Exploring Disaster Philanthropy: Part 2

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The largest theme that is constant in disaster philanthropy is partnership. Historically, and initial numbers from recent disasters reflect the same trend, corporations focus on the use of intermediaries to ensure their large donations are distributed to the correct organizations.

Corporate Responsibility’s Role During Disaster Response

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Although we never want to see disaster happen, every company needs to plan for it. The unexpected news of a disaster occurring can disrupt the communities that businesses se rve and where their employees and customers work and live in.

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 75: Best Practices in Disaster Philanthropy

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Donors want to help when disaster strikes, but they often don’t realize how long disaster recovery can really take. Topics Discussed in This Episode: How to define a disaster, and the increasing number of disasters occurring each year.

Exploring Disaster Philanthropy: Part 1

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If disasters cannot be predicted or planned, is it reasonable to expect a situation where the philanthropic world is prepared to immediately address the pressing needs that surface in affected areas, both short and long-term? This same report shows funding overall for disasters from large U.S.

Exploring Disaster Philanthropy: Part 3 

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Like other areas of disaster philanthropy we’ve explored, how you measure the outcomes of the contributions your organization has made greatly depends on the timing of such funding or donations. In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, organizations should focus on outputs.

Finding the Right Nonprofit Partner Before Disaster Strikes

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When looking for the right nonprofit organization to build a disaster relief strategy with, there are going to be a few questions you must ask yourself: › Is this for a disaster that has impacted my company directly? Don’t send your used clothes to a community in a disaster.

A Model for Wildfire Disaster Relief

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Like other areas of disaster relief , wildfires, particularly in California, have becomes an increasingly common occurrence. But, when you examine disaster-related funding in the last five years, funding directed at wildfires is $13.1

Disaster Can Strike Anywhere. Is Your Organization Prepared?

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After working at the Red Cross for nearly 4 years, I learned a long time ago that real disasters aren’t always the ones you see coming. Does your organization need a disaster fundraising plan? There are several components to a disaster fundraising plan.

How You Can Help with Disaster Relief

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Here’s how you can help with disaster relief efforts today and every day. Another way to help disaster victims is to join the fundraising effort. One of the biggest problems that occurs after disasters is an influx of untrained volunteers.

Is Your Organization Prepared to Dodge Donor Data Disasters?

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In times of episodic giving—whether it is from a recent natural disaster, large in-person fundraising event, viral social media campaign, or your CEO was featured on the TODAY Show—your organization can see an influx of giving 2, 3, or even 100 times your normal volume.

They Gave to Our Disaster Fund, Now What?

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In the wake of a disaster, like the recent Superstorm Sandy, many people … Stewardship Disaster Giving Hurricane Sandy

Disaster Relief Memo to Fundraisers: Lessons for Sandy from Katrina

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As the East Coast starts cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy, those of us … Annual Fund Stewardship Disaster Giving disaster relief

Using Geospatial Maps in Time of Disaster


Geospatial mapping is an increasingly hot topic in large-scale natural disasters, including Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma Tornadoes. As technology continues to advance, data mapping is moving from being a powerful tool for specific cases to being a new norm in all disaster relief.

How To Create a Business Disaster Recovery Plan

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40% of businesses close shop permanently after a disaster, and another 25 percent that does reopen, fail within a year. Without a business disaster recovery (BDR) plan, you run the risk of losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Apps for Disaster Planning

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TechSoup recently updated its disaster planning and recovery guide, The Resilient Organization , to include the new ways nonprofits, charities, and public libraries are using technology. by Symantec (Android, iOS) before disaster strikes.

Tech aids Philippines disaster relief | ITWeb

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Tech aids Philippines disaster relief | ITWeb : By Joanne Carew, portals journalist. Johannesburg, 13 Nov 2013 Super Typhoon Haiyan has been labelled as one of the worst natural disasters on record. In the aftermath of the storm, which hit the Philippines last week, relief workers, survivors and international aid organisations are turning to technology to co-ordinate their efforts

Red Cross launches mobile app on disasters | The Jakarta Post

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Red Cross launches mobile app on disasters | The Jakarta Post : "The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has launched an Android-based mobile application that helps users anticipate natural disasters and share disaster-related information. The app, called Mass Rapid Assessment (MRA), was launched during a seminar on IT-Telekom and people''s disaster preparedness and resilience in South Jakarta on Thursday." ''via Blog this

How Emerging Tech Is Changing Disaster Relief

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I thought it would be interesting to look at some recent examples of emerging technology for disaster relief in action. Earlier this year, I attended an event organized by the Red Cross to brainstorm and develop ideas surrounding emerging technology and disaster relief. disaster

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Resources

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Prepare Your Organization for Any Disaster. Help prepare your organization for any type of disaster with our disaster planning and recovery guide. Cool App Roundup: Disaster and Emergency Edition. How the Cloud Can Make a Difference for Disaster Relief.

Featured Topic: Disaster Planning and Recovery

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Featured Topic: Disaster Planning and Recovery : Disaster preparedness isn''t just about being ready for a fire or earthquake; it''s a nimble, flexible approach to your organization''s day-to-day programs and operations. A natural disaster may never hit your office, but by adopting certain technologies and strategies, you can deepen your nonprofit''s impact and make your work faster and more efficient.

'Using technology to do good': Disaster Tech Lab - Independent.ie

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''Using technology to do good'': Disaster Tech Lab - Independent.ie : An Irish NGO has brought emergency communications systems to disaster-stricken countries like Haiti, The Philippines, and Sandy-hit Long Island since setting up in 2010

Free South Carolina Disaster Home Cleanup Hotline Available Now


7, 2015 – From now through October 31st, Information Technology Disaster Resource Center ( www.ITDRC.org ), Humanity Road ( www.HumanityRoad.org ), and VisionLink ( www.VisionLink.org ), are staffing and supporting a free hotline for the survivors of the South Carolina floods.

Microsoft Launches Free Disaster Relief App

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Microsoft Launches Free Disaster Relief App : Microsoft has recently released a new Disaster Relief app that goes under the name HelpBridge. HelpBridge also allows users to alert family and friends that they’re OK after a disaster strikes The application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. The application allows you to do two things: ask for help and give help.

Sharing the Experience of Disaster: Colorado Floods


Our hearts and minds go out to all those now beginning the difficult work of recovery--in this flood--and in the other disasters that occur in this nation and around the world every day.

Recovers.org, a Marketplace for Disaster Relief - Businessweek

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Recovers.org, a Marketplace for Disaster Relief - Businessweek : O’Neill’s startup, Recovers.org, has set up websites in four New York City boroughs to manage relief efforts and prevent the logistical chaos that often follows catastrophes when well-meaning volunteers overwhelm government officials and relief organizations.

2-1-1 Disaster Shelter Resources


Then consider connecting to the National Shelter System to have information about disaster shelters at your finger tips, and for those you serve. Operating a 2-1-1 call center? Information and Referral? Elder care hotline or other similar solution?

Technology for Resilience: The Future of Disaster Relief

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Disaster preparedness is something every nonprofit and public library needs to be on top of — whether you deal with disaster relief directly or not. The Red Cross identified seven emerging technologies for disaster relief: Drones. How can they support disaster relief?

How 'Crisis Mapping' Is Shaping Disaster Relief in Nepal

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How 'Crisis Mapping' Is Shaping Disaster Relief in Nepal : "Answering those questions is the goal of crisis mapping, which has become an important assist to first responders in Nepal as they try to untangle logistics and respond to needs for medical care, shelter, and food and water since calamity struck last Saturday." 'via

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5 Ways Libraries Support Disaster Relief and Recovery

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" Saskatoon Public Library's support is just one of many examples of public libraries supporting disaster preparedness and relief. Educating the Public on Disaster Preparedness. The library is a natural place for community members to obtain information on disaster preparedness.

Technology's Impact on Disaster Relief

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project has a slew of resources for both responders and those affected by disasters. Tweak the Tweet is a layered map that shows the locations of disaster-related Twitter hashtags. Check out TechSoup's Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Resources.

Poor suffer digital deficit in disasters - Red Cross

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Poor suffer digital deficit in disasters - Red Cross : In its annual World Disasters Report, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) charts the revolutionary impact of technology on humanitarian aid, but also explores the barriers to its adoption.

Disaster-relief vending machines on the rise - The Japan News

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Disaster-relief vending machines on the rise - The Japan News : When the Great East Japan Earthquake hit on March 11, 2011, Coca-Cola Japan Co. took advantage of the remote control functions on about 400 disaster-relief vending machines, equipped with batteries for backup, in the Tokyo metropolitan area and other locations. The Tokyo-headquartered company offered more than 88,000 of its beverages for free to people who had difficulty returning home in the aftermath of the disaster.

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Microsoft HelpBridge: A Disaster Response App

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Microsoft's HelpBridge is a free app available on all the major mobile platforms that connects you with friends and family during a disaster such as an earthquake or a hurricane. Donate money or requested goods to selected disaster relief organizations. Apps for Disaster Planning.

An Inside View of Harnessing Technology to Support Disaster Relief

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Applying technology to disaster relief has evolved by leaps and bounds since I joined 2,000 people, most of whom I'd never met, to tackle the problem of creating a single searchable database of every person displaced by Hurricane Katrina in the days after the disaster.

Text Messages Aren't Enough When Natural Disasters Strike | Fast Company

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Text Messages Aren't Enough When Natural Disasters Strike | Fast Company : The American Red Cross has released a new survey that claims Americans are increasingly relying on the Internet and social media for disaster information. According to the Red Cross, 18% of Americans regularly rely on Facebook to obtain disaster information.

The Social Media Response to the Disaster in Haiti

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I have a guest post up on the NTEN blog discussing some of the ways social media was put into action as soon as the earthquakes struck in Haiti: When disaster strikes, we want information as soon as possible and we want to help just as quickly. But the way we think about and turn to social media in a time of disaster is changing. The disaster in Haiti is a perfect example of these changes: the impact of the Real-Time Web and the power of our phones.

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Upcoming Free Webinar This Thursday! Disaster-Proof Your Nonprofit or Library Tech

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With this year being the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastation, it's a good time to make sure your organization is prepared to remain resilient and keep the doors open to serve your community - whether you face a natural disaster or a simple server failure.

Facebook assembles group to plan for disasters - CNN.com

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Facebook assembles group to plan for disasters - CNN.com. NPFacebook NPDisasterRelief NPtech

Red Cross Launches Social Media Disaster Response Center

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Red Cross Launches Social Media Disaster Response Center : The Red Cross and Dell have jointly launched a Digital Operations Center, the first social media-monitoring platform dedicated to humanitarian relief. The Digital Operations Center will equip the Red Cross to better share safety and preparedness tips during natural disasters.

Red Cross Fights Disasters With Social Media, Mobile Apps GOOGL - Investors.com

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Red Cross Fights Disasters With Social Media, Mobile Apps GOOGL - Investors.com : "In response, disaster relief organizations are creating mobile apps and better leveraging technologies like geographic information systems (GIS) and social media to improve their reach and services.

Support Disaster Relief in Haiti


People are using the Internet to stay informed about the disaster, help communicate what's happening, and to donate to charities. The images coming out of Haiti following Tuesday's earthquake are heartbreaking. It is comforting to know that so many nonprofit organizations are already helping on the ground and more relief is on the way. The volume of online donations on January 13th was 3 times that of December 31st and growing

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How Not to Thank an Online Donor During a Disaster - Thanking an Online Donor AFter a Disaster

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How Not to Thank an Online Donor During a Disaster - Thanking an Online Donor AFter a Disaster: "I decided to see what charities were doing in response to online donations given to help Japan. So I donated a small amount online to several charities, specifically for relief efforts in Japan.The result? Only one provided a thank you email that was specific to the relief efforts in Japan. The others

How Does Hurricane Sandy Fundraising Compare to Other Disasters?

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Disaster fundraising for Hurricane Sandy appears to be lagging other major events, but there is a lot more going on here than initial appearances. Research & Trends Disaster Giving fundraising Hurricane Sandy Online Fundraising online giving