Technology and the Environment

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

OK, well, not so unrepentant or unabashed since I’m writing this post on the varied factors around technology and the environment, and have been thinking about this issue for myself for a long time. There is some argument as to whether or not cloud computing is good or bad for the environment. There are some arguments about whether or not these are really helping the environment. E-waste pollutes the environment and poisons people.

How Small Organizations Can Put the Environment First


We are in the midst of an environmental revolution, and today, organizations are at the forefront, faced with the responsibility of leading by example and conducting business with the environment in mind.

How To Create An Environment That Energizes Everyone

Eric Jacobsen Blog

In the book, The Optimistic Workplace , author Shawn Murphy , explains that the following beliefs are essential to helping create a positive work experience : The team is more important than any individual. For optimism to be strong, a cohesive team is vital.

5 Ways “Green Thumbs” Can Text for the Environment

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Pump the Movie” is a documentary that details American’s dependence upon oil and how it is negatively affecting the environment. The post 5 Ways “Green Thumbs” Can Text for the Environment appeared first on Mobile Commons.

Blogging To Improve Cambodia's Environment

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

s environment. Meet Zarah Jane Almeida who works as a producer for Mlup Baitong's Environmental Advocacy Radio Program. She has been blogging about her work and life at Sreisaat Adventures in Cambodia since January, 2004.

Building a Supportive Environment for Your Online Community


To build a supportive environment for your online community, we should incorporate what we've learned from history, anthropology, sociology, and philosophy. Whether it is meant as an attempt to create a supportive environment where you live or mimic the same type of vision in an online setting, the motivation seems to be the same: to gather with other folks in order to achieve a set of goals that would be impossible to do alone. Darby Burn Strong. Flight Coordinator.

Should Museum Exhibitions Be More Linear? Exploring the Power of the Forced March in Digital and Physical Environments

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There are real positives to linearity in storytelling, even in an online environment freed from the page. When I was a teenager, I was enthralled by interactive fiction. I loved the idea of the web as an infinite landscape, with stories and poems spiraling out in nonlinear directions.

Girl Scouts Send Text Messages for the Environment

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Even Girl Scouts have cell phones. And the Girl Scouts of America is turning those phones into environmental action with a fun text campaign that’s designed to keep girls thinking green no matter where they are. To engage Girl Scouts in an environmental program, Girl Scouts Forever Green is sending weekly earth-friendly texts to all the scouts on its list. Some are thought-provoking facts.

NetCentric Advocacy: WHEI - Women are the First Environment : Speaking out at Live Earth

Network-Centric Advocacy

NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity.

Querying the Environment: A Smart Model for Pull Content

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How can you create an environment or an object that invites visitors naturally to pull more content?

TechSoup's Refurbished Computer Initiative and the Environment

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Matthew Halden is the Manager of TechSoup's Environmental Product Distribution Programs which include the Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Program , the Refurbished Computer Initiative , and our IKON remanufactured office equipment program. Matthew combines environmental zeal with good business sense in this rare peek into his world with an update on the impact TechSoup's RCI program is having on the world and nonprofit pocketbooks.

Web Jobs at Pew Environment Group!


Pew Trusts has two new job openings for the web communications team at the Pew Environment Group. PEG focuses on addressing three major environmental problems- climate change, wilderness and biodiversity loss, and degradation of ocean environments and marine fisheries. PEG" is ramping up its organization and its efforts - and so this should be an exciting time to work there!

How to Build and Maintain an Intentional Organizational Culture in a Remote Staff Environment


Lisette Sutherland. Director. Collaboration Superpowers. Tools and new workplace traditions can help support cultural institutions, like water cooler conversations, for both local and remote staff. Whether we’re co-located or remote, every company wants their teams to be aligned towards achieving their vision, mission, and goals. And just like in the office, remote workers have to be deliberate about creating an inspiring culture. We just use different techniques.

7 minute crash course on environment,values and budget explained by SELP.

Network-Centric Advocacy

This is an interesting overview of the side-effects of cut without thinking about priorities and values. It is a good (mellow) overview answer to the hyper-argumentative coverage on cable news. Resonable people are willing to carry a fair portion of the reponsibility.".

Some Really Insightful Writing About Virtual Environments and Education

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

We need to encourage the development of easy to use, safe, classroom environments that can be controlled by the teacher but also allow students to enter 3D virtual environments. Help them to see that the very future of the children they teach is dependent upon their ability to change, adapt, and understand such new environments and to operate in them safely. This morning, Bertie , sent me a pointer to this article. It reminded me of a draft post I've had for over a month.

Help your local museum, food pantry, and the environment all at once


We've just launched a campaign I'm really excited about: The Idealware Research Fund. Almost all nonprofits struggle to keep up effectively with new software tools and tactics. Many have no one with technology experience on staff, and no one to ask for reliable software information. That's where Idealware comes in!

Social Change Apps on Facebook to Support Breast Cancer, Environment, and Aids

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Dank Apps (creators of the popular Lotto app ) has launched a new series of Social Change applications that allow Facebook users to raise money for a cause through advertising revenue. This means users do not have to donate, but just need to install the application, recruit their friends, or play the games. The first three are: Stop Climate Change supports the Nature Conservancy.

All-in-One Printers: Save Money and the Environment - Part 2

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In last week's post , we told you what an all-in-one printer was and some of the benefits of choosing them over several stand-alone devices. Did we pique your interest?

A couple of tidbits

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

A couple of tidbits on the environment today: A post on Read Write Web entitled “Cloud Computing good for the environment. Tags: Technology Zen environment Really?&#. Another in the series of “The Story of Stuff&# on Electronics.

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The One-Look Virus and Immersive Environments for Teaching and Learning

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

SL will take longer to gel into a cohesive environment that has a purpose and a following than the explosive growth experienced by WOW. ve found the environment elaborately constructed but humanly forbidding. In reading Nesson's post, I was fascinated with the description of Harvard Law School's virtual court project: my sense is that second life is an ideal environment for mock trials. Where, if it all, might immersive environments be of value?

Four Tips for Creating a Rewarding Environment for Your Tech Staff


By Grant Howe, VP Research and Development, Sage Nonprofit Solutions Want to create a more rewarding environment to retain and grow your techies? We'd love to hear YOUR tips, strategies, or #FAIL stories about creating a rewarding environment for nonprofit technology staff. [Editor's note: The following first appeared in the March 2011 issue of NTEN:Change. Read the complete issue of NTEN's new quarterly journal for nonprofit leaders by subscribing to the journal for free! ]

What being a B Corp means to us

See What's Out There

Work Culture B Corp b corporation Business corporate social responsibility environment social good sustainabilityAbout seven months ago, See3 was officially named a B Corporation company. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about what it means and how it impacts our business. One thing is for sure: it’s more than a title. It’s a responsibility, a higher standard, and an opportunity to do business better. The mission of B […].

3 Steps Nonprofits Can Take to be More Energy Efficient


energy efficiency environmentAs New York’s leading personalized board matching service, BoardAssist is approached daily by New Yorkers who want to join a board where they can be a real agent of change.

Use All-in-One Printers: Save Money, Office Space, and the Environment

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What is an all-in-one printer or multifunction printer (MFP)? has this to say, "When you've got a small home office, an all-in-one printer, also known as a multifunction printer, is a great buy. All-in-one printers can print, scan, copy, and sometimes fax.". Theses devices tend to be reasonably priced and can come as inkjets or laser printers.

Conservation Planners Use Benetech's Miradi Software to Help Save Reefs in Guam

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

conservation CMP Guam RARE Miradi environmentElaina Todd, an environmental planner who develops social marketing campaigns with the nonprofit conservation group Rare, is profiled in our most recent case study for Benetech’s Miradi software.

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Interview: Kedar Iyer, PickyPolly

Amy Sample Ward

Tags: interview application conservation engagement environment innovation mobile

My Latest President's Update

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Tags: Benetech internships human rights Miradi fellowships MBA environment Bookshare

Benetech Truth #1: Social Change Through Technology

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Beneforge social entrepreneurs Benetech a11y social enterprise Benetech Truths Bookshare socent accessibility human rights environment lucre literacy[Note: this is part one of seven posts on the Benetech Truths.] The world has big problems. We need fresh, original solutions that are better than the status quo. Technology has revolutionized business, but bringing those breakthrough developments to government, education and the nonprofit sectors can take 5, 10, even 15 years.

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Blog Action Day 2009: Creating Actions for Everyone on Climate Change

Amy Sample Ward

I use this story to say that no matter who your audience is, so long as you know them, you can provide relevant and exciting opportunities to take action to make a positive impact on our environment. Tags: events socialchange blog action day blogging climate change environment Today is Blog Action Day and this year’s theme is Climate Change.

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Climate Warming and Palo Alto -> Miradi and the World

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Tags: climate change trees Miradi Blog Action Day Palo Alto environment biodiversity

New on SSIR: #4Change Examines Social Media for the Climate Change Movement

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Tags: case studies issues 4change climate change environment lessons learned social media

Wiring the Green Movement for Earth Day

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Tags: issues socialchange strategy climate change earth day environment social media

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Apping Out Illegal Waste: Free Download to Target Illegal Dumps

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apps environment mobile phone green technology tsmobiletechnology Written by Daniel Ben-Horin, Founder and Chief Instigator, TechSoup Global. The Problem. Illegal dumping can be viewed in two ways.

Check out

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

We're piloting our new website, which is our environmental project management software. Miradi (the new name of what we used to call the e-Adaptive Management software) has been in beta test for a while and we've gotten great feedback from all over the world from environmental practitioners. We've just put Google Analytics on the site, and are playing with it. So, feel free to visit and check it out.


Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Our new environmental project management software, Miradi , just went into its beta testing. Our core beta testers are drawn from the Conservation Measures Partnership , coalition of the leading biodiversity groups (such as The Nature Conservancy, WWF and WCS). I thought that meant a small beta test, but it turns out that we already have testers registered from 16 different countries on 6 different continents!

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ASU Lodestar Center Blog: Crafting a Successful Third Generation.

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Manager of Curriculum Design & Innovation, ASU Lodestar Center Working as a nonprofit professional in the current economic environment can be challenging — and sometimes discouraging. ASU Home ASU A-Z Index My ASU Colleges & Schools Directory Map About Blog Academics Organizational Assistance Emerging Leaders Professional Development Philanthropy Research News & Events You are here: Home → Blog Pages Blog Home Write for us!

How to Avoid the Elephant Stampede (And Other Crisis Communications Tips) - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


By keeping your ear to the ground and listening carefully to the movements in your environment, you’ll be in control when the stampede hits and you won’t get run over.

Leadership Tips From Good Boss, Bad Boss

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Monday, November 8, 2010 Leadership Tips From Good Boss, Bad Boss Robert Sutton, author of Good Boss, Bad Boss , provides these leadership tips: Create an environment that encourages people to challenge each others ideas, but set a few ground rules.

Coal, it’s what’s for dinner. It’s the other white meat.

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We did this cool video for the Sierra Club to let people know that Coal is NOT the answer. Now, Sierra Club is back with a contest. Help Sierra Club come up with a new slogan for coal. Learn more here at Coal Is Not The

CASE STUDY: Care2 Recruits 10,000 for CHEJ Campaign - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


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