5 Facts About Online Average Gift Size

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I used to believe that online average gift size was a vanity metric. Over time I’ve learned to love the online average gift size metric. billion in online gifts in 2016 from more than 4,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States. I have a confession to make.

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Major Gifts: Defining and Enhancing Your Strategy

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Many organizations are embracing these coming-of-age fundraising strategies, but it may be to the detriment of what we’ve traditionally called “major gifts”. Benchmarking Major Gifts. Asking questions like “How large is a major gift at your organization?”

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5 Research-Backed Lessons on Major Gifts Fundraising

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Does that mean that you don’t have any major gift prospects ? Let’s dig into a couple of key elements of the CES data and how they relate to major gifts, rather than philanthropy as a whole. 5 Research-Backed Lessons for Major Gifts.

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7 Essential Matching Gift Steps to Take in the New Year

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That’s the magic of matching gift programs, which enable companies to donate the same amount of money as their employees to eligible organizations. Research local companies with matching gift programs. Include matching gifts on your donation form. Employ a matching gift software.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Basics: Matching Gifts


New to matching gifts or interested in understanding the basics a bit more? Here's a handy breakdown from Adam Weinger, President of Double the Donation, which outlines some of the easiest ways to incorporate matching gifts into your fundraising. What are matching gifts?

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How Nonprofits Use Social Media to Promote Matching Gifts

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Now it’s time to take your seats, dim the lights, and show you matching gift social media promotion in action. The post How Nonprofits Use Social Media to Promote Matching Gifts appeared first on John Haydon. Online Fundraising Facebook Fundraising matching gifts Twitter

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Why Leadership is the Real Elicitor of Major Gifts

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There’s a singular question that you can ask at your organization to figure out how to find more gifts. Who is the “someone” where major gifts are coming to? Williams argued that it’s actually leaders who receive gifts, not simply the organization. People give to people.

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5 Red Flags to Look Out for When Raising Major Gifts

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Fundraising expert Amy Eisenstein identifies the top red flags to watch for at your organization when it comes to receiving major gifts. Once you eliminate these red flags, you’ll be ready to raise major gifts in a major way. amy Fundraising major-gifts

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Major Gift Fundraising: 13 Expert Tips (Nonprofit Tech Carnival)

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This month’s Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival is all about one thing: major gifts.

Sharing Your Story: How to Engage Donors with the Philanthropic Impact of Their Gift

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It might seem too easy, but research shows that donors want to know 1) how their gift was used and 2) what impact it had. A gratitude or impact report is a special way to report back to donors the opportunities made possible by their gifts.

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The BEST gift idea for your office!


Looking for an awesome gift for your colleagues, your boss or your Millennial staff? Look no further! Notter and Grant make a compelling case for why Millennials act as a secret decoder ring to help us understand what drives customers and employees in today’s business climate.

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25 Online Gift Stores That Benefit Nonprofits

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The study also found that o nline shoppers plan to spend 16 percent more than brick-and-mortar shoppers this holiday season on gifts, decorations, greeting cards, and food. ONE HOPE Wine and Gifts.

Record Highs for Gifts to Nonprofits

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The Giving USA Report: Documenting Increases in Gifts to Nonprofits. However, gifts by estates decreased sharply (-10 percent). I don't usually wait with bated breath for annual giving trends and studies. But this year was different.

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Accounting for Year-End Gifts

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The fundraisers rock the year-end campaign, and the business office is flooded with gifts. Some are checks dated in the prior year, and others are sent with envelopes postdated in the prior year. If your fiscal year end is December (and even if it's not), what's a nonprofit accountant to do?

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20 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

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For environmentally friendly and socially conscious holiday shoppers that prefer to give donations to nonprofits as holiday gifts, the 20 holiday gift programs listed below are a good starting point for your holiday shopping. Audubon Society Gift Catalog. Oxfam Gifts.

10 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

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As a follow-up to 25 Online Gift Stores That Benefit Nonprofit s , below are 10 holiday gift programs that benefit nonprofits. Gifts range from symbolic adopt-an-acre of a national park gifts to funding a classroom project in a low-income community.

Understanding the Rage-Donation: How to Engage Beyond the Episodic Gift

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We are seeing how activating and rage-donations are accelerating how people move from a just hearing about the causes they care about to quickly supporting them with a gift. How nonprofits respond is absolutely critical to making this sustainable support and not just one-off gifts.

19 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

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As follow-up to 29 Online Gift Stores That Benefit Nonprofits , below are 19 nonprofits that are offering symbolic gifts and adoptions this holiday season. Assured to make an impact, the gift programs listed below are meaningful gifts for family and friends of any age.

Online Fundraising and 3 Reasons to Start a Recurring Gift Program


Make sure to check out his upcoming webinar where Bill will talk about Making the Most of Recurring Gifts with The Raisers Edge — 2/22/12 @ 2pm ET — Register Now ! The concept of recurring gifts is simple. You’ll even learn about recurring gift management in The Raiser’s Edge.

7 Must-Haves for Major Gift Success

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There is huge potential for impact when you connect your nonprofit organization to individuals with the capacity to make a significant gift. But what does it take to be successful with major gift fundraising? Gift Acceptance Policy. Major Gifts Committee.

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5 Facts About Online Average Gift Size

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I looked at nearly $500 million in online giving from over 2,500 nonprofits in 2012 and found some interesting trends in the data. Research & Trends

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Research Friday: The gift

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by. Dianna Schwartz , Public Allies Arizona Alumna. Executive Director. Military Assistance Project. Welcome to Research Friday ! As part of a. continuing weekly series, each Friday we invite a nonprofit scholar, student, or professional to.

“Getting Real” with Donors: Creating a Culture of Philanthropy for Securing Unrestricted Gifts

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In fact, I would argue they are the ideal opportunity for a donor to prove his or her commitment to your organization’s mission and these sort of gifts should be celebrated and recognized to the utmost extent. But what if there was a way to inspire donors to make unrestricted gifts? And by unrestricted I mean that the donor has not designated the gift to be used in any specific way and that leadership can use the gift as needed.

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Inspiring “Gifts of Gratitude” in Healthcare

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Since the program started two and half years ago, the organization has received more than 970 gifts of gratitude and honored 428 caregivers. Get patient data daily, run through wealth screening and provide major gift officers a list of potential prospects to visit while in the hospital. In the case of large gifts, involve the donor as appropriate in the recognition. Fundraising Major Gifts Planned Giving Stewardship Sustained Giving

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Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops: 3 Vital Storytelling Tips

John Haydon

In fundraising, including major gift fundraising, stories motivate donors to provide financial support. Here are three tips for using stories to boost your organization’s bottom line through major gifts: 1. Online Fundraising fundraising major gifts storytelling

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10 Holiday Tribute Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

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For environmentally friendly and socially conscious holiday shoppers that prefer to give donations to nonprofits as holiday gifts, the 10 holiday tribute gift programs listed below are a good starting point for your holiday shopping. International Rescue Committee Rescue Gifts.

[PODCAST] Four Steps to Major Gifts Cultivation | Ft. Amy Eisenstein

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Major gifts. When dealing with major gifts, it’s important to remember these four steps: 1. You cannot discuss a major gift in a group setting. Amy recently launched a major gifts challenge on her website. Remember—it’s never too late to start raising major gifts!

29 Online Gift Stores That Benefit Nonprofits

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It may cost a bit more to purchase fair trade and from nonprofits, but the quality is often better, the gifts more unique and meaningful, and consequently much less likely to end up the landfill by early spring.

Can Social Media Give the Gift of Life?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Two years ago on this blog, Porter Gale published a guest post asking “ Can Social Media Save Lives? ” and described how Amit Gupta was leveraging his network and social media to find a bone marrow match.

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5 Ways You Should Incorporate Matching Gifts Across Your Organization’s Fundraising

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After speaking with nonprofits about the need to access matching gift funds in a cost-effective way, Double the Donation was born. _. And while there are multiple ways to raise money for your mission and cause, one of the easiest methods to gain more revenue is to incorporate and promote matching gifts across your organization’s fundraising efforts. Matching gifts are corporate giving programs that encourage employees to donate to nonprofits.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Donation Pages to Grow Monthly Giving

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And trust me—you want monthly gifts! This isn’t to discourage one-time gifts, but instead to say, “If you’re able, this is what we really need.” Be inspired by these 4 nonprofits that are utilizing their donation pages to encourage recurring gifts.

2 Strategies to Promote Matching Gifts and Year-End Fundraising

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The post 2 Strategies to Promote Matching Gifts and Year-End Fundraising appeared first on John Haydon. How much time do you give yourself before a fundraiser to plan? Would you start planning a wrapping paper fundraiser the day before it is set to begin?

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Your Brand Story: Change the Fundraising Game by Driving Donations and Building Relationships

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Fundraising professionals continuously seek better methods to cultivate individual donors and obtain major gifts. After reading it from cover-to-cover, the donor reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a pre-written check for $10,000 – his annual gift.

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What prompts an online gift?

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I tell them, “Yes, I would like to make a gift this year, however I would prefer you save the stamp and I’ll go online to make my gift. As the number of touch points grows, it will become more and more important for organizations to determine which channels are prompting the gifts they receive. In short, what prompts an online gift? This type of practice enables NRC to get a much more refined look at what initially prompted a gift.

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3 Best Practices to Multiply Major Gifts at Your Organization

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Major gifts don’t appear out of thin air. Any fundraiser will tell you that acquiring major gifts is a true challenge. If you’re looking for help with major gifts, this article is for you. Major gift donor cultivation is a slow process—think golf, not basketball.

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Fundraising Strategy: The Gift Range Chart [With Templates!]

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The success of your fundraising campaign relies on whether or not your nonprofit has put in the time to develop a comprehensive, data-driven fundraising strategy.

Give the Gift of TechSoup to Your Favorite Organization

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I'm sure most of us would love to make this kind of generous gift. But, if you’re not in a position to whip out your checkbook and make that size donation, here's the next best thing: Give the gift of TechSoup membership!

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22 Online Gift Stores That Benefit Nonprofits

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All that said, when doing your shopping this year, please be conscious of the power of your spending and put your dollars to work for good by purchasing from any of the 22 online gift stores that benefit nonprofits – especially on #GivingTuesday. SERRV Fair Trade Online Gift Store.

Data Appends: A Guide for Your Nonprofit

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It helps you ask the right people for the right sized gift. You can use analytics to ask for gifts according to the likelihood and capacity of the donors instead of some standard formula based on recent giving. Analytics is all the rage in development offices.

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11 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

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That said, if you prefer to wrap and present gifts this holiday season, please see a previous post entitled 22 Online Gift Stores That Benefit Nonprofits. Wild animal adoptions are the perfect gift for holidays… for a friend or yourself. Heifer International :: Gifts of Hope.