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The State of Nonprofit Fundraising Today — 9 Top Fundraising Methods

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Most charities had used the same tried-and-tested methods for decades (namely, galas and sponsored endeavors), but with new health and safety guidelines to contend with, this was no longer possible. 9 Modern Nonprofit Fundraising Methods. Here are a few of our favorite methods. When the pandemic hit, that event finally came.

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How To Use The Flexible Method During A Business Crisis

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“Disasters and crises are inevitable, but businesses do not have to face them unprepared,” explains James Burstall , author of the new book, The Flexible Method: Prepare To Prosper In The Next Global Crisis. Burstall covers sixteen tried and tested methods to futureproof businesses.

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Adopting Modern Payment Methods To Engage And Keep A New Generation Of Donors


Traditional methods of receiving cash donations have seen a significant drop in recent years, with 70% of charities reporting a decline in cash contributions. That means they expect to have access to modern payment methods and digital wallet options like PayPal, Venmo , Apple Pay, and GooglePay.

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From Events to Online: Adapting Traditional Fundraising Methods for the Digital Age

The Modern Nonprofit

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes From Events to Online: Adapting Traditional Fundraising Methods for the Digital Age In the grand theatre of nonprofit work, fundraising is the showstopper act. These methods, rooted in physical interaction and personal connection, have stood the test of time.

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What to Do When Your Fundraising Methods Fall Flat

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It’s a horrible feeling when the tried-and-true fundraising methods that have worked in the past stop working. Even experienced fundraisers sometimes use fundraising methods that just don’t work for a particular organization or audience. Let’s back up and look at your methods of fundraising through the eyes of your donor.

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Top Business Management Training and Development Methods


Unlock your business potential with our top-tier business training and development methods. Reach your goals and stay ahead of the competition.

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Four Bite-Sized Methods of User Research


With a qualitative research method like this one, you really don’t need a large sample size to get good data. This method is ideal for understanding motivations. This is a unique research method in that it provides quantitative data and doesn’t require any participant recruitment. Google Analytics Data Review.

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