Use a Maturity Model to Set a Vision for Fundraising Growth

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To answer this important question, your organization should use this five-step maturity model. Software/Technology Digital fundraising fundraising Growth maturity model PlanningWhere do you see your fundraising organization in five years?

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Redesigning Your Organizational Model for Sustainable Growth

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Ask anyone in the nonprofit field — nonprofits are always busy. These organizations carry out essential and urgent duties. At the same time, they’re often operating with small teams and budgets. As a result, nonprofits need to work hard, smart and fast. Executive Issues

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The Hybrid Fundraising Event Model

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It’s been over a year since the pandemic changed all of our lives. 2020 really tested us all in a multitude of ways. For nonprofit organizations, perhaps the biggest and most important challenge was understanding how to move the mission forward.

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Gain Unique Insights and a Model Free… Plus 9 Action Tips!

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See how your model performs. See how your Insights Brief groups your donors/prospects into immediately usable lifestyle segments. Learn which personality types are your best and worst donors and how to tailor content to them. Visualize the usefulness of targeting different geographic areas.

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Achieving Organizational Transformation: Pathways to Success

Association executives—and hopefully their boards—know that they are facing perilous times. Driven by the pace of cultural and technological change, they are experiencing major disruptions in the traditional business models that used to guide organizational growth strategies.orgSource offers a straightforward approach to navigating these changes and readying your organization for growth.

Q&A: Doctors Without Borders Explains Its Donor-Centric Model

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Currently, Kim Goldsmith-N'Diaye, director of development at Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders in the U.S., leads all of the fundraising at MSF, including mid-level gifts, major gifts, planned gifts, corporate gifts and foundation gifts.

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Best Practices for Creating a Member Engagement Scoring Model

Association Analytics

The post Best Practices for Creating a Member Engagement Scoring Model appeared first on Association Analytics. Resources Analytics for Everyone Member Engagement Member Retention

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Forward-Thinking Membership Models for Associations

Nimble AMS

Subscription models are all the rage these days. Industries everywhere have begun to adopt subscription models. Associations are challenged to reconsider their traditional membership models and how they can be modified to align with new expectations of consumers.

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The Right Business Model Puts all the Wheels Into Alignment


Insightful strategic planning Effective and attainable goals and objectives A capable team And a business model that maximizes the market When you’re trying to […]. The post The Right Business Model Puts all the Wheels Into Alignment appeared first on.orgSource.

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A Blueprint to Building a New Model of Community Care

Saleforce Nonprofit

We made a “playbook” outlining our systems and platforms and shared it so that our program model could be duplicated in other areas. The post A Blueprint to Building a New Model of Community Care appeared first on

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How to Develop a Successful Subscription Business Model for Your Organization

Wild Apricot

Here's how your nonprofit can implement and benefit from a subscription business model Nonprofits have so much to learn from subscription based businesses like Netflix and Spotify.

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The New Marketing Methodology: Stepping Away from the Pay-to-Play Model


With so many nonprofits overwhelmed by their day-to-day needs, it's difficult to prioritize marketing. However, marketing can be the key driver of success for your organization through creating sustainable growth in donations, supporters, and impact.

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eLearning Pricing Models: 5 Ways to Price Your Courses

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You’ll explore eLearning pricing models through the following points: How To Price Your Online Course: Key Considerations. 5 eLearning Pricing Models for Your Courses. Would your association be better served by a subscription-based model or a one-time fee model?

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The Nonprofit Event Debate: Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid Fundraising Model?


Spoiler: A hybrid fundraising model for nonprofit events combines the comfort and safety of engaging donors virtually with the personal touch of live interactions. 8 ideas for an event with a hybrid fundraising model . How Hybrid Fundraising Models Elevate Nonprofit Events.

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DipJar launches SparkVirtual and New Pricing Model!


The post DipJar launches SparkVirtual and New Pricing Model! We’re excited to announce SparkVirtual, a new solution that will help you expand your fundraising efforts into the virtual space.

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How to Create a 3D Model from Photos

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But beyond editing photos, technology and apps can even help us use photos to create full 3D models. These 3D models can be used in a variety. The post How to Create a 3D Model from Photos appeared first on

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The Nonprofit Common Data Model as an Equity Tool


Enter the Nonprofit Common Data Model (CDM) , originally stewarded by Microsoft as a founding creator and ongoing community sponsor. The post The Nonprofit Common Data Model as an Equity Tool appeared first on NTEN

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Why OSCPA Isn’t Going Back to Their Old In-Person Education Model

WBT Systems

Why OSCPA Isn’t Going Back to Their Old In-Person Education Model. Read more about Why OSCPA Isn’t Going Back to Their Old In-Person Education Model

Logic Models: Charting a Course for Success


A logic model helps to visualize those details and highlight the connection between a program's purpose and the programs results, and it helps you make sure you're measuring the right things so you can show success! Ananda Roberts Data Leadership logic models nptech nten Communications Program Ananda Roberts. President. nFocus Solutions. Sometimes it's hard to see the little details that make up the big programs.

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Open content business models

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Open content business models December 1, 2007 I’m at the Open Translation event, and we’ve just had a great session on open content business models. In general, it seems like most models depend on some sort of up-front funding, whether it be an investment or a grant, to fund the initial writing of a large amount of content.

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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!—A Hybrid Model of Association Management


A Hybrid Model of Association Management appeared first on.orgSource. Hybrid is not just for meetings anymore. The need to adapt to a changing environment has given creative legs to business thinking. We’re mixing, matching, and collaborating in remarkable new ways.

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[Webinar Recap] Subscription Giving: The New Recurring Giving Model for Today’s Donors

Network for Good

The post [Webinar Recap] Subscription Giving: The New Recurring Giving Model for Today’s Donors appeared first on Network for Good. For years, we have seen consumer buying habits shift towards more subscription-based purchases with companies such as Netflix, Blue Apron, and many others.

CNC routers, materials and 3D models

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

For working CNC routers need STL files, which you can download from – 3D models site. Examples of models that are made using these materials: Technological equipment. To create a 3D model, special software is used, designed for professional work with three-dimensional graphics. These programs allow for solid modeling. Using solid modeling, you can design models with a high level of detail.

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The Complete Guide to Setting Up a Robust Membership Model

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We created this guide for any organization looking to implement a membership model. Over the past decade, we’ve helped thousands of membership organizations successfully set up and grow their members. This guide contains everything we’ve learned.

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How You Can Use Pledge Now, Pay Later To Revolutionize Your Fundraising Model


There are some truly exciting things coming down the pipeline for digital fundraising and a lot of them feature the Pledge Now, Pay Later model. There’s a term you’ve probably heard recently floating around the online fundraising space, and it may have you curious.

How to enhance free, gated, and paid content in your content marketing model

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This highlights an opportunity for your association to improve your content marketing model and determine the best mix of free, gated, and paid content for your constituents. . Why your association needs to develop a content marketing model. Members want more content.

Model 103

Demystifying the Predictive Model

Connection Cafe

Analytics Data Mining & Modeling Fundraising Success & Performance marketing model predictiveUtilizing predictive analytics is designed to allow organizations to make smarter decisions about how to spend resources.

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Online Learning’s New Role in the Association Membership Model

WBT Systems

Online Learning’s New Role in the Association Membership Model. Read more about Online Learning’s New Role in the Association Membership Model

Salesforce, Dreamforce & Nonprofits: It always comes back to the data model

Judi Sohn

Each direction is very different, using a different data model (see below for lots more on that) and approach. So how is it always about the data model? I happen to think the Account/Contact model makes perfect sense, but I know it’s frustrating for new nonprofits on the platform who don’t understand why they have what they think are two records with the same information. A nonprofit typically has a very different ownership/sharing model.

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Predictive Modeling for Future Peer to Peer Fundraising Events

Connection Cafe

Predictive Modeling uses “big data” to help predict the future. Last year, I worked with 2017 npExpert Katrina VanHuss at TurnKey P2P to build a model for walking events with no registration fee to give visibility into the future success of your walk based on the event’s current progress to date. This predictive model can help you with understanding the real-time health of your event to ensure that you will hit your goals by event day.

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How To Create a Successful Chamber of Commerce Model During COVID-19

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COVID-19 has brought new challenges to small businesses (and yes, we know that’s the understatement of the year) but many are trying to make the best of it by doing things like auditing their platforms, getting creative with new ways to engage. organizational-management

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The Anatomy of a Content Model

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What is a Content Model? Content Modeling is a hot topic in the Information Architecture community these days. A content model is a document defining the structure of each content type within a CMS , or Content Management System. Why do I need a Content Model? Content Model Success Story. I recently spoke about Content Modeling for a nonprofit at the IA Summit in Minneapolis.

Model 31 A Model Facebook Page

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The copy is a model of self-restraint. , the federal web site that is officially charged with helping consumers make sense of the new health insurance landscape, was substantially improved this month. For starters, they added information from over 200 insurers on 4,400 plans.

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Deliberately Unsustainable Business Models

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At one point, Mark commented that they have a "deliberately unsustainable" business model. This is the model that governs most businesses and artistic endeavors. Tags: business models I once asked Eric Siegel, the Director of the New York Hall of Science, why museums are rarely innovative shining stars on the cutting edge of culture. He commented that as non-profits, museums are built to survive, not to succeed.

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Pricing Your eLearning Materials: Subscription versus One-Time-Fee Models

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While there are numerous pricing models used in the world of eLearning and online courses today, two of the most common are subscription and one-time-fee models. And remember: it’s important to get this right the first time around, as changing up your pricing model down-the-road can pose its own major challenges. Subscription Models. Subscription models work best at the bottom end of the product quality continuum. One-Time-Fee Models.

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Predictive Modeling vs. Wealth Screening: Effective Segmentation Programs Require a Healthy Mix

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Whenever I am on the road with clients the conversation always turns to a debate about the value of predictive modeling vs. the value of traditional wealth screening. Some tend to gravitate toward wealth data alone because it feels more tangible—or understandable—than predictive modeling. While others like that predictive models can focus on the likelihood to do something – make a gift, perhaps – and not just whether a prospect looks “rich.”.

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Nonprofit Disruption: Evolving Models of Engagement and Support

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

DISRUPTION: Evolving Models of Engagement and Support. My colleagues at The Monitor Institute just published a study called “ Disruption: Evolving Models of Engagement and Support ,&# a national study of member-based advocacy organizations. View more documents from Working Wikily. The study was funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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3 Federated Models for Larger Nonprpfits (and How Each Model Impacts Decision Making)

Connection Cafe

While there is little consensus on a “single best practice”, three distinct models have emerged and are recognizable as the most prevalent. For an organization assessing its own structure, this blog is intended to provide a simplified basis for self-comparison against each of the three models. The models, which are (stereotypically) summarized below, highlight how, and by whom, decisions are made and executed. The decision to prefer one model over another is situational.

Model 21

Advocacy Campaign Logic Model

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It uses a logic model. A huge big salute goes out to Priscilla Brice-Weller at Solidariti for finding this excellent resource - The Advocacy Progress Planner , by Continuous Progress. It's an online tool campaigners can use to map out campaign actions, and also assess the campaign afterwards. I would love to see this for a marketing campaign with a social media component

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#11NPD: Impact, Brand, and Business Model

Tech Soup Blog

In the panel Rethinking Strategy: The Intersection of Impact, Brand, and Business Model, three experts defined these terms and illustrated their use for effective nonprofit communications. Model Behavior. Jeanne Bell kicked off her discussion of business models by describing a challenging shift in the nonprofit landscape. Delivery and communications are the business model.

Model 52

A Model for Wildfire Disaster Relief

Connection Cafe

The level of collaboration amongst the legal community in Northern California can serve as an excellent model for other areas of the country. Nearly 20,000 residents have been asked to evacuate their homes in Northern California as a result of the multiple wildfires that have been burning for weeks, and CNBC has reported that more than 16,000 homes have been threatened by potential damage from the wildfire at this point, leading to evacuation orders for nearly 25,000 residents.

Day 5: Membership Growth Online Summit - Membership Models

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You have success with attracting new members, it’s the retaining them bit that needs some work. Wait a minute… you already have some super-members who’re extremely passionate about your organization. They’re loyal and willing. So what’s the problem exactly? Well, do you have a killer onboarding process? webinar growth summit robbie-kellman-baxter

Model 60

Four Models for Active User Engagement, by Nina Simon

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

No one model is better than the others. Nor should they even be seen as progressive steps towards a model of “maximal participation.” Participatory projects are most successful when you can find the right model for your staff culture, your users, and your goals. While there are outlier innovative projects that defy categorization, this chart displays the fundamental characteristics of each model. . Source: Share Your Ideas.

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