The Power of Sharing a Personal Story

The Storytelling Non-profit

The power of sharing a personal story is well documented. We love hearing stories. And during these times, stories have the power to help us feel less alone in our very human experiences. Hearing people’s stories is a source of constant inspiration for me.

Making a Great Story into a Powerful Fundraising Story


We’ve all heard how important stories are to fundraising communications. But how do you actually pick a great story? And more importantly, how do you take a great story and turn it into a great fundraising story? . This is where you can really leverage your story.

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How to Write Power Stories, Part 1

NonProfit PRO

We all know telling a good story engages readers and gets them emotionally involved so that they feel compelled to send a gift to your organization. Copywriting Creative Power Stories Storytelling

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Fundraisers: use stories, not statistics

Hands on Fundraising

The post Fundraisers: use stories, not statistics appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. The human mind is a wanderer by nature. The daydream is the mind’s default state. Jonathan Gottschall What do you like to read? I read a scary book recently. Dystopic, feminist, infuriating.

Story Interviews for Non-Profits

The Storytelling Non-profit

When I talk with non-profit professionals about their storytelling endeavors, I often get asked questions about interviewing someone for their story. Story interviews for non-profits are a skill you can master. There are many ways to collect stories.

4 Key Ingredients to A Good Story: How to Tell Compelling Nonprofit Stories


Once you’ve cracked the code to the pattern, you’ll find that telling compelling nonprofit stories becomes less overwhelming and more manageable. You can apply the same blueprint again and again and know the stories will be well received by your audience. .

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How to Tell Non-Profit Stories With Emotions and Details

The Storytelling Non-profit

I continue to evolve my thinking about how to tell non-profit stories. This is natural in any line of work, but in non-profit storytelling I find that it mostly impacts my process for writing and telling stories. The Challenges of Getting a Story’s Emotions and Details.

Year-End Fundraising: Increase awareness of your campaign with stories

The Storytelling Non-profit

In this article I’m going to break down the role stories play in marketing a year-end fundraising campaign, what kinds of stories to tell, and how to share those stories. Using Stories to Increase Awareness of a Year-End Fundraising Campaign.

How to Write Power Stories, Part 2

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Our stories have to engage readers on such a powerful emotional level that when we transition from them to the ask, readers feel compelled to take an action or make a gift.

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4 Tips For Telling Nonprofit Stories About Difficult Subjects


In the nonprofit world, we often walk a delicate tightrope when it comes to the stories we tell. However, raising money isn’t as simple as telling difficult nonprofit stories every single day. You also have the people in the stories to consider. Look at the stories you can share.

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What Is a Story and Why You Need To Tell Them

The Storytelling Non-profit

Telling great stories helps your non-profit get its message out into the world, connect with new audiences and motivate people to take action like making a donation. In this article, I want to take it back to basics so you understand what is a story and why they matter for your non-profit.

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How to Create Your Non-Profit’s Annual Story Strategy

The Storytelling Non-profit

When it’s the beginning of a new calendar year or the start of a new fiscal year, the fresh start is a great time to create your non-profit’s annual story strategy. You don’t need to publish endless amounts of story content because it’s what you think you should be doing. Story Ideas.

How to Tell Stories that Raise Money in December

The Storytelling Non-profit

To help you maximize your fundraising efforts this month, I’m here with advice on how to tell stories that raise money in December. Why Tell Stories in December. There are so many reasons why your non-profit should tell stories. The Future Story. The Update Story.

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Sell With A Story

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Today, we look back to 2016 : 2016 brought the much anticipated release of Paul Smith 's book, Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale. I'm a big fan of Paul's earlier best-sellers, including Lead with a Story and Parenting with a Story.

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How to Maximize Success Stories Across Your Nonprofit’s Digital Channels

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Allison Weber , founder of Allison Weber Consulting , a fundraising and communications business dedicated to helping mission-driven organizations tell better stories. Stories are windows into new worlds. Now more than ever, nonprofits need to share stories of how they’re making the world better. Share your best stories—but go beyond just posting them on one platform. World Food Program USA: Rani’s Story. WFP USA also shared Rani’s story on Instagram.

Scary Nonprofit Stories to Tell in the Dark, 2021

Nonprofit AF

Halloween is coming up next week, which means it’s time for this year’s crop of spooky stories set. Hi everyone. Humor

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Best of 2021 – Client Stories

Greater Giving

Best of Client Stories. Inspiring stories from our beloved clients. Many of these nonprofits’ fundraising stories stood out with their creativity, passion and adaptability. The post Best of 2021 – Client Stories appeared first on Greater Giving Blog.

The Core of Any Good Nonprofit Story – Struggle and Overcoming


Imagine a story where someone was born, everything went perfectly from beginning to end, and then the story was over. When it comes to a good nonprofit story, struggle and overcoming are at the center. Human beings love a good story for several reasons.

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The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

Eric Jacobsen Blog

And, his latest book, The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell , is yet another required read for leaders – managers, CEOs and team leaders. And, the first and most important part of being a great storyteller is knowing what stories to tell ,” explains Paul. Paul : The vision story.

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Storytelling Tips: Measure the ROI of Your Non-Profit’s Stories

The Storytelling Non-profit

Whether you tell stories in your fundraising or communications program, chances are you want to understand the impact and return on investment (or ROI) of the stories you tell. Here’s a few examples: Telling a story in. What Do You Want the Story To Do?

5 Tips for Telling Difficult Stories


Storytelling is a constant drumbeat that resonates throughout the nonprofit community, but increasingly, stories are getting hard to tell. Not so much with good stories, which are a welcome and inspiring; mostly, it's the difficult tales of struggle, desperation, injustice, and urgency that are the most complicated to convey - but the need has never been so great. What happens when stories go untold? Let me explain what I mean by “difficult stories.”

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Google Analytics 4 – A Continuing Story

Media Cause

The post Google Analytics 4 – A Continuing Story appeared first on Media Cause. Like it or not, the switchover to Google Analytics 4 is coming (at some point – Google is keeping the official date a mystery to themselves as well as the rest of us mere mortals).

How to Write Power Stories, Part 3

NonProfit PRO

Take the use of pseudonyms in fundraising stories. It’s a wonderful feeling when something you always thought was bad for you turns out to be good for you. There’s a widespread presumption that using made-up names for real people is a necessary evil. Direct Mail

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Helping Children Heal With Salesforce

Cloud 4 Good

You May Also Enjoy: Success Story: Leveraging Salesforce CRM for the University of Vermont Office of Research. Success Story: The University of Alabama at Birmingham: Transforming Student Journeys Through Salesforce.

How To Sell With A Story

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Today, we look back to 2016 : 2016 brought the much anticipated release of Paul Smith 's book, Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale. I'm a big fan of Paul's earlier best-sellers, including Lead with a Story and Parenting with a Story.

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Fundraising Success Stories | Examples & Tips to Learn From


We love hearing about nonprofits’ successful fundraising strategies in action, and sharing these stories allows nonprofits to learn from each other. We want to celebrate these nonprofits along with the other fundraising success stories. Successful fundraising story examples.

How to Source Great Year-end Stories

Get Fully Funded

Because the letter didn’t include an inspiring story that touched donor’s hearts. Why You Need a Great Story. Humans are hardwired to respond to stories. Neuroscientists would tell you that the brain processes facts and stories differently.

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5 Content Marketing Success Stories Your Nonprofit Needs to Imitate


Big Brothers Big Sisters – Leverage video to tell your story. Through the Start Something Web Series they’re shedding light on the impact that Bigs have on Littles by telling their story through quality video they publish on their YouTube channel, share on their website and talk about on Facebook. Along the way they’ve used content in the form of life changing stories to help shed light on how they’re making a difference.

25 Storytelling Interview Questions for Non-Profits

The Storytelling Non-profit

Story interviews (or narrative interviews) are almost always necessary in order to tell a rich, interesting story. When you are able to talk to someone directly about a story, you can ask questions the help you gather key facts, details, and emotions to tell a compelling story.

Creating Equity in Education With Teach For America + Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Cloud 4 Good

You May Also Enjoy: Success Story: How Zero to Three Improves Childhood Development Through Salesforce Technology. Success Story: Creating Engaging Student Journeys With St. Success Story: Hispanic Scholarship Fund: From Luminate CRM to Nonprofit Success Pack.

Teach 94

An Unlikely Story of Digital Success in 2020


We all know versions of this story. The good news is, the story had a happy ending. The post An Unlikely Story of Digital Success in 2020 appeared first on NTEN It was February 11, 2020. We were finally launching our new website , a full rebuild to reflect our rebranding.

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham: Transforming Student Journeys Through Salesforce

Cloud 4 Good

You May Also Enjoy: Success Story: Creating Equity in Education With Teach For America + Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Success Story: How Zero to Three Improves Childhood Development Through Salesforce Technology. Success Story: Creating Engaging Student Journeys With St.

QOOB Stories: Instagram Content Viewer and Downloader

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The post QOOB Stories: Instagram Content Viewer and Downloader appeared first on Social media platforms are all about goofing around a little while having a break from our hectic schedule.

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DEI in Nonprofit Storytelling: A Beginner’s Guide to Sharing Empowering Stories


Few things connect people together better than stories, which is why it’s important that your nonprofit showcases as many diverse and inclusive stories as possible. . And how do you share stories in a way that honors the people featured in them?

The Story in the Numbers

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

On Financial Narratives and Financial Footnotes: The Truth Is in the Fine Print Guest Beneblog by Teresa Throckmorton, Benetech's CFO and VP, Finance In a previous blog post, we shared the Seven Benetech Truths : the core values that define our identity and culture, that guide our work, and that tell our story. Our financials are more than numbers: indeed, they tell our story. It’s a story that connects mission, capacity, and capital.

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Customer Story: How Fiver Children’s Foundation Raised Over $50k On #GivingTuesday


Fiver used their story of Camp WiFiver to inform their 2021 #GivingTuesday campaign. The neat thing about Fiver is that there is time is built in for program staff to collect and story bank client testimonials, which means they’re not scrambling at the end.

5 Metrics to Track Analyze Instagram Stories

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The post 5 Metrics to Track Analyze Instagram Stories appeared first on Want to gain popularity on Instagram, but not sure of the best way to reach that level? Do you desire to be an Instagram star or influencer, but cannot find the right way to reach your destination?

The Five Building Blocks of a Digital Advocacy Campaign, Part 1: Tell an Impactful Story

Media Cause

While advocating for survivors in San Francisco, I witnessed first-hand how critical stories are in tapping into people’s empathy. Digital media means we have the ability to tell our stories creatively that can help shape public discourse on a scale that wasn’t previously possible.

Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


Whether quietly spearheading some of the world's most groundbreaking scientific and medical research or not-so-quietly leading revolutions on the battlefield, our history is ripe with stories of ferocious, adventurous, enlightened, and persistent women. She challenged many contemporary notions by taking on familiar biblical stories but retelling them through the female experience, and was met with contempt and even violence. she·ro (pl. sheroes) : a woman regarded as a hero.

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How to Use a News Story to Support Your Major Gift Ask

NonProfit PRO

Below is a perfect example from our colleague Diana Frazier on how she advised a major gift officer to use a news story to support a major gift ask.

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Core Components Of A Story

Eric Jacobsen Blog

A story with a business impact can be as short as one sentence. Whatever the case, it will have maximum impact if it includes the following core components," according to Choy: Structural : A story has a beginning, middle, and end. Elemental : A story often has elements including a hero, challenge, journey, resolution, change, and call to action. Authentic : A story reveals a genuine part of the teller, which elicits emotion in the audience.

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A Story From the Team


Here''s one story from a recent call: "Hi Everyone, As you know, in Help Desk we tend to talk to people who are frustrated, confused, or experiencing some sort of issue. Once in a while we get to see the other side, so we decided to share this story with the whole team. Our help desk team works around the clock to ensure that our customers have the support they need.

Team 136

Guest Post: Stories of Volunteer Managers, Technology, and the Pandemic

Twenty Hats

So, what do these stories show us about how volunteer supervisors used technology in their work this past year? This is a glimpse of the hundreds of stories we collected during the focus group conversations. “None of us were ready for this.