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Let’s talk about a few steps that you can take NOW to make your social media content more accessible for everyone. . There are a few things to consider when selecting a typeface for accessibility. . Blog Posts accessibility social justice social mediaRead time: 6 minutes.

Web Accessibility: 5 Smart Designs to Engage Everyone

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As your website or content platform grows, so will your audience. Your devotion of energy and resources to create a beautiful, content-rich and relevant hub for your members and potential members will draw eyes, peak interest and encourage engagement. Online Platforms Membership Technology Top 5


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Virtual Events Made the Conventions and the Inauguration Celebrations More Accessible

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I hope we figure out how to continue to make our events more accessible to everyone. The post Virtual Events Made the Conventions and the Inauguration Celebrations More Accessible appeared first on The MatriX Files.

Accessibility Excitement in Geneva

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This is totally the “how sausage and law are made” view, so don’t read this unless you want to know more about global accessibility in detail! There was also an associated effort called the Trusted Intermediary Global Accessible Resources (TIGAR) project, to ease the exchange of accessible book files between libraries for the blind and print disabled. This meeting in Geneva was on the form of a successor project, dubbed the Accessible Book Consortium ("ABC," of course).

Why Digital Accessibility Matters for Nonprofits


What is digital accessibility and why is it important to nonprofit organizations and their communities? This post will explore the importance of accessibility in web and other digital communications as it relates to a nonprofit's ability to serve beneficiaries and to communicate with donors.

Accessible eBooks for Equal Opportunity

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One of their main challenges is that they do not have adequate access to educational materials that are necessary to learn and succeed in school. Although legal and regulatory requirements stipulate that schools must provide accessible ‘equivalent’ resources for students with disabilities, in practice the majority of these students do not have equal access to textbooks and other instructional materials that make up the primary resources of the general curriculum.

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Digital Storytelling to Access, Attract and Activate U.S. Donors

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Ngonzi on Twitter and LinkedIn and register for her upcoming on March 24, Digital Storytelling to Access, Attract and Activate U.S. government can access information at

Can your brand be more accessible?

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The post Can your brand be more accessible? appeared first on Big Duck

Community colleges: A critical access point to higher education


Community colleges are a critical access point to higher education in the United States. In April, President Biden shared his American Families Plan , which aims to support low and middle-income families and children.

Our EveryAction Hero: Reproductive Health Access Project


Reproductive Health Access Project works at the crossroads of the medical community and the reproductive rights space to mobilize and train clinicians to ensure access to abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care. How did the Reproductive Health Access Project start? Reproductive Health Access Project occupies a unique space, right in the middle of reproductive rights and primary health care.

ADA Lawsuits Against Website Owners Are Increasing: Mitigate Risk By Making Your Site Web Accessible

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But for those with permanent or temporary disabilities, these companies are accused of violating Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by lacking the proper digital accommodations to enable access to their coveted online offerings.

Making the world more accessible with web design


When architects and construction professionals start designing a building, one of the first things they have to consider is accessibility. Good building accessibility means creating spaces that can be used by anyone. Accessibility by itself refers to the “ability to access.”

Solutions in Action Connects Leaders to Problem-Solvers


podcast accessibility content strategy data hybridevent Strategy technology Video @orgcommunity @orgsource #accessibility #assnchat #assnconnect #assnconsult #association40 #data #events #orgsherry #sherryconnects #videoNinety percent of success is having the right connections.

Increasing Accessible Publishing Globally

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Plenary Talk at the Eighth General Assembly of the World Blind Union Access to published information is an essential requirement for education, employment and full social inclusion. People with vision impairments and other print disabilities deserve equal access to that treasure of information. In my talk, I highlighted three global movements towards increasing accessible publishing. What can we do today to build that accessible future?

Fair Use Victory Advances a Future of Accessibility for All

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HathiTrust, a unanimous three-judge panel concluded that digitizing books in order to enhance research and provide access to individuals with print disabilities is lawful on the grounds of fair use —that is, a limitation and exception to the exclusive rights granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work ( Section 107 of the U.S. As a non-lawyer, let me explain from the point of view of a technologist who cares passionately about accessibility for people with disabilities.

Objecting to Accessibility Weaseling

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Last week, the National Federation of the Blind and 22 organizations serving people with disabilities filed detailed objections to a petition from a group of makers of e-reader devices led by Amazon to be exempted from accessibility requirements under the relatively new Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act. We think the best long-term way to solve this equal access problem is, well, equal access.

Accessibility and the Harm of Simple Symbols

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In 1968, the International Symbol of Access was created by a Danish design student. The symbol was created as a way to raise awareness around accessibility, and help people living with disabilities better navigate their surroundings.

Access Your Facebook and Instagram Fundraising Data in Classy Reporting


Facebook alone offers little to no access to donation data for your nonprofit. “ Our team is really excited to give Classy for Facebook’s users the ability to access more data from Facebook and Instagram than they’ve ever had before.

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day: A roundup of accessibility resources


For many people with disabilities, this is a daily reality when they encounter the common problem of non-accessible websites. In recognition of these challenges, May 21 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). GAAD was conceived four years ago after Joe Devon, a web developer, wrote a blog post reflecting on the lack of information available about web accessibility. Free Tools to Test Your Nonprofit's Website for Accessibility by Cindy Leonard.

AFP IDEA Survey Reveals an Urgent Need for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access in the Nonprofit Workplace


This sector-wide initiative advocates for cultural advancement opportunities and creating paths to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access in the fundraising profession. DonorPerfect is a proud partner of the Association of Fundraising Professionals IDEA program.

Web Accessibility Lessons Learned from a Total Beginner

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Web accessibility, in particular, became an intriguing topic for me as it is so integral to my field of interest (which is website development, by the way), yet before my internship, I had never given it much thought. First, what is web accessibility? Why is web accessibility important?

The FCC and Accessibility

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The FCC just did a series of four blog posts asking for feedback on their new accessibility plans. Comments on the FCC's Accessibility Plans (June 2010) My main recommendation to the FCC is to be more ambitious about accessibility. Although the Clearinghouse and Awards programs could be helpful to the cause of greater access for people with disabilities, I don’t think they truly take on the biggest opportunity for change.

Web Accessibility: 6 Tips to Pass the Specialist Exam


With accessibility lawsuits in the news— like one against Dominos — more companies are recognizing the importance of serving the almost 20% of the people living with disabilities in the U.S. As a result, specialists who identify and fix website accessibility violations are in demand.

The Road to Accessibility without Borders: Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the Marrakesh Treaty

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Hailed as “the Miracle in Marrakesh,” the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled paves the way to expanding access to books for people with print disabilities and provides the necessary legal framework for authorized organizations, like Benetech and our Bookshare initiative, to deliver those books across international borders.

Mass Market Accessible Books

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We take their files and convert them to the DAISY format which is a digital format designed specifically to create accessible materials for people with print disabilities. We're excited about this trend and the opportunities it creates for the commercial availability of mass market accessible books. Making these files available as part of the mass market product, O'Reilly is ensuring that EVERYONE who can benefit from accessible materials can actually get them.

How to Make Your Online Meetings Accessible for People with Disabilities


One in four American adults has a disability that impacts major life activities. Often these disabilities include communication challenges, like hearing and vision loss, sensory processing disorders, and difficulty speaking clearly.

ADA Lawsuits Against Website Owners Are Increasing: Mitigate Risk By Making Your Site Web Accessible

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But for those with permanent or temporary disabilities, these companies are accused of violating Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by lacking the proper digital accommodations to enable access to their coveted online offerings. Unfortunately for companies of all sizes, the five aforementioned brands are just the tip of the ADA and website accessibility iceberg. Everybody deserves to have that full and equal access to the world around them. Dunkin Donuts.

Rockefeller calls for boosting global access to COVID-19 vaccines


As more than ten thousand people a day continue to die from COVID-19 around the world, a report from the Rockefeller Foundation calls for urgent action and proposes financing models for ensuring equitable global access to vaccines.

Making Exercise Equipment Accessible

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Rich Thesing, a long-time disability activist and fellow Fellow of the American Leadership Forum in Silicon Valley, has been thinking hard on how to make exercise equipment accessible. There are lots of exercycles that are in health clubs and exercise rooms around the world, but they lack minor accessibility features to make them usable. They are going to need access to exercise equipment they can use independently to ensure their long term help.

Making the Book Truly Accessible for All Students

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This includes accessible educational materials, such as e-books that can be used with computers, or mobile devices that display enlarged text or read the book aloud while also highlighting text. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) selected our successful Bookshare library as the provider of accessible materials to every student in the U.S. Bookshare has grown into the largest online digital library of accessible books and periodicals in the U.S.,

10 Ways To Access YouTube Videos at School

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Are you currently grappling with a blocked YouTube video, and you are wondering how to access it? These top best methods enlighten you on how to effectively access a blocked YouTube video without any difficulty.

Shining a Light on Domestic Violence: Nonprofits Providing Access to Safety and Support

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Private Internet Access VPN Review

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Private Internet Access offers Cheap VPN service,Good Windows client with Fast connections, and a 7-day money-back guarantee Private Internet Access (PIA) is a virtual private network that allows you to hide your IP address and geographical location keeping you private and secure when searching the internet. The post Private Internet Access VPN Review appeared first on

Why web accessibility is important and how you can accomplish it with Nimble AMS

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What is web accessibility? Web accessibility is the ability for a website, app and/or software to be accessible to people who have a disability affecting their vision, hearing, cognition and/or motor functions. With more access comes more member engagement.

Breakthrough on Global Access at WIPO in Geneva!

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There has been a major breakthrough recently on international copyright negotiations in Geneva around improved access for people who have print disabilities. Answer : • Countries should provide for a copyright exception in their national laws to allow nonprofit organizations serving people with disabilities to make accessible versions of inaccessible books and other content • Import and export of such accessible materials shall be permitted 2.

Addressing Accessibility in Social Media


These needs may relate to accessibility and the user-friendliness of your site for those with auditory, visual, cognitive or mobility impairments. This blog post is not meant to explain the nuances of accessibility, nor will it explore all of the dimensions of building a social site, but it will discuss key considerations when working to make your online presence social while remaining accessible to all users. Keep Accessibility in Mind. By Stuart Holland, Sr.

Giving the Gift of Accessibility

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Computer Refurbishment and Accessibility

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The first time I really "got" the power of accessible technology (AT) to improve the lives of people with disabilities was when I saw the PBS documentary Freedom Machines. Of all the wonderful things that computers and other smart machines do to enhance our lives, I can't think of any other ICT field that make as profound an impact as accessible technology, sometimes also called assistive technology. How Accessible Technology Computer Refurbishment Came About.

Enhanced Accessibility


With a click, make client data entry easier for those with accessibility needs. Form Builder provides many options--and now among the navigation button options is an accessibility button which you can deploy or not with a click. So, deploy the accessibility button in the Form Builder and give your staff with certain needs a powerful view.

How To Make E-learning Accessible To All Employees


Learn how you can make e-learning tools, programs, and resources more accessible for all your employees to ensure that they get adequate and equal access to training and learning programs in an easy and efficient manner with Gyrus

CanadaHelps’ Digital Skills Survey reveals huge deficit in charities’ access to digital technology and skills

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The post CanadaHelps’ Digital Skills Survey reveals huge deficit in charities’ access to digital technology and skills appeared first on CharityVillage. CanadaHelps has published the results from the first-ever Digital Skills Survey on Canada’s charitable sector.

Accessibility and ACTA

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Brief Comments on Accessibility Concerns on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) The disability community should be concerned about ACTA for two reasons: At its core it’s an anti-piracy agreement. The digital measures designed to defeat piracy usually end up equating accessibility with piracy. We don’t know if it’s benign or hostile to accessibility.

Bringing Millions of Books to Billions of People: Making the Book Truly Accessible

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Literacy and access to knowledge underpins just about every social good, from education, to economic development, to health, to women’s empowerment, democracy and respect for human rights. To bring the power of books to everybody on this planet, we must make books truly accessible. In order to read a printed book, you must have physical access to it. Third, the print book is not universally accessible. I believe in the power of books to change the world.