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10 Tools for More Productive Online Marketing


Productivity becomes key if you want to juggle these correctly. DrumUp is one of the most useful social media productivity tools around.

File This Under Productivity


Inspired by a Lifehacker post that claims email folders may decrease productivity , she cut down to only three folders. I had to try it. Email

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Healthy and Productive Nonprofit Meetings: What Does the Research Say?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In preparation, I’ve been studying the research and best practices for productive meetings. Flickr Photo by Haldane Martin.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Personal Productivity Tips for Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The first Nonprofit Blog Carnival of 2015 is on the theme is personal productivity. What is personal productivity? Mindfulness

The Secret Every Successful Nonprofit Leader Knows About Being Productive

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This means I have to be careful about scheduling my too many back-to-back work chunks without breaks which can be an energy and productivity zapper.

The Secret Sauce for Productive Nonprofit Meetings that No One Talks About

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Look Out for Others: While this is the role of the meeting leader, it is a great way to contribute productively to meetings. Meetings

Healthy and Productive Meetings: Free Guidestar Webinar on Feb. 12th

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I have learned a lot – and the results have helped me be way more productive (and drop a lot of pounds toos!). hours. How I Got Started.

How You Can Use Promotional Products to Boost Your Social Media Campaign


That component is promotional products. Here are some ways promotional products can enhance your social media campaign. Potluck

The Empty Inbox: Honing Productivity in Email Management

Byte Technology

Enter productivity expert Merlin Mann, who debuted an exciting concept at a Google Tech Talk several years ago. That ‘zero?’ That’s it.”.

3 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Creating Visual Content for Social Channels

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

You are on a roll! Keep calm and create some text overlay images! That means don’t try to use ten different fonts on the same image! But wait!

Holiday Productivity Tips for Your Nonprofit

NonProfit Hub

It’s something that’s a little different and special during the holiday season, but it still maintains productivity. Throw a Holiday Party.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival Call for Submissions: What’s Your Best Online Personal Productivity Tip?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’m honored to be hosting the January, 2015 Nonprofit Blog Carnival and theme is personal productivity online. Mindfulness

How long til your products and services are obsolete?


Music formats over a mere few years. Just a metaphor, but think about it. From here. Potluck

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Abundance, Agility and Productivity in the Cloud-Enabled Nonprofit

Connection Cafe

This is the productivity story we believe is at the heart of the transformation. Author: Cheryl Black. Thanks for contributing Mike!

Network Skills for Personal Productivity and Organizational Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How could it improve the personal productivity of your staff? Open Net?WORKing WORKing Organizations 10 Dimensions. Her ten principles are: 1.

From Facebook Product Ads to More Retweets: What’s New in Social Media


Facebook Product Ads. Want to retarget users who have visited your site or app or viewed a specific product? Media Buying. Measurement.

So Long LinkedIn Products & Services Tab

Wild Apricot Blog

On April 14th LinkedIn will "retire" the products & services tab. Here are the details and what it might mean for your organization. social media

9 Secretly Awesome Websites to Boost Productivity and Nonprofit Work Life

NonProfit Hub

The post 9 Secretly Awesome Websites to Boost Productivity and Nonprofit Work Life appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Trello. Asana. Pocket.

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Your Guide to TechSoup's Cloud Services and Products

Tech Soup Blog

Wherever you are with the cloud, TechSoup has a variety of products and services to help you to make the move. Productivity and Collaboration.

New Product Release: Groundwire Engage™


Though industry trends urge nonprofits towards online engagement, such as building social media followings, there are no products on the market comparable to Groundwire Engage to help nonprofits turn shallow relationships into leadership and advocacy for a nonprofit’s mission. Unique Product Features. For Immediate Release.

Your Guide to TechSoup's Cloud Services and Products

Tech Soup Blog

Wherever you are with the cloud, TechSoup has a variety of products and services to help you to make the move. Productivity and Collaboration.

75 Mobile Apps to Jump-Start Your Nonprofit's Productivity in 2015

Tech Soup Blog

In addition to these, Adobe also offers many other apps for staying creative and productive while out of the office. Accounting. Communications.

University Business Magazines Ranks Mobile Commons as a Top Product

Mobile Commons

University Business Magazine has named Mobile Commons as one of their Readers’ Choice Top Products in 2013 , alongside the iPad. The list covers useful products and tools for universities to use in the classroom and beyond. Text-message alerts for events and breaking news can be sent to an entire community or to specified groups.

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Trust and LinkedIn Product Recommendations: Measurable Business Results

Wild Apricot Blog

Social networks are popular with marketers but often don't lead to tangible results. Here's an example of how LinkedIn recommendations drive real business for Wild Apricot. LinkedIn Marketing Social networking

Ken Goldstein On People, Products And Profits

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Some of my favorite lessons from Goldstein are: All success resets expectations for what comes next. Look for people who push themselves.

Most Productive People Secrets

Eric Jacobsen Blog

magazine, the secrets of the most productive people are that they do these three things : They take breaks. They are great collaborators.

Stay Productive On the Road, In the Field, and Away from the Office

Tech Soup Blog

Citrix Online offers free mobile apps for several products in the TechSoup catalog: Attend a GoToMeeting. Adobe. Then check out Adobe Revel.

Cultivating Good in Your Life

Connection Cafe

Nonprofit News Innovation productivity Social Innovation SummitIt’s a big claim. My inner critic started at once: “YOU?! Who says that?! I did.

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Why TechSoup Product Donations and Donors Are Green

Tech Soup Blog

Offering free recycling worldwide to its customers, who returned 12,180 metric tons of Cisco products for reuse and recycling last year.

Thank You for Helping Us Distribute 2 Million Technology Products in 2014!

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup Global Didn't Do This Alone. We could not have done this without each and every staff member and volunteer at our 63 partners. spanhidden.

8 free tools Nonprofits can use to triple productivity


With limited resources and a huge list of work to be done, nonprofits are often pressed for time and sometimes get stuck on the small things.

Cause Marketing: Selling Products Or Social Good?


Since the days of Edward Bernays , marketing has attempted to convince consumers of their hidden desire to buy products. Many leading members of the cause marketing industry feel that consumers are beginning to demand corporations not only provide quality products but also become responsible members of the community.

Mobile Commons Launches New Advocacy Product That Instantly Connects Callers With Their Congressional Representatives – press release

Mobile Commons

Mobile Commons today announced the release of a new product, Mobile Commons Advocacy – a plug-and-play tool that makes it easy for organizations to drive phone calls to Congress and affect legislators’ opinions. There is no better product to get the legislative outcomes you want,” said Jed Alpert, CEO of Mobile Commons. Louise Ng.

Your Guide to Adobe Products from TechSoup

Tech Soup Blog

Find the creative design products you're looking for with this handy guide, and start making engaging content today! Best of all, all organization types and budget sizes are eligible for discounted products from Adobe. See the full list of products on the Adobe website.) Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan. per year.

Getting Liberated: Easy Backups for Google Products

Byte Technology

To begin, visit the “download your data page” ( ) and select the Google products you’d like to download.

2015's Top 10 Products at TechSoup

Tech Soup Blog

You've been waiting all fiscal year to find out what the top 10 TechSoup products are for 2015. It's time! Get your final bets in now.

April Nonprofit Blog Carnival: The Work Behind the Work - Finding Productivity and Balance


As a yoga instructor in my “other” life outside of NTEN, being productive without burning out on a busy schedule is a topic I think about often. Finding the balance between being productive and self-care is well, just that: a balancing act. How are you finding productivity and balance? If not, what do I need to do instead?

Products I recommend on my blog, and why I recommend them

John Haydon

All of these ads are for products I use and recommend to people, and I only make money if you make a purchase after clicking through one of these ads.

Can Productivity Help You Survive the Fiscal Crisis?

Vertex Systems

In a recent Bridgespan Group article, titled “Five Ways to Navigate the Fiscal Crisis“, the authors talk about how the government has been outsourcing human services to social services agencies to provide care and programs and how budget cuts are … Continue reading →

Using TechSoup Products or Resources for Security? Want a Free Microsoft Tablet?

Tech Soup Blog

Using TechSoup products or educational resources to increase your organization's security? Are you. A U.S. If you said "Yes!"