A Technology Assessment Untangles IT and Then Some


Does that sound like your technology experience? Back when there were fewer IT choices, a technology purchase […]. The post A Technology Assessment Untangles IT and Then Some appeared first on.orgSource. The best IT systems are the ones you don’t think about.

Maximize the Marriage of Marketing and Technology by Understanding Trends


When marketing got hitched to technology and changed its name to MarTech, their relationship caught fire. The post Maximize the Marriage of Marketing and Technology by Understanding Trends appeared first on.orgSource.

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How To Eat an Elephant—Byte-Size Advice for Making Your Next Big Technology Purchase


What does a technology investment have in common with a woolly mammoth? The goal of any technology platform is to […]. The post How To Eat an Elephant—Byte-Size Advice for Making Your Next Big Technology Purchase appeared first on.orgSource.

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What's Next in Nonprofit Technology


So I'm eager to do one of my favorite things in all the world — report on what's next for nonprofit technology. COVID-19 has dramatically changed nonprofit technology. As a man of a certain age now, I'm sad to say that I'm retiring from TechSoup.

Become the Association Your Members Want

As the pandemic advanced, we were keenly aware of the apprehension and pain throughout our community. Clients and colleagues contacted us with questions about managing revenue shortfall, introducing new technology, and preparing for changing membership patterns. The.orgCommunity organized a Think Tank to help identify trends and crystalize our outlook on the future of membership. The sessions were facilitated by Elizabeth Engel, Chief Strategist, Spark Consulting. This article is the result of feedback gleaned during those dialogues, previous research, and the viewpoints of the.orgSource team.

#NPPTrendingNow Ep 181: A Technology & Infrastructure Committee

NonProfit PRO

Software/Technology Infrastructure Committee Technology CommitteeWelcome back to #NPPTrendingNow, where NonProfit PRO Editor-in-Chief Nhu Te breaks down the top three coveted stories of the week.

Tips for CEOs on Technology Talent Acquisition

CEO Tech Tips

In todays digital economy success of any company hinges on how good its technology. To manage technology successfully companies need good teams with talented people. Theses agile teams need to deliver necessary technology the organization needs to run its business and serves its customers. Talent Acquisition in any organization starts with the CEO hiring the right technology leader that can bring and retain great technology talent in the organization.

Why Your Board Needs a Technology and Infrastructure Committee

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Investing in technology and innovation is challenging, but can generate a significant return on the investment. Board Boards and Volunteers Software/Technology Board of Directors Nonprofit Board Development Technology and Infrastructure Committee

Revolutionizing Philanthropy with Technology


Our CEO and cofounder Joe Phoenix spoke with Karen DeMasters from Financial Advisor Magazine about how combining philanthropy and technology helps employers easily manage charitable giving and prepare to make a greater impact in 2021.

The NonProfit Voice Ep 44: Selecting and Migrating New Technology

NonProfit PRO

In this episode of The NonProfit Voice Tech Series, Mark is joined by Andrew Kayton, director of donations at Fisher House Foundation, and Madison 'Maddy' Bump, Salesforce administrator at Fisher House Foundation, to share their experience with selecting and migrating a new technology platform.

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Symphony Technology Group Acquires CommPartners, a Leading SaaS Provider  of Learning Management System Software and Virtual Events  

Cadmium CD

The CommPartners acquisition is part of a larger strategy by STG to build the world’s most-loved technology platform powering world-class events and enduring educational experiences. About Symphony Technology Group.

Achieving Organizational Transformation: Pathways to Success

Association executives—and hopefully their boards—know that they are facing perilous times. Driven by the pace of cultural and technological change, they are experiencing major disruptions in the traditional business models that used to guide organizational growth strategies.orgSource offers a straightforward approach to navigating these changes and readying your organization for growth.

How Data and Technology Can Fuel Donations

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Join this webinar to learn how to implement technology to collect more data and utilize that data to connect with donors, grow revenue in less time & cost while exceeding donor expectations.

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How to Prevent Staff Burnout During Technology Changes


Technology is out there to support these efforts , but finding the right tech tools is only half the battle. To prevent staff burnout during this rapid pace of technology changes, you should be proactive with purposeful communication.

Technology Grants for Nonprofits: Where and How to Find Them


Many nonprofits apply for grants that fund their operational budget or nonprofit programs, but did you know there are technology grants for nonprofits? The post Technology Grants for Nonprofits: Where and How to Find Them appeared first on Nonprofit Blog.

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The Role of Data Warehouses in Nonprofit Technology Strategies

Cloud 4 Good

You May Also Enjoy: Blog: Getting the Most from Technology With Salesforce Digital 360. The post The Role of Data Warehouses in Nonprofit Technology Strategies appeared first on Cloud for Good. Written by Kestryl Lowrey and Stephen Earheart.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Nonprofit Technology


When you’re investing in new software tools, look for technology that will bring staff and information closer together. Technology maximizes your potential by automating repetitive work, synchronizing data, and allowing you to easily spot trends and paths for growth. Finding a long-term technology partner is wonderful, but not if it is holding your organization back by limiting you to your previous standards. CRM nonprofit tools nonprofit technology series

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Blockchain Technology: What Is It and How Is It Relevant for Nonprofits?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Paul Lamb , Principal at Man On A Mission Consulting , has over 25 years of experience in business, nonprofit management, technology, and public policy. At its core blockchain is a database technology. Much more interesting than blockchain technology itself are the ways in which nonprofits and other social sector organizations can benefit from it. Overall blockchain is still very much a nascent technology. Blockchain Technology Cryptocurrency Guest Post

Good Meets Gadgets: Best Nonprofit Technology Conferences of 2015


Now, thanks to innovators + technologists committed to doing more good, technology has helped broaden the reach of nonprofits further than ever before. Technology trends evolve fast + nonprofit pros need to stay on the pulse. Check out some of our favorites: conferences nonprofit technology It''s almost hard to imagine what life at a nonprofit was like before we could blast out fundraising emails, share stories over Facebook, or issue a call-to-action via Twitter.

2021 Technology-Enabled Operations Report


NTEN partnered with Unit4 to identify the realities, challenges, and plans of nonprofits specific to technology and operations. The post 2021 Technology-Enabled Operations Report appeared first on NTEN Nonprofit staff across the U.S.

8 Key Pain Points in Planning a Golf Fundraiser & How Technology Can Help

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Technology is easing the burden, and organizers tasked with holding events large and small are seeing the benefits. Here’s a look at some of the common pain points and challenges event organizers are up against and how technology is easing the burdens.

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5 Ways Technology Can Help Your Nonprofit Do More Good


software nonprofit technology CRMThe way people give is constantly changing. People may care about your cause, but it doesn’t mean they will donate. So what drives them?

Tips for CEOs on technology due diligence for acquisition

CEO Tech Tips

Recent M&A activity and litigation have highlighted the need for CEOs to conduct careful due diligence as to potential risks, especially investigating seller’s technology including data breach and cybersecurity issues, and intellectual property issues. Following are the key areas the CEO should consider for technology due diligence for the target company: Has the seller taken appropriate steps to protect its intellectual property?

3 Ways to Use Technology to Boost Donor Engagement


The shift to online engagement over the past year and a half has made nonprofits more reliant on technology than ever before. Virtual fundraising comes with its challenges, particularly when it comes to generating and maintaining donor engagement.

2020 Association Technology Trends And Predictions

Nimble AMS

Want to know what’s on the horizon for association technology in 2020? But when it comes to association technology trends, you don’t necessarily have to look far into the future to see the road ahead. Nimble AMS Technology

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Planning a Golf Fundraiser in Uncertain Times: Technology Offers Time Savings & Flexibility

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Here’s how to leverage technology to plan a golf fundraiser in these uncertain times. The post Planning a Golf Fundraiser in Uncertain Times: Technology Offers Time Savings & Flexibility appeared first on Nonprofit Tech for Good.

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How Technology Helped Zero to Three + Harold Grinspoon Foundation Through A Crisis

Cloud 4 Good

This in-depth roundtable discussion focused on how these organizations have navigated the tectonic technological terrain created by the global pandemic, and what life will, or should, look like for nonprofits post-pandemic.

Newly Released in English, español, français e português! The 2019 Global NGO Technology Report

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Now in its fourth edition, the 2019 Global NGO Technology Report provides 100+ technology benchmarks NGOs, NPOs, and charities worldwide. The data reveals how organizations use web and email communications, online fundraising, social media, productivity software, and emerging technology. A global average of the benchmark data – as well as Global NGO Technology Effectiveness Ratings – are also provided.

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Top Gambling Technologies of 2021

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The post Top Gambling Technologies of 2021 appeared first on PhreeSite.com. Everyday, millions of people gamble on different types of games. While some people prefer placing stakes on sports activities, some people prefer the gambling actions of the brick and mortar casino.

Science, technology, and design: A new framework in fundraising


Technology. Technology. Very soon technology will improve donor participation and retention by making it ridiculously easy to give. Technology will allow donors to do what they want to do anyway.

Neon One, Nonprofit Technology Leader, Announces New Executive Leadership

NonProfit PRO

Recently surpassing $14 billion raised across the platform, Neon One, a technology company serving social good organizations, announced Steve Kriter as its new CEO.

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Harness Mobile Technology In 2018


Your nonprofit’s internal workings can be made easier and more efficient with mobile technology too! According to the recently released. M+R Benchmarks Report , 40% of nonprofit website visitors in the year 2017 were using a mobile phone - a 9% increase from the year prior.

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Does your association technology help you listen to your members?

Nimble AMS

Insights into your membership can help you make smarter decisions and provide greater member value. But, how do you get those insights? To start, it’s important to have an association management software (AMS) solution that’s based on a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Asset Management: Why and How to Track Your Organization's Technology


How do you keep track of all the technology tools your organization uses? As an exercise, just try to list them. You've got laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, and phones. Maybe you've got servers and a Wi-Fi router.

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Getting the Most From Technology With Salesforce Digital 360

Cloud 4 Good

We don’t want to be on that bad spectrum, nor do we want to fall off customer radars, so this technology?has Technology is enabling a good customer experience?that To learn more about how Digital 360 can help you get the most out of your technology,? Salesforce?Digital

Using Technology to Communicate with Your Nonprofit's Beneficiaries


Most nonprofits recognize the need to optimize technology and processes for communications with donors and volunteers. But one area that's sometimes overlooked is streamlining communications with the recipients of the organization's services and tracking data about those recipients.

Technology and the Environment

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

OK, well, not so unrepentant or unabashed since I’m writing this post on the varied factors around technology and the environment, and have been thinking about this issue for myself for a long time. Production and Disposal of Technology Equipment. It all makes sense, but what results is nonprofit technology’s contribution to e-waste. And all because this technology, all of it, is “ designed for the dump. &# ( Follow that link, please.).

7 Best Virtual Event Technology Tools


But, with a virtual event solution and the right technology tools, you can make each participant feel like they are attending and meeting in-person. . The event industry has changed and to pull off a successful event, you need to adopt the available event technologies. .

5 Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch in 2017

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Today, however, social media is in transition as its newness wanes and innovative technologies are on the horizon that will have just as profound effect on the nonprofit sector. Now is a good time for nonprofits to pause and reflect upon the success of their social media and nonprofit technology campaigns thus far, to determine how they can be improved, and most importantly, to invest in their future.

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Case Study: Technology Helps Grow Golf Fundraiser

NonProfit PRO

Luke’s Children’s Hospital’s 35th annual Scramble for the Kids golf fundraiser, organizers found technology that not only addressed social distancing, but another challenge: How to keep growing a successful, sold-out tournament to reach its full potential.

What Is Nonprofit Technology?


A refresher course on what nonprofit technology is and isn't. I''ve also become active in what we call the "nptech" community—"nptech" being shorthand for "nonprofit technology.” To suggest that there is a particular type of technology for nonprofits is akin to saying that all of the businesses in downtown Manhattan have similar technology needs. So what is nonprofit technology? accidental techie nonprofit technology Organizational Culture IT Staff

12 Demographic & Technology Trends Changing the Nonprofit Sector Worldwide

Nonprofit Tech for Good

As the social conscience of globalization, the nonprofit sector needs to contemplate future challenges and adjust their programs accordingly – and to inspire the next generation to tackle these challenges, nonprofits need to also understand how Gen Z uses technology. NGOs that do not prioritize mobile technology and become early adopters of mobile payments in the coming years will struggle to remain relevant.

Is your technology ready for the next generation of members?

Nimble AMS

They’ll discuss member engagement trends and how modern technology can make this shift easier. Get ready to engage the next generation of members! Join us and Salesforce.org on May 19 at 2:00 p.m.