Strategy as We-Care: An Exercise

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This post shares a useful exercise for your digital team to reflect on what not to do for your digital strategy! Strategy as We-Care: An Exercise – guest post by Miriam Brosseau, Director of Engagement, See3 Communications.

An Offline Social Media Exercise That Improves Online Content

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For the Professional Social Media class I teach at Sonoma State University , I created an exercise designed to help folks practice both content creation and looking at metrics. This exercise helps people to see in real time how much engagement their example post gets.

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[Appeal Letter Preflight Checklist] Pre-Writing Exercise to Increase Responses from Your Next Appeal

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The post [Appeal Letter Preflight Checklist] Pre-Writing Exercise to Increase Responses from Your Next Appeal appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Joseph Cole is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub and a writer for those who do good.

3 Exercises to Help Bring Confidence to Your Work

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The post 3 Exercises to Help Bring Confidence to Your Work appeared first on The See3 Blog. Storytelling, setting limitations and "killing your babies" can help make great video, and give you a confidence boost in the office. strategy Video web confidence eli talks ted talks video production

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Bring Your Own App - Digital Flexibility Is Being Exercised - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times

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Bring Your Own App - Digital Flexibility Is Being Exercised - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times : "The request led her to crowdsourcing apps at national conferences. Pilcher presented roundtable BYOA sessions at the Transformative Learning Conference in Oklahoma City, Okla., this past March and then again at the Association of Nurses in Professional Development’s (ANPD) Aspire to Excel conference in Las Vegas, Nev., in July.

How to Be a Wizard at Tech Training Design and Delivery

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The 2016 session took all of the trainers’ lessons learned from the previous session and improved upon the presentation and exercises. Using a content interaction exercise grid to prepare varied interactive exercises (a blank grid is included with the session handouts).

A Starting Exercise for Designing Online/Onsite Engagement

Museum 2.0

I want to share with you an exercise I've been using to tease out the role of the online and onsite components of a blended museum experience. If you use this exercise more than once, some of the same phrases and words will come up again and again.

What Improvisation Can Teach Social Change Leaders

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He lead us on a series of improvisation exercises designed to teach important skills for networked leaders: empathy, awareness, celebrating failure, being open to change and more. David’s improv exercises were designed to help us stretch this muscle and apply to our social change work.

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Experiential Leadership Development

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While the trip was a rich and deep experience, I using this post to reflect on the instructional design of the exercises and small group facilitation techniques. The design included the following structure to allow for full group and small group dialogue, interaction, and exercises.

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Tagging for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Webinar and Action Learning Exercise I'm

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Next week I'm teaching a two-part online workshop that includes a Webinar, Action Learning Exercise, and A Reflection Discussiona for Extension professionals and how they can begin to use tagging for collaboration and knowledge shraing. The reflection exercise can be found here

Trainer’s Notebook: Online Interaction Tools To Engage Your Audience in the Room and Beyond

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In Hartford, I had challenge of a large number of participants, a “master class” type set up, and but a room and time constraints that limited the amount of full group interactive exercises. I experimented with using the polls as part of the opening exercise in the workshop.

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Why and How Your #Nonprofit Needs To Bust the Culture of Sitting at Work

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Some experts warn that too much standing can also create health problems. And, if you think you can avoid the health dangers of sitting for prolonged periods because you exercise at the gym every morning, think again. Chris Messina hacked a piano for a standing desk.

Exercise Your Awesome at the NTC Member Lounge

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On Friday, April 9 and Thursday, April 10 attendees at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) will have the opportunity to participate in the member lounge hosted by TechSoup Global by either unwinding with snacks and WiFi, or by getting wound-up with exciting activities designed to inspire and connect. Four activities will be presented over both days, and each activity will be facilitated by winners of the TechSoup Global NTC Networking Challenge.

Ten Ways To Be A Healthy Leader

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If you're like many leaders, you're "too busy" to exercise on a regular basis. Truth is, there are ways to fit exercise and healthful habits into your busy day that will pay off in dividends. Include exercise times, even if they are just in 10-minute increments, on your calendar.

How To Incorporate More Movement Into Your Nonprofit Training

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Incorporating movement isn’t just about stretch breaks, think about ways that participants can do discussions and small group exercises while moving or walking around. I’ve also done this during a session as part of a small group exercise. Photo: Americans for the Arts.

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Trainer’s Tip: Your Room Set Up Can Make or Break the Learning Experience

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I had designed the leadership workshop on resilience to include a lot of solo and peer reflection time and small group work and some small amounts of presentation and context to do the exercises.

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The Millennial Running Study: Turning Their Miles Logged into Your Mission Spread

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Not only do you reap the physical benefits of exercise —increased endorphins and reduced levels of stress hormones, but you get the bonus of the feel good powers of philanthropy. Last month, a fascinating study was released called the Millennial Running Study.

How To Be A Wizard at Tech Training: NTC 2016 Session

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It has been a pleasure to co-design this session with knowledgeable and smart colleagues who are as obsessed with instructional design and interactive exercises as I am. Incorporating Movement Into Exercises. Interactive Exercises. Full Group Interactive Exercises.

The Power of Our Collective Professional Networks and Transdisciplinarity Learning

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The first step in the exercise was to ask participants to write down three things about themselves that are important for others to know for this project, including skills, knowledge, interests, or learning goal.

Webinars: Designing Effective Learning Experiences

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Present a concept for 15 minutes, break people into small groups with a particular exercise to apply the material, and then come back as a full group for a report out. If you deliver training on webinar platforms, you need to understand how people learn.

The One Secret To Better Virtual Meetings: Empathy

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Recently, I read about an exercise that you can do to intentionally improve the experience for all. The exercise teaches empathy. The idea of this exercise is to foster empathy for remote participants who can’t see everything that going on or everyone’s faces.

Why Leadership is the Real Elicitor of Major Gifts

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Try This Exercise. Williams suggested a simple yet incredibly telling exercise. People give to people. It’s not such a bold, innovating statement—but it’s one we often forget. As fundraisers, it’s a statement that should be engrained in our heads.

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Methods for Facilitating Innovation in Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The workshop had 16 participants, mostly people who run innovation and research labs from corporations. Since we were spending two days together, working on collaborative exercises, a good opening where we could introduce ourselves and make connections was important.

Walking As Work: Why Movement Is the Killer App


My doctor''s advice was to start eating a heart-healthy diet and get more exercise. Beth Kanter. Master Trainer, Author, and Blogger. Get your feet moving and your creative juices flowing by swapping sitting for walking meetings.

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Introducing Abbott Square Part 6: Two Prioritization Techniques We Used to Negotiate a Great Lease

Museum 2.0

So we did two exercises—with board and staff, separately—to develop our priorities. I suspect these exercises might be useful in any complicated project. But they were not the ones people talked about the most in the months leading up to this exercise.

Trainer’s Notebook: Group Polling Techniques and Tools and Incorporating Movement

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Help the participants narrow down topics to discuss or work in small group exercises (replaces sticky dot voting and visualize the vote technique). Incorporating Movement Into Icebreakers and Small Group Exercises.

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Social Media Content for Nonprofits: Video!


Click here to watch introduction and for writing exercise #1. Writing Exercise #2: Make a Mind Map of words that describes your brand. Click here for The Real Thing writing exercise to walk you through it. Writing Exercise #3: Write from the heart. Using compete sentences, take two minutes and answer this question with full sentences: The Real Thing about my organization’s social media personality is : Click here for this writing exercise.

Trainer’s Notebook: Just A Few Participatory Facilitation Techniques

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If time is available, also do a plus/delta exercise with participants as a close out to the session. Measure, evaluate, reflect, and improve. We did a classic brainstorming/SWOT analysis exercise related to our topics.

Different Ways Nonprofits Are Using Design Thinking to Solve Problems and Achieve Impact

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That group used our gap analysis exercise to find an opportunity to give refugees on the move a chance to add value to local communities while maintaining the dignity of earning an income and doing the work they engaged in at home.

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[Cool Infographic Friday] Messaging on Social


Here’s an exercise for you – think about your private online community. Check this one out, courtesy Otherwise. How would you describe it if it was part of this list? What differentiates it from your other digital properties? What does it *truly* say about your organization?

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Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace


Each module contains a 20 minute video, an accompanying assessment, an exercise (equally do-able alone by journaling or in a group), handouts, and further reading – about 8 hours of content. WHOO HOO! I am super excited to share with you our brand new Generations on-demand course.

Designing Professional Development for the Distracted Learner

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Instructional design is knowing how to organize your content and shape exercises based on brain and learning research. The idea is micro-content and micro-exercises or mini-sessions. I make time for a morning walk, journal, drawing, or mindfulness breathing exercises on an app.

The Art of Facilitating Meetings with Sticky Notes

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I don’t always have a lot of participants who are eager to do exercises digitally, but when I do I can work with them to adapt the exercise. There are apps that allow participants to use “ virtual sticky notes ” to do an exercise but these are not well designed for group collaboration.

6 Tips to Retain Volunteers

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Not all volunteers want to exercise their occupational expertise, some would prefer to diversify their actions. Require employees that regularly work with volunteers to participate in a creative appreciation exercise. Volunteers are superheroes!

Using Design Thinking to ReThink Our Nonprofit or Community Foundation Work

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This exercise allows participants to share their experience and views on the issues, but once the map was created it gives everyone a landscape view of the issues and challenges. From the facilitator’s point of view, there are a couple of ways to facilitate this exercise.

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Giving Days and Beyond the Dollars: What Have We Learned?

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Through conversations amongst themselves and with their tech providers, the foundations have developed some new practices for future giving days: Conduct “Table Top” crisis planning exercises and develop a plan. Click to Download Report.

Trainer’s Notebook: A Great Training Starts with A Great Icebreaker

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While I love using magic markers and sticky notes or tossing a ball in icebreakers and exercises, don’t only use activities that require having materials or equipment on hand. Openings, Exercises, and Icebreakers That Get People Moving.

Nonprofit Technology Conference Session Hot Picks! #18NTC


We’ll share examples and lead you through an exercise to craft your own. Are you going to the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference (#18ntc)? You may have heard that session voting is open.

NTEN Leading Change Summit #14lcs: Reflection

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Who is the lead singer, guitarist, bass, and drums. Here’s how that translates to team facilitation: Facilitator Lead: The person who is facilitating the discussion or exercise. Peer Self-Assessment and Peer Coaching Exercises. Closing Exercise.

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Active Training: To Get Nonprofit Audiences Engaged, Keep Them Moving

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

There are many creative ways to engage participants at a training - both face-to-face and online. One technique is to incorporate movement – from mini-stretch breaks, to self-assessment exercises to switches in the delivery model.

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