Celebrate Giving Tuesday with NTEN and @Kanter

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The second annual GivingTuesday is on December 3rd and you’re invited to join the celebration with NTEN! Here are three easy ways you can be part of the giving season kick-off: Donate to the 2013 NTEN Challenge.

What Is Nonprofit Technology? | NTEN

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NTEN : "A refresher course on what nonprofit technology is and isn''t." ''via Blog this What Is Nonprofit Technology?

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The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


NTEN / Portland, OR / $899. It's finally here! If you loved our 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2019 calendar! We've searched far and wide for the best and brightest nonprofit conferences from all around the country!

Goodies for NTEN members!!


Every year, NTEN spends a whole month saying thank you to its member community of nonprofit professionals committed to using technology for social change by offering a full month of free programming and prizes exclusively for NTEN Members, plus special local events and content.

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Tech Is Everyone's Job | NTEN

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Tech Is Everyone''s Job | NTEN : "Let’s face it: It’s 2015. Technology is a central part of how we do our work, communicate, and even fundraise. The idea that technology – from decisions to training and even testing new tools – would be something reserved for a single staff person or department simply doesn’t meet the needs we have as organizations anymore. I am not saying, of course, that I think a technology or I.T. staff role or department isn’t necessary!

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Guaranteeing Successful New Technology Adoption | NTEN

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Guaranteeing Successful New Technology Adoption | NTEN : "So, you’ve decided to move to a technology-based solution that enables your staff and volunteers to reach the next level of excellence in nonprofit service delivery and management. Congratulations!

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NTEN + Planet = Better Place


Just heard that my favorite association of all time, the Nonprofit Technology Network ( NTEN ), is having a SUMMER SALE on their membership dues. Together, the NTEN community puts technology to work so members can further their mission and make the world a better place.&#.

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The 14th issue of NTEN: Change is Out - "Fundraising in the Digital Age" | NTEN

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The 14th issue of NTEN: Change is Out - "Fundraising in the Digital Age" | NTEN : he 14th issue of the NTEN: Change journal is out, and this quarter is all about fundraising. From Bitcoin, to crowdfunding, to the tricky discussion about overhead - articles cover some of the latest topics in digital fundraising, and opportunities for nonprofits.

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Technology's Emerging, Enthusiastic Leaders | NTEN

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Technology''s Emerging, Enthusiastic Leaders | NTEN : his is where the iUrban Teen program comes in. We aim to bring back the wonder and enthusiasm that Carl Sagan spoke of, what we call the “technology spark.” We do this by introducing teens to Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art (STEM Arts) related careers. We work to get teens inspired to pursue the knowledge required to bring their ideas to life.

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Community design showcase: NTEN keeps it simple


Full disclosure: I did some pro bono consultation with NTEN before they launched this community and they didn’t ask to have their community featured here. NTEN has actually developed a CoP Organizer position description that describes the role and responsibilities of CoP community managers.

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10 Reasons to be at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (#14NTC)

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We’re one month out from NTEN’s annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Washington, DC. The NTEN team does a remarkable job of facilitating an environment ripe for connection with no limit to how much you can learn from peers.

NTEN Communications Roundtable January 2011

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2011 presentation nten roundtableDate : January 11th, 2011. Location : Phone & online chat. Topic : Questions, conversation and ideas about communications for nonprofits. Description : Welcome to 2011! It’s a new year, and we know you’ve got a lot planned – what communications, campaigns, appeals or projects do you have on the calendar? What questions do you need answered, what feedback or examples are you looking for?

NTEN Communications Roundtable December 2010

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Related Links : NTEN Roundtables. 2010 presentation communications nten roundtableDate : December 7th, 2010. Location : Phone & online chat. Topic : Questions, conversation and ideas about communications for nonprofits. Description : This month’s Communications Roundtable focuses on communications struggles, lessons, and best practices for working internationally.

Technology is 90% Psychology | NTEN

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Technology is 90% Psychology | NTEN : If you've ever implemented a technology project at a nonprofit, you know it's true: technology is 90% psychology. Success rarely hinges on the hardware and the software; technology hinges on the humans involved

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NTEN Communications Roundtable November 2010

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Related Links : NTEN Roundtables. Tags: 2010 presentation appeals communications nten roundtable Date : November 9th, 2010. Location : Phone & online chat. Topic : Questions, conversation and ideas about communications for nonprofits. Description : This month’s Communications Roundtable focuses on all those messages, appeals and campaigns that stack up this time of the year. What’s appropriate, when to send, and what works?

21 Social Media Tips for Nonprofits | NTEN

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21 Social Media Tips for Nonprofits | NTEN : love nonprofits. And I love social media. But nonprofits don''t always "get" social media. While there are few truly firm rules about using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google , or any of the other myriad of platforms out there, there are some things that bug donors.

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November is NTEN Member Appreciation Month!! #NTENthanks


From NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network : Thanksgiving isn’t just for turkeys and pumpkin pie – it’s our time to say thank you to our NTEN members. Giveaways and prizes every week, including free software services, mobile internet accounts, and nifty NTEN swag.

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Exciting Changes in the NTEN Community: Our New Community Platform | NTEN

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Exciting Changes in the NTEN Community: Our New Community Platform | NTEN : After considering several different platform options we selected Higher Logic as the new "behind the scenes" software powering my.nten.org. Out of all the options we explored, we felt the features, look, and feel of the Higher Logic platform was the best fit to serve the NTEN community based on the feedback we received

Sharing the NTEN Awesome: November is NTEN Member Appreciation Month


It’s November again, which means NTEN is hosting their annual Member Appreciation Month chock full of free webinars, giveaways, blog posts and love for NTEN Members. We SocialFish LOVE NTEN. You can check out the full list of upcoming NTEN webinars at [link]. (

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Let the Countdown to NTEN’s Leading Change Summit Begin

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Nonprofit Technology Conference digital strategy Future of Technology Idea Accelerator Impact Leadership Leading Change Summit Nonprofit Technology Network NTEN I love the collaborative, high-octane brainstorming you can only find at a conference. But, I have to admit, its hard to translate PowerPoint presentations, panel discussions, and a huge stack of business cards into an actionable plan once back in the office.

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The State of the Canadian Web Nation | NTEN

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The State of the Canadian Web Nation | NTEN : "About 90% of your major donors are visiting your website before making their first gift. But almost half of you don’t have a web strategy in place. Are you okay with this? Probably not. And you’ve probably heard stats like this before. You maybe even quote them. You also probably have no idea where they came from, or if they’re accurate." ''via Blog this''. NPWebContent NPWebdesign NPwebStrategy

Six Ways to Crowdsource Your Nonprofit’s Blog Content | NTEN

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Six Ways to Crowdsource Your Nonprofit’s Blog Content | NTEN : "Your nonprofit organization has a blog. Awesome. You have a plan that outlines post content and frequency. Fantastic. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start creating content…wait…that’s a lot of content. How are you going to produce it all? I know! You’re going to crowdsource your blog content. Of course, I believe that your editorial planning should have factored in your ability to deliver; as in get it all written.

Joining the NTEN Board

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Joining the NTEN Board August 7, 2007 Katrin, the Executive Director of NTEN, announced today that I’m joining the Board. (So I’ve been connected in one way or another to NTEN for quite a long while. Good move on NTEN’s part!

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Measuring Impact: Feature Article from the Latest Issue of NTEN:Change

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[Note: The following is an excerpt of an article in the December 2011 issue of NTEN:Change. Continue reading this article, which includes more resources and tips, when you subscribe to NTEN:Change for free! resources strategy change guestpost impact leaders nten ntenchange

Issue 167

Free Tools to Test Your Nonprofit's Website for Accessibility | NTEN

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Free Tools to Test Your Nonprofit''s Website for Accessibility | NTEN : "People generally associate the topic of web accessibility with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but I like to think of web accessibility as the practice of making websites with content, features and functionality that people of all abilities can access and use." ''via Blog this

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Holy Awesome – NTEN’s Impact Evaluation


NTEN has just made public their IMPACT EVALUATION. NTEN aspires to a world where all nonprofit organizations skillfully and confidently use technology to fulfill their missions. Evaluating NTEN’s Impact.

Best of 2012: Nonprofit Technology Grows Up | NTEN

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Best of 2012: Nonprofit Technology Grows Up | NTEN : think that the best thing that happened in 2012 was that some of the 2010-2011 "bleedng edge" conceptual technologies stood up and proved they weren't fads

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4 Ways to Max Your Mobile for Diverse Demographics | NTEN

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4 Ways to Max Your Mobile for Diverse Demographics | NTEN : If your website is mobile friendly, it means that you''re reaching an audience that''s not just behind their computers, but on the go. For international audiences, mobile might be the only way that they connect. In this article, learn four different ways to maximize your mobile presence for diverse demographics

Professionalism in Nonprofit Technology: Should My Techies be Accidental? | NTEN

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Professionalism in Nonprofit Technology: Should My Techies be Accidental?

Interview with Dan Fellini, NTEN's Web Developer


As NTEN's Web Developer, Dan will be diving straight into the deep end during our website redesign process; he will also be focused on the planning, development, configuration, integration, and testing of new and existing web-based systems. Community nten staff

NTEN Webinar: More than just a community

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Are you working on building or supporting community beyond one geographic region? Maybe across multiple countries, or even continents. Or are you looking to move from online community to offline event coordination? This month’s chat is for you! We’ll be talking about organizing events and supporting international/global communities. Really looking forward to it and hope you’ll join me!

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2012 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference

NonProfit Trends

NTEN is back in San Francisco and the NTC conference is once again sold out. Disclosure: I serve on the board of directors of NTEN. Nonprofit Trends Fundraising Multichannel NTEN Online Giving Peer-to-Peer Social Media Usability


Blue Fox CEO Chantal Sheehan Set to Speak at NTEN's 2020 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Blue Fox

Melbourne, FL (December 19, 2019) – Chantal Sheehan, Founder and CEO of Blue Fox was recently named a speaker for NTEN’s 2020 Nonprofit Technology Conference (20NTC). Sheehan will speak on how to have meaningful financial conversations with a nonprofit board of directors.

Why does NTEN like Bohemian Rhapsody? For you!

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Last year, NTEN created a scholarship fund program to help support many more people attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference. And what’ll happen to the NTEN staff if we hit $10K?

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We Are Media: Webinar Series from NTEN

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NTEN’s gathered some of the top nonprofit social media experts to help your organization devise a solid strategy as well as learn the secrets of using a variety of social media tools. Curated by NTEN, the community will work in a networked way to help identify the best existing resources, people, and case studies that will give nonprofit organizations the knowledge and resources they need to be the media.

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Nten’s Online Nonprofit Technology Conference is here!

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NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network, puts on a massive, be-there-or-be-square conference for nonprofit professionals every year (in 2009, we met in San Francisco). But, if you don’t want to wait until April to dive into the knowledge and expertise in the NTEN network, you don’t have to! The NTEN community co-authored a book and is planning an online conference for this Fall drawing on the contributors to move from writing to speaking.

Recommended Conference: NTEN


And if that weren''t enough, we hosted the NTEN Cyber Cafe and a booth at the "Science Fair". NTEN is a great resource, check them out at www.nten.org. We just returned from the 10th annual Non-Profit Technology Network Conference, held in Atlanta this week, which was attended by over 1,400 representatives from non-profits from around the world.

NTEN Is Hiring a CEO


NTEN has retained Heller Search Associates to recruit our next CEO. As you know, NTEN's objective is to help nonprofits maximize the use of technology to fulfill their missions. ceo hiring Leadership nten staff staff StaffingThe CEO will develop the operational and strategic plans of the organization while directing revenue generating efforts and developing relationships with membership constituencies and key strategic partners.

NTEN Visits Free Geek


Last week, during the quarterly staff retreat, NTEN staff toured Free Geek. Several NTEN staff have been long-time supporters, and NTEN has always donated its old electronics to Free Geek.

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NTEN: As Security Needs Rise, Nonprofits Hiring More Data Staffers: Associations Now

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NTEN: As Security Needs Rise, Nonprofits Hiring More Data Staffers: Associations Now A recent study by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) shows that much of the increase in nonprofit tech staffing these days is focused squarely on data—at a time when data security is more important than ever

The 2013 "NTEN" Award: Maddie Grant


NTEN isn''t an organization, we''re a community – a community with a shared set of values , including authenticity, sharing, and of course, laughter. who embodies those values and enhances the NTEN community. In short, they embody NTEN''s Values. 13ntc Community nten awards

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NTEN Webinar: The Social Media Decision-Maker’s Toolkit

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Look no further than this webinar series, “The Social Media Decision-Maker’s Toolkit&# , brought to you through an Idealware & NTEN partnership. Tags: 2010 presentation decision making guide idealware nten report social media webinar Date : November 16th, 2010. Location : Readytalk. Topic : Tools and Options for Selecting Social Media for Your Organization.

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NTEN Webinar: Social Media Building Blocks

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NTEN & TechSoup have teamed up to deliver a series of webinars on storytelling and social media - and I’m the presenter for the first one! Tags: tags webinar presentation techsoup nten bookmarks events socialmedia rss First, what’s a web-inar? Wikipedia says: A webinar is a neologism to describe a specific type of web conference. It is typically one-way, [ 1 ] from the speaker to the audience with limited audience interaction, such as in a webcast.

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