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Even More Benefits to Tracking Outcomes

Connection Cafe

All foundations and their nonprofit partners can benefit from measuring, tracking and reporting on outcomes. Outcomes = Opportunity.

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How Will Tracking Outcomes Help Your Organization’s Story?

Connection Cafe

Back in my days as a Corporate Funder, I was routinely asked to provide giving details for our organization. Our focus was on: Dollars granted.

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5 Key Social Media Analytics Your Nonprofit Needs To Track


The easiest way to tell if your content is resonating with your audience is by tracking the number of clicks it’s getting. No problem. Twitter.

The Data Every Nonprofit Should be Tracking

NonProfit Hub

A common reason nonprofits listed for not collecting data was the time commitment that tracking and interpreting it takes. Here are some common types of data that nonprofits said they were tracking: Donor and Volunteer Management. The post The Data Every Nonprofit Should be Tracking appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Email.

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5 Google Analytics Stats To Track Fundraising Success


Having a tough time tracking the analytic behind your last fundraising campaign? Image courtesy of Info Trust LLC. You’re not alone.

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Four Untrue Myths of Association Innovation that Stop Us in Our Tracks


They should not be stopping us in our tracks. Myths are stories that are intended to teach us. But there are also stories that keep us stuck.

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Content Metrics You Should Track


Every nonprofit knows that good content is king. If you think your website is filled with outdated and boring content, you may be questioning how well you are engaging your activists and donors. Heck, even if you think you have awesome content, you are probably asking yourself the same the question. How are people consuming your content?

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5 Analytic Tools to Track Your Organization's Metrics


Do you have a big report or infographic that was recently released and are looking to track how much it was shared on social media? link].

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3 Nonprofit Success Metrics That Your Organization Needs to Be Tracking

NonProfit Hub

People track performances differently. A saleswoman tracks products sold. You might even judge your pledge fulfillment track record.

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How to Stop Donor Attrition and Track Relevance

NonProfit Hub

help a nonprofit track its fundraising and justify its time and effort? Number of new donors retained into the second year : If you ask and answer the question as to why so many donors leave the first year and what your organization is doing to lose them and hold them, you’ll be on a true track to growth. Burnett is right.

10 Mandatory Membership Fields to Track in Your Database

Wild Apricot Blog

It’s important to keep track of the right member information, because you can analyze it to develop growth, retention, or engagement strategies for your organization. From our experience, here are the 10 mandatory membership fields to track. form registration application strategy membership fields

How to Prepare Your Back Office for Successful Grant Tracking

Connection Cafe

This is a guest post from Carey Carleson. Carey is a Principal Consultant for Blackbaud’s nonprofit accounting systems. Reporting Challenges.

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Why Tracking Your Nonprofit's Growth Can Make or Break You


Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. It might get tiring to hear, but fundraising’s a critical component of the lifespan of a nonprofit.

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Tracking Data for Small Colleges

Connection Cafe

Tracking important data is one of those key functions that all nonprofits should be doing at some level. Be choosey on what you are tracking.

How To Track Your Twitter Engagement


Nonprofits have been able to track gather important data about their audiences interactions with their website via Google Analytics. Facebook pages have also offered some insightful data on audience engagement. Twitter has been a bit late to the party, providing very limited data unless you invested in their ad platform.

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The Math and Science of Social and Mobile Media: A Spreadsheet to Track Your Fundraising Success

Nonprofit Tech for Good

That said, below is selection of metrics to track and a brief explanation as to why. Track the number of monthly donations and the total given.

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The Math and Science of Social and Mobile Media: A Spreadsheet to Track Your Fundraising Success

Nonprofit Tech for Good

That said, below is selection of metrics to track and a brief explanation as to why. Track the number of monthly donations and the total given.

Track Your Nonprofit's Finances with OneNFP's Cloud-Based Software

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup is proud to announce OneNFP, our newest donor partner. You can access financial information anywhere from any device. What's Available?

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Fails, the Center of the Universe, Automating, and Tracking Traffic from Social: 6 MUST READ Posts This Week


Just another quick roundup of MUST READ posts you may have missed: 1. ” Everyone knows that the traditional publications model is dying.

Tracking Volunteer Efforts

Wild Apricot Blog

As a follow-up to an earlier post on volunteer scheduling, time tracking and accountability, here's an overview of a new web-based tool designed to help volunteer organizations track volunteer effort, measure the impact and share volunteer data.( read more ).

Dipping Your Toes into Metrics Tracking


If your organization is not tracking activity on its website or social media pages regularly, getting started can feel like an overwhelming task. Here are some beginning steps to getting your toe in the water with basic metrics tracking (along with some resources to help along the way). Data Leadership metrics tracking nptech nten

Q&A: Volunteer Scheduling, Time Tracking and Accountability

Wild Apricot Blog

The reader questions fall into three areas: scheduling volunteers, tracking volunteer hours, and how to hold volunteers accountable for the work they’ve committed to do. Today we’re tackling some questions on tools and tactics for volunteer management that were asked in the most recent Wild Apricot blog reader survey. read more ).

Tools Galore: How To Track What Content Resonates With Your Audiences


Perhaps you have a hunch, but the only surefire way to know this info is to develop a tracking and measurement plan.

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A Recipe for $uccess: Tracking & Converting for Maximum Results


Join Janna Chan of the Center for Reproductive Rights (formerly of Lambda Legal and M+R Strategic Services) and two Grams (Jaime Grams of Integral and Dane Grams of Care2, formerly of GLSEN and HRC) for our latest Expert Webinar: "A Recipe for $uccess: Tracking & Converting to Maximize Returns" on Tuesday 5/22 at 2PM ET. Now what?!

Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

Amy Sample Ward

Ultimately, it’s less about the amount of time and more about the consistency – and planning, tracking, and everything else! Ideas?

Social Enterprise Summit's Policy Track

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

One of the highlights of last week's Social Enterprise Alliance's Summit was the Launch of the Policy Track. A lot of cool things happened in the policy track (even I spoke), but I think the interesting thing was Carlos' comments. And so, I'll share those with you. They have four staff right now. Social innovation.

Five Google Analytics Stats You Should Be Tracking

John Haydon

If want your website to increase email subscribers and new donors on your website (duh!), The best tool for this job is Google Analytics. Visits.

Presentation: A Recipe For Success: Tracking & Converting Supporters for Maximum Results


A Recipe For $uccess: Tracking & Converting Supporters for Maximum Results View more presentations from Care2Team.

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Keep Your School On Track with This Handy Calendar

Connection Cafe

Stay on track with these recommendations. By Kristin Vila, Blackbaud consultant for Education Edge.

What Do You Need to Track in a Donor Database?


[Editor's Note: We're talking about fundraising this month on the NTEN blog, and when you're fundraising, you've got to collect and track information about donors and donations, right? Can you track the part of a gift that isn’t tax deductible because the donor received a “premium,” or a thank you gift like a T-shirt, that has value?

The Impact Your Accounting System Has On Grant Tracking

Connection Cafe

Effectively Track Grant Activity. But, it doesn’t have to be. Manage Budgets for the Grant. Allocate Cost Appropriately.

Dashboards: Track Your Organizational Progress


By tracking specific data related to our Memberships, Events, Website, and a few other areas, we can use the Dashboard to see at a glance where we ARE, where we WERE, and where we SHOULD BE (and sometimes even where we're GOING). Determine What To Track. The first step is figuring out what information you should track.

3 Social Media Metrics Every Non-profit Should Track


So what type of metrics are non-profits tracking to determine if they are achieving their objectives? Think about that for a minute or so.

Do Social Better with Google Analytics: How to Use Advanced Segments to Track Social Media Performance


By Cary Lenore Walski, Technology Education and Outreach Coordinator, MAP TechWorks. A twit in the dark. When you think of the concept of the “social” website, Google Analytics -- the numbers nerd quietly tabulating traffic in the background on your site -- doesn’t immediately leap to mind. And Google said, “Let there be light.”. Bounce rate, (e.g.,

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How to Keep Track of Your Passwords (and Keep Them Safe)

Wild Apricot Blog

How can you keep track of all the usernames and passwords for all the online sites you use? As social media and web-based or mobile applications become ever-more central to the daily operation of our non-profit organizations, it’s a growing issue from both a security and a time-management perspective. Because.( read more ).

Tracking Volunteer Data


"Times New Roman","serif";mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;color:black">Volunteer-based organizations have to keep track of a lot of data—for example, contact info, schedules, time sheets and job sites—and the right software can help, freeing time for managing volunteers. PublishDate: June 2011. margin-left:0in">.

Great reads from around the web on May 9th

Amy Sample Ward

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Big Vision Tip: Stay on Track. Text Your Big Vision Buddy

Have Fun - Do Good

If your Buddy hasn''t texted you in a while, gently ask them how things are going, and how you can support their getting back on track.

How Would Rate Your Prospect Management System? Part 1

Connection Cafe

Forward momentum will be the key to being able to manage workloads as well as keeping on track with each prospect so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Tracking site search with Google Analytics

Beaconfire Wire

The feature is site search tracking, and it’s the easiest, most powerful feature in Google Analytics that you’re probably not using. You might say I might sound like a used car salesperson (and maybe I do), but it’s true. It’s like a well-kept secret, but really, it shouldn’t be, because it’s so useful. (I’m