A New Approach for Nonprofit Professional Development: Micro-Learning

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Recently, a nonprofit professional said to me, “I don’t have time to learn anything new because I have too much work to do.” Yet, we know that learning continuously in a complex world is critical because otherwise our skills are quickly outdated.

Connecting Organizational Culture and Learning


I was recently invited to chat with Celisa Steele over at the Leading Learning Podcast. Potluck Social Learning

Celebrating Digital Learning Day: How Camp Blackbaud Amplifies Technology Skills for Good

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Today marks 2017’s Digital Learning Day, a day where we celebrate technology’s role in how we learn. It is this intersection of volunteer service, especially skills-based service, and the desire to give back that inspired me to write this blog on Digital Learning Day.

Valuable Fundraising Lessons We Learned in 2017

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How Citizen-Powered Movements Will Lead Social Change in 2017: Learn about the shift to cause-minded individuals driving change and how their efforts are making a difference.

Lesson 151

Association Learning + Technology


How are associations using learning technologies? The survey can be found at: Association Learning + Technology Survey. Every year or two the folks at Tagoras ask that question, and it’s that time again.

3 Volunteer Engagement Lessons Corporations Can Learn from Nonprofits

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So often, we focus on what nonprofits can learn from corporations, whether it’s borrowing marketing best practices, taking an ROI-focused approach to measurement , or segmenting audiences with technology to fuel maximum engagement.

Social Media Tools and Resources for Social Learning


This past week I, together with my friend Shari Rager from American Medical Writers Association, did a session at Tagoras’s Learning*Technology*Design conference on designing for social learning. Defining and Designing Social Learning. Social Media is Not Social Learning.

Learning is the Work

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If you are not already familiar with their work, you will learn a lot about online collaboration, knowledge management, informal learning, and networks by following them. Jane Hart: Jane has been blogging for many years and writes about informal and workplace learning.

Data Dictionary: Variables and Analytical Learning

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Data Mining & Modeling analytical learning term definitions variablesAnalytics can be overwhelming or confusing without the proper context. So let's build our understanding of various types of analytics you might use in your fundraising.

Social Learning ROI


Sandy Carter from IBM shares some thoughts about social learning – which permeates all aspects of collaboration, data sharing, and knowledge management. How are you using social learning and social knowledge? Social Learning

ROI 70

Bridging the Skills-Gap with Competency-Based Learning


What is competency-based learning and how would it work? A competency-based model involves creating learning journeys around high-need roles within an industry. Next, the association takes each competency and creates specific learning activities that teach that competency.

Social Leading, Social Learning


Social Learning SocialFish News

Trainer’s Notebook: The Importance of Hands-On Learning

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Going beyond content delivery, I also use a lot of participatory and hands-on learning techniques to help students gain a deeper understanding. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand how the feng shui of a classroom impacts learning.

Nonprofits Need Integrate Learning into their Work in 2014

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Adding Learning to Work. He points out that approach has value but, by adding activities is only assisting in the learning process. He suggests that design principle is that learning is something separate from work or ‘first we learn and then we work’.

Today's Leadership Thought: Celebrate Learning

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Learn from them instead of hiding them. ". Admitting Mistakes Common Mistakes Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Learning From Mistakes Making Mistakes Trap TalesToday's leadership thought comes from the new book, Trap Tales , by David M. Covey and Stephan M. Mardyks.

Social Learning Resources


Lo and behold, this one was on my favorite topic (apart from Humanizing), social learning. So I wanted to quickly list just a few of the resources that were mentioned: 10 things to remember about social learning (and the use of social media for learning).

All About Learning Analytics


But learning analytics combines this sort of data analysis with student interaction in online education tools, aiming to create a more integrated and customized learning experience. ” Is anyone thinking about learning analytics related to your educational programming?

Got E-learning?


Does your organization rely on e-learning to drive revenue or member retention? Are you managing multiple e-learning platforms and software to deliver webinars, hybrid events, virtual conferences and more? Mark Your Calendars Social LearningNeed your feedback please!

What We Can Learn from Finnish NGOS About Resilience

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I really enjoy teaching in different cultural contexts and observing different learning styles and approaches to working for a nonprofit.

Learning from Millennials (Yes, Really)


We forgot about the part where we learn from them. Once you start learning more about the Millennials in your environment, then you’ll be able to do a much better job of both bringing them in AND retaining them in an ongoing way.

5 Lessons Learned from Donating to 25 Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

If you have donated to a nonprofit within the last 12 months, then please take the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report !

Lesson 110

Nonprofit Professionals Learning From Each Other


According to a recent post from Beth Kanter’s Blog, these professionals have a lot to learn from each other. At this year’s SXSW … Continued The post Nonprofit Professionals Learning From Each Other appeared first on Tech Impact.

How the Nonprofit Sector Can Share What We Learn and Why We Should

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: I’ve been a big believer in shared knowledge and learning for the sector. While they confess that they still don’t know the ultimate answer to that question, they have learned a thing or two in their continued pursuit of that goal.

Coming soon to association learning: gamified learning and microcredentials | Event Garde Blog with Aaron Wolowiec

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Coming soon to association learning: gamified learning and microcredentials | Event Garde Blog with Aaron Wolowiec : "Tagoras recently released its much-anticipated 2016 Association Learning + Technology Report, which contains a wealth of information about associations’ efforts to incorporate technology into their educational programs and platforms. We know the educational landscape is changing as associations adapt to their members’ learning needs and habits.

3 Nonprofit Fundraising Lessons Learned from Political Campaigns

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Because of their scope and scale, US presidential campaigns are unique entities. They don’t last very long compared to those of nonprofit organizations, but they raise and spend a tremendous amount of money—growing quickly from scratch into an immense, people-powered machine.

Lesson 208

4 Marketing Lessons Your Nonprofit Can Learn From Tinder


What does Tinder have to do with your nonprofit marketing strategy? Probably a lot more than you realize. Think about it: what is Tinder if not a massive, multi-million-user experiment in online marketing

Lesson 204

Successful Strategies for Distance Learning [CASE STUDY]


Face-to-face events remain the preferred method of learning for many. In 2008, APIC embarked on a journey as the “Pied Piper” of learning and discovered enormous opportunities as well as plenty of unexpected challenges. Case Study Social Learning

Does Extreme Content Delivery = Learning?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How do you learn? When you want to acquire a new skill or apply some new knowledge, do you learn by passively sitting and listening to an expert lecture for 90 minutes without a break and 150 PPT slides? The best one, “Stop Talking: The longer you talk, the less they learn.”

The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems


We’re seeing some interesting things going on in the association industry at the intersection of online communities and learning management systems (LMS). LinkedIn, the first social network to be publicly traded on the Stock market, acquires Lynda, a leading online learning platform for $1.5

Learning + Technology: The Latest on What Associations Are Doing


I asked Jeff Cobb to share a summary of his great new report on social learning, a topic which you know is dear to our hearts. How much success are organizations having with technology-enabled and technology-enhanced learning? Featured Industry Insider Social Learning Useful Data

What I Learned From @nancylublin About #dataonpurpose

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Here’s a curated transcript of Tweets from her talk, including the one above that she wanted everyone in the audience to tweet. Here’s what I learned from Nancy’s inspiring talk about data for good: How It Got Started. Kids learned about homelessness.

The Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative

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The Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative : "ast spring, collaboration among the schools was formalized with two grants to support ongoing efforts. An Island Institute grant for a Fellow to work specifically on organizing inter-island activities resulted in hiring Anne Bardaglio, who had served as the Matinicus Education Fellow prior to graduate school.

Teach 100

What Your Nonprofit Can Learn From The #IceBucketChallenge


And what can your nonprofit learn from ALSA’s fundraising success? Here’s what’s made the campaign the most successful social media movement in recent memory, and what your nonprofit can learn from it to improve your fundraising potential. Image courtesy of Montreal Gazette.

Lessons Learned from the HealthCare.gov Rollout

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So, in the spirit of learning from the past, and fully aware that is this Monday-morning quarterbacking, here are a few politically neutral “lessons learned” from the launch that will hopefully help with your next nonprofit technology project.

Lesson 176

What I learned during my lenten fast

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I learned a ton during this time, and I think much of it will take time to filter through me. As you might recall, I chose to bite off a fairly big chunk of things for my lenten fast. And I'm bringing that fast to a close this week (sort of slowly easing into things rather than all at once on Easter.). I was unsurprised by some things, and surprised by others.

Learning is Everything!


In my conversations with nonprofits over the past ten years, the single most important need isn’t simply more money or more staff (although those are always helpful)…it’s continued learning. Education is absolutely essential to the millions of nonprofit organizations doing good work in the United States and abroad

Five Ways to Help Your Nonprofit Learn from Feedback (and Earn More Funding Too!)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: At the end of the day, organizations that are committed to learning will be more effective at meeting the needs of the people they serve. Learning is the ultimate result of being “ data informed ” that is using feedback data to improve results.

Five things we learned about crowdfunding - Civil Society - Fundraising - Blogs

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Five things we learned about crowdfunding - Civil Society - Fundraising - Blogs

Where Do You Learn Best? My Personal Learning Journey from Conferences to Trainings

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Learn from them. Conferences became an essential way for me to connect with friends, do business, and learn. I learned from my friends, but I felt increasingly antagonistic to the pomp and bureaucracy of the conference itself. It was like learning another language.

Train 52

Gaming for learning | Inquirer News

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Gaming for learning | Inquirer News : Games for learning is an interesting topic because gaming is associated with fun, it’s associated with engagement and the concept that when a student plays a game, the student learns,” said Jason Trump, Microsoft’s education partner director for Asia Pacific and moderator of “Gaming4Good: Education through Gaming” forum. “If

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