Understanding Digital Tracking

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Nearly everything can be traced and tracked, from cell phone records to ATM withdrawals. For online marketers, there is customer behavior digital tracking. What You Need To Know About Digital Tracking. Why does Digital Tracking matter?

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Measuring Impact: 5 KPIs Your Nonprofit Needs To Be Tracking

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While KPIs represent a valuable opportunity, it’s important that you select the right ones to track for your unique organization, especially since there are so many possibilities.

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Onboarding Online, Keep New Hires on Track for Success


The post Onboarding Online, Keep New Hires on Track for Success appeared first on.orgSource. Congratulations! Online interviewing didn’t make you skip a beat. You found the talent to complete your dream team. You’re probably feeling pretty lucky.

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How Nonprofits Can Track Google Grant Conversions in Google Analytics

Nonprofit Tech for Good

But as part of this award, nonprofits are required to set up and maintain conversion tracking on their website. Any time you see an impressive Google Grant case study , the metrics are always made possible through conversion tracking. . What is Conversion Tracking?

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Track Donor Engagement and Boost Your Fundraising Efforts


The post Track Donor Engagement and Boost Your Fundraising Efforts appeared first on Bloomerang

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Track Donor Engagement and Boost Your Fundraising Efforts


The post Track Donor Engagement and Boost Your Fundraising Efforts appeared first on Bloomerang

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How Do You Track and Record Recurring Gifts?

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As recurring gifts have no end date, so this is not like your typical major gift pledge where you get big amounts over a limited period. Recurring gifts are counted when received, so only actual payments are measured in the account system. Monthly Giving Recurring gift

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5 Guidelines to Keep Virtual Meetings on Track, Inclusive and Engaging

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Collaborative technology is incredible. It can empower people across locations to share their individual ideas and build on others’ ideas. The whole can be greater than the sum of the parts. Software/Technology Collaborative Technology Virtual Meetings

Build Your Social Media Followers by Tracking KPIs


In this post, we'll give you an overview of which social media KPIs tend to be most useful for nonprofits and how to track them. If you're feeling stuck with your social media strategy, identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your organization is a great starting point.

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TIAA Puts Nonprofit Employees on Track for More Than $280M in Student Debt Forgiveness

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Employees at over 100 nonprofit, healthcare, and university systems are on track to have a projected $286 million of their student debt forgiven using a debt-management solution offered by TIAA and Savi, a social impact technology startup. News/Stats/Studies student debt forgiveness TIAA

Tracking Social Media Engagements and Conversions for Your Nonprofit


This is especially true on social media because there are so many data points you can track. Across platforms, you should be tracking social media engagement rates and conversion rates. Tracking Social Media Conversions. But you’ll never realize this unless you track it.

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Sports Sponsorship Measurement and ROI Metrics to Track

The Sponsorship Collective

What are some sports sponsorship metrics to track? The post Sports Sponsorship Measurement and ROI Metrics to Track appeared first on The Sponsorship Collective.

Tracking Time and Expenses at Your Nonprofit


But it's hard to overstate the importance of tracking time and expenses correctly at your nonprofit. If you run a nonprofit, you're no stranger to the idea of wearing many hats at your organization — and working hard to keep a number of different processes running smoothly at any given time.

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20 KPIs For Nonprofits To Track – Key Performance Indicators| Donorbox


The post 20 KPIs For Nonprofits To Track – Key Performance Indicators| Donorbox appeared first on Nonprofit Blog. The business world is all about big data these days.

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Asset Management: Why and How to Track Your Organization's Technology


How do you keep track of all the technology tools your organization uses? As an exercise, just try to list them. You've got laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, and phones. Maybe you've got servers and a Wi-Fi router.

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Data tracking for a successful fundraising event

Charity Village

Event data tracking is a crucial part of your fundraising event’s success. […]. The post Data tracking for a successful fundraising event appeared first on CharityVillage. A successful fundraising event that brings in funds for your cause – the ultimate goal.

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Tracking Long-Term Donor Value: The Report You Shouldn't Miss in 2019


In order to get the value provided by the channel breakdown in this report, you need to be tracking acquisition channel on all of your contacts, and using Origin Source Codes. While almost all nonprofit professionals recognize the importance of running data-driven programs, most fundraising and digital staff of all levels don’t feel like they have access to the data they need for informing strategic decisions.

5 Metrics to Track Analyze Instagram Stories

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The post 5 Metrics to Track Analyze Instagram Stories appeared first on PhreeSite.com. Want to gain popularity on Instagram, but not sure of the best way to reach that level? Do you desire to be an Instagram star or influencer, but cannot find the right way to reach your destination?

How Tracking Service Benefited E-Commerce

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The post How Tracking Service Benefited E-Commerce appeared first on PhreeSite.com. E-commerce is the most successful business model in the history of the world. Although the internet came into our lives a couple of decades earlier, it has become a great part of our lives.

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11 Time Tracking Software Tools Nonprofits Swear By

Wild Apricot

If you're looking for a better way to fill out time sheets, here are 11 easy-to-use (and free) time tracking software tools that can completely automate the process for you. Time-Tracking

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How Special Olympics Chicago Tracks Fundraising Progress from Multiple Sources


When the Chicago chapter of the Special Olympics launched their 2022 Polar Plunge fundraising campaign, they implemented a Fundraising Hub to track donations from multiple sources in a single location. Want to see how you can easily track multiple campaigns and events with a Fundraising Hub?

Benefits of Tracking the Employee Performance


Gyrus is a platform that lets you keep a continuous track of the performance of your employees without any complications. Reviewing the performance graph of employees regularly, giving the best feedback to your employees, and identifying their mistakes times, everything is possible with Gyru

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Dipping Your Toes into Metrics Tracking


If your organization is not tracking activity on its website or social media pages regularly, getting started can feel like an overwhelming task. Here are some beginning steps to getting your toe in the water with basic metrics tracking (along with some resources to help along the way). Data Leadership metrics tracking nptech ntenJess Main. Operations Manager. National Center for Media Engagement.

Release Announcement: How to Track Fundraising Trends Over Time


The post Release Announcement: How to Track Fundraising Trends Over Time appeared first on Nonprofit Technology & Fundraising Blogs. How effective is your nonprofit? Have you raised more money this year than last year?

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How to Track Someone’s IP Address Through LOL

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Would you want to track your opponent’s IP address to know their specific location? The post How to Track Someone’s IP Address Through LOL appeared first on PhreeSite.com. How often do you play League of Legends (LOL)?

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Know The Employee Training Progress With The Tracking Software


Tracking their performance becomes necessary to ensure this ultimate motive. You must want to bring out the best potential of your workforce with a training program. Read the blog to get the insights

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How to Track Someone’s IP Address on Skype

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The post How to Track Someone’s IP Address on Skype appeared first on PhreeSite.com. Skype is Microsoft’s software for video chatting and voice calling. Skype is one of the best video calling software that you can use to communicate with clients.

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Donation Tracking Problems? How to Use Sticky UTMs to Attribute More Gifts

Media Cause

Love them or hate them, cookies go a long way when tracking attribution. We knew the donation platform they used allowed us to use UTM parameters ( Urchin Tracking Module ) for transaction records, but when they went from secure.example.com to example.com, those UTMs didn’t follow.

How to Track Sender’s IP from Email Address

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The post How to Track Sender’s IP from Email Address appeared first on PhreeSite.com. Do you know that you can easily get someone’s IP from their email address? Well, in this article, you will get a quick guide on how to do it through different email providers.

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How to track someone’s IP address through Instagram

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The post How to track someone’s IP address through Instagram appeared first on PhreeSite.com. Are you wondering about how to find an IP address from Instagram?

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5 Google Analytics Stats To Track Fundraising Success


Having a tough time tracking the analytic behind your last fundraising campaign? Nonprofits know it’s a good idea to track their analytic, but its the next step they often have trouble with, knowing what to look for in those numbers and how to make sense of them. Have a good tip for tracking your fundraisers success in Google Analytics? With ecommerce tracking, calculating what each donor is worth from individual traffic sources is made possible.

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The Importance Of Choosing An Advanced Training Tracking Software


Learn more about why is it important for your organization to have advanced training tracking software

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Donor Search

Nonprofits use Prospect Tracking to reach fundraising goals by making sure there’s a plan for every ask If you write it down, it’ll happen. Look at your portfolio. Do you have a cultivation plan for each of your qualified* prospects?

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3 Social Media Metrics Every Non-profit Should Track


So what type of metrics are non-profits tracking to determine if they are achieving their objectives? One metric I track on our Blog is RSS or eMail subscribers. Funny enough only 27% of non-profits track engagement metrics and engagement is the single most touted benefit of social media. But we’ve got to start thinking about how to set ROI objectives that we can track and measure our success by.

The Donation List Template Your Organization Needs to Stay on Track

Wild Apricot

Download this donation list template so that your organization never loses track of which donations you’ve gotten, as well as who sent them and whether or not they’ve received a thank-you letter

5 must-have features for a training tracking software


Learn more about the five must-have features that you should look out for when scouting for a training tracking software with Gyrus

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How can companies track and analyze the efficiency of training programs with an LMS?


Tracking and analyzing their performance is a must. Every organization wants to achieve the best learning outcome in employees by offering the required training programs. Know how LMS can help in it

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Did Blackbaud finally fix conversion tracking?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

For those of you who don’t know, Blackbaud Sphere was historically bad at conversion tracking using Google Analytics. Even worse, the whole funnel was impossible to track because the URLs didn’t sufficiently change with each change of state in the transaction. I talked to Blackbaud about this around January of 2011 and the solution they suggested (deleting the generic tracking code in a Walk template) didn’t fix the problem.

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Top 10 Reasons to Have a Strategic Marketing Plan

Byte Technology

Marketing business budget business goals competititve analysis conversions and tracking digital marketing digital reports marketing plan marketing planning marketing research marketing ROI online reports online strategy strategic marketing strategic marketing plan strategy

Why Successful Nonprofits Track Employee Time

Tech Soup Blog

That's where time tracking comes into play. Rather than simply tracking time for compliance or "because someone told you to," successful nonprofits take advantage of the incredible data created by tracking employee time. By tracking employee time, nonprofits are able to understand the true costs of any project or program. However, without time tracking, there is limited visibility into how many hours your team spent, and at what cost to the organization.

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How Does Employee Training Tracking Software Ensure Workforce Productivity?


Employee training tracking software makes sure that employees are learning at their best capabilities. To ensure workforce productivity, companies must make sure that they are adopting this tool

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Tracking Volunteer Efforts

Wild Apricot

As a follow-up to an earlier post on volunteer scheduling, time tracking and accountability, here's an overview of a new web-based tool designed to help volunteer organizations track volunteer effort, measure the impact and share volunteer data.(

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Help Design the Greater Good Track at 2012 SXSW Interactive

Amy Sample Ward

You can vote on all the sessions you find interesting, but I hope you’ll pay particular interest to the 160+ submitted to the “Great Good/Nonprofit&# track! When it isn’t “conference season&# , it’s “session submission season&# ! Voting is now open to select sessions for the next SXSW Interactive conference, taking place in Austin in March.