The 9 Considerations for a Successful Budget Process

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A good budgeting process engages those who are responsible for adhering to the budget and implementing the organization’s objectives in creating the budget. Your annual budgeting process should be documented with tasks, responsibility assignments, and clearly stated deadlines.

Rethink Your Website Redesign Process


——– As principal strategist for Tanzen , Carrie Hane untangles content by aligning people, processes, and systems so organizations are ready for what’s next. . This is the first in a new series of posts about rethinking how you approach your website.

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Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 6: Solution Design

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Note: This is the final installment in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. Once we determine what the content types will be, the content modeling process continues with: Defining data/fields needed for each content type.

Nonprofit Logo Design: A Simple 3 Step Process


Nonprofit logo design is a process that can be just as painful as it can be exciting. I couldn’t emotionally remove myself from the process and look at the big picture. Which leads me to a simple three-step process that you can work through when working on your next nonprofit logo.

Improving Donor Relations Through Better Donation Processing

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In preparing for the busy end of year giving season, it is important to make sure your nonprofit is making the grade in gift processing and donor relations. The post Improving Donor Relations Through Better Donation Processing appeared first on John Haydon.

Using Salesforce Process Builder & Flow with Opportunity Contact Roles

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This came out of a discussion (and Idea Exchange idea) on the Success Community around Process Builder’s inability to work with the Opportunity Contact Role object. and now you can make the Process that will send the IDs to the Flow and make it happen.

The 9 Considerations for a Successful Budget Process

Connection Cafe

A good budgeting process engages those who are responsible for adhering to the budget and implementing the organization’s objectives in creating the budget. Your annual budgeting process should be documented with tasks, responsibility assignments, and clearly stated deadlines.

How Do You Document Your Creative Process?

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Pinterest allows us--requires us, really--to document a part of our creative process openly on the web. At least for me, that's when the juiciest part of the creative process happens. I'm curious how other organizations are publicly documenting and sharing creative process.

The Importance of Nonprofit Workplace Culture: A Thorough Hiring Process

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So what exactly does that hiring process look like for And overall for the hiring process, Katie said the big thing was getting them there and in the atmosphere to see how they interact.

Improve Your Billing Process

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Improving your billing process is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure the financial stability of your school. But instructions on how to improve your billing processes are few and far between. The best place to start is by defining the billing process itself.

Payment Processing- You Raised the Dollars, Keep Your Cents


Over the last couple of weeks I have learned a tremendous amount about payment processing. It is an intriguing field since it is utilized by everyone that holds a credit card and every organization that processes credit cards, yet very few people fundamentally understand how transactions get authorized, processed and settled

Demystifying Credit Card Processing: Part II

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This post is the second in a two-part series that explains how credit card processing works for nonprofits. Your MSP funds your bank account for any processed transactions, even though your donor hasn't actually paid their credit card bill. This allows MSPs to price their accounts fairly, because nonprofits who process at higher volumes will pay more fees, but only. constant margin, smaller nonprofits are not penalized for processing.

Making Participatory Processes Visible to Visitors

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How do you acknowledge their participation in a way that helps subsequent visitors connect with the passion and hard work that went into the process? Community processes are both exciting and time-consuming. Not every participatory process has to scream "look at me!"

Technology Process Improvement for Nonprofits (Can Help Raise More Funds)


Through continual improvement of your organizational processes, you can harness the technology to be more productive, even in the face of functionality flaws in your systems. What is Technology Process Improvement? Technology Process Improvement (TPI) is the practice of analyzing your team's technology-based processes, identifying how those processes can be improved, and implementing changes to make those improvements. Identify A Process (work on one at a time).

This Digital Marketing Process Will Make You Write Better Content

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Do you have a digital marketing process in place to manage your content, social, email, and engagement activities? In this article, I’m going to share a strategic marketing process that, when followed, will help you create content your audience will love.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Volunteer Onboarding Process

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Here are highlights from our Wild Apricot Expert Webinar on Volunteer Onboarding, presented by Tobi Johnson. webinar Volunteers

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 2a: Analytics Data as User Research

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Note: This is the second in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. This post is about how we incorporate Google Analytics data into our Design Process. See the end of this post for a linked index of other posts in the series. Purposes.

Year-end donation processing

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Let's say the following donations will be processed by different nonprofits in the United States on Jan. That charity's online giving system did not charge the credit card immediately -- instead it sent an email (ideally, an encrypted one) to a staff member that the donation needed to be processed. The charge is considered made when processed by the recipient.

Four Important Lessons from a Nonprofit Board Nomination Process

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Per the by-laws, the immediate past board chair leads the nominations process for incoming board members. That process concluded in late spring and I have to admit that I learned some lessons along the way. posted by Ryan Johnson , Vice President, Publishing and Community.

FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How does the board matching process work? How long does it take?


Ready to join a board but worried that the process of finding the right one may be be a major project taking a lot of your time? FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How does the board matching process work?

Temple Contemporary and the Puzzle of Sharing Powerful Processes

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It encourages process-driven performances and art projects. It's a challenge in all process-driven work. The standard answer is to let the process stay behind the curtain and the product live onstage. Leave the process to the collaborators and give the product to the audience.

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 3: Content Strategy

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Note: This is the seventh in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. Quote from Kristina Halvorson) It’s an essential step in the Web Design process that’s often overlooked or skimped upon.

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Great Participatory Processes are Open, Discoverable, and Unequal

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He casts the whole idea of a great jazz jam in the context of the tragedy of the commons--like a poetry open mic, the jazz club is a community whose experience is fabulous or awful depending on the extent to the culture cultivates and enforces a healthy participatory process.

Developing a Theory of Change, Part 1: A Logical Process

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This week, Ian David Moss and I are each writing blog posts about our collaborative process to develop a theory of change at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. We embarked on a process of “naming and claiming” the work we do.

Webinar Recap: Processing Payments for Good

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On February 23, I had the pleasure of facilitating our webinar focusing on credit card processing, Processing Payments for Good. Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing. One option of processing credit cards involves going through a merchant service provider, which, according to Alexia, provides lower rates and fees, more flexibility, and monthly costs. To continue the discussion on credit card processing, visit our community forums.

The DIY Donor Management Software Selection Process


At the conclusion of each call, I walk participants through a process for taking the conversation we just had to a more detailed level, arming them with a sort of DIY software selection roadmap. This step-by-step process can be hugely helpful in taking what seems to be a completely overwhelming process and sectioning it off into achievable, time-bound chunks. So here it is, the Idealware DIY Donor Management Software Selection Process: 1.

AskIdealware: Processing Credit Cards by Smartphone


In this AskIdealware video, Kyle Andrei tells you how to process payments by smartphone. To learn how to use other tools to accomplish this, or to learn more about this one, read our free article, A Few Good Methods for Processing Credit Cards.

Facebook launches completely new process for creating Pages (video)

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Facebook has launched a completely new process for creating a Facebook Page that includes: An idiot-proof three-step process. This video shows you exactly how the new process works: Facebook facebook page new features video tutorial

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Defining Your IT Roles: Project Management as a Process


Because of the challenges nonprofits face, they need to be at least as cognizant of the planning process as larger, more well resourced organizations. You have to find a way to make sure your own needs don't get lost in the process of implementing the solution. IT is an ongoing process, and there needs to be some stability and longevity in the approach an organization takes to managing it. Julian Egelstaff, Technical Architect, Freeform Solutions Who are our IT role models?

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Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 4b: Wireframes

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Note: This is the ninth in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. For responsive websites, I prefer to use HTML to create my wireframes since it speeds up the process of designing layouts for each screen size.

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Payment Processing: Debunking the Top Five Myths

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Greg Hammermaster is the president of Sage Payment Solutions , the electronic payment processing division for Sage North America , developer of technology for small and midsized businesses and. of payment processing, both to your donors and for your organization. why it can feel overwhelming to change card processing vendors. Below are five payment processing myths, and why you shouldn’t let them. Direct merchant processing companies are.

Nonprofit Web Design Process: The Series

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It was suggested to me by a colleague that it might be insightful to write a series of posts to describe our design process in detail. My team here at Blackbaud works with nonprofits to design online experiences.

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 2b: Surveys and Interviews

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Note: This is the third in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. See the end of this post for a linked index of other posts in the series. Purposes. Surveys and Interviews are useful tools to help us learn and/or validate what constituents want from a nonprofit’s website.

How Can You Grow Your Sustained Giving Program?

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Automate Your Processes. Just like for-profit companies, your nonprofit should look for ways to streamline processes through automation. Through these types of services, data for expired, lost, or stolen credit cards is updated automatically so that the gift continues to process.

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Take Charge of Your Editorial Process as Air Traffic Control


Whether or not you’ve been able to formalize your organization’s content strategy (perhaps starting with these core elements of content strategy), having someone in your organization in the role of Air Traffic Control gives you a way to effectively manage your editorial process. Lauren Girardin. Marketing and Communications Consultant. LightBox Collaborative. Looking for a way to manage all of the different kinds of content that are coming in to your organization?

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Board Recruitment Process

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Here are 4 reasons to develop a board recruitment process and a new resource that can help. Board volunteer-recruitment

E-Mediat: A Simple Design Process for an Online Learning Community Site

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Chris lead us through a simple user design process based a book by Giles Colborne. What has been your experience with user-centered design process for online communities and web sites?

Upcoming Webinar on February 23: Processing Payments for Good

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Are you interested in finding out more about what other organizations do to process this information? If so, you may want to attend our webinar Processing Payments for Good on February 23 at 11 a.m. During this free, one-hour event, we will be speaking with Alexia Marcous from Dharma Merchant Services about how and when to use a credit card processing service. Want to Learn More About Processing Credit Card Payments? Getting the Best Prices for Processing Credit Cards.

Donate-Back Credit-Card Processing Program Now Available from Dharma Merchant Services

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TechSoup has partnered with Dharma Merchant Services to offer credit-card processing services and equipment to nonprofits and public libraries at discounted rates and fees. For credit-card processing tips and fraud-protection guidelines, check out Dharma's blog.

Your Credit Card Processing Questions, Answered!

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During one of our February webinars, Processing Payments for Good , we had a very inquisitive and active audience wanting to understand the finer details about how to get the best, safest, and most effective system for processing credit cards for their organizations. To help answer questions regarding credit card processing in general, and Dharma Merchant Services specifically, Dharma's Alexia Marcous has taken them time to answer them in writing.