Online Giving Grows as Charities Polish Their Methods

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Online Giving Grows as Charities Polish Their Methods : According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, online giving is growing at a blistering pace. Two studies cited by the Chronicle indicate that online donations to 115,000 nonprofits rose by 14 percent to $2.1-billion, just between 2011 and 2012; and that online contributions to the largest 149 charities in the US also grew 14 percent, to $785-million

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How To Simplify Content Promotion with the Twitter Leapfrog Method


Here’s the full article reprinted by permission – would love to know if anyone is using this Twitter Leapfrog Method or anything similar. ——– Today, we’re proud to share the Twitter Leapfrog Method – a proven framework that helps you deliver your newly published articles to hundreds of highly targeted readers, many of whom will reshare that article with their followers. I was sent this interesting tactical article on the Junto blog.

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What is the method of Arc welding?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

An electrode wire is used in arc welding. A speed is selected to make a continuous weld. The electrode melts the metal when it comes in contact with the metal. This helps the other metal to combine with this metal. The metals are cooled to produce a permanent joint. The joint is much stable in case of arc welding. Arc welding is in high usage in the industry. It is recommended that you always clean the surface of both the metals before starting the welding process.

The KISS Method For Determining Social Media ROI

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The KISS Method For Determining Social Media ROI : "Attend any corporate meeting on social media initiatives and it’s likely that you’ll hear a question or two along the lines of “how is this selling us more product” or “what’s the ROI on these activities”?

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Method Tweeting at sxsw

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These are some of the topics we will be discussing during our sxsw panel, Method Tweeting for Non profits (and other players). For non profits, establishing a voice & brand on Twitter can be a tricky proposition.

Method Tweeting at sxsw

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These are some of the topics we will be discussing during our sxsw panel, Method Tweeting for Non profits (and other players). UPDATE: Our panel was just named one of the 80+ things not to miss at sxsw by Mashable!

The K.I.S.S Method

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Life altering, game changing, world saving – these are phrases that get tossed around a lot in our sector, with good reason. Being passionate about helping non-profits succeed through technology is why we are always looking for new ways to engage our audiences.

Method Tweeting: Act I

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When you go to the theatre, it’s a given that the words of a playwright are being channeled through the characters on stage. Every line uttered is steeped in the identity of the person speaking, but placed there by the author, whose goal was to make a statement.

Determination Pays Off: Successful Selection Methods

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the proposed new regulations evidently appear to be much more difficult then your current one although through the planned DTC / GST rules, the Federal Government has accepted the need of fresh income system. Boring? Perhaps with a people.

Determination Pays Off: Successful Selection Methods

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the proposed new regulations evidently appear to be much more difficult then your current one although through the planned DTC / GST rules, the Federal Government has accepted the need of fresh income system. Boring? Perhaps with a people.

Community Foundation launches new fundraising method | Home | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA

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Community Foundation launches new fundraising method | Home | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA : LAFAYETTE — The Community Foundation of Acadiana launched a new donation method — an embeddable fundraising widget — to make it easier for people to give to nonprofit organizations that are assisting those recovering from last week’s flash flooding.

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What mode technology can improve your hiring method

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Screening and shortlisting candidates. The third step in the hiring process determines whether candidates are eligible for a role based on their education, experience and other qualifications. The goal of resume screening and shortlisting is to advance a candidate – usually in an interview – or decide to reject them. How technology can improve screening candidates. Recruitment Tech’s biggest theme right now is recruiting AI.

Methods for Facilitating Innovation in Nonprofits

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The curriculum was based on their “ Innovating for People ” design methods recipe book and “ taxonomy for innovation.” These are methods for developing solutions (any type) in service of people. By applying this approach to program development or strategy, your nonprofit can get more impactful results. Understanding: Methods for Analyzing Challenges and Opportunities. Making: Methods for Envisioning Future Possibilities.

5 Methods for Avoiding Procrastination for Nonprofits

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I found this wonderful comic on Mashable “ The Field Guide to Procrastination ” that identifies 12 different methods for work avoidance or procrastination, defined in Wikipedia as “ putting off tasks for a later date.” Developed by Joel Runyon , the method acknowledges that the hardest thing about getting stuff done is selecting what to do. The method can be combined with these others and is very simple. What is your method?

Methods and Metrics for Assessing Civic Tech

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Methods and Metrics for Assessing Civic Tech, Guest post by Anne Whatley, Network Impact. Note from Beth: My colleagues at Network Impact have released an important report about measuring and evaluating “civic tech” based on their experience working with Knight Foundation grantees. It goes beyond just analytics tools to exploring tools, techniques, and data for measuring deep civic engagement, open governance, and inclusive decision-making.

5 Methods to Integrate Case Files with Service Billing

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5 Methods to Integrate Case Files with Service Billing. You are invited to our next webinar in the “Closing the Gap” series: 5 Methods to Integrate Case Notes with Service Billing. When your team feels being ‘spread thin,’ it seems natural to put off case notes ‘until later.’ Before you know it, ‘until later’ results in time after work, or on the weekends. Catching up’ often means someone must act as the enforcer to get documentation up to date.

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The POST Method for Creating a Social Media Strategy (INFOGRAPHIC)

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The POST method (People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology) was originally coined by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff in their book, Groundswell (Harvard Business Review Press) is a proven framework for developing a social media strategy. Online Fundraising post method social media strategy Strategy technology There seem to be countless tools available for social media marketers. Tools for managing social media, measuring it, and even for creating content that looks amazing !

Election Day – Using Social Media Campaign Methods to Enhance Learning Programs


Election Day – Using Social Media Campaign Methods to Enhance Learning Programs. However, a few of the other methods utilized which are a little less intrusive could work wonders for your program. Some of these methods are very significant from a social media standpoint. The post Election Day – Using Social Media Campaign Methods to Enhance Learning Programs appeared first on Gyrus.

Tried-and-True Methods for Reaching Older Donors: A Quick Guide

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The post Tried-and-True Methods for Reaching Older Donors: A Quick Guide appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Himanshu Sareen, an Indian entrepreneur and corporate executive, is the founder and CEO of Icreon , an IT consultancy and software solutions firm with offices in the U.S., UK and India. _. With the rise of intuitive touch-based computing and streamlined user interfaces, technology is more accessible to different age groups than ever before.

GUIDE: Voter Registration Campaigns for Nonprofits


The most common methods of conducting voter registration are: 1. Clipboarding “Clipboarding,” or simply standing in a highly trafficked public place with voter registration materials is the most common method of doing voter registration.

A Periodic table of Visualization Methods

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This brilliant and useful chart made by Ralph Lengler and Martin Eppler at Visual Literacy takes the good old periodic table of the elements and changes each item into a type of visualization method to assist planning, thinking and communicating. It runs on java so you just mouse over each square and it pops up an example.( read more ). Running Your Organization

Learning from Example: Innovative methods to engage your online community


Sophia Guevara. Social Media Fellow. Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy. What do clean water and foundation libraries have in common? Online community management, for one thing. Learning from my fellowship at EPIP and other organizations’ experiences, I have learned three important lessons about engaging an online community. Community community engagement Program

8 Secrets To Writing a Great Nonprofit RPF With Ease [Free Template]


An RFP is a structured, formal method of obtaining specific information from vendors, including: answers to your questions, personalized solutions to specific problems, and pricing information.

The Biggest Digital Fundraising Trends of 2018 (And How To Use Them This Year)


Creative Acquisition Attracting new donors continues to be competitive process, with more organizations investing in advertising programs beyond the standard methods. Rapid technological developments over the past few years have left many nonprofit professionals scrambling to stay up-to-date with the newest tools and techniques without wasting time and money on passing fads. Digital fundraising is area that has seen huge advances recently, and is expected to continue growing.

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A Pyramid of Online Communication Methods


But for most nonprofits, especially smaller ones, doing more of one method means doing less of another, meaning that the decision as to what you do, and not just how you do it, is a critical one I would propose the following "Online Communications Pyramid" (this is from a slide that's in both our Online Communications on a Shoestring and our Considering Social Media seminars). I've been thinking a lot recently about how nonprofits should divide their time spent in online communications.

Choosing the Right Bandwagon to Jump On

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Making the right choices about fundraising methods and the best mix to employ is what separates real winners in fundraising from the “also rans.”. Nonprofit Fundraising fundraising ideas fundraising methods fundraising tipsGiven that the next 13 months in the U.S. are going to be filled, day and night, with election talk, I figured I would jump on that bandwagon, too.

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Digital Storytelling Methods: Time and Resources Needed?

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This post was authored by Evonne Heyning, and cross-posted from We have thousands of new digital storytellers joining us for TweetChats, webinars, and events with the TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge this month and many questions have been coming in! You can view some of the forum questions from last week and chime in with your own questions anytime this week. read more. Event Hardware Marketing Multimedia & Graphics Software Tech Planning Web 2.0 Tools

Usability Methods: Fast and Inexpensive Can Work | Beaconfire Wire

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05/17/2010: Method Tweeting: Act I Updates in Your Inbox Beaconfire at Play More of Beaconfire Bloggers photos www. Usability methods don’t have to be expensive to be effective. For everyday design projects, discount usability methods are the best. While it’s true that an anual usability check-up will be a little more expensive, the usability methods used when designing a site can be fast and inexpensive.

The Best Productivity Tools: Time-Saving Methods to Find Digital Tools

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A recent NetSquared London Meetup investigated the IT tools that can be used to get nonprofit operations done cheaply and effectively. It also delved into how nonprofits can tackle the process of finding the tech that helps the most when you don't necessarily have the time to research. Charity Digital News shares some of the key points from the event.

Nonprofit Innovation Toolkits: Methods To Invent, Adopt, and Adapt Ideas to Deliver Better Results

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Lucy Kimbell: Social Design Menu Method. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with methods for facilitating innovation for nonprofits. It isn’t a matter of facilitation techniques, but process design. The field of innovation practitioners, whether in corporate labs or working in social good sector, comes with lots of tool kits that offer different ways to help groups think of new ideas and prioritize them. … Read More Creativity Facilitation Innovation Training Design

The most effective method to Determine Who to Hire To Be Your Next Ideal Web Developer

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Basic Benefits and Drawbacks You Need to Know About Different Web Developer Types. I get requested to do site evaluates a considerable measure and now and again it’s out and out unfortunate to catch wind of the battles and difficulties business people and entrepreneurs confront when endeavoring to locate the correct web designer.

Carp Method

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

CARP Vs. CRAP Homepage is a little image editing tutorial from Bernie Dodge. Some basics about visual design

Lean Impact Series: 10 Changemakers Using Lean Startup Methods For Greater Social Impact

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10 Changemakers Using Lean Startup Methods For Greater Social Impact by Meg Rulli. Is Your Nonprofit Using Lean Start Up Methods for Lean Impact? Note from Beth: Last week during the Google Hangout hosted by the Packard Foundation , someone asked me “What’s Next?”

Website Usability Testing: Four Methods for Gathering Feedback


She'll present four cheap and fast methods to solicit qualitative feedback from your users at our upcoming webinar, " Website Usability Testing 101 ". > You'll learn: Four methods from gathering qualitative feedback The best (cheap) online tools to help conduct your research Examples of insights gained from real projects Why did our staff page make someone want to donate?

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How BTOP Funding Is Informing Innovative Training Methods

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This post originally appeared on the TechSoup for Libraries blog and was authored by Jennifer Anthony. In remote and underserved communities, training on computers and related technology is often critical to ensure that residents are equipped with up-to-date skills. A nonprofit organization in New Mexico and Maine's state library are using the funds from the NTIA's Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant to fund innovative ways to provide necessary training in such communities.

Four Reasons Nonprofit Should Consider the Authentic Storytelling Method

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Four Reasons Nonprofit Should Consider the Authentic Storytelling Method. Guest Post by Lewis Haidt. For many nonprofits, taking the “right” photograph or creating the “perfect” video to represent an organization’s mission and work can be an intimidating prospect. This fear-factor can be even greater for a nonprofit creating its first video. This is why TechSoup has run a storytelling campaign for the last seven years.

The Definitive Collection of Idea Generation Methods

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Leith also has another site about large group intervention methods , including a description for open-space technology approach Here's a collection of group creative problem-solving techniques catalogued by UK consultant Martin Leith. Some of these might be appropriate for small group activities in a training for brainstorming new ideas related to the topic of the training. Here's a classic - brainstorming on post-it notes.

The Effectiveness and the Importance of Instagram Monitoring

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In order to get things organized one can take help of the Instagram Monitoring method and this is sure to keep things on the right track. The Method of Monitoring. Monitoring and listening can well together and these are special methods to help in viewing, measuring and the analyzing of the audience and the buyers. Social media Instagram Monitoring The Method of Monitoring

Beautiful Web Fonts Part 1 – The Flash Method

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Basically, this method relies on javascript and Flash to replace plain old HTML text with the same text in a small Flash file during the loading of the Web page in your browser. Beautiful fonts are one of the holy grails of Web Design.

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6 Link Building Methods for Nonprofits and Charities

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posted by Melanie Nathan SEO & Link Earning Strategist Top Draw. This blog post is for nonprofit organizations and charities that are looking to increase their online exposure (without spending loads of money) so they can receive more volunteers, donations, attention etc. Here are some tips for nonprofits to improve link earning within their online communities. Focus on Quality Content.

Why Measuring Should Come First

John Haydon

According to the POST method , starting with “People” first always works: People: What do your people want from you? Strategy measuring social media monitoring social media POST method Many nonprofit social media folks, including me, have stressed putting measurement at the end of a campaign plan. But measuring only after a campaign is a mistake – if you want to understand your people.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


Now that you have an idea of how donors in the US are giving, it’s time to look at the methods used to reach these sources. For some things, spontaneity is highly desirable, but any fundraising professional will tell you that planning a campaign isn’t one of them.

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Connecting Up Conference: Stuart Jones - Fritz and Sauce Method for Dealing With Information Overload

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I was lucky enough to attend a breakout session called "The Fritz and Sauce Method For Dealing With Information Overload" conducted by Stuart Jones from the Old Milang School House Project. What metaphor might you use to describe your method for avoiding information overload I'm behind in posting my notes from my visit to Australia and the Connecting Up Conference. So, expect to see a flood of posts over the next weeks.