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Nonprofits in the Metaverse: Pros and Cons

NonProfit PRO

While the metaverse is still being built — and is so new that it’s hard to define exactly what it means — there’s a lot of marketing hype (and money) being wrapped up into it. Nonprofit organizations may be feeling the need to take a stance on the metaverse and make decisions on meta-related activities, like accepting crypto donations.

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2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

Web Courseworks Associations

This is our most popular Managing eLearning post every year, and by now we know you want to see the hype curve first. Here it is: Our 2018 eLearning predictions set in terms of Gartner’s hype cycle. We use our knowledge of practical use cases to put the media and marketing hype in perspective. Innovation Trigger.

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How to Hype Up Your Next Fundraising Event

NonProfit Hub

Now is the time to build the hype for next year. Any way you can, start building hype. The post How to Hype Up Your Next Fundraising Event appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Post your event photos to Facebook and tag as many people as you know so that it shows up in their friends’ newsfeeds. Drive some curiosity.

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How to Hype Homecoming Using Social Media

Connection Cafe

Here’s how to get started: Before: Build Hype. When you’re planning, it’s helpful to break up your social media strategy into three manageable segments: Before, when you’re building momentum and spreading the word. During, when you’re engaging and delighting. After, when you’re reinforcing memories and sustaining the relationship.

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How to Host Engaging Golf Fundraising Events

Greater Giving

But the details of this fundraising idea are all in the timing, the hype, the prizes, and the pricing. The success of your Putter-and-Purse raffle depends on how you advertise and hype this fun auction game. Pretty simple, right? Punch Up the Enthusiasm and Fun at Your Golf Fundraiser Event! Make it stand out in the crowd!

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Technology Hype Cycle from Gartner

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

cc "BY" license Photo by Cosmic Spanner What we're witnessing with the hype and anti-hype or schmype swirling around Web2.0 "Technology Trigger" The first phase of a Hype Cycle is the "technology trigger" or breakthrough, product launch or other event that generates significant press and interest.

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Is Crowdfunding for Social Change More Than Hype? | Social Velocity

AFP Blog

Is Crowdfunding for Social Change More Than Hype? Social Velocity : Crowdfunding is quickly becoming the new shiny object in the world of social change. From Giving Days, to new giving platforms, to lots of articles and studies (here and here to start), it seems that crowdfunding is everywhere lately.'

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