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Forecasting For IT in an Unpredictable Climate


Technology research and consulting firm, Gartner, and Forbes Magazine […]. Nope, it’s the metaverse—a unique amalgam of online obsessions designed to keep thumbs clicking and Venmo accounts begging for cash. Or that’s what the creators of Forever 21 Shop City seem to be aiming for. Check it out.

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Qgiv Named Top Fundraising Software by G2 and Gartner Digital Markets’ Network Sites Capterra and Software Advice


The post Qgiv Named Top Fundraising Software by G2 and Gartner Digital Markets’ Network Sites Capterra and Software Advice appeared first on Qgiv Blog. For more information on the awards, read the full press release linked below. Request a Demo. Read the Press Release.

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Digital Evolution—Three Trends to Watch


According to Gartner, by 2024 low-code applications will account for more than 65% of all application development activity. Gartner offers this explanation. “A No code options have the potential to unleash the office from IT, liberating employees to customize their tools to fit individual needs.

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Three Imperatives for the Modern Nonprofit CFO in the Digital Age


That’s why the latest report from Gartner, The Digital Future of Finance: 10 CFO Opportunities to Accelerate Digital Transformation, offers compelling insights for nonprofit organizations. Gartner’s research focuses on how technology can help restore and strengthen an organization’s financial health.

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Are You Done With Digital Transformation?


The Gartner Technology Glossary offers these definitions. The difference between digitization and digitalization is an important concept, especially in this context. It’s confusing that the two words are so similar. However, their meanings are poles apart in terms of scale and impact.

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Reduce Data Sprawl – Your (Association’s) Life Depends On It


A critical and accelerating – but easily-addressable – problem Former Gartner Research VP (and Director of World Wide Technologies for American Express) Jim Sinur recently wrote an op-ed piece with direct application to the member industry.

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Why your association needs to adopt a flexible IT budget

Nimble AMS

In a post-pandemic world, Gartner reports traditional fixed IT budgets aren’t working. According to Gartner research, more organizations are planning for multiple scenarios within their budgets. Keep reading to learn both why and how to adapt a flexible IT budget to transform technologically for the better. .