Exploring Disaster Philanthropy: Part 2

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The largest theme that is constant in disaster philanthropy is partnership. Historically, and initial numbers from recent disasters reflect the same trend, corporations focus on the use of intermediaries to ensure their large donations are distributed to the correct organizations.

Disaster Can Strike Anywhere. Is Your Organization Prepared?

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After working at the Red Cross for nearly 4 years, I learned a long time ago that real disasters aren’t always the ones you see coming. Does your organization need a disaster fundraising plan? There are several components to a disaster fundraising plan.

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Is Your Organization Prepared to Dodge Donor Data Disasters?

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In times of episodic giving—whether it is from a recent natural disaster, large in-person fundraising event, viral social media campaign, or your CEO was featured on the TODAY Show—your organization can see an influx of giving 2, 3, or even 100 times your normal volume.

Citizen Tech: Social Media in Disaster Response

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My contribution to the panel is to provide context about the use of social media in emergency and disaster response as well as an overview of some of the tools we saw deployed last year and we may see in the future. 100% of donations went directly to disaster relief.

An Inside View of Harnessing Technology to Support Disaster Relief

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Applying technology to disaster relief has evolved by leaps and bounds since I joined 2,000 people, most of whom I'd never met, to tackle the problem of creating a single searchable database of every person displaced by Hurricane Katrina in the days after the disaster.

Exploring Disaster Philanthropy: Part 3 

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Like other areas of disaster philanthropy we’ve explored, how you measure the outcomes of the contributions your organization has made greatly depends on the timing of such funding or donations. In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, organizations should focus on outputs.

Exploring Disaster Philanthropy: Part 1

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If disasters cannot be predicted or planned, is it reasonable to expect a situation where the philanthropic world is prepared to immediately address the pressing needs that surface in affected areas, both short and long-term? This same report shows funding overall for disasters from large U.S.

The Single Most Important Thing to Prepare for Disasters

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On this 10th anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, we polled a variety of smart NPtech cognoscenti on the single most important thing charities need to do to prepare for a disaster. The Red Cross has excellent free mobile apps that are specific to first aid, floods, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other disaster cases. Then the key disaster preparedness concern becomes communication, not system and data preservation. disaster

The Five Stages of A Social Media PR Disaster

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Source: tomfishburne.com via Beth on Pinterest.

Disaster Relief Memo to Fundraisers: Lessons for Sandy from Katrina

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As the East Coast starts cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy, those of us … Annual Fund Stewardship Disaster Giving disaster relief

TechSoup Japan Disaster Relief Program Launches to Assist Local NGOs

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As the weeks pass, the disaster recovery is increasingly shifting out of the hands of professional first-responder organizations into the hands of the local NGO community. Unfortunately, many of the nonprofits that will help communities recover have themselves been affected by the disaster.

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Upcoming Free Webinar This Thursday! Disaster-Proof Your Nonprofit or Library Tech

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With this year being the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastation, it's a good time to make sure your organization is prepared to remain resilient and keep the doors open to serve your community - whether you face a natural disaster or a simple server failure.

How Does Hurricane Sandy Fundraising Compare to Other Disasters?

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Disaster fundraising for Hurricane Sandy appears to be lagging other major events, but there is a lot more going on here than initial appearances. Research & Trends Disaster Giving fundraising Hurricane Sandy Online Fundraising online giving

Microsoft's Windows Azure and Disaster Response

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What few are aware of, however, is that the Windows Azure platform also has the capability of serving communities that have been affected by disasters. Recently, the folks at Microsoft ,with help from public sector and nonprofit partners including TechSoup, have been examining and refining the use of an Azure-based disaster and emergency response portal. cloud Microsoft disaster response disaster recovery disaster cloud computing Windows Azure

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When Fundraising Disaster Strikes, What Should You Do?

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Disaster Planning and Recovery. We advocate that all organizations have some type of disaster planning in place for such occasions. It is a holistic guide to disaster planning and recovery. fundraising donationsandgrants disaster

Technology for Resilience: The Future of Disaster Relief

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Disaster preparedness is something every nonprofit and public library needs to be on top of — whether you deal with disaster relief directly or not. The Red Cross identified seven emerging technologies for disaster relief: Drones. How can they support disaster relief?

URL Shorteners: Blind(ly) Heading Towards Disaster?


If you thought email radically changed the way nonprofits communicated with constituents online, then social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter may have challenged you even more. Social networking has forced nonprofits to be comfortable with two-way communications, transparency, and adapting to short social conversations using limited character counts. As part of this communications evolution, nonprofits have grown accustomed to relying on url shorteners such as bit.ly and ow.ly

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6 Cloud Security Features Your Nonprofit Needs To Know About


Disaster recovery. Tech backups cloud computing cloud security cloud storage confidential information disaster recovery encryption information security secure shell layer sensitive information SSL virtual private network VPN Image courtesy of Security Intelligence Blog.

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Technology's Impact on Disaster Relief

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project has a slew of resources for both responders and those affected by disasters. Tweak the Tweet is a layered map that shows the locations of disaster-related Twitter hashtags. Check out TechSoup's Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Resources.

Cool App Roundup: Disaster and Emergency Edition

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This edition of the App It Up project "Cool App Roundup" highlights different ways apps can be used in disaster, crisis, and emergency situations. Preparing for Disaster. Learn more about how Windows Azure has been used for disaster and emergency response here.

Jungle of Trolls: Coping with Social Media Disasters, Controversies, and Blunders

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posted by. Kayla L. McKinney , Project Specialist. ASU Lodestar Center. A few weeks ago, we at the Center had a fiasco on our hands. What happened, you ask? We entered the wild, savage jungle of Internet Commentary. Here at the Center, we're a calm bunch.

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Resources

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Prepare Your Organization for Any Disaster. Help prepare your organization for any type of disaster with our disaster planning and recovery guide. Cool App Roundup: Disaster and Emergency Edition. How the Cloud Can Make a Difference for Disaster Relief.

Keys to Following Up with Disaster Response Donors

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Convio acquired StrategicOne earlier this year, and they have done significant analytics on disaster donations with some hefty data sets to look at, so Katie Beth had some excellent suggestions. She’s quick to point out though, that success has really got more to do with knowing enough about how well your strategy is working before a disaster strikes. A disaster happened and an organization receives a sudden, spontaneous burst of giving. Author: Molly Brooksbank.

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Digital Volunteerism – Effective Disaster Relief the GreenTech Way

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The January 12, 2010 catastrophic earthquake in Haiti showed some of the astonishing potential for volunteer-based digital disaster relief. and Sahana Foundation (which hosts a free open source disaster management system), have changed the way disaster relief is being done all over the world.

How Emerging Tech Is Changing Disaster Relief

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I thought it would be interesting to look at some recent examples of emerging technology for disaster relief in action. Earlier this year, I attended an event organized by the Red Cross to brainstorm and develop ideas surrounding emerging technology and disaster relief. disaster

Disaster Giving and The Blackbaud Index

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All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us Blackbaud.com About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking Disaster Giving and The Blackbaud Index Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on March 15th, 2011 The Blackbaud Index of Charitable Giving and The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving have been updated to show results for the 3 months ending January 2011 through the same period in 2010.

7 Tips for Quick Response During a Time of Need


The first days following a disaster like Hurricane Sandy or other emergencies can be crucial for organizations as they reach out to supporters and request help. Email Marketing Online Fundraising Web Design Disaster Giving disaster responseHere are 7 tips for engaging with your supporters during a time of need.

[Infographic] 2013 Charitable Giving Report

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Research & Trends charitable giving report Disaster Giving fundraising Online Fundraising online giving The 2013 Charitable Giving Report includes 24 months of overall giving data from 4,129 nonprofit organizations representing more than $12.5 billion in total fundraising.

4 Steps To Assessing Your Data Protection Plan


Tech backup cloud data recovery disaster recovery storage Image courtesy of GRT Corp. Because nonprofits deal with donor, volunteer, partner, sponsor information, and market and social data, a sustainable backup solution is essential to maintaining these resources over time.

LivingSocial Deal Contributes $2 Million to Japan Disaster Relief

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LivingSocial Deal Contributes $2 Million to Japan Disaster Relief: "LivingSocial has raised $2,301,130 for the American Red Cross’s Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund after leveraging its popular group-buying platform to solicit donations.Instead of offering a discount coupon for a product or activity, the site offered its more than 24 million subscribers an opportunity to make a $10

Upcoming Webinar on May 31: Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

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Pacific time, Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud. This webinar will cover disaster recovery solutions and products that can help you protect your organization's data. Sam will discuss cloud computing and disaster recovery basics, and will outline the different types of cloud storage and products designed to help you achieve your disaster recovery goals.

Preparing for Disaster: Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 3/3

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Now let’s look at technology disaster preparedness. Preparing for Disaster. We don’t mean the power-surge-ate-my-blog-post kind of disaster, though. Here Are Our Top Ten Disaster Preparation Strategies. In a disaster scenario, it’s essential.

Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Webinar Recap

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Wondering how the cloud fits in with your nonprofit or library’s disaster recovery plan? Sam Chenkin, product manager for npCloud, discussed all of this and more in our recent webinar, Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud. During this webinar, Sam Chenkin of npCloud discussed cloud computing and disaster recovery basics and outlined the different types of cloud storage and products designed to help you achieve your disaster recovery goals.

11NTC Preview: Technology in Times of Disaster: The Important Role of Social media in Disaster Response and Awareness


At the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference this Spring in Washington, DC, we’ll be leading a panel discussion to further explore ways in which social media and technology tools can be used effectively in responding to natural disasters. We'll also consider what this means for the other work humanitarian aid agencies are engaged in and how their disaster response work can strengthen and reinforce their core missions and programs.

Preparing for the Next Disaster: The Future of #crisisdata


Unfortunately, this isn't Domino's Pizza and disaster response can't work as if it is. The American Red Cross is now looking into how best to give the public an increased role in disaster response. In a June 2010 survey of the DomPrep40, an advisory board of disaster response practitioners and opinion leaders, nine out of 10 respondents said they are not staffed to monitor social media applications and respond in a major event.

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Interview: SXSW4Japan Raises over $120,000 #sxswcares

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SXSWcares , co-branded as SXSW4Japan, was a campaign that rallied the SXSW community to raise awareness and harness support for disaster relief. That morning, I saw the jaw-dropping photos and videos from the Japan tsunami disaster.

Disaster Relief Memo to Fundraisers: Lessons for Sandy from Katrina

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Domestic relief organizations of all kinds are no doubt mobilizing to support disaster recovery (read Molly's post 7 Tips for Quick Response During a Time of Need ). Below, are some of the post-Katrina lessons that are worth keeping front of mind: If you are a disaster relief organization, you are likely to "benefit" from an influx of donations. What portion of it may be attributed to the disaster-based fundraising?

Using Geospatial Maps in Time of Disaster


Geospatial mapping is an increasingly hot topic in large-scale natural disasters, including Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma Tornadoes. As technology continues to advance, data mapping is moving from being a powerful tool for specific cases to being a new norm in all disaster relief.

2-1-1 Disaster Shelter Resources


Then consider connecting to the National Shelter System to have information about disaster shelters at your finger tips, and for those you serve. Operating a 2-1-1 call center? Information and Referral? Elder care hotline or other similar solution?

They Gave to Our Disaster Fund, Now What?

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In the wake of a disaster, like the recent Superstorm Sandy, many people … Stewardship Disaster Giving Hurricane Sandy