Q&A with sgLEADERS: Alicia Dicks, The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties

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The “Q&A with sgLEADERS” series on sgENGAGE aims to provide readers, including the next generation of social good leaders, with valuable insights from executives across the social good community.

2021 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Cause awareness and giving days can be very powerful themes upon which to launch online fundraising and social media awareness campaigns. In addition to the days listed below, see also public holidays by country , Days of the Year , and Wikipedia’s List of Commemorative Months. January.


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Building a Strong Nonprofit Brand [Step-by-step Guide + Free Resources]

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Building a Strong Nonprofit Brand [Step-by-step Guide + Free Resources]. Having a strong brand is not just a great idea for commercial organizations. Nonprofits, NGOs, Social Enterprise also need to create and manage a strong brand.

Using Metrics to Boost Your Fundraising

NonProfit Hub

Are you looking at a map or the rearview mirror? As a fellow fundraiser, let me begin by giving you my congratulations on completing an unprecedented fundraising year. I hope you can spend some time in the next few weeks to take a break and carry out some much-deserved self-care.

Write a Perfect Welcome Letter to New Members with These 10 Tips

Wild Apricot

I once received a new member welcome letter that was so drab, it caused me to cancel my membership with the association. there's a little more to the story than that. Let me explain. After I signed up online to be a member of an association, marketing

Advantages of Using Blended Learning in Organizations


A blended learning program can solve the issues that both ILT and eLearning face by combining the best of both methods. Here is why your organization blended learning

New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofits To Improve Resilience in 2021

Beth Kanter

Sunset at Half Moon Bay. As we face an even darker winter due to the pandemic, we need to keep improving our resilience, the ability to adapt well in spite of significant stressors. Using rituals as part of our professional work is one strategy that can help.

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How To Hide Your Identity & Data on the Web

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The ISP, your government, as well as the sites and services you use invades your privacy round the clock. In fact, Google and Facebook have faced several lawsuits because these two giants are allegedly selling your personal data to data brokers and third-party marketers.

High-Performing Teams Have These 10 Characteristics

Eric Jacobsen Blog

According to Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese , authors of the book, The Collaboration Imperative , high-performing teams have the following characteristics: People have solid and deep trust in each other and in the team's purpose--they feel free to express feelings and ideas.

Team 65

Nonprofit leadership styles for recruiting and retaining staff

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Krisa Duff Spring 2020 Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management. Nonprofit leaders in 2020 are faced with the difficult challenge of recruiting and retaining employees for long periods of time.

5 Tips for Successful Online Giving Days

Connection Cafe

Higher education giving has traditionally relied on major gifts, annual funds, and direct mail as the primary means of engaging new donors.

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5 Steps to Improve Your Nonprofit Website

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Elliot Olson , Lead Web Strategist at Studio Anansi — website designs and digital strategies to empower mission-driven organizations and drive real results. Your website is your nonprofit’s digital home. It represents you online 24/7, bringing your work to life and motivating supporters.

10 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips [That Work like Magic]

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

10 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips [That Work like Magic]. All organizations can benefit from having a solid Twitter Marketing strategy (B2B, B2C, NGOs, etc.). Check out the following tips and improve your Twitter Marketing. Twitter is a powerful marketing platform that needs your attention.

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Being a Successful Fundraiser in 2021

NonProfit Hub

I have an obsession. I love defining what makes a fundraiser successful, bottling it, and using it to empower nonprofit professionals and volunteers. I’m obsessed with helping them become more productive in securing gifts to advance the charities and good causes they’re so passionate about.

How to Run a Successful Nonprofit Board Meeting in 8 Steps

Wild Apricot

It’s really no secret that your non-profit’s or association’s board of directors is pivotal to your organization’s success. Your board of directors are the standard bearers… foundation builders… strategic plan. organizational-management

How can Big Data Analytics help in delivering personalized learning


Big data analytics tracks individual performance, automates assessments, boosts knowledge retention, and increases training ROI. Here is how you can deliver personalized learning with Big Data Analytics

#Fakecommute: A Ritual for Work-Life Balance When You #WFH

Beth Kanter

A photo of me on my fake commute. We are living in traumatic times, and we need to prioritize building resilience. As the COVID-19 vaccines begin to roll out (although not as fast as we’d like), we know there will be an end to the pandemic.

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Key Takeaways [and Great Resources] From QuickBooks Connect 2020 Conference

Blue Fox

At Blue Fox, we are committed to sharing valuable resources to our friends and clients in the nonprofit, social impact and small business sector. As an Intuit QuickBooks affiliate, we wanted to share some insightful, on-demand educational videos from the 7th annual QuickBooks Connect Conference.

How to Find IP from Wechat: Ways To Track Someone’s IP Address

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Are you wondering about how you can get someone’s IP address and location from WeChat? This guide will put you through the various methods of tracking IP addresses and locations from WeChat without any issue. What is WeChat? WeChat is fast becoming one of the best social media applications.

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Experts Offer Advice For How To Lead During 2021

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Today, the following expert business and leadership book authors shared their advice for how to effectively lead during 2021. My question to them was: What is your advice for leaders as we enter what is surely to be a challenging 2021 for most businesses?

How can nonprofits use technology to increase their impact?

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Alexandra Oropeza Spring 2020 Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management. According to 2019 research by Meredith Kavanagh , nonprofit leaders believe that some of the top investment priorities for their organizations that year were more advanced technology (e.g.

Annual Planning in an Ever-Changing World

Connection Cafe

Back in 2019, I had some great conversations with colleagues from various organizations while I helped them brainstorm ideas and strategies for their missions and make plans for the coming year. As 2020 rolled in, most had created their plans. Many of those plans were energizing and exciting.

Change 177

9 Socially-Distant Donor Engagement Ideas for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Laura Bucher , Storyteller at Donor Perfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits. After the challenges thrown at us throughout 2020, no one’s quite sure what 2021 will bring.

Ideas 94

Solutions to stop Plastic Pollution [People, Tech, Organizations, Governments]

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Solutions to stop Plastic Pollution. People, Tech, Organizations, Governments]. Reducing our plastic pollution is one of the greatest challenges facing planet earth. Luckily, there are solutions. Governments, Organizations, and millions of people are stepping up.

Mail vs. Email: Pros & Cons of Each Fundraising Channel

NonProfit Hub

When it comes to choosing the right marketing channel for your nonprofit fundraising, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of each option. The two most prominent fundraising channels for nonprofits are direct mail and email.

Mail 92

Fundraising Trends: 7 Modern Strategies to Consider for 2021

Wild Apricot

For many nonprofits, 2020 was a challenging year. Now it’s coming to a close, and we enter a new year that is hopefully one of recovery (though it hasn't looked up yet.). The lessons of 2020 are definitely influencing plans for 2021. From fundraising. fundraising

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Reasons Why Blended Learning is Important for Corporate Training


Make your corporate training program more impactful, engaging, and effective with our blended learning corporate training program today

Try Exercise Snacking for Improving #WFH Mental Health

Beth Kanter

Today is January 21st, the 21st day of 2021. I don’t know about you, but I feel some optimism that we will make through COVID. However, it will take some time to vaccinate all who need to be vaccinated to keep us safe. And, that means work for home is going to be the norm for most of 2021.

Nonprofit Resource Roundup (February 2021)

Blue Fox

If you’re like us, your daily inbox is jam-packed with newsletters and educational opportunities from like-minded social impact leaders. These spectacular humans work around the clock to foster positive change in their communities.

How to Find IP Address from Whatsapp: Track IP Address on WhatsApp Now!

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Are you wondering about how to find someone’s IP address from Whatsapp without them knowing? This guide will put you through the various steps to find the IP address of a person and track their location without any issue. It is a fascinating act of finding IP addresses from Whatsapp.

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16 Ways Leaders Build Trust

Eric Jacobsen Blog

You can't lead if your employees, team or followers don't trust you. Building trust takes energy, effort and constant attention to how you act. To help build trust, follow these 16 tips , recommended by author Susan H.

Build 56

What do windows VPS server and it benefit?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

A virtual dedicated server or virtual private server is a physical computer as a service by an internet hosting service. This server runs by its copy of an OS. In their operating system, the customer can insert any software.

Looking into the Crystal Ball: Public Policy and Foundations in 2021

Connection Cafe

It is 2021, a new year, a new Congress, and a new administration.

Policy 157

10 Online Fundraising Tools to Watch in 2021

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Each year Nonprofit Tech for Good features a new set of online fundraising tools that are timely and relevant for the year to come.

Alexa 90

5 Ways to Ensure the Security of your Startup

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

5 Ways to Ensure the Security of your Startup. A cyber security breach always feels like ‘that’s not going to happen to us’ Yet, breaches happen. Here’s how you can protect your company.

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Everything About Creating A Nonprofit Marketing Plan

NonProfit Hub

Regardless of what type of business a nonprofit organization does, it requires a marketing campaign. Like-minded people need to know about your organization, and the right marketing concept will help you achieve this.

Use These Eight Steps to Design an Effective Nonprofit Board Training Program

Wild Apricot

Picture this: you’ve just recruited an incredible new board member. They have great skills and connections, they’re passionate about your cause and they’re eager to help advance the success of your nonprofit. But you don’t have. organizational-management