Donor

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Every nonprofit website visitor is a potential donor. Studies have found that most website visitors leave within 10 seconds, and the vast majority are gone within 20 seconds. . That means your website must be clean, clear, and easy to navigate.

Do I Need a Cookie Policy on My Website?

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It’s a piece of legislation requiring websites to obtain consent from website visitors to store or retrieve information on a smartphone, computer or tablet. The website has fulfilled its obligations to let you know about the cookie policy. Website Design & Development

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8 Club Website Templates + Examples to Inspire You

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That’s why you need a club website. website-and-technologyIf you run a club, then you know how important it is to have a place where your members can go to for important information, register for events and meetings, and support each other and your mission.

Top 4 Web Hosting Providers for Your Nonprofit’s WordPress Website

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By Chuck Spidell , founder of ILLUSIO and a WordPress Strategist committed to helping nonprofits get their websites unstuck and moving forward. If your organization is using generic or low-cost website hosting for WordPress, it’s likely you’re running into common problems: Your website’s pages and posts load slow. In this article, you’re going to learn about four web hosting providers that your nonprofit should consider using if your website uses WordPress.

Optimize Your Website’s Impact

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Many organizations had to start over and reconfigure their entire approach, as well as rely heavily on their websites as a primary communication tool. You can use website personalization to serve up different types of content based on the visitor behavior and accompanying data.

How 4DL Transformed Its Website with TechSoup Website Services


TechSoup's Website Services helped transform the organization's website so that it could better serve its communities. One nonprofit from Wilmington, Delaware, is making headway on the issue of educational inequality in America.

These 5 Website Mistakes Could be Costing You Donors


Once a visitor reaches your website, they decide whether to stay or leave within the first ten seconds. To test the clarity of your messaging, ask a friend or family member to look at your website for ten seconds. Visitors expect a website to load in two seconds or less. The most important content in your website is your Call-to-Action or CTA, asking visitors to subscribe for updates, donate, or take an action.

Building a Donation Funnel Using Your Organization's Website


A donation funnel is the journey a user, or potential supporter, takes through your website with the end goal of making a donation. Not everyone who visits your website or supports your mission will end up being a donor.

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How to Keep Your Website Fresh, Interactive and Engaging


By having a fresh and interactive website with engaging content. Web Design Nonprofit Storytelling UX for Nonprofits Website MaintenanceFirst impressions matter, especially in the digital world. More and more nonprofits are realizing the importance of maximizing their digital potential.

4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Website for End-of-Year Fundraising


One of the most important ways to prepare for the end-of-year fundraising season is updating your website, likely the easiest and one of the most common ways that supporters and the public interact with your organization. Whether someone navigates to your donation page from your website’s homepage, a social media post, a direct mail piece, or other communication, the message and experience should be unified and cohesive. End of Year nonprofit websites fundraising

22 Nonprofit Mobile Websites

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The rise of QR Codes has helped many nonprofits understand the need for mobile websites, or at the very least mobile-optimized web pages. I am firm believer that a mobile website is the building block upon which to center your other mobile campaigns, but since last year when I first featured 10 Nonprofit Mobile Websites , there hasn’t been much progress made. Only a tiny fraction of nonprofits have a mobile website. Mobile Technology Mobile Websites

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33 Nonprofit Mobile Websites

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One in four Americans now access the Mobile Web daily, yet only a tiny fraction of nonprofits have a mobile website. I have been watching this trend for almost two years now and there’s seemingly been almost no progress in the use of mobile websites by the nonprofit sector in that time which at this point leaves me mostly baffled. Here are 33 nonprofit mobile websites to help get your creativity flowing: 1. Mobile Technology Mobile Websites

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How to Build The Perfect Church Website – A Nonprofit Guide


Churches are behind other organizations when it comes to websites. Smaller churches are less likely to have a website at all, let alone one that includes everything they need. Websites are the primary source of information for any organization.

Guide 52

20 Foundation Websites to Get You Inspired

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Looking to create or refresh your foundation's website? Here are 20 amazing examples and what you can learn from them

ADA Lawsuits Against Website Owners Are Increasing: Mitigate Risk By Making Your Site Web Accessible

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Failure to create an ADA-compliant website could open a business to lawsuits. Unfortunately for companies of all sizes, the five aforementioned brands are just the tip of the ADA and website accessibility iceberg. How to Ensure Website Accessibility & Protect Your Business.

The 18 Best HOA Websites of 2021 And Why You Need One

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website-and-technology“Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m leaving the board at the end of the year,” David told Sahar, after a particularly overwhelming meeting of their condo’s homeowner’s association. Sahar didn’t blame him.

8 Community Website Templates + Examples to Inspire You

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You need a community website. Wild Apricot’s website builder. website-and-technologyDo you manage a community? Do you need a place where your members can come together to discuss shared interests, problems and solutions, exchange resources and advance a common mission?

6 Benefits of Launching a Website for Your 2021 Golf Fundraiser

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Event management technology has made organizing and executing a successful golf fundraiser easier and more efficient, but there’s one particular piece of technology that’s a game-changer for nonprofits holding a charity golf tournament: an event website. Here are six ways an event website helps maximize your golf fundraiser, and how you can get one at no cost. Your event website is the key to collecting this valuable information for future asks and donor stewardship.